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MuffDiggler Says, in 7-6-2012 at 10:14:45 from    

I’m impressed with his performance.

NMPLD1987 Says, in 7-6-2012 at 10:15:15 from    

WOW! now i see why he is anderson silva’s new coach! lol

El Gran Chingon Says, in 7-6-2012 at 10:23:05 from    

Devastating slaps by Sensai Segal. Those slaps would stop an elephant.

Mr. Obvious Says, in 7-6-2012 at 10:31:55 from    

Ridiculous. Every video I see of these turds “sparring” with Fatty, they just let him wave his hands around like an idiot and don’t ever really try to hit him.

And looking at the picture, Fatty should definitely play in a movie as Dracula. Or would it be Fatcula?

Tankless Says, in 7-6-2012 at 10:48:17 from    

Don’t call it a comeback
I been here for years
Rockin my peers and puttin suckas in fear
Makin the tears rain down like a MON-soon
Listen to the bass go BOOM

My slappa`s are going knock you out HUHH
Said my slappa`s gonna knock you out HUUHH!

Then Feijao throws a other hand right and breaks a fricking chicken wing of Seagals face.

Tankless Says, in 7-6-2012 at 10:48:47 from    


Karate4yuASS Says, in 7-6-2012 at 11:19:00 from    

lol, those slaps can be devastating! Can leave red marks all over ur face for like 5 minutes!

don’thate Says, in 7-6-2012 at 11:33:54 from    

don’t be hating foo, you know fatcula would finish you via vampire ko….

Shaikan Says, in 7-6-2012 at 11:51:03 from    

This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen in a while. What a joke, Feijao could easily just throw a low kick to Seagal’s knee and that’s it for Sensei Seagal and his slaps. Honestly, I understand Seagal is a master at Aikido and some other traditional Martial Arts, but MMA its a whole different ball game and the fact that he goes on in front of people and does that as if he was some MMA expert is a joke. Even sadder, its the fact that some people in the MMA community is buying into his delusions (exp: Ariel Helwani). What a joke, honestly.

MangyMongoose Says, in 7-6-2012 at 12:24:19 from    

Only pussies slap.

pillowhands Says, in 7-6-2012 at 12:31:40 from    

If it was called USC (Ultimate Slapping Championship)Seagal would have the XXXheavyweight belt. Unfortunately its not and you do have to have a all around MMA game to compete. Pimp slaps don’t get subs.

Ozinator Says, in 7-6-2012 at 12:41:24 from    

So Seagal once said that if he were younger when the MMA craze started, he would have fought because he is “a bad boy”? Surely there is some younger Aikido Bullshitsu masters who can jump in the cage then?

Tankless Says, in 7-6-2012 at 12:44:45 from    

Shaikan there’s no way Helwani believes anything Seaguls says , his interviews with him are nothing short of a comedy show ….a mockery .

failsonnen Says, in 7-6-2012 at 13:23:54 from    

@MangyMongoose: Say that to Bas Rutten in a Pancrase match

Turboobsessed Says, in 7-6-2012 at 13:26:05 from    

All Feijao would need in a fight with Segal would be an overhand right to the temple. Segal would get KOed with a strategy like this.

Robert Says, in 7-6-2012 at 13:28:15 from    

He’s always trying to make himself the center of attention and look better than people around him. He always finds a way to make the conversation about him. What a self absorbed wanna be. Never liked the guy he puts off a bad vibe.

fuzzytickler Says, in 7-6-2012 at 13:32:53 from    

Dracula!! holy sh*t. I come to suck your period blood blaw blaw blaw

Genghis Khan Says, in 7-6-2012 at 13:32:57 from    

Those are mad skills… @Shaikan you got no eye for talent fool, Sensei would slap you silly.

Jack Says, in 7-6-2012 at 13:33:31 from    


jeff_figmb Says, in 7-6-2012 at 13:43:33 from    

This guy is a huge nobody in the states. Huge poser who thinks he’s a big deal… The brazilian fighters have no idea how much Americans can’t stand this guy.

rza808 Says, in 7-6-2012 at 13:48:51 from    

Lol you guys are too much. He was laughing as he did it. I dont think that exhibition was meant as a serious thing. One thing of note tho. Look how tall Seagal is. Aikido uses a lot of leverage and I can see why he would be effective at it. Too much. I dont care either way but you guys complain about a real martial artist not being a fighter. They are 2 different things. He doesnt fight because he knows he could never survive. Simple as that. And yes he talks a lot of mumbo jumbo but who doesnt this day and age? Lol you guys need to stop acting like Seagal bullied you in highschool lol

PitfighterZ Says, in 7-6-2012 at 14:03:51 from    

Well, he can definitely slap you silly… :D

Freedomfit Says, in 7-6-2012 at 14:08:06 from    

Like I was saying, Segal must practice his pimp slap to keep his bitches in line, lol, what a joker.

TRiLLa Says, in 7-6-2012 at 14:58:59 from    

steven gettin fat lookin lol

al Says, in 7-6-2012 at 15:07:14 from    

Segal was gassed so he had to stop.

London jones Says, in 7-6-2012 at 15:10:30 from    

all these net tuff talkers…Segal is this Segal is that…f**king grow up! you don’t say all that big s**t in the real world! so why act like you do..p****’s.

Tankless Says, in 7-6-2012 at 15:36:41 from    

Jones are you not in fact doing what your telling others they shouldn’t do?

Powertele Says, in 7-6-2012 at 16:24:35 from    

You guys obviously do not study wing chun, the martials arts that Bruce Lee popularized to make the one inch punch. Please look it up. It was designed by a female monk for speed not strength. To end a fight immediately because a female is not as strong as a male. Speed over strength equals end result. Come on you guys. Get educated or at least be understanding. SEAGAL WOULD WHOOP MOST OF THE GUYS ON THIS WEBSITE. Also, most trainers are not fighters. is Greg Jackson a fighter? But, he has a phenomenal camp with champions.

scottc Says, in 7-6-2012 at 17:12:32 from    

I don’t doubt at all the skill set that Aikido Master Segal has in close combat fighting. But he is not a Master with weight control. Good God what size waist is he now???

Tankless Says, in 7-6-2012 at 17:19:32 from    

There is absolutely no proof that the snake/crane style was designed by wing chun ….none. Its a legend and there is many , wing chun taught it to her husband and he gave the style the name wing chun.

For reals? Says, in 7-6-2012 at 17:28:53 from    

What’s all this crap? First off slap boxing has been around forever, as has boxing, my gramps was a champ in both way before Bruce Lee or any other crap, so cut out all this martial arts history and other crap. Educated? yeah ok, educate yourself. And for the record, Bas Rutten and Frank Shamrock throw palm strikes, not limp wristed slaps. Seagal could beat up a normal Joe, because he’s a really big guy, no other reason.

Grape Soda Says, in 7-6-2012 at 18:07:15 from    

I would drop that fat clown with a jab, Aikido is useless in a FIGHT.

You want to dance around in a dress and belt doing choreographed dance moves be my guest but don’t EVER pretend it works in a real fight. I spar all the time with pro fighters and none of that s*** would work.

BiuTze Says, in 7-6-2012 at 19:20:18 from    

That is not wing chun. He doesn’t know it, period. A lot of people talk about the fact is was designed by a woman to overcome stronger faster opponents, and forget that if you want to compete with muay thai fighters and the like, than you need to train as hard as them.
Ng Mui, the supposed founder of wing chun was a buddhist nun who mastered in the 5 shaolin styles, she was not a weak person. Sure, most wing chun practitioners seem fast/faster, but it’s just more economical movement. It was not designed for the cage, and would need to be seriously modified to fit it, to the point purists would/could argue it’s no longer wing chun. Pretty much.. Steven Segal doesn’t know wing chun, and was not showing it here. Although some of the stuff he does looks kind of similar. Cheers!

Eli Says, in 7-6-2012 at 19:28:36 from    

Funny s***. Comments, I mean.

Kowe Says, in 7-6-2012 at 19:53:49 from    

so many fight experts here. why so serious?

white tiger Says, in 7-6-2012 at 20:27:37 from    

for those who hating on segal, i think you’re not getting the point of coach or master.

think of greg jackson, most likely, any one of his fighters on any given day would destroy him in a real mma fight. yet, is he useless? NO! his ability is in bringing out the best in fighters, and formulating game plans.

segal, brings another element to the game: akido. any one in the ufc right now, starting at 135 would probably, on any given day beat segal. so please, stop hating on segals ability as a fighter, when he isn’t one or meant to be.

Danby Says, in 7-6-2012 at 21:11:33 from    

Screw face, me no know no screw face!

Midgetmonkey Says, in 7-6-2012 at 22:21:55 from    

Traditional martial arts have been out of context since the invention of the bullet.
So i figure even entertainment martial arts master cant be compaired to a guy in a cage and a few rules. If segal had to kill mofo’s to protect his rice from the man, then he,ed be legit.

Axe Murderer Says, in 7-6-2012 at 22:46:00 from    

You guys call yourselves MMA fans? Seems like no one on this site even knows what they just watched. Aikido is an art of self defense while not injuring there attacker that’s where the slaps come in.

beefdooche Says, in 7-6-2012 at 23:45:26 from    

if that chubby butt raised a hand to me i would butt r*** him …. then slap him

chrisinvegas Says, in 7-7-2012 at 00:25:54 from    

LOL i like how he doesnt hand his glasses to someone he puts them in his pocket cuz somebody will steal them. nice comment white tiger. the man is accomplished in his field, nuff said. More than most of you keyboard warriors can say.

ThatDude Says, in 7-7-2012 at 02:06:03 from    

Was that Wing chung ?

Terry Says, in 7-7-2012 at 02:43:51 from    

The fat attention seeking Jew that can’t fight is promoting himself again.

bernie Says, in 7-7-2012 at 03:27:16 from    

am I watching looney toons?

rtorres7794 Says, in 7-7-2012 at 03:41:17 from    

lots of keyboard warriors here. Any of you accomplished what Seagal has as a martial artist? He’s an expert in several disciplines, that would mean he’s a mixed martial artist… Oh my… He’s old, retired, on cruise control and who knows what physical/medical ailments he may have. I’m sure in his prime he would have kicked any of your asses, mine included. Be rational and logical

Jiggleman Says, in 7-7-2012 at 06:09:25 from    

I could knock out Sensei fool

southiejimmy Says, in 7-7-2012 at 06:26:34 from    

Master segal has plenty of time to go around and do these appearances ever since his “steven segal, lawman” show got cancelled because he beat up his wife and got domestic violence charges, and got his gun permit and deputy sherrif appointment revoked.

f_u Says, in 7-7-2012 at 07:25:33 from    

Hey Segal that might work with your wife but you aint hurting anybody with those pattycake bitchslaps c’mon now.

cyclops Says, in 7-7-2012 at 11:53:08 from    

@tankless What the hell is a”other hand right”?

IKnives Says, in 7-7-2012 at 13:00:24 from    

wow, Segal is now legit.

pac1414 Says, in 7-7-2012 at 14:28:43 from    

steven seagul is just trying to feel young and tough but we’ll never know since he never fought mma.@londonjones shut your orafice you always say some dumb sh*t.

Tankless Says, in 7-7-2012 at 14:41:03 from    

Cyclops …..over is what I meant

steamer Says, in 7-8-2012 at 04:31:16 from    


ya, fun to watch but not realistic. a hard punch ends everything. we will see boxing become the forbidden art in MMA. those who can land the showstopper will always be asked to wear a collar for the sake of entertainment.

dreameracer1 Says, in 7-9-2012 at 12:42:33 from    

i could never let any1 slap me on the head like that. hitting a man on the head in other 3rd world means war!


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