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john smith Says, in 12-15-2007 at 12:55:01 from    

good riddance to bad trash

dudewithface Says, in 12-15-2007 at 19:28:26 from    

dude he f****** died man thats pretty harsh to say to a guy that died

luke Says, in 12-15-2007 at 23:40:47 from    

wow, thats crazy….but if you’re gonna do drugs, thats the risk you take……I feel bad for the Gracie family, but he did this to himself.

Justin Says, in 12-15-2007 at 23:56:02 from    

This is a situation where you feel terribly for his family, but not for him. Those boys lead a pretty thuggish lifestyle down there.

Conner Says, in 12-16-2007 at 00:10:25 from    

He sounds like a pretty crazy guy. Dead or alive, doesn’t change what he did. It’s the harsh reality.

Jason Says, in 12-16-2007 at 07:23:53 from    

Having trained with the Machado’s, and been invited down to attend some of the Mundial tournaments we have been warned by them how bad the street’s of Sao Paulo are. Although I am sad to see a member of that family in particular pass away, its a problem that needs to have attention brought to it, even if its in this light. The jails there are almost barbaric, and the crime rate is through the roof. Hopefully this will make some people take notice and maybe make better decisions with thier lives.

maxx Says, in 12-16-2007 at 10:27:54 from    

Man, that`s sad, but I agree with you people. Those are the risks of being in drugs. Poor gracie family.

Jerry Mondial Says, in 12-16-2007 at 15:18:11 from    

So what if he died, he’s a f****** thug. Good riddance, Sao Paulo’s crawling with criminals, so at least it has one less now.

jorge borras Says, in 12-16-2007 at 17:02:02 from    

You will be greatly missed. A great friend and fellow jiu-jitsu black belt. I will see you again. And to those ” posers” who want to defame my friend, COWARDS. I wish you guys had the balls to go to a gracie academy and pop-off like that. I promise you you will NEVER make it back out.

Jorge Borras

sasha Says, in 12-16-2007 at 18:57:49 from    

What a bunch of scum your are!
The guy died whether he was on drugs or not is totally irrelevant.
Noone knows the full situation behind what happened that day.
Have some respect if you losers know the meaning,Ryan acheived more in his short life than you people ever will.

biscuits Says, in 12-16-2007 at 20:51:41 from    

I guess we’re all supposed to be sad about some petty ass thief that can’t pay for his own belongings getting locked up and dying in jail. Get real, this guy had the world by the balls and chose to be a thug. Black belt, green belt, who gives a s***? Jorge, you can now continue your ball-swinging.

the truth Says, in 12-16-2007 at 21:39:26 from    

Really.. i´ve know him for a long tme… a big coward… used to get real beat up since he always got into fights and wasn´t really good at it… the weakest of the brothers, but the big trouble maker

good riddance is to little.. i think he did go a bit late… anybody around could predict he was coming to a very sticky end.

at 16 he could only write his own name… i myself saw him get beat up after getting into a fight he created from nothing and then hiding behind my sister who was 16 at the time so he wouldn´t get too beat up…

a big coward… that´s what i will remember him by…

SickRick. Says, in 12-17-2007 at 01:33:10 from    

Out of all he Gracies, he was one of the most exciting to watch, and he was my favorite because he always gave 110% in his fights, and even if he had a bad attitude, he was pretty damn good at what he did.

I’m gonna miss the Devil Gracie.
RIP Ryan

Haris Ali Says, in 12-17-2007 at 04:25:06 from    

idiot. why sympathize you dumbass shits? what is theres a really good person..really nice..and then all of a sudden he goes and murders..and dies in the process? will you say “awwwwwwww”!?!?!?
same here with gracie, he was cool, cool fighter, nice guy, whatever! but then you CHOOSE to do s***..and suffer the consequence! cool..he shouldve died while fighting!

Luis Says, in 12-17-2007 at 11:25:00 from    

it’s too bad that he ended like that. violence is not the answer.

Melissa Says, in 12-17-2007 at 12:57:04 from    

Alcoholism is a disease as well as drug addiction. You would not bad mouth someone for having cancer, so have some respect for Ryan. And if you never been to Brazil then you have no idea what kind of life he led or his struggles so stop judging and let him rest in peace.

the truth Says, in 12-17-2007 at 14:30:14 from    

melissa… i am brazilian and i´ve lived in barra since 1979 and studied jiujitsu with the same teacher he did (marcelo bhering, who unfortunately also died in a drug related episode)… i´ve know ryan personaly for a long time… he was always looking for trouble… and i guess trouble found him.

yes he was very troubled, since his tennage years. but it was a question of time for something to happen to him.

i am sorry for the family, but how could they let him go that far into his descent? they always got him out of the troubles he got in. his grandfather said himself that he should go to jail to get some discipline.maybe if they intervened in time his fate would be different. now they say they want to sue the doctor who gave him medication…

i am afraid i actually know a bit too much.

and who could explain that gunshot story? accident?

Janie Says, in 12-18-2007 at 12:06:40 from    

Was he married? Kids? Poor them if he did….

student Says, in 12-18-2007 at 20:47:13 from    

from what i found out ,he had and was schizophrenia,it was a mental and ill promblem that he and nobody can controll, so he was not on drugs.so dont be hard on a person that fears for their life and thinks people are after them.that why he did those thing on the street.

qwerty Says, in 12-19-2007 at 01:37:37 from    

he was on drugs, that´s certain. a big cocktail of drugs. cocaine, crack, marijuana and prescription medicines

as for schizoid behavior… could certainly be, but he liked to pick fights at nightclubs with non-fighters. and was known to hit girls too… that´s why i say he was a coward. is that something a real man would do? a black belt? a teacher setting that kind of example. and in many situations he would get beat up ( i´ve seen it happen a couple of times)

he always got into trouble and got away scot free because of his family´s money and influence. his father actully bragged about his fights and the women he attracted by his actions on a interview. in my opinion he was a product of that kind of education. and the same people who are trying to blame the doctor now should blame themselves for the tragedy. (which of course they never will..)

if you are shocked by what people are saying here you should check the brazilian sites, and the statements from other people who knew him.

and yes he had a 5 year old son, but wasn´t married… i am very sorry for this kid.

ronster Says, in 12-19-2007 at 13:13:45 from    

you make a hard bed… you sleep on it!

chepe303 Says, in 12-19-2007 at 18:46:47 from    

man he was framed crooked cops. “TREATED”

THE REAL TRUTH Says, in 12-20-2007 at 23:02:54 from    

its hilarious all of you whining about drug users you have no idea how good drugs are.. drugs are great and if you dont use drugs then you are just a loser plain and simple now go stfu and whine somewhere else you little bitches

Nico Says, in 12-21-2007 at 00:41:37 from    

“I wish you guys had the balls to go to a gracie academy and pop-off like that. I promise you you will NEVER make it back out. ” – Jorge Barras

Wow, Jorge… we are all discussing a guy who died because of needless thuggery and violence, then say that Sao Paolo, Rio, etc. are all ultraviolent, and then you go ahead and prove our point by threatening someone for petty insults. Why don’t you stop making threats and perpetuating the insanely high rates of violence and murder in many Brazilian cities.

Seth Belisle Says, in 12-24-2007 at 16:01:37 from    

So sad to see someone with that much talent and natural gifts to die at the hands of drugs. I have met and trained in Brazil with Ryan and many other Gracies at Gracie Barra- he was always a class act and very respectful. Who is anyone else to judge another? I agree with Jorge in that you should watch how you say things about someone you never met or trained with

whocares Says, in 12-24-2007 at 19:41:43 from    

all of yall saying that stuff about sao paulo when you havent even been there… shutup. k thanks

yes it was his decision to take drugs.. don’t go corralating that to the streets of sao paulo.. we have bigger thugs here in the u.s. and we make their music famous. let’s stop worrying about other countries and start worrying about the selfish, insecure, arrogant, people of the united states..

don’t say that he died because brasil is infested with crime rate and drug abuse. its amazing and has some of the most caring, loving, beautiful people ive ever met. america needs to quit focusing on the bad parts of the other countries just so they can feel good about themselves here.. becuase the people here are the lowest pieces of s*** i have ever seen.

they can learn a couple of things from others.

killa-e Says, in 12-25-2007 at 22:12:32 from    

everyone picking on jorge…jorge its sad that he thinks the way he does…hes probably on drugs too.

my condolences to the gracie family

philip Says, in 12-29-2007 at 22:34:14 from    

I guarantee that if he could have had some guidance he would have turned out differently but you do not f****** disrespect a dead human being he was a very talented athlete that accomplished more than you insulting f**** could ever do, i train under Helio Soneca a barra black belt fourth dan and have all the respect for Ryan Gracie.

RIP Ryan

john Says, in 1-3-2008 at 23:17:19 from    

like tom cruise said stay away from phychiatrist there always killing people legally

andyman Says, in 1-3-2008 at 23:31:05 from    

He was a great fighter….but I agree that he was thuggish & looked for trouble.His life was riddled with a violent past.
I do believe he found what he was looking for, but I also respect him & his family 100% rest in peace.

jack Says, in 1-6-2008 at 03:46:57 from    

did he swallow all his drugs before they got him or something

field_negro Says, in 1-7-2008 at 16:10:58 from    

i think it was the brutal strike on the head with a friggin helmet plus the fact he was on some stimulate. he might of chocked on his vomit and or convulsed. the brazilian penal system blow chunks for not keeping a eye on him. they probably facilitated the whole thing, to much jealously aimed towards the ‘successful ones’ out of brazil. like vitor and i think someone hurt one of ronaldo’s sister too.

hateworx Says, in 1-11-2008 at 23:35:10 from    

alcoholism and drug addiction is no disease and i f***** hate people that use that weak ass copout. ryan gracie CHOSE to do drugs.he was an arrogant bastard like the rest of the gracie jerk offs. F*** their whole clan

Jose Says, in 1-13-2008 at 02:22:50 from    

I am replying to “THE REAL TRUTH 20December2007,” which is posted above on this site: You remind me of the old Temptations tune “Cloud Nine;” where people on drugs can “be where they want to be, go where want to go; and be who they want to be,” because they’re a MILLION MILES FROM REALITY. So you imagine that being on drugs makes you a winner and everybody else who isn’t on drugs are losers? Oh well, you dummy, you’re probably already dead like Ryan or in jail you revolting loser.

Brice Says, in 1-14-2008 at 15:17:30 from    

The sad thing about everyone who said he’s trash, i’m sure you have or will be in jail at least one time in your life. That makes or will make you the same way, drugs or not. Death isn’t always pleasant, so why add insult to it?

jeremy d Says, in 1-20-2008 at 17:41:27 from    

man you guys are harsh. wanderlei silva website wrote a good blog on this. i hope the gracie family is ok. let the who has not sinned throw the first stone.

johnlotsadough Says, in 2-8-2008 at 02:28:23 from    

now i dont knwo how many of you have been to brazil i personaly havent but ive been to mexico and anybody here who has been in a mexican jail knows its like beeing in lucha libre extreme certain combat trained officers from mexico city will literaly challenge thugs to a physicall 1on1 fight once inside the cell and of course they kick ass because thats what they specialize in ive personally seen this with my own eyes they are using crazy tactics to try to stop crime or maybe they just hate us i dont doubt if the cops beat him once inside especially if he was a smart ass or disrespectfull or something

D,Cuestas S.F. U.S. Says, in 2-16-2008 at 21:17:09 from    

Look people quit hating on Ryan or the family,you people who talk s*** are jelious its simple you know it i know everbody knows,Gracie bros are legands brought jiu jitsu here made mma a mainstream sport here U.S.if it wasent for the gracies you all would still be stuck on base ball,foot ball bunch of men chasing each other for a BALL??? BUNCH OF SISSYS.

Reah Says, in 2-20-2008 at 12:23:51 from    

that sux he was a realy talented guy and that sux for his family and for you idiot who are posting coment dissing on him I would like to see you guys go out and be as tough and talented as he I highly doubt that u guys ever will.

Reah Says, in 2-20-2008 at 12:28:13 from    

that is so sad for the gracie family. people you guys are calling Ryan trash i know that all you guys who are saying this wish you could be as talented as he is. But I know that u know and every one else knows u guyz will never be a legend so stop hating.

Humberto Says, in 2-24-2008 at 15:26:36 from    

I was born in Bolivia and have been to Sao Paulo. Sao Paulo is crazy,and so are most Brasilians….myself included. I too am an addict, and though I’ve never met Ryan Gracie, I have met people like him. Stuck in the shadow of his brothers and family could not have been easy. Sometimes its easier to be a bully or a prick than to admit to anyone the type of pain you are in. He was a tortured individual who needed help. It sounds like many people knew his struggle but didn’t want to deal with him or his issues until he was already gone. Was it worth it to Ryan to just “not give a F***?” We’ll never know…..but I doubt it.

live by the sword die by the sword Says, in 3-7-2008 at 15:11:01 from    

Ive personally trained with many of the gracies and have great respect for the techniques that they have refined but ive always felt that they were missing the element of respect.I never knew ryan because the family is huge with every gracie son trying to make a name for their self and get out of brazil,and the fighting verbal as well as physical within the family just shows that they are a hot headed clan.Ive been offered many times to go to brazil and train there but the talent we have here in the us far exceeds Brazil.Just look at what happened as soon as americans learned how to defend an armbar or triangle choke.I wish no man ill will but if I were to do what he did everybody would be saying i was a loser as well.I am sad for the family and wish them all the best

bober Says, in 3-12-2008 at 18:26:05 from    

no one was there, no one knows, not even you TRUTH. just let it be. a young man lost his life despite whatever mistakes he had made. I’ve made them and so have all of you. stop judging and go train if anyone here actually fights/trains.

Tony Morris Says, in 3-13-2008 at 12:26:48 from    

The passing of Ryan Gracie is very sad. Best wishes to his family. But, as they say your life style determies your death style.

Brazilian guy Says, in 3-15-2008 at 14:28:14 from    

eh mane troxa……. tinha tudo pra ser um grande lutador mais. e otario ze buceta,,, quer da um de doidao acbou tomando no butaoo. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk mais eu enkro ele qualquer hora rsrsrs

Bostonguy Says, in 3-27-2008 at 14:43:06 from    

Despite of growing up poor in Brazil. He probably did get paid like those Americans athletes either. The drug helps to commit the crime, but poverty makes you due it.

Chebon Says, in 4-23-2008 at 20:29:26 from    

R.I.P. Ryan

Tyler Says, in 4-30-2008 at 00:10:26 from    

Hey, drug addiction is a serious problem and can turn even the most disciplined mind into a selfish brut. Dont’ let that ruin the legacy of the Gracie family and dont’ think it cant’ happen to you either. Evan Tanner, Mickey Brunett, Chris Leeban, to name a few people who have gone this route. they all battled their demons and won it is unfortunate Ryan did not make it. I was a fan of his explosive style mixed with BJJ. He will be missed!

joshmaddux Says, in 6-5-2008 at 23:39:16 from    

I met Ryan at ADCC 2007 and it is a tragedy that hes gone. He was an excellent figher.. And anyone who thinks addiction is not a medical disease needs to go get an education. This is a major loss to the Gracie family, but their legacy will always live on. RIP Ryan. I will forever be a fan.

Ed Grady Says, in 9-2-2009 at 16:29:33 from    

Maybe he was stealing the car because he needed a way to deliver food to the homeless! You just never know!

JuanCarlos Says, in 2-12-2010 at 23:24:43 from    

Three years later I just saw a Pride fight replay on Spike TV. The guy was definitely a talented fighter. I was surprised to find out he was dead!? For those in who showed no remorse. There are worst people in the world to hate and if he was your family, brother, son, father or friend, thug or not you would feel the hurt of his death. R.I.P. Ryan Gracie.

alyncole58 Says, in 3-12-2010 at 15:52:17 from    

so sad to see a great talent get involved in all that mess. he was such an inspiraion to those who admired him and his tremendous skill as far as gracie jui sitsu is concerned. with deepest sympathy to the gracie family. what a talented family they are. may ryan rest in peace.

lol Says, in 5-16-2010 at 12:13:07 from    

Lol…. you guys know hes in hell right?

Mike Stevens Says, in 12-30-2011 at 12:53:07 from    

So a drug addict, dumb as rocks, rapist/mugger/thief dies and people feel sorry ? Seriously ? The tragedy is we wasn’t killed sooner. And the family agrees, so much so they had him killed. They’d had enough of this jerk and sent the Dr in to finish him. Here’s the list of drugs this “Doctor” (chosen by the Gracies to “attend” to Ryan in jail): Haldol (a powerful antipsychotic), Fenergan (which has a side effect of sleepiness), Topamax (for Migraines), Dienpax (tranquilizers), and OmniPlex (relaxant). The spice must flow and this idiot was rocking the boat – affecting the bottom line.


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