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wow Says, in 12-6-2011 at 12:16:37 from    

I really dont see how people can see Bones getting beaten.

Im trying to think of anyone thats is capable of doing so. Machida has a different style than what he has faced, but so what.. Bones will close the distance with some freaky strikes and end it quickly.

Counter Punching wont work.

It needs to be some seriously hardcore wrestler. Hendo is the only guy i think could offer some resistance.

seriously, who and how will anyone beat this machine..

casyboy Says, in 12-6-2011 at 12:35:29 from    

stick to the t-shirts Tommy!!!

Juniordoslightsout Says, in 12-6-2011 at 14:27:11 from    

Wow your crazy if anyone can do it it’s a counter puncher. Nobody’s hit the guy yet. I also think there’s some heavyweights that would kill him I really really hope he decides to move up a weight class he walks around about fedor’s weight maybe he should fight him haha.

JoeDog Says, in 12-6-2011 at 15:19:59 from    

Jones has 3 inches of height and 12 (6 per arm, count ‘em) inches of reach over Machida. Anything can happen, but let’s face it, it would be a real surprise if Machida gets out of the first round of flying elbows and fists from a guy who is standing 6 inches beyond your reach. Also, don’t forget, Jones just keeps getting better. Now, he probably has an entire quiver of deadly kicks or newly devised submissions or…who knows what else. Unless Machida gets real lucky, this won’t last long. Who’s next?

Danby Says, in 12-6-2011 at 16:19:52 from    

It could be an interesting fight, but i dont think it will last long. Rampage was the only guy that had a chance of beating jones. I really do think jones was kinda afraid of him. He didn’t fight like he usually does.

Rampage has major knockout power, which machida lacks. Oh he can know people out, but he doesn’t have devastating power or anything.

I don’t see jones having much problem with him. The whole being elusive thing isn’t gonna work so well with jones since jones can reach him from across the ring.

I think jones only real weakness is that he seems to be weak against leg kicks. We’ll see if machida can capitalize on that.

Danby Says, in 12-6-2011 at 16:23:51 from    

As an fanboy aside, i would love to see dan henderson beat mr. jones. I think he probably doesn’t have the cardio for it cause hes and old man, but i would still love to see it ;)

FU Says, in 12-6-2011 at 17:20:03 from    

id put my money on jones but i still wouldnt count machida out. He doesnt always throw too much and likes to use his distance. I dont believe he will be able to utilize distance like usually does but hes still deadly accurate with his strikes.

Sweetlander Says, in 12-6-2011 at 18:07:30 from    

@ Wow, Sonnen would take Hendo down at will so don’t forget him ;) Silva obviously has a great chance on beating Jones. Hope it happens some day.

Axe Murderer Says, in 12-6-2011 at 19:09:53 from    

I think if anyone is going to give Mr Bones a hard time it’s Machida. Im not saying machida will win but stylistictly he should cause some problems for him. Machida picks his stops very well and is a very accurate striker with a lot of patience and lets not forget very illusive. Either way It should be Jones tuffest test yet I believe and I dont even like Machida.

murell Says, in 12-6-2011 at 19:53:42 from    

Silva cannot beat J.J!

Savage Says, in 12-6-2011 at 20:05:50 from    

Ross Pearson is one of the only British fighters i’ve seen that is quiet and humble he seems like a cool dude, him and Terry Etim. Just pointing it out, I’m not bashing british fighters, I AM bashing fighters that are loud mouthed and cocky.

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 12-6-2011 at 22:31:51 from    

Wow, I agree Machida wont win but I would favor Rashad in beating him. It would not be shocking at all.

Shaikan Says, in 12-7-2011 at 13:18:16 from    

@ AxeMurderer
I totally agree with you bud!


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