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drewblood Says, in 4-18-2013 at 15:50:44 from    

sorry not watching…. Matt Hughes travels the world finding the most beautiful and amazing animals walking the planet.

and then he shoots them in the face.

tallandsincere Says, in 4-18-2013 at 16:19:22 from    

I see peoples issue with Hughes, i have heard many fighters saying he was a little lets say hard to get along with back in the day, yes he likes to hunt.

I dont agree with hunting and i dont like pricks.

But dayaaaam he was an amazing fighter and lets not forget that

stu11 Says, in 4-18-2013 at 16:46:16 from    

Agreed. “Cocky, Jock, Prick”! ….Mat Serra

wcoastassassin Says, in 4-18-2013 at 18:07:08 from    

What is peoples issue with hunting lately? If you eat the meat, who cares. You had better be a vegetarian or you are a hypocrite, tired of just bashing stuff because the media and schools are brainwashing them. I hunt, I eat everything I hunt, and it is a hell of a lot better because the animal had a good life, not tortured by Foster Farms or Tyson and not pumped full of damn steroids. Much rather eat a elk burger or buffalo burger over the crap they pass for meat in most supermarkets now days. Only buy meat from whole foods, organic grass fed free range where the animals are treated with respect from local farmers.

1 Jackal Says, in 4-18-2013 at 19:54:28 from    

agreed drewblood

str8jkt Says, in 4-18-2013 at 21:16:28 from    

Hughes is the man! Nothing wrong with hunting!
People is plural, no need to put a s at the end…

warrior31 Says, in 4-18-2013 at 21:34:15 from    

Maybe some of you have turned into a bunch of emotional women, I’m not sure. This site starts with mma, not your feelings on a guy’s hobby, so take your little girl feelings out of the equation and shut your mouth. Matt Hughes is a pioneer of the sport and a legend. Respect to that guy.

DeletedAgain Says, in 4-18-2013 at 22:06:28 from    

It seems like some people think Tolerance Should only be extend to like minded people.Phony moral outrage is all it is.Hypocrisy at its best.

DeletedAgain Says, in 4-18-2013 at 22:12:56 from    

warrior31,You cant reason with them.They have zero respect for people whom might not agree with their views.

sqirt Says, in 4-18-2013 at 22:37:30 from    

I like the last comment. Matt is the s***. Eff the haters..

SpiderNoob7 Says, in 4-18-2013 at 22:38:41 from    

I agree with warrior31, and wcoastassassin.. There is no reason to hate on this guy for hunting. If you do your research on the big game hunting he did all the meat from the animals he killed was giving to local village people to eat, and from the sound of it none of the animal was left to waste (meaning horns, hide, and bones). It’s really odd to hear people say that hunting is wrong, I guess they just forgot how we survived throughout history. One thing is for certain this man deserves respect as a fighter, and he is a legend whether you like him or not.

Tear Says, in 4-19-2013 at 00:04:51 from    

Matt Hughes flew to Africa to go on a safari for fun, not to feed himself. He is also a prick, why support his name, because he was good back in the day, when fighters were 1 dimensional?


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