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FEDOR#5 Says, in 8-14-2009 at 20:46:59 from    

carano wins by KO

Redraw Says, in 8-14-2009 at 21:01:43 from    

Cris Santos wins by TOTAL r***!
War Cyborg!

havik951 Says, in 8-14-2009 at 21:02:01 from    

Is cyborg really a chick…wow

Gina is hot stuff

shocktime Says, in 8-14-2009 at 21:07:23 from    

Honestly Cris don’t look that bad, not gonna win a beauty contest but I’d totally do her.

casyboy Says, in 8-14-2009 at 21:31:44 from    

cyborg has steroids written all over her what piece of work! course thin dry hair, able to put on more muscle mass than gina, manly hard face, dwindling boobs, looks way older than she is,thats male hormones folks. i saw the discovery special on woman bodybuilders!

Steve Jennum Says, in 8-14-2009 at 21:57:44 from    

Oh my God, Gina is so friggin hot. Nice work girl! That midsection got me all worked up. 143 ripped…thats a woman

Steamer Bean Says, in 8-14-2009 at 22:01:05 from    

No fair, Ginas boobs are way bigger, she has to give up more muscle to make weight 8)

tilegendit Says, in 8-14-2009 at 22:04:27 from    

Carano looks sexy as hell damnnnnnnn. I can only hope and pray for her to win lol. Cyborg is a beasttt

SanJacinto@fosho.com Says, in 8-14-2009 at 22:16:48 from    

Either way it goes the bottom line is the sport will progress. Maybe now we have a true “Champion” for the womens division we will see some new and aggressive contenders. I don’t like watching MMA because its men beating up on other men, I like the sport in general and the skills it takes to make it to the higher levels of competition. I happily await the first womens title defense.

greysaku Says, in 8-14-2009 at 22:31:52 from    

Sorry guy but they test for roids…some of you guys can say what you like about cris…the fact of the matter is, she is a great athlete, and will be handing gina a beating tomorrow night…Two many people allowing there hormones cloud there judgment about gina…

Benji562 Says, in 8-14-2009 at 22:44:11 from    

hahaha cris looks like clay guida lol

ditchpig Says, in 8-14-2009 at 22:51:50 from    

Casyboy, I hate to say it (I mean innocent until proven guilty and all) but I totally agree. Cheekbones, elongated chin and jaw, musculature, etc. And no one is talking about this!

If she is legit, which is possible, she’s a true genetic freak.

To put this in perspective check out Rachael Mclish on youtube. Fitness champ, and world bodybuilding champ from the pre-steroid era. The difference between her and cyborg is revealing.

mugatupianotie Says, in 8-14-2009 at 23:09:57 from    

If that staredown is a indication what is going to happen tomorrow night I feel sorry for Gina. Cyborg is ready to smash Gina’s face in and she is just smiling.

Burned1981 Says, in 8-14-2009 at 23:22:26 from    

And I’m done…(lights cigarette)

sooooopernate Says, in 8-14-2009 at 23:37:27 from    


There’s a way to beat the roid test, you have to cycle off in time before the test. She doesn’t look like a fit woman, she looks like a dude, and so do all woman body builders. Gina looks like a woman, a very sexy woman I might add.

zzz Says, in 8-15-2009 at 00:59:59 from    

You guys are only rooting for Gina because she is hotter. Yes she is a very beautiful woman, but why judge who should win the fight based on soley looks. Go watch p*** or something if you want to see hot chicks but don’t bring that mentality into MMA.

routie Says, in 8-15-2009 at 01:09:14 from    

i didnt know they let guys fight girls..

Belair Says, in 8-15-2009 at 01:40:05 from    

Cyborg is gonna make Gina look like Forrest Griffin against Anderson Silva.

WillyNilly Says, in 8-15-2009 at 01:51:38 from    

Gina has to get boob reduction surgery… After that she can pack more muscle.

NIL8 Says, in 8-15-2009 at 02:22:27 from    

LMAO at the dude 2:50 saying “OMG!” Go Go Gina, use those kicks baby girl!

Pink Ferret Says, in 8-15-2009 at 05:24:03 from    

Why is Carano fighting a dude?

That Cyborg dude is a creation of steroids. How he passed the test? Easy… cycle down… have a break. There is still massive benefits and it is obvious on the dude.

D pistol Says, in 8-15-2009 at 05:54:54 from    

strike force has shitty looking ring girls! LOL i say gina carano would be a better ring girl even after cyborg smashes her pretty face lol

Brazilian Says, in 8-15-2009 at 08:28:56 from    

If it was a beauty contest then would be Carano by far… But unfortunately, this pretty woman will face a fight contest where she had no chances.

dave Says, in 8-15-2009 at 09:20:59 from    

in the words of austin powers, its a man, baby!

ellz1981 Says, in 8-15-2009 at 10:22:52 from    

Greysaku I agree she probably will hand a beat down tomorrow but don’t count out the fact the just because people are testing for steroids the s*** doesnt happen. Burnett didn’t time it right and thought it was out of his system and thats what people do they try and time it right so don’t just say the s*** doesnt happen becuase they test for it because you are WRONG!

Brightland Says, in 8-15-2009 at 10:37:52 from    

I said it before and I’ll say it again: Gina is going down. Mark my words. Cyborg is ready, strong and is very skilled.

yoububg Says, in 8-15-2009 at 11:09:02 from    

Bas Rutten, is the man. I have some great abs.

St Pierre Says, in 8-15-2009 at 11:57:47 from    


becquer Says, in 8-15-2009 at 12:10:38 from    

mamacita,,,, gina

ericsson Says, in 8-15-2009 at 14:11:38 from    

Gina will lose badly

buu Says, in 8-15-2009 at 14:23:57 from    

werdum via 1st round sub
melindez via 2nd round tko
gegard via decision
cyborg via 1st degree r***

those are my picks…i wish gina could pull it off but theres no stopping mma’s Rue Paul

PitFighterZ Says, in 8-15-2009 at 16:46:20 from    

Gina may be a great fighter, but she looks like she already lost. I think she’s going for a career as a model or something. Unfortunately, her new career will end abruptly for lack of teeth…

bigcheeto Says, in 8-15-2009 at 19:26:26 from    

Dude I think Carano is a great fighter and down right gorgeous but Cyborg looks more defined and seems like a more all around fighter. Love Carano and I hope she wins but to beat Cyborg shes gonna need to pull some crazy s*** out of her @$$

edu Says, in 8-15-2009 at 19:35:24 from    

cristiane porraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

dc84 Says, in 8-15-2009 at 20:46:16 from    

sorry shocktime.. i would not do cyborg unless she threatened to eat me with a knife and spoon. the fuzzy video is extremely forgiving.. i just saw the weigh-ins in HD on HDNET. Gina looks amazing, Cyborg looks like a skinny man

# 1 Rashad Says, in 8-15-2009 at 21:41:43 from    

wtf, that dude cyborg would kill me! imagine what he could do against a chick like gina. :(

kob Says, in 8-15-2009 at 22:49:43 from    

Love the way Gina shakes her hips at 2:50

costa200 Says, in 8-15-2009 at 22:52:13 from    

“Sorry guy but they test for roids…”

Oh really? And when did that ever stopped roid users?

jbeckcer Says, in 8-21-2009 at 09:31:12 from    



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