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mrtluu Says, in 2-5-2008 at 19:28:31 from    

man..tank runs out of gas too quick.

mrtluu Says, in 2-5-2008 at 19:29:31 from    

He has no chance,against Kimbo. Dudes washed up. .

Matt Says, in 2-5-2008 at 19:39:17 from    

Seems like tank needs to get a bigger tank. Kimbo is going to run through him like a freight train.

DAG Says, in 2-5-2008 at 20:19:22 from    

How are you going to judge Tank on this old ass fight!!!Come on Kimbo is hype thats it I predict tank will K.O. Kimbo in less than 2 min..Just like everyone thought Lenar was going to kill Mir what happend…

Ray Says, in 2-5-2008 at 20:21:07 from    

Kimbo gets winded just as fast. There a perfect fight nobody with one punch knock out power has ever fought kimbo

Don C Says, in 2-5-2008 at 22:31:47 from    

Tank is in trouble vs. slice. But then again, it only takes one big punch….

kevlos Says, in 2-5-2008 at 22:36:01 from    

I think Kimbo will “slice” through tank like a hot knife through butter, or fat in tank’s case…..

DC Says, in 2-5-2008 at 23:11:17 from    

I can’t think of a single HW signed to the UFC that tank could handle. Not even Eddie Sanchez.

KieranMac Says, in 2-5-2008 at 23:36:58 from    

Maybe he should spend less time grabbing sluts’ breasts and more time working on reducing his own…

BlackEye Says, in 2-6-2008 at 00:26:50 from    

Cut the man some slack. He has fought some of the best in the world. Tank was gassed in this fight but he has trained hard for the fight with Kimbo. He already said he has been working on his cardio. Kimbo will get knocked out in the first round.

smack Says, in 2-6-2008 at 01:08:40 from    

that was tank in his prime hahah what a f****** joke, he must be sooo retarted to take fights and not train himself with any conditioning stupid fat F***

Joe Says, in 2-6-2008 at 01:32:46 from    

Tank is, quite simply, a fat pig. He should spend less time drinking and sitting at all-u-can eat buffet bars and more time improving his conditioning. But if he did, then he wouldn’t be the slob that he is.

EL Striko Says, in 2-6-2008 at 02:13:49 from    

Feels like a bad high school basketball game were the fans chant OVERRATED,OVERRATED,OVERRATED.All B.S. a side kimbo is still learning the whole MMA game so I’ll give him a shot to grow.Tank has learned nothing and is pretty much a side show with maybe a punchers chance. Kimbo is in lose / lose situation. Win he beat a dinosure, who was never that complete.Lose and hes just a street thug with no credibility in true sporting combat. That s*** aside Kimbo by knockout (2:46) left in the first. I personally Am trying to develop my own fighting technique that is for me i call it Ju Striksu, its a all around MMA fighting style but is primly a striking and submission techniques That i and my stable find most effective in real mixed martial arts. holla at your boy

dirty 7-30 Says, in 2-6-2008 at 03:36:34 from    

KieranMac: Maybe he should spend less time grabbing sluts’ breasts and more time working on reducing his own…


Well I don’t see Tank rushing in for a one punch wonder, since Kimbo does pack heat in his right hand. Plus Kimbo has been working with Bas, which obviously means his cardio will not be over looked. He’ll be in better shape than Tank, that’s for sure.

dirty 7-30 Says, in 2-6-2008 at 03:47:52 from    

I remember seeing Tank’s first fight, it was against a native dude, he knocked him out, when the guy hit the mat his body started to tense up like many knock outs… and Tank just mocked him….From that day, I knew Tank was a complete asshole, and I never liked him, I was glad every time he got his ass kicked. And I hope Kimbo sends him to retirement… with a very swift, right.

I bet you Tank was the redneck kid that came to school with the cool-aid from dinner marks around his lips, messy hair, and same close for a week. Useless redneck.

Ritchie Says, in 2-6-2008 at 04:30:20 from    

Kimbo Slice makes me sick…. I hope Tank kicks his ass

mmasoldier Says, in 2-6-2008 at 05:04:25 from    

You get em Tank handle those boobs. Hey don’t worry if you don’t have a girl around Tank you can squeeze your own. HaHA…. no seriously man boobs is a problem. I know some of you people have them , don’t worry we support you in everyway to get rid of them. It’s not what you can do for your flab, its what your flab can do to you!

Jessem305 Says, in 2-6-2008 at 12:33:46 from    

Tank was actually at his best at his prime back in the days, that goes for the idiotic comment left by DAG. Number 2 Kimbo Slice is a literal unfair match against an old Tank abbot who gets winded in the first 20 seconds of the match. What makes things worse is that Kimbo has very good stamina He DOES not get winded as most fighters do. SPeEECIALY BEING TRAINED UNDER BAS ROUTEN, makes kimbo an extremely leathel fighter.

Chute Boxe. Says, in 2-6-2008 at 13:13:45 from    

Agree with the last comment.
And the one before it.
Tank isn’t a fighter. He’s more of a novelty act than Butterbean. Should probably retired. Or commit suicide. I don’t know if anybody would notice him being gone.

mma fanatic Says, in 2-6-2008 at 14:22:48 from    

Both of these fighters arent very good. they are not mma fighters, rather one hit wonders. Everyone talks about how kimbo is training in mma but wait till he has to fight a heavyweight that is w orth a s*** when it comes to submisions. this fight goes to the first person that lands the big punch, so wow what a fight or i should say joke. you want kimbo to fight someone good put him in the ring against arlovski and he will get owned

No Name Says, in 2-6-2008 at 14:43:28 from    

Great classic fight!
If Tank ever got into shape he would be a legend!

kyle Says, in 2-6-2008 at 14:55:48 from    

wow you guys talk alot of s*** about a UFC legand…the guy is a pure street fighter…will take on any challange and loves to fight… hes a beast..even tho he does run out of gas if you get cought in the furry you better put your crash helmet on cuz its going to hurt..it will be a good fight…but you shouldnt talk s*** unless youll be willing to get in the ring with the guy…

Bill Says, in 2-6-2008 at 19:11:10 from    

If Tank’s fat, sloppy, obese carcass were to croak in the octagon the only people that would care would be Little Debby, Suzy Q, Mrs. Butterworth’s and Dolly Madison…Tank is an obnoxious blimp with a pusgut and an empty head and a whale’s torso.

JD Says, in 2-6-2008 at 19:15:28 from    

yo check that pic of Tank, apparently he knows at least one submission hold!

MMA Says, in 2-6-2008 at 20:08:55 from    

Both these guys are street fighters they could never keep up with some elite fighters. But its still entertaining

Bignote Says, in 2-7-2008 at 04:03:36 from    

Kimbo is going to beat Tank and the reason why is that Tank has never had much of a tool-bag. He’s pretty much always been about brute strength and power with a little bit of wrestling. Kimbo hasn’t ever really showed much in the way of skill either, but he’s been training with Bas Rutten for the past year, and it’d be pretty strange if during that time he did not pick up at least some rudimentary skills. And dirty truth be told, rudimentary skills are all that it takes for any fighter of comparable size and strength to beat Tank. Tank’s always been fun to watch, but he’s never been seriously competitive when it comes to elite fighters. He’s probably hell in a barfight, but in the octagon against elite professionals, he’s a joke, a complete disaster, almost an embarrassment.

lijep_sam Says, in 2-7-2008 at 08:31:17 from    

tank abbott is a waste of human being

Bill Says, in 2-7-2008 at 12:13:40 from    

Tank is a fat pig and a complete douchebag.

Smashedyoface Says, in 2-7-2008 at 20:41:24 from    

Kimbo will rip tank apart.

cheferik Says, in 2-7-2008 at 21:10:19 from    

Fat bastard needs to cut it out with the woppers!

johnlotsadough Says, in 2-8-2008 at 02:03:47 from    

oh yeahh well tank can bench 600lb can mumbo jumbo slice and dice do that?

Hubinho Says, in 2-8-2008 at 05:28:48 from    

whether im arguing your point or not john (if what you said was supposed to be a joke or not) his 600 pound BP was a 1 rep momentum lift. it doesnt have any affect on this fight, and if he once was stronger than kimbo, kimbo is surely in better shape and has better technique (although pretty bad against any other MMA fighter)now than tank, which amasses for his supposed lack of strength..

HISPANIC PANIC Says, in 2-8-2008 at 14:20:28 from    

Hey ya’ll wanna talk bad about Tank but hey a few weeks ago there was the Tank vs. Cabbage video and he got KTFO. If you’re smart, you’d know that Tank can catch Kimbo like Sean did to him so I like Tank’s chances to upset Kimbo.

By the way, Brock was demolishing Frank until he stood up. If they ever rematched, Brock would box the chit out of Mir and win.

rich jay Says, in 2-8-2008 at 18:25:21 from    

Tank will hit Slice harder than anyone else ever has. Kimbo will cry and go back to fighting bums in allies for a fifty dollar purse that was stolen by one of his thug entourage, or he might just go back to selling crack.

Dana White Says, in 2-9-2008 at 19:50:46 from    

who the F*** is kimbo? tanks couldnt f***** make it in my show so i sent him packin

stove6 Says, in 2-9-2008 at 22:55:04 from    

I don’t know who has bigger boobs… The girl in the picture, or Tank!!!

Lee Says, in 2-11-2008 at 18:22:11 from    

I am with Kyle. You guys all sit here and bitch, none of you would have the balls to get in the ring, and if you did you would also be winded right away,or ktfo. Shut the hell up you pussies, or better yet talk your s*** in the ring

daku_ulok Says, in 2-12-2008 at 14:12:38 from    

not only tank messes around with skunks, Vern too, just google “in the VIP” you’ll see VERN rolling with my crew

ACosta Says, in 2-14-2008 at 00:40:00 from    

“I am with Kyle. You guys all sit here and bitch, none of you would have the balls to get in the ring, and if you did you would also be winded right away,or ktfo. Shut the hell up you pussies, or better yet talk your s*** in the ring”


Now anyone that gives an opinion about a sport need to pratice it…….LOLL

Thaks for the laughs.

tank_dogg06 Says, in 6-8-2010 at 11:15:31 from    


Where are all of you Kimbo “fan boys” at now that the UFC cut his azz? He’s a useless street fighter who built his reputation by beating up bums in a backyard.

Actually, Kimbo’s biggest claim to fame is getting his azz whipped by an overweight cop from Boston.

At least Tank Abbott’s career lasted awhile. Kimbo’s never even got started.


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