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hahahaha Says, in 3-24-2012 at 09:24:18 from    

wtf…mark miller shouldn’t be anywhere near a ring…he was scared like s***…of course I would be too against sergei…but why is he fighting him anyway…pfff

Maximumpain Says, in 3-24-2012 at 09:54:24 from    

That was pathetic.

JoeDog Says, in 3-24-2012 at 10:10:02 from    

Miller should spend less time in the tattoo parlor and more time in the gym.

Joe Peschi Says, in 3-24-2012 at 11:49:06 from    

Millers footwork/gameplan/everything was garbage, its like he gameplanned to land a Fedor punch and finish early, but it never landed. When he threw his strikes its like he never anticipated that they wont land….it looks like it caught him off guard everytime he threw a bomb. Sergie after about 30 sec has this wtf look, covers up and waits for the exposure. Jeez, sign him already India superfights.


KungFuLowKick Says, in 3-24-2012 at 12:12:25 from    

Miller is definetlu not a MW.he should work on getting in a lower weight class because HW isn’t for him.

Jbone488 Says, in 3-24-2012 at 12:51:16 from    

The hell?

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 3-24-2012 at 14:03:51 from    

You guys are a*******. Miller is way more of a warrior than any of you could dream of being the man came back from open heart surgery and this is his second fight back he is 1-1. He sucked it up and probably doesn’t belong as a HW. But you guys are out of line in calling him a bum.

Bruno: Mark “Fightshark” Miller Story http://www.mmatko.com/mark-fightshark-miller-vs-nicolaj-falin-fight-finish-gif/

KungFuLowKick Says, in 3-24-2012 at 15:09:56 from    

I meant definetly not a HW.

jammy man Says, in 3-24-2012 at 15:51:33 from    

Disrespectful fools the man just survived heart surgery.

PitfighterZ Says, in 3-24-2012 at 18:17:11 from    

Miller is a warrior, but this was a mismatch. Kharitonov looked like a giant next to him and Sergei is not a big HW.

I think they put this fight together based on name recognition much more than actual skill. Kharitonov is probably a top 10 HW (at least top 20) HW in the world. Miller is good, but he was all out in this one. He knew he couldn’t win unless he caught Sergei by surprise.

sandro.s Says, in 3-24-2012 at 19:31:37 from    

like lion vs dog

You know sayin’ ? Says, in 3-24-2012 at 20:39:00 from    

easy there all you oversensitive little guys, i don’t care if you recovered from heart surgery, baby toe surgery, nut reattachment, face transplant, knuckle hair trimming, c6 c7 fusion, overbite correction, “head-gear” removal. I’m not judging your performance on how you come back from all these, i’m basing my opinion on how you performed and this guy shouldn’t be fighting SERGEI KHARITONOV…i had as good a chance to beat Sergei as this guy did (ZERO PERCENT!)

Cletus Says, in 3-24-2012 at 21:09:27 from    

who is Kharit man’s manager? He should be fighting top notch competition in the States. Loss to Barnett don’t mean nothing.

JJ Says, in 3-25-2012 at 01:02:43 from    

jeeeeeez, what a rubbish. This is how you end up fighting for brown glory thieves.

JJ Says, in 3-25-2012 at 01:04:42 from    

@hahahaha “but why is he fighting him anyway” – because he fights for a shitty promoter and this is as good a fight as brown glory can get for a top class striker. It’s a joke

JJ Says, in 3-25-2012 at 01:11:49 from    

@MMAGiantSilva. look – Miller is ok, I know his story etc, but watching a fight I don’t analyze it based on someone’s life story. I don’t give a F***. What he did is he turned his back, something I didn’t do for 4 years in sparing or a fight. He did that, and based on that you’re entitled to call him a bum. Kharitonov is one of the best HW in the world striking-wise at least, and he has the worst promoter in the world (besides m-1 global probably) and this is why he gets such a crappy fights. Miller has no business being in the ring with Kharitonov or anybody else for that matter, unless he learns how to fight. I’m nowhere near delusional enough to think that I’d have any chance against Kharitonov, but if I turned my back to him, F*** me, it’s the worst think you can do. I havent seen it in MMA (at least UFC) for a very long time, and it belongs to pre-amateur world. K would knock me out but I believe I’d take right on the jaw standing in front of him, otherwise I’m a complete and total bum

steamer Says, in 3-25-2012 at 01:30:00 from    

Sergei pretty much ended Ninja Ruas career with those hands. If he starts connecting on you, it will be a short night. No shame in losing to him.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 3-25-2012 at 01:37:14 from    

@JoeDog haha MaximumPain
I bet you never even stepped in a ring.and how much do we bet you look even more pathetic in a ringg.He wasn’t scared as s*** he was fighting a guy almost 50 pounds bigger who could knockout polar bear in 1 punch.He tried to move and block,but it didn’t worked.Let him get some time to recover from HEART SURGERY!!!He could be in the lower weightclass but I don’t know how easy it is to lose and cut weight at his age after the surgery.Have a little bit of respect for a guy fighting in the toughest sport in thw world.

JJ Says, in 3-25-2012 at 02:39:37 from    

I just thought he might have done this because of the trauma related to his surgery and felt bad. I wrote what I wrote in complete separation of who is the guy – I didn’t click at first. I did it a lot when started sparring I closed my eyes everytime I saw the punch comming. This is why it looked to me ver “beginnerish”. We eliminated it with sparring against the wall and sparring from the knees to not have any option to run. Sorry for being harsh, he might have done something he wouldn’t if not for his difficult and painful experience. If he wants to fight again, there is no other way but to get rid of it for his health’s sake. And Sergei is a monster – despite to what people say HE IS BIG (120kg, 194cm) I don’t know who’s his coach, but I’d suggest someone like Rutten who knows how to deal with that


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