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tallandsincere Says, in 5-2-2013 at 08:53:49 from    

Bum Fights all over again.

Instead of a pointless fight for charity how about Money Mayweather gives 10% of his purse in his next 6 contracted fights to charity.

Spare us 2 old men fighting.

greengiant Says, in 5-2-2013 at 08:56:30 from    

Well his son did the headbutt bit. I think the cheap shot from floyd was way worse though.

k1superstar Says, in 5-2-2013 at 10:53:58 from    

Man why havent any of you caught on to this.

Guerrerros dad is completely seeking attention. He is getting more lime light and publicity out of this then his son!!! he should stfu and go home. old man is tryin to live his dream through his son, AINT HIM GETTING IN THE RING. STFU RUBEN OLD ASS BUM

Xformat Says, in 5-2-2013 at 11:11:38 from    

This is an old man living a pipe dream. Give it up and put on your Depends.

Joe Dog Says, in 5-2-2013 at 11:51:19 from    


KungFuLowKick Says, in 5-2-2013 at 12:56:57 from    

Why would anyone pay for 2 60 years old in an NHB match??Maybe I would for the humour.

icolater Says, in 5-2-2013 at 13:06:33 from    

I think hes cool, very funny interview

Sean_V Says, in 5-2-2013 at 14:27:26 from    

@greengiant… His son? dude u dont know what the hell ur talking about

Dnomyar Says, in 5-2-2013 at 17:40:57 from    

He’s a sick disgusting idiot. A white racist view of a Mexican. An insult to all Hispanics. But he is ready for Halloween.

kung fu k9 Says, in 5-2-2013 at 18:39:44 from    

thought it was cheech there for a second…

Laer212 Says, in 5-2-2013 at 20:32:28 from    

For a good charity get it done.

bigsexy Says, in 5-2-2013 at 22:08:12 from    

hes the cholo cheal sonnen, Floyd senior would destroy that man

Major Syndrome Says, in 5-3-2013 at 06:31:26 from    

“……..if it’s for cancer people or whatever”


Will there ever be a day of reckoning when these turd munchers, all of them, the Chaels and Brocks of the world, ever have to face up to the utter shite they’ve blathered non stop for most of their adult lives?

tallandsincere Says, in 5-3-2013 at 09:36:16 from    


I mean this is an MMA site but i like boxing.

Danny Garcia is the same, his dad controls 80% of the limelight in the build up to fights, its a joke.

You didnt fight, if you did you were s*** so stop steeling your sons limelight even if you forced him to the gym aged 4.

Demon Says, in 5-4-2013 at 19:25:39 from    

I would watch them fight. While Lmao!


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