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storytellyouarenot Says, in 8-30-2012 at 15:48:01 from    

don’t waste your time watching, the story is about as exciting as watching tim sylvia fight in 2012….someone commented on a hotdog while another person was adjusting their jockstrap…that’s it, no funny, no drama, no nothing.

jdogg Says, in 8-30-2012 at 17:44:25 from    

riveting story ol’ chap!

robbielawler Says, in 8-30-2012 at 17:53:12 from    

storytellyouarenot, you are a time and life saver. You saved a small % of my life and im thankful for that.

vaughnrich Says, in 8-30-2012 at 17:59:50 from    

lol thanks storytell im guna take your word for it.

boonching Says, in 8-30-2012 at 18:36:40 from    

Im just glad timtim’s not a meat gazer. I was gonna take his shirt back.

Jindod Says, in 8-30-2012 at 18:42:43 from    

And then i was eating a sausage and cro cop walked over and said nice sausage, and everyone looked at my dick.
He meant my sandwich. Just an example of the hilarious antics we get up to here.

I’m the funniest guy i know. Thought simple tim.

jeff_figmb Says, in 8-30-2012 at 18:42:45 from    

Huge donkey! UFC will never sign this uncoordinated hack again haha… and for the record I didn’t even watch this video

cuervoplays Says, in 8-30-2012 at 18:55:24 from    

^^^^^^^You clicked on that?

eyesawake Says, in 8-30-2012 at 21:11:51 from    

Dude… that reminds me of this one time we were all out shopping for vacuum cleaners and I was tired but Matt wasn’t tired, and I said, “C’mon guys, I’m tired,” and Matt said, “Hey, we’re not leaving until we get ourselves a vacuum…”

It was pretty hilarious.

jindod Says, in 8-31-2012 at 05:00:54 from    

I remember the first time i met Chuck Liddell,

I walked over and i’d never seen randy couture or chuck, so i had no idea what they looked like and i walked over to chuck and said, ‘hey are you randy’ and he said ‘no i’m chuck’.

‘my mistake’ i replied.

honestly, i nearly soiled myself i laughed so much.

needless to say everybody at the miletech camp soiled themselves when i got home.


scottc Says, in 8-31-2012 at 23:07:45 from    

If thats the funniest story Tim has then he lives a very boring life besides getting KTFO…


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