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mmaok Says, in 12-16-2011 at 17:34:51 from    

She talk too much. I want to show her my penis.

DavidJones Says, in 12-16-2011 at 18:13:16 from    

everyone hate cyborg but shes pretty nice , i guess more people cant get pass her manly appearance..

BagHead Says, in 12-16-2011 at 18:29:31 from    

holy *&^% she got a neck like a tree trunk, I think Frank Mir would have a hard time choking her out.

fightdontbefake Says, in 12-16-2011 at 18:32:33 from    

i want to see cyborg fight a dude, that would be epic

cuervoplays Says, in 12-16-2011 at 19:04:47 from    


KC Says, in 12-16-2011 at 19:35:45 from    

I think she is or was a dude. Females just don’t look like that!

Vin Says, in 12-16-2011 at 19:41:56 from    

As hot as Ronda is ,and of course she can rip my arm off , if she wants to be the darling of MMA she has to face Cyborg just as Gina did.I’ll put money on Cyborg again.

PitfighterZ Says, in 12-16-2011 at 19:46:03 from    

The reporter could at least know where the champion trains… WTF?!

Anyway, Cyborg will kill whatever moves in front of her.

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 12-16-2011 at 19:48:40 from    

This girl takes TRT for sure.

JoeDog Says, in 12-16-2011 at 20:40:44 from    

She’s ready for 5 hounds and Rousey.

kung fu k9 Says, in 12-16-2011 at 20:49:12 from    

cyborg is awesome & real mma fans appreciate her in the sport. can’t wait till she smashes rhonda and peoples d!cks for her will go limp haha

Kill em All Says, in 12-16-2011 at 21:05:34 from    

@ mmaok
Hahahaha, great line…
@ DavidJones
A woman needs roids to look like she does

GetSome Says, in 12-16-2011 at 22:15:10 from    

Who cares what this “it”says? Gina Carano is a real women and a great fighter. This women resembles a man more than a woman. I could care less about her. This is the only women who I despise in MMA. She looks like a roided cheater.

Rick Says, in 12-16-2011 at 22:34:54 from    

I have always liked her. Shes awesome, why hate?

omar Says, in 12-16-2011 at 22:40:25 from    

I can’t get over the size of her neck!

Yoda Says, in 12-16-2011 at 23:06:03 from    

Given her neck size I can only imagine her Penis is bigger than most guys.

There is a Video of her Mounting & Choking than kissing Gokhan Saki a tough son of a bitch K1 Heavy Weight!

The Faceless Says, in 12-16-2011 at 23:41:06 from    

At this point , is unfair for average women to be fighting this specimen. Cristiane cyborg should be fighting ligh weight classes male fighter, and would problably beat them

tobes Says, in 12-16-2011 at 23:46:33 from    

i don’t really understand all the sexism and pigheaded comments. if you don’t think she’s attractive, fine keep it to yourself. I’ve met women much manlier looking than her. Sure she’s not the most feminine woman, but don’t assume that she’s on roids. She’s honestly not unattractive. Maybe she’s not beautiful but she’s not hideous. I don’t get the hate. she’s an incredible fighter.

ramrod Says, in 12-17-2011 at 01:53:13 from    

you guys know thats wandys sister

rjcowger Says, in 12-17-2011 at 01:57:05 from    

hey tobes…WTF???

Yoda123 Says, in 12-17-2011 at 02:09:38 from    

wtf kinda of “women” have u been meeting?

She’s as manly as they cum :)

jasonfn22 Says, in 12-17-2011 at 03:39:07 from    

yea but atleast she is not made from steroids plus you ugly filthy bitch you need to do something with those f***** prison kornrolls in your nappy ass head.that s*** looks like dike s*** from a womens prison ofcourse she can’t be a dyke when she don’t need a strapon.These fighters are being coached to start s*** for the entertainment value and I be god damn if I have not seen a flaw in the Brazilians because up till now they are impressive in bull riding etc but god damn they take s*** like empty,hollow ass trash talk to heart when it don’t mean s***.you can call the president in this country a c********* and its ok so why in the god damn F*** is big nog god damn vitor,this bitch or dude and the list goes on and on whinning and pouting over dumbshit,God damn I been watching no holds barred since 96 and I am about f***** fed up with all the silly s*** that comes along with this new media driven “sport”,its not a god damn sport its a fist fight WTF I need to check my blood pressure.

Rick Nasty Says, in 12-17-2011 at 05:06:24 from    

WAR Chute Boxe’.
If you idiots think female fighters should be “hot”, you’re watching the wrong sport. This is the athlete who beat Gina Carano into absence, remember?

GetSome Says, in 12-17-2011 at 07:38:05 from    


I enjoy women’s MMA. I think a lot of it is very technical, which is fun to watch. I just don’t like her because I suspect performance enhancing drugs. A person is born with his/her looks, so I can’t hate on someone for that. I can hate on someone for cheating though.

KidnamedRich Says, in 12-17-2011 at 08:49:55 from    

I find it shameful how we are quick to speak ill of anyone that we do not know. Cyborg is a mixed martial artist and should be treated with respect. You may not like her for some reason or another but you should always once again respect her like any other person. She is the best right now until someone takes her down. Hail to the champ!

asdf Says, in 12-17-2011 at 09:43:00 from    

Yes she an excellent practitioner of MMA, but she is blatantly on performing enhancing drugs, mainly some type of testosterone. Look at her symptoms; deepened voice, square jaw, pretruding veins, its not even up for debate if she is or not. If you know anything about steroid use and its effects especially on woman its ridicuously obvious. Its not as obvious in men cause we naturally produce a larger amount of testosterone but when a women starts enhancing her levels these effects happen almost without a doubt.

glassjoe Says, in 12-17-2011 at 10:03:45 from    

She or he may look like the puppet from the “Saw” movies but I still think the interviewer should know where she is training. Where is Ariel Helwani when you need him?

PitfughterZ Says, in 12-17-2011 at 10:19:44 from    

@ tobes: thanks!

@GetSome: As always, you are entitled to you opinion, but until I hear or see anything that hints to it besides your “she looks like she does it” crap, I prefer to honor the best MMA fighter in the world instead of throwing her name in the mud.

I have already explained before dozens of reasons for her looks that are, at least, as probable and common than steroids or other cheating scams.
Until she is fully tested and found guilty, I prefer to admire her uncanny technique. Her “masculinity” in any form you want, can’t make her a better technical striker or BJJ practitioner and even her wrestling is high-level. I have yet to see her simply muscling up an opponent. So, it’s her technique that is winning her fights. There are plenty of muscled up women fighters, some even stronger than Chris, and nobody is talking about them just because they have a pretty face.
It’s MMA, not Miss Universe, get over it.

Danby Says, in 12-17-2011 at 12:36:11 from    

cyborgs a friggn tank. I just remember that video of tito training with her and her picking him up for a slam after he got her in a hold. no wonder gina ran far away from the sport after the mauling.

T’Challa Says, in 12-17-2011 at 13:55:22 from    

She’s one bad ass fighter. I could care less how she looks, and until she, you know, actually tests positive for steroids, people should STFU about it.

zagor Says, in 12-17-2011 at 19:00:08 from    

tobes and PitfughterZ ^5
i too don’t understand why people judge her by her looks….she might not be the most pretty girl out there, but as tobes said,she is not hideous….and she has nice personality, imho..
as far as her fighting, no one gets close…so, give her some credit, guys….

STREETFIGHTER50 Says, in 12-17-2011 at 19:18:58 from    

man yall comments crack me the F*** up! mmaok’s 1st comment especially lol! but i agree she is a bad ass fighter & i do enjoy watching her fight. i don’t see any other woman beating her anytime soon

j172 Says, in 12-19-2011 at 11:25:31 from    

idk why so many people think that only a certain people take PED’s. Every fighter does, most just know how to cycle and not get caught. PED’s can be as simple as creatine, legal steroids( aka testosterone replacements), or illegal roids. It might get you stronger and maybe faster, but you still need skills and technique. I think they should just make it legal to take PED’s so it wont be cheating if everybody is doing it. But thats just my opinion. Either way, she is an awsome fighter.

JoeDog Says, in 12-20-2011 at 11:50:27 from    

I do not want to see Cyborg violently punch Rousey’s pretty little face. Cyborg would certainly not leave an arm laying around waiting for an armbar. No chance, IMO. This woman is tough. She will hurt every woman put in front of her.


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