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Yes Says, in 12-4-2012 at 16:30:52 from    

Omg Seagal saying Gsp is not great? Hes just a good fighter? Hes not ready to fight Silva?

He cleared out a weightdivision, defended his tittle 7 times, an is 17-2 in UFC. Seagal is an arogant retard, just look at the way his talks, dress, act and looks fat F***.

Randy would murder Seagal!

Goomba Says, in 12-4-2012 at 16:46:07 from    

love the picture Bruno

theEpicurean Says, in 12-4-2012 at 16:53:15 from    

I would love to see Bas kick the s*** out of this phoney bum. The fact that he’d publicly call out Randy shows how ignorant this guy really is to hard-earned skill professional fighters have. He’s so ignorant, he doesn’t even know how ignorant he is.

wcoastassassin Says, in 12-4-2012 at 17:08:35 from    

It’s his opinion. I happen to think Silva would win also but he could easily have problems with GSP’s wrestling like he did with Sonnen. Randy called him out? Steven is like 60, he’s not fighting anyone. Not sure why everyone has to hate on him so much, I think he is a dynamic personality.

ASDF Says, in 12-4-2012 at 17:25:54 from    

@theEpicurean – the fact that Randy called out Steven shows that you’re an ignorant. Just saying. Or you’re hating, or both. Just facts.

Stranger Says, in 12-4-2012 at 17:36:18 from    

Well, it’s not news that Seagal is bat s*** crazy

Thxer Says, in 12-4-2012 at 17:37:18 from    

LOL romantic comedy. Funny how Ariel is just F’ing with him and he doesn’t have a clue.

Assapopalous420 Says, in 12-4-2012 at 18:15:29 from    

i think seagal thinks people care about his opinon lol…..

london_jones Says, in 12-4-2012 at 18:15:43 from    

wcoastassassin i agree.

Jason Corb Says, in 12-4-2012 at 18:21:25 from    

Does Ariel say all this s*** as a joke?
or does he think that he is the man?
Ariel if you are serious you are retaRDED!!

brucelee23 Says, in 12-4-2012 at 18:25:22 from    

Maybe Seagal should rematch Gene Lebell !!!

ericsson Says, in 12-4-2012 at 18:27:22 from    

Steven Seagal is OK man!!!

Drew Says, in 12-4-2012 at 18:32:17 from    

Seagal says he would fight Randy in some place with no witnesses.

Translation: “Nobody can ever really know that I got my ass kicked. No witnesses, I can always make up a story about what happened. That way I won’t be humiliated on national television. Plus, I know Randy would never agree to such a thing so I can safely offer it.”

Joe Dog Says, in 12-4-2012 at 18:34:18 from    

The guy is a bonafide nut job.

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 12-4-2012 at 18:49:20 from    

I wish that guy gets an incurable cancer.

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 12-4-2012 at 19:09:23 from    

I heard the funniest thing at 4:35.Seagal using the expression “my humble opinion” nothing about Seagal is humble.And at 12:30:”I’m one of the only actor I know who never used PEDS.”…No s*** Steven look at your beluga shape.

Iron_Cobra Says, in 12-4-2012 at 19:13:03 from    

I think the jones vs silva would be a lot closer fight than gsp vs silva. The bigger great fighter will almost always beat the great smaller fighter. I give bj penn the credit that he actually took the fight against georges.

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 12-4-2012 at 19:22:22 from    

Hopefully by then he will learn that hitting somebody in the balls isn’t the right technic to defend a choke,and hopefully he will wear a diaper next time he fights Gene.

fitedoc Says, in 12-4-2012 at 19:38:59 from    

LOL at this fool calling AS a great martial artist but he’s scared of him fighting the slightly larger JJ even though AS fights in the LHW class from time to time

anderson cheats Says, in 12-4-2012 at 19:48:02 from    

steven seagal is such a f**! i cant believe people care what he thinks. Jon Jones vs anderson thats where its at Baby!!! he’s right about one thing,anderson would have a bad night against J.J

shitface Says, in 12-4-2012 at 20:08:21 from    

Seagal beat Couture before, he can do it again.

metallicafan Says, in 12-4-2012 at 22:20:38 from    

Anderson silvas 1st fight against sonnen was much worse than gsp’s fight vs shields

sibel Says, in 12-4-2012 at 22:44:20 from    

Seagal is the definition of Absurd

Pikachumanson Says, in 12-5-2012 at 01:19:26 from    

Please accept Randy!

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 12-5-2012 at 01:49:17 from    

i cant watch or listen the comments tell me all that i need

Twana Says, in 12-5-2012 at 02:04:42 from    

Randy’s standup is way below Segal. Segal would kill him before getting close.

Meat Drapes Says, in 12-5-2012 at 02:50:47 from    

Former HW and LHW UFC Champ > Fat diabetic action movie star who has a record of 0-0-0 in real fights.

JewJitsue Says, in 12-5-2012 at 02:54:22 from    

Seagal is right, Silva would beat GSP; he’s bigger, hits with bad intentions, is very accurate, whereas GSP is too cerebral and fights for points

Aikido4Life Says, in 12-5-2012 at 03:53:57 from    

“Testicular fortitude ” Rand would get owned.

baller Says, in 12-5-2012 at 04:02:50 from    

he is rite GSP is not great. he hasnt finished a fight in 4ever.

DANLK66 Says, in 12-5-2012 at 07:53:43 from    

Seagal is better when he talks with his fake southern accent.

thecyclops Says, in 12-5-2012 at 09:07:18 from    

Speaking as a HUGE GSP fan,I think Anderson would murder him.

snype6969 Says, in 12-5-2012 at 09:51:15 from    

I say dont talk about it, be about it. F*** havin it in the ufc with all the rules. Do that s*** nhb all the way.

baller Says, in 12-5-2012 at 12:21:20 from    

dont underestimate segal dis fool might bring out a sword. lmao talking about no 1 would be there. n randy was just joking

Rob Says, in 12-5-2012 at 13:44:42 from    

I’ll gladly say Silva will beat GSP and Jones if he ever fights them. Jones gets his ass handed to him if he ever challenges Velasquez or Dos Santos

anakonda Says, in 12-5-2012 at 13:46:59 from    

I think GSP can’t even keep 170 title long anymore. Make Belfort vs. GSP first, then we know more. I’d bet my money on Belfort. Anderson is way too much for GSP.

Young Says, in 12-5-2012 at 16:21:58 from    


whitedragon Says, in 12-5-2012 at 20:37:07 from    

I kid u not i listened to this video for 5 mins and i shut it off….F*** segal and F*** Ariel for bringing this piece lard disgrace to the martial arts on his show all the damn time!!! i am fed up of ariel trolling around and doing this!!!! I dont have to even listen to wat this piggy back rider fat F*** has to say!!!

leif Says, in 12-6-2012 at 00:48:12 from    

Ariel was totally pulling his leg.
Segal loves modern Pharma.

RunningFree Says, in 12-6-2012 at 09:12:42 from    

Keyword no rules, invite randy on his boat in foreign seas and shoot him in the back. Fat fking leach. Just because Silva has some childhood admiration for him he is just an action star with a martial arts backround. Steven go get your balls grabbed again and choked out bya guy no one has ever heard of and s*** your pants again, you dipshit. Do a Rent a Center commerical and let Hulk Hogan pull your hair

steamer Says, in 12-6-2012 at 16:09:31 from    

You guys need to quit talkin smack. Seagal is the real deal. Can’t you see the gif? He already kicked Randy’s ass once. Check out that wicked pinky chop to the shoulder. Devastating!

f_u Says, in 12-6-2012 at 18:30:32 from    

lol something tells me couture vs segal would end up in segal getting choked out and shitting himself. No wonder he wants no witnesses.

Wilbur Says, in 12-7-2012 at 14:52:10 from    

Seagal is such a class act for a delusional fat slob that he is. Randy would destroy him.

paddedummy Says, in 12-8-2012 at 01:11:59 from    

So many comments by stupid noob kids who think an mma match is a real fight. Anybody using actual martial arts techniques would dominate a mat f@g who wasn’t even good enough to dry hump other dudes at the Olympics, even a fat old full of $hit heeb like Seagal! It would be even worse than the way Couture dominated a top boxer like James Toney. Stevie doesn’t want any witnesses because he doesn’t want to be charged with attempted murder/felony assault!

CRO_GUY Says, in 12-8-2012 at 08:39:34 from    

OMG Steven’s brave… It’s dangerous to talk like he does. He’d already have his teeth knocked out and face stomped on national TV if he wasn’t hiding behind fighters and their bodyguards… There are some stupid dudes in USA, just hope he doesn’t get shot before he earns some money so he can stop making idiot out of himself. I think Ariel would pose a threat 4 him!!!


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