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maynard Says, in 5-27-2013 at 20:56:56 from    

“the chemically altered” DNA of GSP

piri Says, in 5-27-2013 at 21:05:23 from    

Brace yourselves, Winter is coming.

bartonfisk Says, in 5-27-2013 at 21:09:26 from    

In a fan of George, if meet him multiple times and have had some great conversations with the guy.
I grew up 1 town over from where he grew up, but to use the word “poverty” is straight ignorant.Its kinda like saying Matt Hughes came out of poverty, ya his parents werent rich but its probably worst in 75% or more of the other countries on the planet .

Ill still watch it =p

T’Challa Says, in 5-27-2013 at 21:46:31 from    

South Shore MTL’s finest! Looking forward to this.

ken shiro Says, in 5-28-2013 at 00:58:47 from    

Wolf tickets?

paddedummy Says, in 5-28-2013 at 02:58:48 from    

LMAO, nobody lives in real poverty in Canada like the poverty in Brasil and even the USA. Even when a conservative government has the majority it is still a socialist welfare state. Not only that, quebec is the most socialist province in the country, anybody with an address can get social assistance, dead beats move from other provinces to montreal for that very reason aswell as the comparatively inexpensive rent. Refugees from the third world get $30 000/year! There is a soup kitchen/shelter on every corner in montreal and now they even opened one with free internt that looks like a Starbucks! George grew up in farm country, his folks owned a big piece of land

paddedummy Says, in 5-28-2013 at 03:03:30 from    

Oh ya and I forgot the free health care. The quality of the local hospitals and doctors is too crappy for Geroge now but when he started out he didn’t have to worry about spending more on hospital bills that the chump change the guy’s were getting paid to compete

paddedummy Says, in 5-28-2013 at 03:04:47 from    


0bobmar Says, in 5-28-2013 at 03:07:35 from    

I have always liked GSP. He would come down and train regularly at my gym in NYC. He didn’t act like a douche like others who came to train ( Rashad Evans being the worst). But, I must say that his fights have become the stuff of the everyday. I sincerely can’t remember the last time he finished anyone. How long has it been? Other champions maintain their belts and finish people on a regular basis. Never with GSP. He’s getting very boring to watch. I’ll always respect the man, though.

clemmit Says, in 5-28-2013 at 07:17:31 from    

Diaz really did some damage to his forid. Sometimes I really think GSP reminds me of a big version of the actor who played mini me. But i’m not dissing him, coz i’d still give everything I own to be him (except for my girlfriend, who technically I don’t own, but you know what i’m saying). I’m gonna watch this in HD and prolly get some jelly beans to go with it or something. Peace.

Chicago Says, in 5-28-2013 at 07:29:24 from    

Its the aliens!

andyalong Says, in 5-28-2013 at 08:30:16 from    

@0bobmar, how was rashad acting like a douche? all hollywood like he was the man?

KungFuLowKick Says, in 5-28-2013 at 11:48:13 from    

Poverty?!?Nobody is poor in Quebec.You have an address,you’re over 18,you just go ask for welfare and you’ll get it.The poorest man in Quebec has it better then 90% of South America.

glenn Says, in 5-28-2013 at 12:07:36 from    

hahaha wolf tickets


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