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ken shiro Says, in 12-7-2012 at 00:39:20 from    

Why di I feel like Dana is boning this broad,and why do I feel like this is a bad move for the UFC?

DavidJones Says, in 12-7-2012 at 00:53:36 from    

as if fight cards didnt suck enough ..

mmafan400 Says, in 12-7-2012 at 01:16:07 from    

Of course she isn’t, cyborg won’t come to her weight. It’ll be an interesting fight, only because ronda is an interesting fighter, not because I think Liz has a chance

Durant4three Says, in 12-7-2012 at 01:50:00 from    

I believe that the ppv buys for this card will be significantly lower, I for one do not want to watch this s*** and I’m not alone. Sorry but woman mma hasn’t caught my eye hyst yet.

steven harper Says, in 12-7-2012 at 03:18:37 from    

where is Sarah Kaufman? she already beat Liz Carmouche?

I still want to see some girls fight

they bring it

like the diaz brothers

they come to fight no bullshit game plan faggggg

ultimate fighter Says, in 12-7-2012 at 04:42:49 from    

Rousey might as well just go armbar strangers on the street wearing a bikini.

dub Says, in 12-7-2012 at 07:00:07 from    

first I hate this B.. but congrats to her. it is quite the accomplishment. Now she wont fight Cyborg at 145, yet her fat ass looks twice the size of Ben Henderson who fights 155. FK U.. can’t wait for Cyborg to fk her up.

Lazer212 Says, in 12-7-2012 at 08:16:04 from    

I’m sorry but this should not be headlining an event.

YOUEFFSEE Says, in 12-7-2012 at 08:38:56 from    

Too soon White

metallicafan Says, in 12-7-2012 at 09:36:22 from    

What the F***…theirs like 4-5 quality womens mma fighters. only 2 of which belong in the cage together. how the F*** are they gonna be able to sustain a division.

Iron_Cobra Says, in 12-7-2012 at 10:23:26 from    

Rousey beat Sarah. I don’t know about main event but I like women’s mma more know since Rhonda and cyborg have beef. I feel bad for the up and coming guys bc this takes a Lil of their spotlight.

anakonda Says, in 12-7-2012 at 13:28:48 from    

I think UFC is out of ideas. I wish for a miracle that Ronda would lose, but chances are about 1%. Bad match up and there’s no weight classes or anything for women, it’s just a fight for entertainment. If you have Zuffa shares now is the time to sell, we have reached the peak.

brn Says, in 12-7-2012 at 14:12:35 from    

well this is s***

Jose Veyna Says, in 12-7-2012 at 17:17:48 from    

I said it before,I`ll say it again… Not interested in any female fight…Now ..if they put gyus against girls I might change my mind… I personaly don`t care how good any girs is, those fights are boring to me!

odin Says, in 12-7-2012 at 20:51:42 from    

They should just fight in smaller clothes for 2 minute rounds. # minutes too long for crappy fighting

NotVinnieJones Says, in 12-7-2012 at 21:33:41 from    

I’m looking forward to the woman’s fights. The girls always bring it when they scrap. So far the Invicta cards have been nonstop action, while the UFC events have been more and more a few good fights mixed in with a lot of boring, stagnant fights. The last Invicta card had 10 stoppages in 14 fights. I doubt that the UFC losing a few fans here and there because of some female fights is something its really concerned about.

DanielMcfate Says, in 12-8-2012 at 00:20:19 from    

Is she the first (0-0) fighter to hold an official belt for an organization? Isn’t there generally a fight for a unification title?

Ozinator Says, in 12-8-2012 at 01:37:55 from    

Jose, can you say it one more time? I’m not quite getting how stupid you sound

mmafan400 Says, in 12-8-2012 at 02:15:32 from    


I think Ronda Rousey vs Urijah Faber is a good match-up :P


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