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ash Says, in 1-4-2013 at 18:49:58 from    

lol, tim lost

shitface Says, in 1-4-2013 at 18:58:31 from    

Tim Sylvia gets fatter by the minute.

metallicafan Says, in 1-4-2013 at 19:52:19 from    


KouNTa KuLCHa Says, in 1-4-2013 at 19:54:37 from    

Sylvia was giving a toast there at the end.. ;)

roffles Says, in 1-4-2013 at 20:10:59 from    

Big timmeh gettin’ bigger

victor Says, in 1-4-2013 at 20:35:30 from    

i speak a little jap they kept calling sylvia fat

turboobsessed Says, in 1-4-2013 at 21:36:52 from    

And he wants to fight back in the UFC?…

walket6678 Says, in 1-5-2013 at 00:07:49 from    

Sad whats happened to Big Tim.

shitface Says, in 1-5-2013 at 00:34:37 from    

got to give some credit to Ishii, the only fighter that ever beat him was Fedor. We all know he won that fight vs Yoshida.

McClinchey Says, in 1-5-2013 at 00:46:55 from    

tim sylvia vs hong man choi

roffles Says, in 1-5-2013 at 00:59:56 from    

This must the result of the Strikeforce fallout. He hit bottle hard and the junk food Hahaha…Big Timmeh…

^^^^ Says, in 1-5-2013 at 01:20:30 from    

You call yourself a professional fighter looking like that? No wonder Dana didn’t give this guy a chance to even be on one of the UFC prelims. You spend most of your time in the gym, how can you look like that?

misotocurry Says, in 1-5-2013 at 02:01:30 from    

how much did Timmy weigh for that fight…he looks huge

NotVinnieJones Says, in 1-5-2013 at 03:42:48 from    

Finally! Now maybe all the Tim Sylvia brown starfish lickers will realize how ignorant they all sound when they say that they feel that Tim should get another shot in the UFC. Morons!

don.quichotte Says, in 1-5-2013 at 04:17:20 from    

Satoshi Ishii showed a better performance than against emelianenko ;)

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 1-5-2013 at 05:43:59 from    

im a loser for even watching this

ultimate fighter Says, in 1-5-2013 at 10:32:31 from    

Cmon I know tim isnt the force that he used to be, but gotta give ishii some credit, he took the action to tim, waded through some heavy bombs, out grappled a man who is much stronger and heavier
I would like to see Ishii in the ufc MW or LHW divison

shitface Says, in 1-5-2013 at 10:59:24 from    

Based on your comments, most of you do not realize Ishii was the Judo Olympic gold medalist.

Joe Dog Says, in 1-5-2013 at 11:10:37 from    

Looks are not everything, take for example ROY NELSON. Fat jiggly people can have decent cardio fitness and good skills. In fact, it seems that the best heavyweights in MMA are never ripped. Valasquez is anything but lean. Fedor was down right porky. Even A. Silva has a hint of extra adipose. All that said, Tim Sylvia is a fat knock-kneed slob without skill or cardio. His reign as UFC champ must be an embarrassment to the organization. He is no match for any current UFC HW fighter on the roster.

PitfighterZ Says, in 1-5-2013 at 12:23:58 from    

Ishii is no slouch and could probably beat a few UFC fighters. Tiiiiimmmmmmmmbbbbbbeeeeeeeerrrrr actually looked better than he did in some of his latest appearances, but he is at his level. He can’t really join the UFC. He could go to Bellator, though. Their HW division is by far their weakest.

Good to see you healthy and back in action, Bruno!

Will Says, in 1-5-2013 at 12:38:20 from    

Tim is a giant douche and now that he’s struggling he cries and whines about it. What a loser.

ZW Says, in 1-5-2013 at 13:27:14 from    

Tummy’s knees are shot! He can barely hold his own weight up which is why he has gained so much because the guys practically crippled. Tummy looks like he is 60 already. Time to hang it up Tim. You are just taking on more and more damage every time you fight.

tobes Says, in 1-5-2013 at 19:06:30 from    

@ Joe Dog… very good comment about physique. Another example of a pudgy but successful fighter was Penn, but in his case, his cardio was an issue.

The problem for Sylvia is that he is naturally a Super HW… being a super HW may be his natural weight, but it’s not really healthy. Too much work on his heart. When he fought in UFC, he had to manage his weight/diet, and keep himself under 300.

I would like to see Ishii fight in the UFC. That would be exciting. His ground game is obviously excellent, his takedowns are strong, and his punching could develop. I imagine he hits hard.

But just to reiterate what JoeDog was saying… don’t read too much into physique. Looking pudgy and being out of shape are not always one and the same. Some people just naturally carry more fat, even when they are in great shape (Cain Velasquez is the perfect example of this)

tobes Says, in 1-5-2013 at 19:13:02 from    

I just want to say one more thing about Tim Sylvia. I’m not a fan of his fights… and he used his advantages (size and reach) to his advantage to safely win… BUT

To become UFC champion takes a lot of hard work and determination. Sylvia didn’t just get there by being big. He may not be the most athletic or graceful or explosive fighter ever, but he was a UFC champion and he’s had the courage to step into the cage/ring many times. He may not be your favourite fighter but he’s still deserving of respect. I’ve never really understood why MMA fans are so vindictive (and I myself have sometimes been guilty of this).
MMA training is not easy. Those of you who have done wrestling, boxing or BJJ know this. I generally give respect to any and all fighters.

Bruno, do you ever get tired of all the hate?

Dover-foxcroft Says, in 1-5-2013 at 21:47:56 from    

Right on, Tobes. Tim held the belt twice and is in a tie for most ufc hw title defenses.


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