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PowerTele Says, in 3-30-2013 at 18:22:15 from    

This guy pulls weight. Never watched this show but he has tons of legit celebs on his site. That Dr. Harry Edwards is 70 years old and has been influential since the late 1960s. This show is awesome.

DavidJones Says, in 3-30-2013 at 22:29:31 from    

ronda is such a dumb idiot, she shouldn’t be on tv, shes so stupid,there are way smarter people to represent MMA, even those 2 brothers are educated but shes a damn fool that sounds like an 8 year old arguing, what a joke.

Tear Says, in 3-31-2013 at 01:13:03 from    

Ronda Rousey can make 145 easy, she was easily 175 pounds on that show.

ditchpigii Says, in 3-31-2013 at 01:17:04 from    

Why are you such a hater. The other two guests are university educated, are way more experienced then Ronda, and have dealt with the media for most of their adult lives.
Ronda just turned 26, maybe had a cup of coffee in college and has spent her entire teenage and early adult life training to become a world class Judoka & now MMA fighter.

I don’t expect her to be Einstein. They booked her on the show to give an opinion and she did just fine in my book.

I can’t stand people ragging on Nick Diaz, either. The guy’s a high school dropout and inarticulate but he’s on a life journey towards wisdom like we all are, and if you listen carefully he’s got interesting things to say.

Lord, the keyboard hate is amazing, just prejudice & ignorance …

Davidjones Says, in 3-31-2013 at 03:21:53 from    

If I’ve offended anyone with my above comment,I’m very sorry!
The thing is,when it comes to woman I have a very serious anger proplem.
I believe it stated as a youth,and the girls I liked didn’t feel the same about me.That and I’m a sociopath.To put it bluntly my personality disorder is starting to manifest into extreme antisocial behavior.my attitude towards woman and lack of conscience is a only a small part of who I am.So please don’t hold it against me!

Even though I didn’t build the success that the people I talk about ,it doesn’t mean I don’t know exactly what they need to succeed even more..The same goes for the Producers of this show,I didn’t have the idea for the show,I didn’t get someone to buy the show,I didn’t get it on air but I sure know how to make it better!!

Thank you!

Dave Says, in 3-31-2013 at 05:06:18 from    

god ronda is annoying!!!

whitedragon Says, in 3-31-2013 at 05:33:38 from    

Why amongst a group of intelligent people would you have dumb, stupid completely out this world woman like Rhonda? She so damn stupid, its not even funny!

Kill em All Says, in 3-31-2013 at 13:08:54 from    

There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.

casyboy Says, in 3-31-2013 at 13:15:28 from    

@davidjones, props to you for admitting your problems.,for you to dis- identify with your own un-conscious and to not take counter comment personal, shows wisdom and that you are working on your self,its a rare and noble path, much respect to you..

Wick Says, in 3-31-2013 at 14:48:49 from    

Wow…I guess I don’t see what you guys are seeing at all. Ronda (imo) does not come off as stupid in the slightest. She makes clear, concise points, and she doesn’t stumble around trying to find words. I suppose you could criticize her personality if you wanted. She is always a bit serious and stoic in interviews, but I always assume that the cause of that is nerves.

My feeling is that all of this backlash toward Ronda comes from the male ego. Most guys just don’t seem to like, or maybe even fear a female with traditionally male attributes. She has a strong mind, body and personality, and it is off putting to men that are generally attracted to meek, mild and submissive women. I personally am a huge Ronda fan, and enjoy seeing her outside of the cage. She will become more comfortable with this type of press eventually, and hopefully lighten up a bit.

@Davidjones…publicly announcing to the world that you are a “sociopath” may not sit well with most people. Unfortunately, in our society, that is a red flag word. Maybe you should rethink the over-shares in the future. I am not trying to be a dick. I am just trying to save you from grief, and possible alienation in the future.

FailSonnen Says, in 3-31-2013 at 16:14:00 from    

Could Jim Rome’s delivery be any stiffer?

wcoastassassin Says, in 3-31-2013 at 17:36:34 from    

I like how everyone calling Ronda dumb can’t spell or use proper grammar. Just saying…

Ground St. Pound Says, in 3-31-2013 at 21:31:07 from    

Ronda was as well spoken as any athlete could be expected to be in her place. She’s also not stupid, but comes across as at least intelligent.

Plus, she’ll break your arm, which is her real claim to fame anyway.

Roe Jogan Says, in 3-31-2013 at 22:00:27 from    

All you idiots dogging Rhonda… did you even watch the video? WTF?

She was eloquent, had smart points, and was completely on topic throughout.

tobes Says, in 3-31-2013 at 23:59:57 from    

she represents herself well… haters gonna hate

romesburning Says, in 4-1-2013 at 00:39:48 from    

The arguments in regards to pay for performance and pay for “looks” I agree with Dhani, they matter to men as much as they do for women, if you are skilled or dominate at your sport you’ll get paid and you’ll get other deals (sponsorship or endorsements) as a byproduct of that skill like Manning did, but to the same extend that Brittany Griner doesn’t get deals, you don’t see guys like Sam Cassel, Joakim Noah or Ronaldinho killing it in that regard either!

basrutenlives Says, in 4-1-2013 at 01:26:15 from    

dumb dumb dumb

D Says, in 4-1-2013 at 12:03:26 from    

fake davidjones ur really stupid, ur saying if one hates ronda he hates all women, u lame s, keep fantasizing about this fat retard, ur probably a homo , and stupid, and ur psychology 101 class u took isn’t going to take u far, get a real degree u tard.

bubble face Says, in 4-1-2013 at 13:28:18 from    

Ronda Rousey has a strong personality? Really? Do you guys live in a sitcom?
It’s called arrogance, and that’s all she has. That, her big mouth and her fat ass.

kaerumz Says, in 4-1-2013 at 18:25:36 from    

Ronda did a great job, for a green athlete… Get over it….

kaerumz Says, in 4-1-2013 at 18:44:53 from    

Based on a lot of these posts, I would say that a good number of you are not qualified to judge the intelligence of someone who is asked to speak on a national stage of that magnitude when what they do for a living is athleticism. It would be hard for your average MBA to do that interview as well as she did and you’re complaining she is stupid. C’mon man. How do you think you would have done?

D Says, in 4-1-2013 at 22:23:31 from    

^^^^wick –u tard, that’s was a fake davidjones, ur an idiot obviously..and next time post a comment, not a book, u stupid ass, no ones reading it..

DavidJones Says, in 4-3-2013 at 23:36:31 from    

You are the fake!^^^

Yoplait Says, in 4-4-2013 at 12:34:26 from    

Don’t mess with DavidJones because he has been watching UFC since 2000, takes martial arts, and is in really good shape.

Wick Says, in 4-4-2013 at 19:09:32 from    

D…no need to be jealous. Not all of us have the vocabulary, or intelligence to write a book. It’s ok little buddy. You will find something that you are good at someday. Maybe you could find a job as a professional s*** talker???

D Says, in 4-4-2013 at 20:53:40 from    

fake Davidjones you don’t know s about mma.
I’ve been a fan for a few years now and know more then 99% of mma insiders.
Again I’ve never trained a day in my life and I never ran a business but I bet any of you I could turn the sport around for the better.


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