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NotVinnieJones Says, in 12-29-2013 at 22:09:01 from    

Diaz would make a fool out of himself if he boxed Jones. If you added up all the time that both men trained in boxing I’m sure that Diaz’s amount of time would come up to be just a small fraction of the amount of time Jones put in. Then you have to consider ring experience. Diaz wouldn’t have a chance. He may not get KO’d but he’d probably not win even one round.

ToOcH911 Says, in 12-29-2013 at 23:27:15 from    

im not so sure of that notvinniejones i guess you havent seen roy box as of late. nick diaz could verry well take him into deep water with his way better conditioning and with his relentless attack all he needs to do is land one good shot cause we all know jones’s chin is made of glass. the earlier rounds jones would take him to school but after the 5th 6th round you would start seeing things change. thats assuming there going 12 rounds

straightAhead Says, in 12-30-2013 at 00:00:12 from    

Dana learned from the Pride days never to allow UFC fighters to do anything that is not 100% under his control. When the UFC fighters went head to hear with Pride fighters most of them got smashed at the time. So Dana bought Pride, absorbed their fighters and shut Pride down. Sure he allowed Randy to fight James Toney but that was on UFC terms in an MMA event. He would never allow Nick Diaz to fight in a boxing match because if Nick lost it would be an embarrassment and bad PR in the long run.

axe pittbull Says, in 12-30-2013 at 00:18:50 from    

def roy will take diaz even though i wanted to annoy you all with- WAR DIAZ!!

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 12-30-2013 at 01:25:51 from    

diaz wins

sawbuck Says, in 12-30-2013 at 01:35:50 from    

roy jones jr. lost 7 of his last 15 fights, including 4 kayos. his last 3 fights were against nobodies, and went the distance. he’s 44 years old. win, lose or draw, a fight with an mma guy means nothing, and the last thing he needs is more shots to the head. i like roy. he should stick to commentating.

fighter Says, in 12-30-2013 at 06:02:08 from    

why the f@ck Roy Jones is trying to make boxing match with mma fighters? there are no more boxers to fight with him?

Tallandsincere Says, in 12-30-2013 at 08:19:19 from    

I disagree also.

Diaz generally only uses his boxing in fights and rarely takes opponents down and considering what level his BJJ is I would say he is a confident boxer!

Would make for an exciting fight if jones came to fight

shocktime Says, in 12-30-2013 at 08:46:28 from    

Good points above Nick has ridiculous cardio, probably only 2nd to Cain as far as MMA athletes go, so you never know.

coutura Says, in 12-30-2013 at 08:53:57 from    

Roy Jones must be broke what’s the point of a Boxing fight brain damage Boxing is boring how about Roy Jones vs nick in an 2 rounds Boxing and 1 round mma fight only 3 rounds

forreal Says, in 12-30-2013 at 11:35:12 from    

Diaz (who does triathlons) has better conditioning than a fat mexican (cain) who is heavyweight who eats burritos and mexican food.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 12-30-2013 at 11:42:23 from    

Sillyness. You’re done Roy. Your chin is totally gone. You’re fighting nobodies in boxing so you’re trying to make a better paycheck by fighting an MMA fighter…

KungFuLowKick Says, in 12-30-2013 at 11:44:07 from    

Cain is an incredible athlete especially for a heavyweight but let’s not get ridiculous. Cain slowed down quit a bit in the Junior fights. There’s a ton of lighter fighters who have better cardio then him.

High stakes Says, in 12-30-2013 at 11:56:33 from    

everytime I see marvelous mad madam mim write something I think…..man does this person know anything AT ALL about fighting…..well he sure as hell answered my question by saying diaz will win LOL

High stakes Says, in 12-30-2013 at 11:57:04 from    

trolls will be trolls….

PAPABear Says, in 12-30-2013 at 14:07:45 from    

Weidman won by luck!!! AGAIN!!! Paper champ…

shocktime Says, in 12-30-2013 at 17:15:56 from    

Let me rephrase then. Cain pound for pound has the best cardio in the UFC. A dude his size that can go that hard that long is very impressive. See how horrid Big Foot and Mark Hunts cardio was? and that was only a 3 rounder.
And yeah your correct lighter fighters like mighty mouse have better cardio, but he also only ways 130 soaking wet while wearing sweats.

cutu2bad Says, in 12-30-2013 at 17:24:50 from    

At this Moment in time Diaz would tear him a new one.Anderson was also fully aware That Jones was past his best long ago …

FailSonnen Says, in 12-30-2013 at 18:46:36 from    

Diaz has incredible stamina remember that 25 min speed bag routine he did like it was nothing…

Anyways, he wouldn’t dodge any of Roy’s punches though and his face would end up looking trashed as usual but then who knows.

adkljsfadfs Says, in 12-30-2013 at 19:13:26 from    

Why didnt he ask for a fight with Anderson silva? Silva always said this would be his dream…

urbanangel22 Says, in 12-30-2013 at 19:35:32 from    

oOcH911 – you’re seriously on drugs.
marvelous mad madam mim – you know absolutely nothing about fighting.

Even at his age with his chin blown – in a boxing ring RJJ schools ANY fighter, and I mean ANY fighter in MMA. Dos Santos, Cain, Diaz, Anderson, Texeira, Rampage… RJJ beats em all. You don’t spend 30 years throwing hands as and reach the heights as one of the best boxers to have ever existed for nothing.

Respect RJJ. We all get older kids.He’s not what he used to be, but he’s more than anyone in MMA could handle.

chata Says, in 12-30-2013 at 21:13:39 from    

Jones better get on that bicycle. If Diaz can get him gassed, Jones is toast.

surferken Says, in 12-31-2013 at 06:04:50 from    

Nick is selling Wolf tickets.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 12-31-2013 at 10:56:59 from    

The way you rephrased it makes more sense. But the Hunt Bigfoot was 5 rounds not 3.


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