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ericsson Says, in 9-26-2011 at 08:08:02 from    

this dude is everywhere

icolater Says, in 9-26-2011 at 08:16:32 from    

I hate this guy, please stop posting his crap.
Apparently he knew jones was going to win by sub “I have a good eye” come on dick head be real this ant the fu*king movies your in now bro. I would pay good money to see Bas Rutten knock this guy out of his little fantasy world.

jojo Says, in 9-26-2011 at 08:21:41 from    

When was Steven Segals fight? I wanted to see someone fight for the title as biggest actor-moron.

Randy Couture Says, in 9-26-2011 at 08:21:59 from    

at this point woult you say…… he is begining to lose his mind?
So let me get this straight. if the front snap kick connects and KO’s people then they learned it from Seagal. but if they use the kick and it doesnt connect they they are doing it wrong?
I dont like suck Joe Rogan’s balls but he is a TKD master and he has also been doing MA all his life. I bet Joe can kick Seagal fat ass.

partydog Says, in 9-26-2011 at 08:47:00 from    

Well, Seagal says at least two things that we can agree on..”Rampage had great head movement” and “if Rampage had let his hands go it would have been a different fight”..no doubt.

jamoe Says, in 9-26-2011 at 08:53:33 from    

get out of MMA you has been.
john jones didnt let him into hit locker room because he is a phoney.

is he trying to reignite his carrer or is he just a fuckwit who thinks he knows everything.

go away steven segal

glassjoe Says, in 9-26-2011 at 09:01:02 from    

This Fat Turd is delusional.

JRubin Says, in 9-26-2011 at 09:06:35 from    

he’s friends with Jones?? he called Jones and met him for the 1st time a day before… he’s just trying to associate himself with every name he can to feel important

jassmo Says, in 9-26-2011 at 09:23:46 from    

OMG seagal is full of s***, he is friend with everybody, i don´t buy it, plus he predicted everything, just as Bruno pointed, ˝humble opinions˝

Shredded Coconut Says, in 9-26-2011 at 09:32:54 from    

Jon Jones and Greg Jackson rejected Steven Seagal before UFC 135, if you watch the Post-Fight Press Conference Jones said that Steven Seagal called him and wanted to meet him face to face before the fight to give him advice, Jon and Greg Jackson camp thought it was a bad idea and told him NO, I totally agree. I think Steven Seagal just wants more attention so he can try and take credit that he helped another UFC fighter win a match. You can also tell Steven Seagal is really defensive and kinda looks aggravated with this interview with Ariel, I think he is pissed that he got rejected by Jon Jones and Greg Jackson camp, they pretty much flipped him the bird LOL!!!

MJon Says, in 9-26-2011 at 09:54:51 from    

If Rampage had good head movement then we, the MMA world, is delusional – side to side and standing in front of someone is not good head movement! Rampage is one – dimensional, and to say “if he lets his hands go” , he was swinging for the fences the whole fight, he just couldn’t find Jones that is called movement! arm chair experts everywhere….

coutura Says, in 9-26-2011 at 10:21:40 from    

seagal is crazy

NotVinnieJones Says, in 9-26-2011 at 10:23:12 from    

He is saying what others are saying: if Rampage let his hands go it would have been a different fight. Really? With Jones’ long range Rampage would be swinging and hitting air. Why throw a punch if you know your reach isn’t long enough to connect? Rampage knew that. Seems like others don’t though, including Seagal.

stu11 Says, in 9-26-2011 at 10:25:05 from    

Segal is the man! “Any body seen Richie?….I’m gonna keep commin back here until somebody remembers seeing Richie!”

Turboobsessed Says, in 9-26-2011 at 10:32:58 from    

Steven Seagal just want to have some spot light. It was a good decision for Jones to do what he did. I would not want to insult my camp by making this guy give me advice for one day and all of a sudden feel like he is taking all of the credit for it. Steven stick with Machida and Silva, those that you have trained for and not try to join those on the night of the fight.

genkimachina Says, in 9-26-2011 at 10:46:50 from    

Seagal is so high on himself he actually speaks like he is high on something. Come back to planet Earth Steven. I like how he seemed concerned that his interview could be cut in a way to make him look bad, like anyone in the world cared about what he thought.

Shogun-Rampage 2 Says, in 9-26-2011 at 11:02:12 from    

its funny how seagal called jones the day before to meet with jones and give him some words of encouragment and jones said NO IT WOULDNT BE A GOOD IDEA , and declined his offer lol some friendship yah have with jon jones buddy

cuervoplays Says, in 9-26-2011 at 11:11:57 from    

Bruno, are you aware of any video or other documentation of Seagal fighting in a competition (not training, testing or demonstration)?


Bruno: never have heard of one real fight by him. Just a few scuffles like the Gene Lebel and JCVD rumors.

Samuraitato Says, in 9-26-2011 at 11:32:36 from    

Ok Silva and Machida perform the front kick at a 100%,,at the precise moment..They are real experts MA ,Seagal do not invented this millenary kick.which has been around in the MA wordl for ever..it is a basic kick…the application depend on the opening and the precition and speed…they probably are more seasoned the jones and rampage is not a beginner either…this is the first kick that any novice learn ..the timining is the clue …but it require a lot of hours and years of practice,,,humble commentary

jnap Says, in 9-26-2011 at 11:36:35 from    

there is nothing humble about that guy, not even his opinion……

Dan Blankenship Says, in 9-26-2011 at 11:41:27 from    

Was Seagal drunk?

SEAN_VANCE Says, in 9-26-2011 at 11:42:10 from    

Total wacko… why do they even interview this goof ball..hollywood dork….hes a fighter? Really? Where the F has this guy fought…maybe in his Dojo in below the chin tournaments…WOW

Kill em All Says, in 9-26-2011 at 11:46:20 from    

Come on guys, Seagal is and old fart who probably craps his underwear everyday… So please, leave him alone

Beast w/ 8 Limbs Says, in 9-26-2011 at 11:54:52 from    

Somebody call Gene Lebell!!!! If you don’t know, Judo gene Lebell choked this guy unconscious years ago.

Halzo Says, in 9-26-2011 at 12:05:44 from    

This guy has become an “interesting” laughing stock for the world of MMA…. thats why they do interviews with him…. before he popped up on the MMA scene I used to like him but i know think this guy is the biggest douche bag walking this earth… WHAT A JOKE!!!!

24/48 Says, in 9-26-2011 at 12:09:23 from    

Wow, Segal has lost it. All the top contenders need to stay away from him. Thank god Greg Jackson told Jones NO. haha

london_Jones Says, in 9-26-2011 at 12:16:31 from    

to all bloggers that disrespect Mr.Seagal….SHUT THE F**K UP! in his prime this man would whoop any of your asses! you think this man is just a actor…are you crazy? do you know nothing of fighting? do your homework on this man…then talk! 90% MMA bloggers are such retards! respect is something they know nothing of!

Pope Says, in 9-26-2011 at 12:20:00 from    

I taught Jones the spinning elbow. I also invented the left and right hook that rampage throws.

andyman07 Says, in 9-26-2011 at 12:24:24 from    

i’m not a segal fan as a person and specially as a an actor but i see all these “tuff” keyboard gladiators insulting him and wat not…fact he can kick all of ur asses and that my friends is sad lol…i mean how bad can it be when the worlds best fighter actually trains with him…he must be doing something right

hond2dciv Says, in 9-26-2011 at 12:45:37 from    

The one thing I wonder about is, why was JBJ so laconic and down at the press conference? Was it his hurt foot? Was he really that bummed by Rashad getting in the cage? Or did Seagal cast some kind of creepy soft-talking spell on him?

Seagal has the voice of a child molester.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 9-26-2011 at 12:47:28 from    

Steven is the bigest troll MMA has ever seen.I’m actually starting to find him funny.In ever take him seriously just look at hs videos of “real fighting”.He’s banking on the fact that WWE fans who watch MMA still think he can beat anybody up like in his movies.

and if anyone takes im seriously just look on youtube,smoke a big blunt and watch his aikido videos you’ll get a real laugh.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 9-26-2011 at 12:49:57 from    

And I was hoping Ariel would’ve asked what Steven would’ve done in the Rear naked choke instead of passing out and shitting his pants(real story)like Steven did against Gene Lebell.

zippewa Says, in 9-26-2011 at 12:54:37 from    

He gets high a little too much.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 9-26-2011 at 12:59:39 from    

Also how ironic is Steven Seagal telling guys to get in shape.HAHAH funny guy he should start a comedy show.That coming from a beached whale who couldn’t do 1 round against any heavyweight in the world.I doubt Steven can even beat a BW.

kingdean Says, in 9-26-2011 at 13:20:14 from    

i would put my last dollar on joe over this guy

let’s go!! joe rogan vs steven seagal

casyboy Says, in 9-26-2011 at 13:22:52 from    

in my humble opinion ,rogan would choke out segul in 30 seconds!this guy is a total ego-maniac, id like to pop his head like a pimple!

DANKARELLI Says, in 9-26-2011 at 13:26:23 from    

wow I’m having a hard time defending this guy. I think he is a total chump. period. Not much else needs to be said, and that is as much discussion as he deserves.

casyboy Says, in 9-26-2011 at 13:33:36 from    

humble is a planet thats not even in his galaxy, the best thing he can do is admit he is a douche and start over at life after a thousand apologies! where the F*** is gene labelle when you need em, you can slice that video up anyway you want steve and it will still come back like s***!!!

kood Says, in 9-26-2011 at 13:43:38 from    

Wow, How dare Jon Jones reject the wisdom of Steven Segal. If he’d listen to Segal he probably could have dominated the fight and subbed rampage out in the 4th or something… tisk tisk JBJ

It’s a good thing Segal is so forgiving as to still consider JBJ a friend.

haha what a joke

C$ Says, in 9-26-2011 at 13:55:33 from    

Love the comment that Jon Jones has not mastered the front kick yet.

MMACory Says, in 9-26-2011 at 14:00:57 from    

I would definitely buy those glasses. Anyone know of a brand and model number?
Thanks in advance.
On a side note, should Helwani really be making of fun like that of someone who’s obviously mentally ill? It’s not right.

bigbob Says, in 9-26-2011 at 14:47:55 from    

steven seagul is the man , outside of
bruce lee ,hes one of the few practictioners
left that has true martial arts in him ,
not this wrestling based , dry hump the
guy to death or clinch and dry hump him
standing up.

baller Says, in 9-26-2011 at 15:06:01 from    

i dont understand y u people r criticizing dis guy, he has his opion just like every 1 else, lets not forget he might not be a fighter but he is a martial artist.

brucelee23 Says, in 9-26-2011 at 15:33:13 from    

Seagal is the man, but boy he must be blind drunk or having an off night himself talking aload of F!@king Bull Sh!t !!

SEAN_VANCE Says, in 9-26-2011 at 15:38:31 from    

Jean CLaude Van Dame is also a matial artist LMAO

AFan Says, in 9-26-2011 at 15:39:31 from    

He really honestly is living in his own little world. I think Silva and Machida, gave the guy a little too much credit, and it really actually went to his head, and now he thinks he’s the ultiment coach for mma. I dunno it’s frustrating that his guy came out of the woodwork and had to mess with the sport that I love. Kinda wish he would vanish, and not tarnish the hard working ethic of these fighters.

Aikido is the Dane Cook of Martial Arts.

Freaklegion Says, in 9-26-2011 at 15:45:01 from    

He’s a jackass on set, he’s always been like this, you just don’t get to see people talk to him a lot.

paulwonder Says, in 9-26-2011 at 15:47:52 from    

Haha its funny when he says “Maybe there are people out there who could take john jones!!!!!” wink wink meaning himself haha what a idiot.
Get back to making fake movies using 200 pound lighter stunt doubles and throwing 70 Japanese guys around haha.
Ow and joe rogan is the man he always talks senses and would kick the s*** out of Steven segal.

The Dancing Bear Says, in 9-26-2011 at 15:48:37 from    

To all you haters: there is a reason that Anderson Silva refered to him as “The Master Steven Segal” at his last fight’s press confrence. He knows his stuff no matter how crazy he sounds now. Both Anderson and Machida gave him credit for teaching them when and how to throw those front kicks. He is a 7th Degree Black Belt in Aikido and could destroy you all.

spyder Says, in 9-26-2011 at 16:00:11 from    

I think Seagal should be at every event giving a short synopsis after every fight. He is hilarious with those glasses and his manner of speaking.

Seriously tho…what is with the glasses? It’s like Ali-G threw up on him.

andyman07 Says, in 9-26-2011 at 16:21:27 from    

the title on this is a bid misleading…i saw the video a second time around and i couldnt find anywhere in the video where Seagal says he is “not happy with Jones”

ness2k Says, in 9-26-2011 at 16:24:49 from    

Jon only talk to seagal once in his life, now that make’s him his friend? I like jon jones even more now. Knowing he didn’t want him in his lockers.

capz1020 Says, in 9-26-2011 at 16:49:28 from    

Yes, please stop interviewing him, if everyone in the media stops mentioning him he might go away

Zmayo6 Says, in 9-26-2011 at 17:32:58 from    

Stop wearing those stupid yellow glasses and your movies suck!

bobbo Says, in 9-26-2011 at 18:03:29 from    

Seagal wanted to talk to Jones before the fight so if and when he knocked him out with some kind of head kick Seagal could take credit for it like he was some kinda mesiah that that only his expert eye only saw and he told JOnes to use that kick.. Thank god Jones and Jackson told him no. Seriously what could an actor really reveal to Jones that Jackson can’t?

If Jones ever does a Kung Fu movie, then Seagal might be the one to talk to.

Seagal said he’s fought his whole life…LOL…He acted like he fought…he may have trained martial arts like alot of us have, but how many real fights has this dude been in?

xformat Says, in 9-26-2011 at 18:03:32 from    

Seagal is about as relevant as a duck fart. Please make him go away.

murell Says, in 9-26-2011 at 18:42:07 from    

seagal is a complete GOON!

murell Says, in 9-26-2011 at 18:42:38 from    

Why is he wearing shooting glasses?

murell Says, in 9-26-2011 at 18:44:35 from    

He doesnt want to see Jon Jones fight his boy anderson silva,because he knows he will whip that ass,then anderson wont be pound for pound the best anymore.

Op_of_faith Says, in 9-26-2011 at 18:50:18 from    

So I remember hearing rumors of some westerner who was in Japan beating the hell of out Japanese Akido masters-that SUPPOSIVELY was Segal…IF he really wants credit then he should show up at the training camp and be there for 6-8 weeks. I think JBJ was right to not allow him backstage-it would be disrespectful to his camp to have this guy going around saying that he taught them this and that…Not buying for a second that he taught Machida or Silva moves…sorry…

Op_of_faith Says, in 9-26-2011 at 18:52:28 from    

I might add that Segal probably had 8-10 inches and 40 to 50 pounds on a Japanese guy…that doesn’t make that fight-I’m 5’6″ and one of my sparring partners is 6’4″, 280lbs but still…, it does play a factor…

It sucked! Says, in 9-26-2011 at 18:54:23 from    

He notes he fought all his life. This is true most of it was his ex-wife. Weird Science Babe Kelly Labrock. He use to slap her around. FACT!

Fact #2. This is got to be one of the longest list of comments on a video on MMATKO or got to be in top 5. THAT IS TRULY FUNNY!! The fans love to hate this chump!!!

Doyle Brunson Says, in 9-26-2011 at 19:00:40 from    

why is this David Karadeen wanna be has been getting interviewed at MMA events?
Ariel is really feeding his fire. This guy has no buisness being talked to. Look at him try to weasle his way to fighters and get some credit. “Im a fighter, iv always been a fighter” no your an actor. GTFO of here Segal your useless

Pope Says, in 9-26-2011 at 19:20:39 from    

@ Kungfulowkick I have never taken Seagal seriously and always found him to be funny in interviews and in his movies. I mean the guy even runs like a girl. Seagal is such a douche and would suck his own wiener if he wasn’t so fat, thats why my take on him is comical for the most part.

HNGO1983 Says, in 9-26-2011 at 19:54:27 from    

He always talk smack, i remember back in his prime in several interview, when he and Jean Claude Van Dam would big hollywood actors, he say he could beat Jean Claude Van Dam. Jean Claude Van Dam got of hearing his bullshit, so one night he found out Seagal was attending Syvester Stalon house party, JVD call out Steven Seagal to a fight, if im not mistaking he call him out at a club, then he follow Seagal to Sly house to try to call him out again. Sly say that Seagal was scare of fighting JVD, and in his opinion JVD would kick his ass.
IF you DO A lil research on google, you would find the interview adn all that good stuff how Seagel is a fake.

HNGO1983 Says, in 9-26-2011 at 19:57:10 from    

One of the recent interview, Cung Le, express his dislike how Seagel is taking credit for a front snap kick, that has been use in kick boxing, tae kwon do, and muay thai. Cung Le, and many fighter have been using this kick for ages, and here comes FAT Douche saying its his technique, total bs.

HNGO1983 Says, in 9-26-2011 at 19:59:15 from    

Someone should let Joe Rogan know that Steven is hating on him, lol cant wait , itll be epic to see what Joe Rogan have to say….

Cant believe he say Joe Rogan know nothing about MMA, he been commentating UFC since the beginning…..

wow Says, in 9-26-2011 at 20:05:45 from    


Not to knock you Op of faith, but when I trained Judo in Japan at University, those guys were way harder to take down than anybody I’ve gone against in the states. When I came back I had no problem taking down bigger muscly guys because they were sloppy and focused 99 percent of their time on ground and 1 percent of it on take downs. The team captain was 6’2 and about 260 lbs as well. Just saying not all Japanese guys are small. I’ve never been a aikido fan, but I know that if you train Judo with top level guys in Japan, it’s not a walk in the park just because you’re a big American dude.

JRubin Says, in 9-26-2011 at 22:02:55 from    

FYI about Seagel training AS and Machida, he’s not and was never a part of there training camps, i read he was there for a couple of days and thats it, oh and btw the same kick that Seagel taught AS is demonstrated in AS’s instruction video several years before.

nOOka Says, in 9-26-2011 at 22:59:04 from    

Segal is the SH!T… BOUUUUY…

straightAhead Says, in 9-26-2011 at 23:33:01 from    

Rampage’s head movement was very good. The problem with him is that he focuses only on the KO. He has said this many times that subs are boring and not decisive enough as a win so he overwhelming prefers to KO his opponents and he fights exactly like that which, to his detriment, makes him one dimensional and easy to defeat for any thoughtful/well-prepared opponent like Rashad and Jones.

Unless Rampage is willing to win by other means besides the KO then he will never grow as a fighter and his career will stagnate and eventually decline.

subidoo Says, in 9-27-2011 at 00:03:51 from    

Why is everyone dogging on Steven Seagal? He’s… he’s hilarious! You just be thankful that he says crap like this it’s funny.

If you watched the video, you have no right to complain. If you don’t like him, don’t watch. If you find him humorous, then laugh at him. Don’t wish for him to shut up, you shut up instead. Or… stop watching the clips. I find him funny like Charlie Sheen or something.

Clemmit Says, in 9-27-2011 at 05:25:28 from    

I am not sure what to make of this guy but one thing we can all agree on is Bruno posts some of the best videos known to mankind. Not trying to suck up, but seriously, Segal in his yellow tinted shades giving his humble opinions of fighters just makes my day over and over again.
He needs to market those trademark sunglasses and then, when he accompanies Anderson Silva into the arena, during their approach to the octagon, Segal can fling a pair into the audience like Bret the hitman heart use to in WWF.
Someone get me Segal’s contact details so i can suggest this.

balllslaper Says, in 9-27-2011 at 09:02:20 from    

“Im a fighter”, (movie fighter)..so cocky/ego maniac..He sees himself as godfather/bruce lee…has he had a real fight?

balllslaper Says, in 9-27-2011 at 09:19:37 from    

Crazy as loon, we know..but we never saw a well placed up kick like that (knock out effect, in mma) before Segal met up with the ones who connected with it (Spider/Machida..) Boxing coaches have the knowledge, but not the body just like Segal..

1999 Says, in 9-27-2011 at 09:46:43 from    

he is A fat eskimo lady :)

Howard the Douche Says, in 9-27-2011 at 11:00:33 from    

@xformat, ummm ducks can’t fart, it’s physically impossible, mmkay, thanks.

spyder Says, in 9-27-2011 at 11:53:03 from    

Seagul Halloween costume this year!

KungFuLowKick Says, in 9-27-2011 at 11:58:06 from    

There were front kicks KO beofre that.It’s not just because YOU watch only UFC that in the whole MMA there was never a front kick KO.And as Jrubin said,Silva has been using that kick for ages,like every fighter in the world comfortable with kicks.Front kick KOs are common in K-1 does that mean Seagal trained the K-1 guys too??You are the reason why he really thibnks he’s the s*** LOL.And also i hope boxing coaches don’t teach you kicks since they are the masters of hands and kicks are illegal.Also that Super Ultimate Ninja Master(Seagal) that some people think exist are ridiculous.If Seagal really trained them he would’ve “trained” them for real and not just go there 1 day watch them train then take all the credits for all the technics they have.Just like if Seagal was so great ,he talks to you a couple of minutes and you become a master…Ridiculous just like Seagal.If somebody finds the 1st video where Seagal goes to Blackhouse you will see how funny it is.Seagal can’t even front kick on the face so i doubt he’s tyhe one who teached them.When Seagal kicked it wasn’t higher then the thigh.

JoeDog Says, in 9-27-2011 at 12:02:23 from    

What a douche bag. Seagal has no relevence. Who cares what he says? The “best head movement”????… as Rampage took shot after shot, kick after kick. Did he notice the head movement as Jones crushed Rampage’s knee? Did Seagal notice Rampage’s head movement stopped completely when Jones wrapped his neck in that choke? WTF is wrong with this guy? Head movement is not going to win a fight with Jon Jones. STFU.

CycloneX Says, in 9-27-2011 at 14:08:07 from    

Hey Steven! Stay out of the 155 or the 170 pounds weigh class..maybe also the 185 class too.They are hard weigh class to fight in..muhahahahahaha

The Tao of F.U. Says, in 9-27-2011 at 19:24:14 from    

I love the idea of something you’ve totally dismissed as a stupid thing of the past keeps showing up and slapping you in the face with it’s reality.

I love it so much that I’m regrowing that afro I used to have as tribute to Master Seagal.

jhu Says, in 9-27-2011 at 19:30:07 from    

Looking for next time to talk to steven seagal? how about no…. this guy is high on something…

op_of_faith Says, in 9-27-2011 at 22:39:01 from    


No doubt, and no offense taken. I was just making the point that he likely did have size on some of them. It was a rumor…I don’t know that it was about him or, if it was even true…

Grape Soda Says, in 9-28-2011 at 00:58:18 from    

Why does everyone hate this multiple Abu Dhabi champion, perennial K1 contenders and NCAA Division 1 All American wrestler, you act as if he’s just an action movie star who practices a fake fighting style.

camaroman79 Says, in 9-28-2011 at 03:45:46 from    

Just my .02

Im not defending Seagal in any way, as I cannot stand him either. But to say this guy doesn’t know anything is foolish. The man is a 7th shichidan black belt. I myself am a nidan aikido blackbelt and can tell you that at the rank Steven is at, the man is very capable of killing a person with one strike.

Also, steven never said he invented the front snap kick, so I don’t know where all of you are getting that from. He just invented a way to do it precisely and with a certain type of footwork.

eleventhplanetfan Says, in 9-28-2011 at 22:01:14 from    

He is a very high level martial artist and claims to be able to see the future. I think jones was off a little. and i also tink in the future jones crushes anderson thats why he dosent want to see the fight between them.

mma mike Says, in 9-28-2011 at 23:12:59 from    

first of all jon jones isnt at his peak he throws no combos like segal said . second segal never said he invinted the front kick he said he remodified it so it be more affective. if jon jones did let him train him he would be better on the stand up wise .. and jon jones did look scared and alil slow in that fight … jon jones is one of the best but i am prety shore that dan henderson will oventually fight him and knock him out .because good mma fighters train at one gym but great mma fighters train at more than one for more knowledge. but the rashad fight mite be a big upset for jones because hes to cocky he thinks he cant get advice from no one execpt greg jackson which is dumb.

mma mike Says, in 9-28-2011 at 23:21:38 from    

and jones will not crush aderson silva hes striking is horrible honestly he only got leg kicks and elbows … anderson silva got great jabs elbows knees all kicks and the best head movement are you stupid jones just got reach and take downs and ok ground and pound … hes gonna have to fight lyoto. hendo. rashad .. after that then maybe he can be thought of but other than that its to soon .. he only had one title defense how many did anderson silva had 5 or 6 cumon now think alil … and honestly i like jon jones but i dont like what hes doing with his talent he can be the best but he gotta be more open to help and new skills .. he havent done any thing differt since the stephen bonnar fight execpt a darth choke on ryan bader and a weak ass front kick on rampage cummon be real…..

TKD Says, in 9-29-2011 at 22:34:08 from    

That front kick to the face is a #2 Front Kick…a Tae Kwon Do White Belt move.

Just sayin’.


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