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The Kid Says, in 3-28-2010 at 10:25:25 from    

90 day suspension is not enough. How many fights will he miss in 90 days? A 1 year suspension at least. It was intentional. Referees were doing a terrible job last night.

Zman Says, in 3-28-2010 at 11:27:08 from    

Heel hooks should be banned period. It’s a submission with dangerous career-ending consequences. Drwal now is gonna be out for a year.

Bas Ruten Says, in 3-28-2010 at 11:42:59 from    

Disagree, the ref SHOULD have been a bit close, but Muhall is OK. Dan Miragliaotta, worst referee to ever live. Seriously.

chasingeleven11dotcom Says, in 3-28-2010 at 11:47:15 from    

Rousimar Palhares should be banned a move as such could ruin a fighters career, it’s fighters like Palhares that shun a bad light on the sport.

dylan Says, in 3-28-2010 at 12:10:13 from    

I did not see this fight, or any fights for that matter… but how did this ref do a bad job? He saw the tap, tried to stop the fight, then tried to pull him off? How did he do anything wrong? Or was it something else in this fight he did wrong?

I did see ol’ Dan frik up again though in the Carwin fight.

Yo Mama Says, in 3-28-2010 at 12:35:51 from    

Agreed. 90 days is not enough when you intentionally injure an opponent after he tapped.

gspfan Says, in 3-28-2010 at 12:41:58 from    

He should be banned for a year. Totally uncalled for, I counted more than 5-6 taps before he let it go.

Dr. Says, in 3-28-2010 at 13:05:57 from    

Good they gave him something for it but 90 isn’t enough. It was an asshole move. In a street fight, not a problem. In a professional sport where the martial arts talk about respect – there was NONE. The BS apology was a f****** joke. Not happy about it at all. Delaying the release with the ref happens but he was in a fight like a fat kid trying keep his candy away from other kids.

noseel Says, in 3-28-2010 at 13:16:46 from    

How many jiu jitsu matches has Palhares been in? Seriously, he knows a tap when he feels one.


pjack Says, in 3-28-2010 at 14:29:37 from    

A fighter should never release when a opponents tap. How many fight the refree didn’t see the tap? LOTS.

Refree’s fault is 50% and Toquinho’s fault is 50% for delaying the release after the refree touches him.

Machete Says, in 3-28-2010 at 15:21:20 from    

Palhares is a freaking @sshole. He’s too much of an emotional b!tch. His striking sucks and can’t ko anybody, so he rips up Drwal’s knee to make himself feel good. I hope the next time Palhares fights, he gets ko cold and receives 5 extra (unnecessary) punches on his jaw. The UFC should really cut this jerk, it’s not like he’s a threat to the mw division with his one dimensional style.

shocktime Says, in 3-28-2010 at 15:37:38 from    

OMG look at the pain he expresses in his face…..damn that must of been so painful.

John Says, in 3-28-2010 at 15:46:46 from    

that asshole should have let go 5 second earlier however I think the biggest mistake was from that idiot Ref who was extremely slow and too far from the fight standing the refs last night were so terrible

zebers3 Says, in 3-28-2010 at 15:47:20 from    

everyone is overreacting to this, the only reason everyone is pissed is because it’s a more risky submission, but if this was a choke that lasted 1 second too long than people wouldn’t care, and it’s no worse than dudes getting knocked out cold and then getting blasted in the face 6 more times. And I rewatched the video and by time the ref steps in and he lets go of the sub it’s not even an entire second, just the commentary where they counted 5 seconds in SLOW MOTION made everyone freak out. The suspension is good enough and let’s just move on.

lorenzo Says, in 3-28-2010 at 16:06:16 from    

Toquinho you’re an asshole. Why did you do that?

lorenzo Says, in 3-28-2010 at 16:16:55 from    

Poor Tomasz

momma’s boy Says, in 3-28-2010 at 16:55:53 from    

i don’t see that he did anything wrong . It;s not his job to protect the other fighter it’s the ref’s . Noone makes a big deal when someone keeps hitting a guy after they are obviously unconsious . I’ve seen to many guys tap out then keep fighting when the guy lets go . C.B. Dolaway I have seen do it a couple of times in the UFC !!!

imhungry Says, in 3-28-2010 at 17:10:09 from    

Son of a bitch should be cut from the UFC.

sterling Says, in 3-28-2010 at 17:21:36 from    

I cannot stand this behavior. This is one of my worst fears in fighting. If I could still stand after that, you better believe I’d be trying to F*** his world up afterward.

jessiah Says, in 3-28-2010 at 17:44:27 from    

no he should be fined he knew he tapped he was just being a malicious poor sport about letting it go.

he knew well to let it go even when the guy screams , look they fined babalu sobral for it,
and they do the same to palhares

glassjoe Says, in 3-28-2010 at 18:24:48 from    

Where is Herb Dean when you need him? 90 days is not long enough for this guy.

millcat Says, in 3-28-2010 at 19:20:27 from    

this was a prick move..he knew well enough that the fight was over..babalu got the boot for hanging on too long, he should go as well… with his background in bjj he knew more than well what he was doing…i hope drwal isnt done for good…but that was a career ending sub though.

Redraw Says, in 3-28-2010 at 19:56:23 from    

Im sure it was not intentional.

Steamer Bean Says, in 3-29-2010 at 01:18:20 from    

He gave a pretty good explanation. He said members of BTT had experienced situations in which opponents tapped and the ref stood them up and let the fight continue IN THE UFC. So their policy is to hold the position until the ref STOPS THE FIGHT. Not sayin what he did was right or wrong. He has no choice but to serve out his suspension and believe me, if it was really done with ill intentions he will get what’s coming to him. Look at what happened to Bisping and Frank Shamrock. MMA Kharma is real.

Throne Says, in 3-29-2010 at 02:03:29 from    

It’s quite obvious to me that Drwal should have tapped in Portuguese so Palhares could understand him. It’s just an unfortunate aspect of an international sport.

Moedawg Says, in 3-29-2010 at 03:36:05 from    

I seriously don’t think it was intentional. It’s up to the referee to stop the fight. This guy is sick on the ground, he had that leg lock so fast. The referee should have been closer to the action.

Licks72 Says, in 3-29-2010 at 08:28:41 from    

I think they should ban the heel hook, but it didn’t seem that he held it too long. The outrage comes from Joe Rogan screaming more garbage without thinking.(“He held for 4 seconds”, while counting a slow motion replay). Unprofessional at best. He has a responsibility to be the voice of reason and intelligence. Unfortunately, he fails at both consistently. Where’s Bas Rutten when you need him?

robj4y Says, in 3-29-2010 at 13:42:11 from    

he delibertately did that . ban needs to be much longer . ignored multiple taps then ignored ref too . BAN BAN BAN .

hope he gets his face beaten in like fat head MIR in his next fight – if he is still in ufc that is .

paddedummy Says, in 3-29-2010 at 19:12:59 from    

BTT are all douchebags. Tomasz and other fighters should tap harder and submit verbally aswell, it’s like they don’t want to admit it hurts and only give up begrudgingly which is poor sportsmanship. On the other hand, refs should carry a club to bash a fighter over the head with if he refuses to let go of a sub like a rabid dog that has bitten someone and refuses to let go. Drwal should get a gun and shoot Palhares in the face for this.

324243 Says, in 3-29-2010 at 20:21:06 from    

high five zebers3* so true i cant say it better myself…im the least palhares fan but that was a sick move.

polar Says, in 3-30-2010 at 03:55:41 from    

I watched the fight and I truly believe it was massively unsportsmanlike on Palhares part. After two or three taps, it’s VERY clear that you have your opponent beat. At the very least he could have stopped CRANKING down on the ankle. It’s very easy to keep the hold going without continuing to crank down on it and cause damage. However, Palhares not only ignored the tap, but continued to crank down and cause further damage. If he truly did not feel the tap then he has total nerve damage in his upper extremities. That alone is cause for him to not be fighting in the UFC.

I agree the REF was a bit out of place, but not so much that I can fault him. That hold really came fast and out of the blue. It totally appeared that Drwal just getting into his guard when that submission happened. I’m sure the REF was not expecting that. I agree he was a bit slow, but not so much that I would call it failure to do his job. And I will say, he OBVIOUSLY saw that Palhares was being a complete prick and trying to seriously injure Drwal and rushed in there in an attempt to break the hold.
In end, I agree completely with what others here have said. 90 days is a JOKE. Palhares should be banned for at least a year, and even then be on probation for another year after that. In addition, at least 50% of his earnings from this fight should be forfeit. The only way to make these guys realize that their behavior is not accepted is to hit them in the pocketbook. I don’t know much about Palhares or if he has ever had an incident like this, but they need to definitely give him a HUGE wake up call and I think this would do it.

Most unprofessional MMA fight I’ve EVER seen and I watched a lot of them.

Ass2Mind Says, in 3-31-2010 at 11:35:39 from    

@polar see Wes Simms Vs Frank Mir

ALX Says, in 4-4-2010 at 15:42:53 from    

I hope palhares get hit by a bus. Thats all the mother f***** deserves

Mike Says, in 4-5-2010 at 06:48:40 from    

Intentional or not, the pressure applied to leg and arm locks as a sign of sportsmanship are only supposed to be just enough to cause pain as to force a tap. Not to break or tear. As in the GSP fight. He applied enough pressure to cause pain but Dumbass Dan didn’t want to tap. Could you imagine how many broken arms we’d have if everybody just went ahead and applied full pressure on armbars. Or torn shoulder ligaments from kimuras. This is a sport not a barbaric roman gladiator match.

jessiah Says, in 4-9-2010 at 21:37:25 from    

he could’ve let go and even if tomasz tried to fight they in rousimar’s corner could’ve protested , there’re cameras and you know that a fighter can’t cheat the cameras. he should’ve turned his purse over too


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