Ryan Gracie Found Dead In Jail Cell After Wild Day

Ryan Gracie

The first family of MMA mourns the death of Ryan Gracie after he was found dead in the corner of a jail cell this morning.

Originating from news run on Globo TV, black belt Ryan Gracie was discovered dead in the cell where he was being held at a police station in Sao Paulo after having been accused of car theft yesterday in the city of Sao Paulo. According to the Sao Paulo State Secretariat of Public Security, Ryan was alone in the cell.

Gracie was sent to the 91st PD, after having toxicology exams done at the central IML at around 2:30 am. He arrived at the police station in Vila Leopoldina at 3 am. The officer on call of the 15th Police District police, officer Daniella Ranna, where the athlete’s case was registered for having tried to steal a motorcycle, he was sent to the 91st DP because it is a traffic station. From there, he would have been seen to the recommended location.

At around 7am, when policemen at the station were checking the cells with their detainees, they found Gracie slumped in a corner. They entered and confirmed that he was dead. At around 10 am, coroners were already at the location to do the necessary exams and send the body to the institute.

For those that hadn’t heard Adriano Da Silva Souza, was said to have been attacked from behind by the jiu-jitsu fighter (Ryan Gracie) at the traffic lights in the early hours of this afternoon – Adriano was on his motorcycle when Gracie walked up to him armed with a Knife and said; “Get out of the bike or I’ll kill you!” “It was really scary”, he said.

Souza then got off the motorcycle and gave it to Ryan Gracie. When Gracie tried to turn the engine on, some others motorcyclist saw what was happening, approached Ryan and beat him on the head with their helmets. He then fell on the ground, and they managed to subdue him on the ground and take the knife of him that was in his pocket. Earlier, the Gracie had apparently stolen a Toyota and when trying to get away from the scene, he had crashed against a concrete wall. Gracie then got off the car and tried to steal another vehicle nearby without success.


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