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JoeDog Says, in 4-18-2012 at 14:18:27 from    

Religion is wacked, Christianity is no exception. Yeah right, an imaginary guy in the sky is watching out for you. Whatever.

Dharmaboy Says, in 4-18-2012 at 15:27:37 from    


I agree. I mean praying to an omnipotent force that supposedly is compassionate but allows wars and crusades to be fought in his name where his children die on a battlefield and innocents get killed. Sure.

Its the new millennium, time to walk out of the caves.

tobes Says, in 4-18-2012 at 16:03:19 from    

OK I have more respect for him seeing this interview. His wife is cute but not insanely beautiful, which shows that he is not overly shallow. Anyway, I still think he’s cocky. I still want Rashad to beat him, but I cannot help but respect Jones’ hard work and talent.

keyboardcowboy Says, in 4-18-2012 at 16:18:17 from    

@joedog youre absolutely right! it makes more sense to believe that we all sprang from nothing, and that the nothing magically formed planets and dinosaurs. that doesn’t seem silly at all.

TheEllis Says, in 4-18-2012 at 16:30:04 from    

I like John Jones, but he grossly mis-represented Biblical Christianity. “Try to do your best” is the opposite of the message of the Bible. The good news of the Bible is not “do your best and God will do good things for you.” We have all rebelled against the God who created us and deserve nothing but the wrath of Almighty God. But the good news of the Bible is “Jesus, God in the flesh, lived the perfect life that we miserably failed to live and died to bear the punishment of our sins against a holy God.” The only thing that gives us an IN with God is trusting in Jesus who lived and died in our place. Our best will always fall short. I hope that John just misspoke.

dana whites mom Says, in 4-18-2012 at 17:23:35 from    

Jon is not doing much for the african american sterotype of valuing sports more than education. But maybe if he puts a degree on his vision board it will manifest. Yes, bones I am jealous of your success in mma but you had premarital sex so we are on the same boat in terms of not following a Christian life to the letter.

gymflex Says, in 4-18-2012 at 17:47:31 from    

fedor.gsp and jones are christians:).i don’t know about anderson and jds

ugh Says, in 4-18-2012 at 18:38:10 from    

LOL I love how is is a devout Christian and yet gets his girlfriend pregnant. OOPS!

jack.perpetual Says, in 4-18-2012 at 19:17:00 from    

Shut up JoeDog, you just don’t understand! God recently told me that he actually does prefer Jon Jones punching and kicking opponents in the face instead of the other way around. God’s been into mma since he created the universe some 4,000 to 6,000 years ago and he’s been at every freaking fight in at least one of the 3 forms of the holy trinity. So, he could potentially attend each fight 3x’s and that is without even disrupting the time space continuum. Get with the program Bro-Ham.

jack.perpetual Says, in 4-18-2012 at 19:21:10 from    

No, but really. Although it’s ridiculous, if he actually believes this insanity it gives him a distinct mental advantage.

VisionQuest Says, in 4-18-2012 at 19:22:04 from    

Jones is strong for what he went through. The Bible works great for some people, some families need it, and others let it ruin their lives.

Read between the lines, and know your history, make the best judgement you can. With our without, thats your right, and Mr Jones right.

paddedummy Says, in 4-19-2012 at 07:06:08 from    

Jones is a Christian which means that he worships Jews. No wonder he is into race mixing by breeding a horse faced white hoe and respects Dana WHITE so much that he has no problem fighting his “brotha” like a good Uncle Tom when his slave masta tells him to so he can afford to be all flashy driving a Bentley. If he wins this one maybe he will get some gold chains around his neck so he can get some variety in his pale tail Tiger Woods style. This right here is the cause of the decline of American civilization just like it was the cause of the extinction of the once equally great ancient Egyptian civilization in the bible Jones thumps. There are plenty of guys who could beat down the “invincible” Jones but their pasty looks don’t match the propaganda the JEW.F.C is in the business of spewing to the dumba$$ masses. During the commercial breaks of UFC events take in the ads for the US navy “a GLOBAL force for good” and the US marines “a path for warriors” who aren’t physically twice the size of the guys who weigh the same thing as them like the UFC is for Jones. They are twice their size economically and in terms of military technology though so they have the power to decide what international value$/morality will be then force them on any country they choose while plundering their natural resources. A global force for “good” indeed, identical to the UFC business model of absorbing other organizations like the blob and harvesting their athletes. The UFC and the US military instead of the gladiators and the Roman legions this time around, a match made in hell!

dave Says, in 4-20-2012 at 00:50:17 from    

@JoeDog and @Dharmaboy

very well said 100% agreed.

no disrespect to religious people but I think people that believe in those fairy tells in the books are kinda (stupid)

dave Says, in 4-20-2012 at 00:53:59 from    


regardless a book is written by a person so he can put whatever fairy tell he wanted.

the Fact is No One knows what will happen when we leave, not saying you shouldn’t practice to be a good person to live but no one knows whats for us when we die. so stop believing things that some guy wrote in a book that probably has been changed by many.

Poop Says, in 4-26-2012 at 22:40:44 from    

Look… I’m tired of atheists saying no disrespect but (insert blasphemous opinion/explanation on theology)…

If you don’t believe in a higher power then at least believe the fact that its ridiculously rude to call somebody stupid for believing what they believe…

This world would be a better place if people would learn to respect each other…



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