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dub Says, in 12-1-2012 at 15:09:36 from    

Rhonda and people a like are just stupid. GSP was by no means sexist in his comments about women’s mma. i watched that interview over and over and GSP never made a statement about women being less capable compared to men. GSP never said the womens mma was less entertaining, less serious. He just said he has a hard time watching women’s mma. When you think you couldn’t hate Rhonda anymore, she finds a way. DUMB FK!

Gringich Says, in 12-1-2012 at 20:53:57 from    

Ima a sucker for Bj’s

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 12-1-2012 at 23:54:16 from    

dub- but women are less capable compared to men lol. women cant even play chess against men

Chri534 Says, in 12-2-2012 at 04:29:56 from    

Guy in the black jacket was awful and should never be brought back. Gray suited guy wasn’t much better. Creepy/weird hat guy was fine with me, strangely. But why the hell is this not restricted to being a Helwani/Fowlkes show by now?

Those are the only two that are worth watching.

^^^^ Says, in 12-2-2012 at 08:26:58 from    

Lately, I’ve been thinking how stupid people can be. Seriously, why the hell did they have a discussion on what GSP said? He said he doesn’t enjoy seeing girls get punched in a face because he’s too nice of a guy. That’s his opinion, move on.

jakelo Says, in 12-2-2012 at 13:35:59 from    

ariel is a cool dude but this show is silly.

london_jones Says, in 12-4-2012 at 18:26:36 from    

ariel is cool wtf??….well america is a Jewish country.


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