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bareknuckles Says, in 3-6-2013 at 19:19:22 from    

Even though Tank is old and has terrible cardio, I am still a fan. Can’t wait to watch this fight.

Lazer212 Says, in 3-6-2013 at 19:38:01 from    

Come on, this is ridiculous.

drewblood Says, in 3-6-2013 at 19:48:34 from    

It’s been used before but I’ll never get tired of hearing it “my strengths are obviously my strength..”

Watch Tank’s backyard brawl with Scott Ferrozzo if you have any doubts how this one will go.

justin Says, in 3-6-2013 at 20:10:38 from    

I heard Dana will keep an eye on that fight and if Tank wins he will be back in the UFC.
Go Tank.

kung fu k9 Says, in 3-6-2013 at 21:01:27 from    

let the man make his money =)

Krio Says, in 3-6-2013 at 22:33:05 from    


Why would DANA bring him back in the UFC? this guy has always been a BUM

RogerD Says, in 3-6-2013 at 23:29:18 from    

Unbelievable how slow he punches that bag

Rico Suave Says, in 3-6-2013 at 23:56:42 from    

@justin, where did you hear that Dana would bring Tank back if he wins? James Toney has a better shot at coming back than Tank, no way Uncle Dana pulls that trigger! I’m sure that was meant as a joke!! Ha! Ha!

BamBam Says, in 3-7-2013 at 00:04:19 from    

@Justin-no way Dana will bring this dirtbag back,lay off the pipe plueashe!

foxy shazam Says, in 3-7-2013 at 00:05:46 from    

I heard Dana is going to have Tank fill in for an injured Overeem and take on Junior Dos Santos at UFC 160. If he wins of course.
Go Tank!

DavidJones Says, in 3-7-2013 at 00:35:58 from    

^^krio —that was sarcasm..

johnnybeards Says, in 3-7-2013 at 00:52:46 from    

I’ll be watching this fight. Tank may not be a martial artist, but he’s no bum. He’s a WARRIOR.

jammyman Says, in 3-7-2013 at 00:58:46 from    

how does tank pass the medical exams? At his age and weight he must have elevated blood pressure and cholesterol.

gcbies Says, in 3-7-2013 at 01:14:46 from    

aaaada boy!!!!

jona Says, in 3-7-2013 at 02:03:46 from    

LOL imiss the wigg :(

dalnkwnt Says, in 3-7-2013 at 06:43:59 from    


Anzo Says, in 3-7-2013 at 10:53:15 from    

what a skill on bag -.-”

Tempted Says, in 3-7-2013 at 11:29:24 from    

I love tank. He comes to brawl and he was the first guy ever to make Cabbage look human(as far as taking shots). He can KO anybody on the planet with one shot. A guy like him always has a chance to win with a devastating KO and his only boring fights are against people who are scared to stand with him.

Marc Says, in 3-7-2013 at 16:00:54 from    

I used to like Tank. He didn’t talk much. Just beat ppl up, back when the UFC\MMA was in its infancy…now he just mocking the sport.

yo Says, in 3-7-2013 at 23:17:59 from    

tank vs james toney F*** yeah

Yoplait Says, in 3-8-2013 at 13:20:13 from    

Dana white is looking into to the Tank vs Toney fight actually. It will probably happen when DavidJones’ balls drop… Aka never gonna happen

fudge rounder Says, in 3-8-2013 at 13:48:30 from    

tank has nice tits


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