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^^^^ Says, in 8-21-2012 at 09:01:47 from    

Ronda if your going to call someone out then move your ass back up to 145 and fight Cyborg or make it a catch weight at 140. If not then just shut up. Your going to call someone out, but expect them to fight on all your terms?

straightAhead Says, in 8-21-2012 at 09:15:57 from    

I agree with Ronda. Cyborg is (and has been) and has been on the juice for sometime. Plus she is not the champ. The burden of challenge is on her, not Ronda as Ronda is the (steroid free) champ.

Uriah’s Chin Says, in 8-21-2012 at 10:05:38 from    

The cheating steroid advantage that Guyborg has will not go away at any weight, but it can be minimized by having her go to 135. Rhonda is 100% right.

ucsdtijuanero Says, in 8-21-2012 at 11:12:13 from    

Did you see Bas? He looks pissed! Ronda is so annoying, someone needs to shut her up.

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 8-21-2012 at 11:12:21 from    

That sounds odd that she’s saying she wants to fight her the second her suspension is over.Like she hopes Cyborg will have some ring rust.

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 8-21-2012 at 11:16:09 from    

And Ronda used to fight at 145,why is she scared going up in weight.Cyborg didn’t called her out,she did.Ronda should go up to atleast 140 or shut her mouth.

Ozinator Says, in 8-21-2012 at 11:26:57 from    

Cyborg is bigger and fights at 145 and Rhonda USED to fight at 145 but “wasn’t ready” so dropped to 135 to avoid her. Rhonda is still running

Cyborg should laugh this off and hang out at 145. Let’s see if the girls continue to hide at 135 to avoid her. They have to get embarrassed by one of them and my money is on them running away from Cyborg.

uncledana Says, in 8-21-2012 at 11:27:15 from    

olympians are only clean on test day. big rhonda is a stink hoe.

Freaklegion Says, in 8-21-2012 at 11:38:29 from    

Why would she move up in weight? That’s just silly. I don’t even want to see this fight honestly, so obviously on roids, and for ages.

MOk Says, in 8-21-2012 at 11:46:46 from    

I do believe that Cyborg actually called her out in multiple interviews and it the one talking all the trash on the side. So I totally agree with Rhonda, why should the champ have to make sacrifices for a fighter coming off a doping suspension and needs the fight more then Rhonda would. That’s like Jone Jones moving down to Middleweight to fight Chael just because he’s talking ish about him.

ironfist Says, in 8-21-2012 at 12:01:35 from    

cyborgs only loss is to a sub. Cyborg needs to stop bull shitting and drop 10 pounds I’ve seen fat asses drop 60 pounds in 3 months. Get off the juice and lose 10 pounds for one night and gain it all back after the weigh ins. There is no longer a 145 division she is not the champion any more Ronda is. Rondha shouldn’t have to go up to fight a known cheat in a non existant div. Rhonda by armbar all day. If some skinny punk jap comedian can judo throw cyborg so can rousey if some no name brazillian chick can sub cyborg so can rousey bottomline

wcoastassassin Says, in 8-21-2012 at 12:11:32 from    

If Cyfraud wants a shot at the belt, make the weight. I think 140 would be a fair catch weight but Ronda is right, she doesn’t owe her anything and she doesn’t need her right now. People will pay to watch Ronda fight because she is entertaining and fights with skill. She-man is done without a fight with Ronda, no one cares about her now and Ronda is the hottest thing in women’s MMA by far, bigger than Gina was before their fight.

BigPapa Says, in 8-21-2012 at 12:17:55 from    

Totally agree with Ronda.

Joe Dog Says, in 8-21-2012 at 12:20:04 from    

Right on! I totally agree with Rousey. If Santos was the “undisputed” 145 pound champ, then she would have a case for Rousey meeting her at 140 and visa versa. It’s like Santos is starting all over. She will have to earn respect, both from her performances in the octagon and from testing in the laboratory. If the Rousey/Santos fight does happen, I figure the odds are 50/50….left or right, one arm is getting barred.

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 8-21-2012 at 12:47:25 from    

umm a bunch oif idiotic comments like ironfist’s I have noticed. That matchup with the comedian was a joke match up WITH A MALE!!! Secondly Cyborg’s only loss was in her first fight before any of her fame and popularity or auro of unstoppability. Anderson Silva lost to Ryo Chonan but people tend to forget that as well. Plus what is that girls name who beat Cyborg 10 yrs ago lmao. Cyborg will clown Rousey and there is a reason Rousey is issuing the weakest call out in the history of mma after running away to a new weight class in order to clearly avoid Cyborg. Ima say it like it is Rousey is a C***.

minato808 Says, in 8-21-2012 at 12:49:11 from    

I like how she just bypassed Gina Carano with the s*** talking. I don’t think Gina will fight again but if she did Rousey would probably be the best option. Gina’s probably the only female fighter more popular than Rousey so I doubt Rousey wants to challenge that popularity.

Roe Jogan Says, in 8-21-2012 at 12:55:06 from    

Cyroid is totally out of control. She has been pumping horse semen into himself for years. The transformation to a man is complete. She just needs to sew her exhusband’s tiny roided pecker onto her now roid exploded vag and fight Faber.

Rousey owes the cheater NOTHING. The cheater needs to cut out all that ill gotten roided up body mass and fight at 135 or STFU and fight men.

boobs Says, in 8-21-2012 at 13:28:54 from    

Rhonda is 100% right on this one. If I was Rhonda I would just kick that dude Cyborg in the nuts. That’ll teach him.

whitekimbo Says, in 8-21-2012 at 14:07:29 from    

VADA testing at 145 or drop to 135.

dopey_one Says, in 8-21-2012 at 14:21:28 from    

wow shes has a bigger mouth after her win !!! ronda knows cyborg cant make the 135 thats why she saying all this s*** !!

ironfist Says, in 8-21-2012 at 15:16:07 from    

well first off im no anderson fan and i do remember the two japanese guys that subbed him.
Now that MAN jap comedian was a very small man and not a fighter of any kind similar to her in weight , not a judo olympic medalist and cyborg had a difficult time with him until he gassed. Meanwhile Rousey on the same jap show beat three guys in judo way bigger than her in a row. Now it is apparant mmasilva to me and im sure the other posters you give some of the most idiotic opinions on here day in and day out. Your girl cyborg refuses to lose 10 pounds that she could easily gain back in one night before the fight, is a cheat , is not a champ in a div that is no longer and you say Rousey is ducking. Guess what Rousey is now the Anderson Silva of wmma and just like him gets to fight who they want how they want.At least she is not calling out someone that weighs less than her like your boy the spider.
Winners make the rules not juiced up losers

JPetru Says, in 8-21-2012 at 15:37:36 from    

Understandable point of view from Ronda. She could also see going to 145 as an opportunity to get 2 belts and establish herself as an even more dominant fighter.

Lazer212 Says, in 8-21-2012 at 15:55:33 from    

No excuse for cyborg cheating, but the bottom line is RR is scared to get whooped! The day she looses she’ll have 500 excuses on why she lost. She’s 6-0 in a talentless division and acts like she’s 100-0 against the top males! F*ck you rousey!

ThatGuy Says, in 8-21-2012 at 15:58:04 from    

Wow, all these “real” fighting fans in here defending a proven cheat.

Love or hate Rousey, Cyborg is a cheat and still has the body he cheated to get. I understand the Sonnen effect that Rousey has on the fans, but to back a cheater.

It’s like if there were a drug to give you heavier fists (I know it’s ridiculous). You get caught and serve your suspension. After you come back you no longer take that drug, but you still have the heavier fist.

Until he loses his body and muscle mass gained from cheating his suspension shouldn’t end. It just saddens me to see people downing fighters (male or female) that don’t want to fight cheaters like this.

azzy09 Says, in 8-21-2012 at 16:11:51 from    

at ^^^^^^ , hell yeah she can fight at her terms.. she’s the f***** champ..!! dumb ass!! she’s calling her out at 135 because she knows at 145 cyborgs juiced as hell.. lmao! she just wants to fight on an even playing field and rip that man of an arm cyborgs got off!!lmao

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 8-21-2012 at 18:44:35 from    

Iron im not a Silva fan just referencing your stupid point of a loss ten yrs ago by comparing it to Silva’s. You just sound childish and like you are reaching. Her first mma fight is as irrelevant as as Rousey’s first round match up of the Olympic Judo championship. And as for the quality of my post’s I challenge you to find one of my posts which are lacking in quality since I post day in and day out like you say I doubt it will be difficult to do. I just call it like see it pal and this is the weakest most bullshit call out in the history of mma to date. I get the premise of Cyborg being a cheater. But if Rousey really wanted to fight her she would not be making so many ridiculous stipulations and fight her it seems as if she is just being a C*** (as usual) and trying to legitimize herself while delegitimizing Santos. Anyhow I am not a huge fan of either TBH but Cyborg is by far the best female fighter I have ever seen in my life.

jizlo Says, in 8-21-2012 at 19:04:57 from    

Only checked the comments. This chick talks too much, and she has such a nasty sounding voice too boot.

grayman Says, in 8-21-2012 at 19:09:13 from    

she is sh!t scared of cyborg….
she can talk all the crap she likes, but knows that at any weight, on any day of the week, cyborg would obliterate her.
hiding at 135 is her only option.
bitch-move, for someone who fought at 145 for ages….

f_u Says, in 8-21-2012 at 19:13:53 from    

oh god same ol routine. fighters talk a little s*** to brew up a fight than the trolls throw e-feces at each other til the fight happens and whoever picks the winner faps away furiously while chanting “WINNING” and whoever picks the loser dicktucks for a couple days and waits for thier chance to fap.

NotVinnieJones Says, in 8-21-2012 at 20:22:21 from    

f_u is 100% right. Unless anyone of you out there has been correct 100% of the time when predicting upcoming fights, your predictions carry no more credibility than the guy who posted before and after you. With that said, Ronda has a big mouth and Cyborg looks good against her opponents because she outweighs them by about 15-20 lbs on fight night so her sloppy style goes unnoticed. So if they ever do fight it will be win-win for me because I will get the satisfaction of seeing either the big-mouth or the cheater get handed a loss.

Uriah’s Chin Says, in 8-21-2012 at 22:27:13 from    

Guyborg is 100% man at 145. There is no reason to fight a cheater.

Either the man can come down to 135 and get off the steroids or he should fight other men at 145 and up.

All you idiots defending Guyborg and heralding his talent are a bunch of homo f****. HE CHEATED TO WIN. IT DOES NOT COUNT WHEN YOU CHEAT.

Coutura Says, in 8-21-2012 at 22:37:00 from    

This girl needs to shut the hhhhhhh up
Trying to hide her twisted neck and her judo face mole

ironfist Says, in 8-21-2012 at 22:47:27 from    

@mmasilva Ok we disagree and as your quality of posts I have disagreed with you before and I dont need to look it up to know that. Calling you idiotic was wrong and stems from my dislike of that roided beast cyborg and from the fact I think your wrong and feel that you are the one who is reaching. Your entitled to your opinion and we will find out who is right sooner or later cause neither of theses bitches have any one else to fight that matters. I call it like I see it and stand by my views and look forward to disagreeing with you in the future

T’Challa Says, in 8-21-2012 at 22:57:44 from    

Wow.. a lot of hate on both sides. Cyborg can’t make 135.. she did an interview where she said she’s not bothering with Rousey anymore.. it’s either catchweight at 140 or nothing. If Zuffa throws enough money for the ONLY women’s fight that most fans want to see, then it will happen at catchweight. If not, Cyborg will go to Invicta or Bellator..

Cyborg can go elswhere and make less money.. Rousey is beating everyone so easily, that fans will get bored and call for this superfight to happen. Money can resolve most disputes..

Ozinator Says, in 8-21-2012 at 23:11:46 from    

I claim that all men complaining about women on steroids are weak little fuchers who can’t bench a girlfriend if they ever get one. It’s true and you know it you little yellers. lol

bigtigger Says, in 8-21-2012 at 23:56:55 from    

Ronda’s first fight in strikeforce was Aug 12th 2011 @146. Ronda’s second fight was Nov 17th 2011 @ 146. Cyborg tested positive for the juice on December 17th 2011, a month and a day after Ronda’s second fight in Strikeforce. Cyborg was suspended for a full year and legally shouldn’t be able to fight until Dec 2012. With Gina Carano a movie star in training and Cyborg out for a year, all the (popular) female talent was gone in that division. So four months later Ronda had her third fight in Strikeforce and turned Tate’s arm into pretzel. Should Ronda have waited for a dead division to crawl back? I think not, she made a wise decision that put her at the top of the largest female fight division. Your theories are not backed by facts. (This is a chopped re-post from myself) By the way I think Cyborg would drop a lot of weight without the juice. The fight would probably be Cyborgs first clean fight…well she will be on the high end of the legal level.

southiejimmy Says, in 8-22-2012 at 01:25:14 from    

Everything rhonda said was absolutely correct. She is the champ, not cyborg. Who is cyborge to make demands. When rhonda tests positive ang gets banned and has her belt stripped from her, then cyborg can make demands. Im not a big fan of wmma or of iether of these two, but as i said, everything rhonda said was correct.

FailSonnen Says, in 8-22-2012 at 01:25:45 from    

Ronda competed at 155 in Olympic Judo

rondaallday Says, in 8-22-2012 at 02:10:29 from    

Man what are you all talking about ronda is fuckable and cyborg is not so hey ronda all day ilmao!!!

julian moran Says, in 8-22-2012 at 02:23:41 from    

When I hear Ronda speack, I feel like trowing up.

That is what happens when you spoil children rotten.

julian moran Says, in 8-22-2012 at 02:32:43 from    

Whether Cyborg cheated or not is not a question.
Ronda is still an annoying brat who left the 145 division as to not fight Cyborg.
Ronda calling Cyborg out at 135 knowing Cyborg can´t make the weight is lame.

antiroidmma Says, in 8-22-2012 at 06:48:25 from    

cyboroidster needs to drop to the 135 weight class. DONT BE SCARED HOMIE!!! If you cant drop the weight than dont bitch about not getting to fight RR. Cyboroid needs to shut her pie hole and man up. wait she has manned up for the last 5 years. She needs to stop cheating this is getting out of hand. cyboroid has been injecting donkey semen and its jacking up the weightclass. RR owes the roidqueen nothing!!cyberoid should fight faber since they look alot alike

Face Stab Says, in 8-22-2012 at 10:10:18 from    

Rousey’s right. I mean, one of the two of them will have to give up an advantage for that fight to happen.

Cyborg is the one who got suspended, not Rousey. At this point, she has to make the sacrifice. Rousey is a natural 135 pound fighter. Why should she give up ten pounds to Cyborg? Cyborg already walks around 20-25 pounds heavier than Ronda. Now she has to give up another ten pounds at the weigh in?

That’s idiotic. Rousey was chubby at 155 in Judo, but that’s a whole different world. She was still a little chubby at 145 in MMA. 135 is obviously the correct weight class for her. Cyborg, on the other hand, is obviously a natural 155 pound fighter since she always had trouble with the cut to 145 and walks at 165-170. We’re talking about two weight classes here. Rousey is 5’6. Cyborg is nearly 5’9. Saying Rousey is ducking is like saying Dominick Cruz keeps ducking a fight with Benson Henderson.

lololol Says, in 8-22-2012 at 11:55:57 from    

As much as I respect Ronda’s skill, I don’t think she should be talking big just yet. I honestly don’t see her getting passed Cyborg cause anyone that she’s fought to date isn’t anywhere close to being like Cyborg, regardless of her TRT use or what not. But I’m also taking into account Cyborg’s off use of TRT + performance.

Roe Jogan Says, in 8-22-2012 at 12:10:26 from    

Rousey DID NOT drop to 135 until AFTER Cyroid was caught cheating.

Also… if Rousey can make 135 and Cyroid cannot… it automatically tells you that Cyroid is much bigger. Why is she so much bigger?

Because she juiced for years and turned herself into a man. All you toolboxes defended Guyborg sound as if you are little roid heads that are closet gays wanting a man to roll with. Go to San Francisco and get off these forums. There you will find your happiness.

newmmfan1 Says, in 8-22-2012 at 12:17:25 from    

Ronda competed at 155 in the olympics…and competed in mma at 150lbs.

Ronda sounds scurred.

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 8-22-2012 at 13:43:31 from    

Sounds good Iron nothing wrong with a disagreement. I understand your dislike for Cyborg. I dont particularly like either but especially Rousey lol so I guess in my mind im going for the lesser of the two evils. It would be great if this fight did happen regardless of what happened. That is the best way to find out.

costa200 Says, in 8-22-2012 at 23:16:18 from    

How can anyone admire a man competing with women is beyond me…


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