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jizzle Says, in 8-19-2012 at 00:15:52 from    


jizzle Says, in 8-19-2012 at 00:16:33 from    

Please Cyborg!

julian moran Says, in 8-19-2012 at 00:26:49 from    

I though Kaufman worked on the armbar defence/escape? It did not seem like it. She just held her arm and waited.

I do not see Rousey walking straight into Cyborg without getting koed, as well Cyborg is better on the ground.
That fight I would like to see.

hehe Says, in 8-19-2012 at 00:36:01 from    

it’s not her fault that the quality of good fighters on the ground in womens mma is very low…are there any gracie women from brazil? cyborg…? please not…don’t let that steroid freak women fight…it’s embarrassing for women’s mma

Carface Says, in 8-19-2012 at 00:39:21 from    

He defense wasn’t bad. She managed to get back on top and stack Ronda a few times, but sometimes decent defense isn’t enough.

uh99 Says, in 8-19-2012 at 00:41:02 from    

SMH big time…. get her Cyborg already

lamdalu Says, in 8-19-2012 at 00:45:06 from    

i dont think she just waited, i think ronda is so proficient and strong with that technique, kaufman didn’t know what was waiting for her. should have trained defending armbars from men.

julian moran Says, in 8-19-2012 at 00:58:23 from    

Kaufman was going on and on about how she trained on armbar defence, that she would be ready.. I expected more from her on that.

jona Says, in 8-19-2012 at 01:14:40 from    

Cyroid doing (rampage vs arona slam), :p

kdaddy61987 Says, in 8-19-2012 at 01:15:51 from    

In my opionion judo is superior to the bjj that and ronda is simply over powering her opponents. Its not like shes using some crazy technique or showing the highest level of misdirection take downs. Shes literally throwing to these women to the ground, cyborg was doing the same thing to these same women except she was striking so to me that would be an exciting matchup.

BamBam Says, in 8-19-2012 at 01:31:04 from    

What a one trick pony! this chick sucks so much! totally overrated! Im sure they’ll keep throwing her cans to continue and build up her fame,great job STRIKEFARCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lazer212 Says, in 8-19-2012 at 01:44:23 from    

Women’s mms is so weak, they basically have one division and the talent pool is weak. Ronda needs to meet cyborg at 140, that’s the only good fight right now. Never thought I would say this but I would actually be cheering for cyborg. So sick of Ronda thinking she is the toughest human on the planet!!

ThatDude Says, in 8-19-2012 at 01:56:24 from    

Ronda Will hold on to the belt for a long Time

^^^^ Says, in 8-19-2012 at 01:56:43 from    

The level of competition is just terrible. Ronda is just on another level. These girls have no game plan either. If she’s not fighting Cyborg then whose next?

TUNA Says, in 8-19-2012 at 02:10:09 from    

Dude, Kaufman worked armbar defense EVERY DAY ALL DAY in camp. It just didn’t matter cuz Rousey has been doing it since she was like 7 yrs old. Think about that. When we were playing Super Mario Brothers she was tossing b*tches around. It’s gonna take a great striker to beat her, one who can keep her at a distance. Once she gets the clinch its game over. Now Cyborg…hmm…that’s a scary broad (?)

ironfist Says, in 8-19-2012 at 02:17:09 from    

Impressive kauffman is a good fighter and Ronda destroyed her. Bring on cyborg so her arm can get ripped off to

Victoria, BC –Canada Says, in 8-19-2012 at 04:01:01 from    

she’s an awesome fighter… her balance is her strength and the reason she is the champion….. an amazing athlete.

ruddo293 Says, in 8-19-2012 at 04:17:21 from    

Cyborg is better on the ground the most of these other women fighters out there, but a cyborg at 135 will be drained trying to make weight. I think maybe a really good pure grappler could neutralize her ground game, other than that, once she grabs you, she’s hella strong, she will get the fight to the ground. Pretty impressive regardless. Julie Kedize was awesome too….Tate has no chance in a rematch with rousey.

MGTA Says, in 8-19-2012 at 06:21:51 from    

Hmm…she didn’t look confident, no game plan and give up and soon as she gobby got her arm.

anakonda Says, in 8-19-2012 at 06:53:28 from    

Boring. The other competitors ar not on her level. This does not qualify as sport, they are just feeding her and she talks crap and people watch.

bigtigger Says, in 8-19-2012 at 11:34:23 from    

I hoped for a little more competition. Too easy. Good for Ronda. Cyborg is too big to go down to that weight. Olympic levels are no joke.

psxdogg Says, in 8-19-2012 at 11:36:03 from    

Her 5 minutes of fame will be up when she fights Cyborg

wow Says, in 8-19-2012 at 11:36:39 from    

Wow, she is the real deal.

Unless somes ( Cyborg ) can punch her in the face, this young stud aint losing, as long as she gets the clinch she wins, you have to coomend the fact she finds an arm bar ( one of the hardest submissions to pull in a fight ) every fight is amazing.

I am a big fan

Maximumpain Says, in 8-19-2012 at 11:50:32 from    

Thanks Bruno!
LoL @ Cyroid.

Basher16 Says, in 8-19-2012 at 12:02:40 from    

I hate her trash talk but she has proven again that she is the best in women’s mma right now. Her game is no secret. Everyone knows exactly what she is going to do and they still can’t stop it, just like Chuck Liddell during his reign.

wcoastassassin Says, in 8-19-2012 at 12:23:03 from    

Hope she destroys Cyborg. Tired of hearing that man chick and I am sure she will be cycling through steroids and TRT Ronda should not give the she-man the opportunity.

mr42069 Says, in 8-19-2012 at 12:38:28 from    

she keeps winning and everyone keeps whining stfu idiots

Wow Says, in 8-19-2012 at 12:44:03 from    

I’ll say it again carano got cyborg in full mount. That would be impossible against rousey. That being said Ronda would definitely sub cyborg on the ground. Take a look back at cyborgs fights, her takedowns are awkward and she doesn’t have great positioning compared to Ronda.

Dormath Says, in 8-19-2012 at 12:49:32 from    

Fuiji, cyborg and Ronda are the best in womens MMA right now.

GthaWizard Says, in 8-19-2012 at 12:50:30 from    

This b&tch is cute as fcuk! She and Jon should Bone! What an athlete that would produce-whew! LOL

vaughnrich Says, in 8-19-2012 at 12:56:15 from    

defending an armbar is alot more tiring then applying one so it was really a matter of time but props to kaufman for defending so long

axepittbull Says, in 8-19-2012 at 13:27:15 from    

ty to bruno for re-uploading. awsume! cyborg will be gud fite.

NotVinnieJones Says, in 8-19-2012 at 13:29:34 from    

Rousey is right…if Cyborg wants to fight her Cyborg needs to go down to 135. Cyborg could reach 135 if she got off the steroids. She would then lose some of the steroid strength she relies on so much which would make it more fair, like Rousey says.
Would Cyborg be as effective as a weaker 135lb fighter? Its pointless for them to fight at a catch weight, also, since the belt wouldn’t be on the line. I’d like to see the fight happen either way, but it won’t happen unless Cyborg can make 135.

jeff@miesha Says, in 8-19-2012 at 13:31:53 from    

Bruno you never leave a broken link up. thanx for not letting me miss this fight. I was out last night mad as hell cause I knew i was going to miss it I came here and the link was down. I told myself give bruno a minute he never seems to fail at this, sure enough bam! working link…everyone at the party last night toasted you up cause we all new where we be logging onto first when we got home.

Salute’ & Cheers

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 8-19-2012 at 14:07:25 from    

Cyborg will destroy this mouth lmao, anyone who thinks otherwise is just in denial.

whitekimbo Says, in 8-19-2012 at 14:23:42 from    


josh Says, in 8-19-2012 at 14:25:52 from    

Ronda Rousey vs Sara Mcmann next

jizzle Says, in 8-19-2012 at 15:39:30 from    

I see it like this:
She says Cyborg must come to her because shes champ.
She purposely left 145 BECAUSE OF Cyborg.

I felt like I just watched a judo match, which makes sense as I’m guessing they only last a minute or so. She makes it look like that, kind of like how Stephan Bonner & Bispings fights look like a boxing match.

I agree with let Cyborg come in to meet at 140. I still think that would be hard because Cyborg is a BIG 145 already. This sucks…throw Rousey in the UFC against the dudes now.

shaolinblow Says, in 8-19-2012 at 15:56:47 from    

id like to lick rhondas toes clean..just sayin

anderson cheats Says, in 8-19-2012 at 16:35:04 from    

cyborg is in Trouble!!!

Robert Says, in 8-19-2012 at 16:51:12 from    

All you idiots that say Cyborg will beat her are uneducated mma bandwagoners. Gina is absolute crap on the ground and she was able to slap on a leg lock and fully mount Cyborg easily. And Ronda is an Olympic Judoka medalist and trained most of her life. Stop talking s*** if you don’t know what kind of skill level she’s at. She’d tap every one of you key board warriors quicker than she tapped Kaufman out.

Genghis Khan Says, in 8-19-2012 at 17:07:52 from    

Love her fights, but I know she’s going to be talking out of her twat for months until Cyborg gets to fight her.

PatrickN Says, in 8-19-2012 at 17:25:53 from    

Cyborg tested positive for gorilla face

mmafan400 Says, in 8-19-2012 at 17:59:02 from    

god I wish she’d fight cyborg…and let’s be honest, they’re probably both on steroids. It’s crazy how tight of an armbar rousey has

PitfighterZ Says, in 8-19-2012 at 17:59:06 from    

Rowdy is an Olympian among tough women with more or less an amateurish martial arts training level.
Kaufman could have done much better, but she was surprised by Ronda’s early assault. She is probably kicking herself for not using her leg movements and jabs to keep Rowdy in a distance during that early beginning.
After Ronda got her on the floor it’s pretty much an Olympic-level, World-champion judoka against an almost decent grappler.
Kaufman’s advantage was in the striking and she let Rousey bully her to the floor. It’s as simple as that. Big mistake either of Kaufman or her coach for not predicting that rushing in was Rowdy only option.

Swordsmansmith Says, in 8-19-2012 at 18:53:13 from    

Rhonda will only fight Gorilla face at 135. For Gorilla face to make 135 and qualify to even fight she’ll have to leave her roids and hgh out of her training program. Without her juice gorilla face poses no threat. She’s never beaten anyone without her roids. A fair fight at 135 Rhonda rips cyroids arm off in the first. There is no armbar defense if the technique is done properly. You squeeze your knees together and arrowhead grip the arm to your body and the arm cannot come out. Escapes only work if the arm has space. Rhonda is so good theres never any space to get the arm out.

southiejimmy Says, in 8-19-2012 at 19:38:54 from    

All i can say is wnba….everyone screamed about how good these female basketball players were, and how they will change the game. Everyone said ” give them a league of thier own”. Has anyone ever actually watched a wnba game. Can anyone on here name a wnba star…or even a wnba team for that matter. Womens mma will be the same. Right now its new and everyone is jumping on board, but given time, the novelty will wear off. Remember about 15 years ago when people thought womens boxing was going to be huge, well hows that working out.
Lets be honest, organized womens sports sounds great in theory, but it never pans out. This womens mma thing will turn out the same way.

fighter Says, in 8-19-2012 at 20:34:26 from    

I’m a big fan of MMA I been watching MMA since 1997 for some reason I’m not intrested in WMMA
by the way I love girls)) but its not fun watching them fight like a kids

ruddo293 Says, in 8-19-2012 at 22:09:57 from    

Who actually believes that if Carano was to make a come back and win a couple fights, that she could ever beat Ronda? I’d say even if Carano never took her hiatus from MMA, Rousey would armbar her in the 1st round. She does the same thing in every fight, and i am certain Kaufmann already knew that she would eventually go for the submission, but knowing and stopping it from happening are too different things. Good lucky to anyone at 135 fighting her. She’s just too strong at that weight. Cyborg would lose to her at 135. @ 140 i’d give her a better chance honestly.

ruddo293 Says, in 8-19-2012 at 22:13:26 from    

No one can say she’s a boring fighter; she goes right for the kill….She does talk too much, but grappling skills cannot be denied. However, i cannot wait till she meets her match. Would be great if there was a olympic gold medalist in Judo that transistioned to mma and ended up in her weight class… That would be pretty interesting

jizzle Says, in 8-19-2012 at 22:42:21 from    

I think we have a lot of Rousey’s camp leaving comments all over the mma blogs..either that or bandwagoneers : ]

Meltface Says, in 8-19-2012 at 23:22:51 from    

Hey where are all the Trolls at now always hating talking s*** and i am sure you still have some s*** to talk lol get a life

kr8havok Says, in 8-19-2012 at 23:47:33 from    

I agree with Robert, no way Cyborg beats Rhonda. Cyborg had strength, obviously due to the roids. And her ground game wasnt all that. Cyborg, charges, Rhonda catches her coming in, tosses her and locks in he armbar…game over. Whether the competition in women’s mma is weak or not, that’s not Rhonda’s fault, so you morons stop yapping, cause i put my money that Rhonda slaps that arm bar on all you couch potato critics and makes you cry like a b!tch

fufc Says, in 8-20-2012 at 00:26:15 from    

GOAT!!!! jk

elvislad Says, in 8-20-2012 at 04:44:06 from    

I agree with ruddo293 above,Rousey has a bigger upper body and arm strength than almost all the women,no surprise she can always get arm bars…bit boring

ironfist Says, in 8-20-2012 at 09:28:34 from    

I never heard anyone say how great wnba or female boxing was going to be.

222222 Says, in 8-20-2012 at 10:52:23 from    

YEA WHAT HATERS!!!! thats exactly what she would have done to frankie edgar…. except for sarah didnt complain about loosing!!

southiejimmy Says, in 8-20-2012 at 14:40:36 from    

i still dont get how having an oppinion or not wanting to watch something makes a person a hater. i dont want to watch gay intermural co-ed quadraplegic blind midget water polo,but it doesnt mean i hate gay blind quadraplegic midgets.

southiejimmy Says, in 8-20-2012 at 16:00:19 from    

Actually, i would kill to watch that^^^^….sorry.

t-berra29 Says, in 8-20-2012 at 16:08:45 from    

WOW that was just sad. how the hell do u lose when u know what ur opponent is going to go for in the fight and then u lose in the first round by the move that u supposedly trained not to get caught in. terrible just terrible.

Danby Says, in 8-20-2012 at 19:33:46 from    

Its kinda sad. Like watching mike tyson in his prime go fight in a 16 year old amateur fighting league. Its rather pathetic to watch(though it would be fun to watch tyson beat on some kids ha).

I think Ronda is too good of a fighter for the womens mma. She just goes in there, bypasses all thier defenses like they never fought before, and then armbars them.

I don’t think i’ve seen this many one sided fights before.

Danby Says, in 8-20-2012 at 19:35:03 from    

To put in anouther way, its like watching Ronda go in and fight bob sapp EVERY fight.

trsix Says, in 8-20-2012 at 20:05:25 from    

Ever see the clits on the fem body builders after roids? Ill bet cyborgs is as big as a jalapeno.

southiejimmy Says, in 8-20-2012 at 23:00:07 from    

Lmfao@ trsix, i bet you could chew on it with your back teeth…

mma made easy Says, in 8-21-2012 at 01:11:37 from    

^lol ew…

I love watching Rhonda work. I’m sure there’s some truth to what people are writing here, that they’re trying to build up women’s MMA by having an undefeated, attractive, trash talking female ambassador for the sport…

but… as a fan, I’m happy.


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