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peruvian necktie Says, in 9-4-2012 at 21:23:43 from    


B-Real Says, in 9-4-2012 at 21:30:04 from    

Cool concept at first look, but too much time taken for sand in the eye and sandy mouth guards. I could see guys eventually spitting their mouth pieces out just to buy time. It’s pretty raw for what it is though. Props to the fighters for fighting their hearts out.

benjamin Says, in 9-4-2012 at 21:31:07 from    

This ranks in my top ten ideas for dumbest idea ever. Not just for fighting…

For ANYthing.

stranglerman Says, in 9-4-2012 at 21:36:55 from    

realy stupid idea .

BamBam Says, in 9-4-2012 at 22:46:14 from    

it’s like a bad Brian Bosworth movie gone awfully wrong! (more wrong than what already is) =D

Perulives Says, in 9-4-2012 at 22:54:24 from    

That arm wrestling fighting video is just about the only thing that tops the stupidity of this

Cro Cop Fan Says, in 9-4-2012 at 23:02:32 from    

Almost as cool as that arm wrestling thing with James Irvin

rng Says, in 9-4-2012 at 23:25:42 from    

fighters that like to run this would be perfect for them

punkfly Says, in 9-4-2012 at 23:37:30 from    

Whole new meaning to the term “Sandbagging”

d12ae Says, in 9-5-2012 at 00:03:04 from    

A duffle bag a case of Monsters….. sign me up..

Cletus Says, in 9-5-2012 at 00:04:24 from    

Somewhat cool but a little dumb with all the sand interruptions. They should have tag teams.

MMA made EASY Says, in 9-5-2012 at 01:06:26 from    

Retarded. If you gotta fight on sand, you make throwing sand in eyes legal. “Stop! An unforeseen thing has happened! Someone got sand in their freaking eye when a foot left the ground and hit their eye!” oy.

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 9-5-2012 at 01:22:08 from    

MMA is not gladiator fighting…

Glass-jaw Says, in 9-5-2012 at 03:52:40 from    

These Russians are NUTS. Lets have a fight on the top of a mountain.

Vic77 Says, in 9-5-2012 at 05:56:15 from    

Enjoyed the change of venue….shallow water would be cool….

Miss the days of Gracie, Abbot, The Beast….they understood a real fight and didn’t touch gloves or stop for mouth guards, low blows etc…

nuno Says, in 9-5-2012 at 06:37:32 from    

not to mention the sand in the glove and then punch the guy face

dddddddddddddddddd Says, in 9-5-2012 at 10:42:06 from    

i love how the americans who made that arm wrestling fighting x league find this stupid…..THIS IS JUST MMA ON SAND YOU IDIOTS!!Whats the difference its not in an octagon with bruce buffer….straight up the americans only see material objects as cool….its mma you idiots not two people strapped to a table arm wrestling and punching eachother

Yamma Pit Meyrowitz Says, in 9-5-2012 at 12:39:45 from    

I miss the YAMMA

SEAN_VANCE Says, in 9-5-2012 at 13:20:01 from    

LOL no one ever thought about the problem with sand in eyes lol

Joe Dog Says, in 9-5-2012 at 13:22:21 from    

Soon to be an Olympic event.

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 9-5-2012 at 15:44:42 from    

Go back to your cave troll

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 9-5-2012 at 15:47:05 from    

You guys forget the 3 way MMA match or the football/MMA hybrid stupid sport or the dirtbikes doing tricks over an MMA cage.But this is still top 5 dumbest idea ever.

GthaWizard Says, in 9-6-2012 at 00:59:37 from    

This is some dumb s***. LOL.

King Solomon Says, in 9-6-2012 at 13:33:16 from    

lol why fight in sand.. Boy these Russians r dumb or poor as s***.


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