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Tear Says, in 2-27-2013 at 19:06:29 from    

The only reason Karyn Bryant got a job is because she is a black women. This way no one will be called sexist and racist.
At least get a pretty girl, not a she dogs, who kisses up with every fighter and asks the dumbest questions.
she is by far the worst mma journalist ever.

ericsson Says, in 2-27-2013 at 20:24:54 from    

what’s wrong with you man!!!
i like her and she’s pretty good

Gt03champp Says, in 2-27-2013 at 21:40:19 from    

Well then, your a racist, sexist, and a troll.

jdogg Says, in 2-27-2013 at 21:47:26 from    

Karyn Bryant. Didn’t watch.

Powertele Says, in 2-27-2013 at 22:55:16 from    

Some dudes on here don’t have dicks.

MarkNguyen Says, in 2-27-2013 at 23:29:11 from    


justin Says, in 2-28-2013 at 00:41:16 from    

karyn bryant is the worst. all she does is agree with the fighter and talk about herself, fuc# that bitc#

couchtat Says, in 2-28-2013 at 06:15:03 from    

I think it is funny that struve is saying he can fight from distance when he can’t.
He doesn’t extend his punches like the likes of taller better long ranger strikers like ASilva….
Also, he has zero fast twitch reactions so he can have all the reach he wants if some can move in on range quicker than you can punch then reach does nothing.
Glad to see Hunt in the UFC, Hunt KOs Struve in 2nd round!

T-City Says, in 2-28-2013 at 08:21:26 from    

I love karyn Bryant and those shiny red lips.

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 2-28-2013 at 13:15:57 from    

It’s odd…Every Struve fight,they talk about how bigger and stronger he’s getting,they’re saying he’s getting close to 285 but everytime he weighs in,he’s around 250.If you are 285,you won’t cut an extra 15 pounds just for fun.So for the 5th time now Struve is bigger??I’ll believe it when he weighs-in…

Thxer Says, in 2-28-2013 at 17:04:51 from    

Not a big Karyn fan, but at least she’s not Ariel.


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