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PapaBear Says, in 3-29-2013 at 14:08:22 from    

Ronda is SKUUUURED!!!!….. She wont fight CYborg, shell just keep making excuses calling her a dude, etc…. Ronda just wants to keep on beating the s*** out of girls half her size… fat biatch….

KungFuLowKick Says, in 3-29-2013 at 14:37:46 from    

Nice Cheeto is really defending her roiding and saying next time she will cycle better and not get caught.He sure doesn’t sound like a guy who used PED in his career…

Enryke Says, in 3-29-2013 at 14:42:58 from    

Ronda, Don’t be scared hommie…!

Sammy Says, in 3-29-2013 at 14:54:48 from    

poor Cheeto had to use steroids, otherwise his head would appear even bigger than it does now

boss Says, in 3-29-2013 at 14:55:53 from    

Dana would not make the fight happen! Dana white is not stupid, if Ronda loses to cyborg, there goes his meal ticket. Ronda has more appeal than cyborg… why would dana risk all that for one fight? He can make the same money if not more off lesser named opponents with less risks involved for Rousey.

Tear Says, in 3-29-2013 at 15:07:52 from    

Ronda walks around 180, she can fight at 145.

NotVinnieJones Says, in 3-29-2013 at 15:38:35 from    

Great! Its March 29th today, which gives Cyborg 9 months to get off the juice and lose enough of the steroid-produced muscle to make 135. Oh, wait a minute…once Cyborg doesn’t have the juice to rely on to win her fights for her, she can probably get beat by Tito’s woman Jenna, much less Rousey.

Freaklegion Says, in 3-29-2013 at 16:24:33 from    

Women shouldn’t be forced to fight men, it’s that simple.

Chicago Says, in 3-29-2013 at 16:38:31 from    

I heard that Ronda walks around close to Anderson silvia’s weight of 250 lbs….. (Sarcasm)

The Heckler Says, in 3-29-2013 at 16:43:10 from    

Rousey is scared to fight Cybog and Dana White knows that would be the end of this CRAP!! Womens MMA sucks as bad as Womens Basketball…….who cares?

jeff_figmb Says, in 3-29-2013 at 16:57:50 from    

Ya good point “boss” very true, but I think this fight will eventually happen and you know Rousey is scared shitless of that day to come. Rousey’s striking is horrible and Cyborg will destroy on the feet. Little Liz Carmouche almost took her out, imagine Cyborg! She’s f*****!! Dana and Rousey can dodge this for a while, but it will happen one day and Rousey will retire after she shits her pants from the ass beating she will take…

KingKong Says, in 3-29-2013 at 17:48:40 from    

@ tear
180? come on man
that would mean she cuts almost 50lb b4 a fight.

i do believe she could fight at 145 if she wanted to.

she competed at 150 in 2008 Games

MMAgiantsilva Says, in 3-29-2013 at 17:50:14 from    

Ronda wont fight Cyborg she knows she will lose.

Dnomyar Says, in 3-29-2013 at 18:53:55 from    

It’s been scientifically proven beyond a doubt that men who trash women’s sports, (The Heckler, for example) have tiny penises.

wcoastassassin Says, in 3-29-2013 at 20:14:06 from    

If I was in MMA I would not volunteer to defend against anyone who was popped for PED’s. If they failed once you don’t know how long they were on them, and if they cheated in the past why wouldn’t they do it again? C’mon it’s not like Cyborg looks even close to natural.

blzd Says, in 3-29-2013 at 20:27:15 from    

why doesnt Cyborg fight the transgender fighter now that would be the super fight

Roe Jogan Says, in 3-30-2013 at 00:22:57 from    

Cyroid could make 135 if she had not bulked out on steroids… she has too much muscle mass to be natural and got caught.

warrior31 Says, in 3-30-2013 at 04:09:29 from    

Was that Jenna in the background with half her head shaved and dyed pink?? Yuck.

NotVinnieJones Says, in 3-30-2013 at 05:39:17 from    

Show me a Cyborg supporter and I’ll show you a sucker who knows NOTHING about MMA fighting (but they are convinced that they do).
I have YET to see a valid response to my statement that if Cyborg thought she was a good enough fighter to win without steroids she wouldn’t have been on them in the first place.
Of all the pro-Cyborg posts that come up on this site, none have come close to explaining why it is justified that Cyborg took steroids. That leaves only one conclusion: she’s not good enough of a fighter to win without cheating. Yeah, let’s hear any pro-Cyborg simpletons come up with a valid comeback to that argument.
It won’t happen. Its like asking 2nd graders to do algebra. Some inferior minds simply cannot grasp the reality that a cheater can’t fight as well if they don’t cheat.

Anderson Silva Says, in 3-30-2013 at 06:23:59 from    

WITH or WITHOUT juice Cyborg will s*** on poor little mma-barbie Ronda hardcore p*** style!!

Tankless Says, in 3-30-2013 at 08:48:13 from    

Get into politics fathead

wow Says, in 3-30-2013 at 14:05:29 from    

Is Tito soft in the head or something? You don’t drop your fighter’s contract with the UFC and then act like Ronda Rousey is ducking your fighter. Pretty stupid f****** reasoning if you ask me.

Joe Dog Says, in 3-31-2013 at 11:11:22 from    


d.b.s.homie515 Says, in 3-31-2013 at 21:07:04 from    

who the hell in there right mind would let tito manage them


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