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Tankless Says, in 7-12-2012 at 13:04:45 from    

Wow …..hmmmm she opens her mouth and wrecks it.

Nmpld1987 Says, in 7-12-2012 at 13:49:01 from    

That is true, Kim made herself famous off sucking dick. But damn Kim is still pretty damn hot. The thing with Kim is that she was smart and turned something that would ruin someones reputation into stardom! And if you ask me, I would still tap that ass. Lol

jack Says, in 7-12-2012 at 14:08:06 from    

Annoying girl… Gina, where are you? :)

ocho fett Says, in 7-12-2012 at 14:26:07 from    

…pot calling the kettle black perhaps…she did a sex vid your half nude…kinda like a hooters girl bashing strippers…imo

joaoblade Says, in 7-12-2012 at 14:28:39 from    

Wow! Rounda is a little bit overboard here!

glassjoe Says, in 7-12-2012 at 14:37:18 from    

I didn’t like her until now!!!!

BigPapa Says, in 7-12-2012 at 14:50:20 from    

She is on full-preach mode. You go girl!!!

straightAhead Says, in 7-12-2012 at 14:59:05 from    

Thats all well and good but lets give credit where credit is due: While Kim Kardashian has some seriously questionable morals she is still an extremely attractive woman both in the face and body. If she werent famous for making a sex tape, etc 99.999999% of men would gladly lick that a$$h013 – and if you say otherwise then you are gay!

asdfdas Says, in 7-12-2012 at 15:17:16 from    

its ok shes just insulting kim kardashian

Shaikan Says, in 7-12-2012 at 15:22:40 from    

@Tankless: I kinda of agree with you. Ronda is a gorgeous girl and an extremely talented athlete but I feel that her rise to stardom has been a bit too fast for her to adapt to it and it seems to be getting into her head. Every time they interview her she comes with that shady Stockton/Diaz brothers’ style of trash talk and it really doesn’t suit her well. That being said I’m still a fan!

KungFuLowKick Says, in 7-12-2012 at 15:23:06 from    

I hate that girl who’s only known for p*** so that’s why I’m doing nude pictures??Really smart logic there.

mystiso Says, in 7-12-2012 at 15:26:03 from    

I’m getting tired of Rhonda. It’s too much. I know she’s trying to build woman’s MMA and her career, but damn woman, give it a rest sometimes.

Cro Cop Fan Says, in 7-12-2012 at 15:31:54 from    

I choose kim kardashian

boonching Says, in 7-12-2012 at 15:34:04 from    

I would pay anything to see her destroy that dumbass family. everybody but the momma… she can call me ray j

failsonnen Says, in 7-12-2012 at 15:47:58 from    

@Nmpld1987: The reason it didn’t “ruin” Kim is because she was a nobody before it. If anything, it should have “ruined” Ray J but since he’s a guy, it doesn’t really matter (see R Kelly).
Since the U.S. currently thrives on trash media like reality shows, they were able to capitalize off it.

Also for the other posters, posing nude is not in the same vicinity of sex tape (even though allegedly the leaking of the sex tape is “not Kim’s fault” (as they always say…..hmmm)

vaughnrich Says, in 7-12-2012 at 15:52:49 from    

ya but if the sex tape didnt make her famous then her ass would have. seriously has anyone ever seen a girl with an ass like kim lol??

kljlsjsldf Says, in 7-12-2012 at 16:11:24 from    

she’s the opposite of Diaz, talks too much, but one thing they have in common is that every time they talk, they have to talk smack. I guess you can call it as being “Real”, but it makes you even more unprofessional and a stuck up blonde like she is. I hope someone knocks her teeth in soon.

jona Says, in 7-12-2012 at 16:15:23 from    

sonnen sindrome …

ryeboi Says, in 7-12-2012 at 16:27:06 from    

Opinions don’t even matter. Ronda speaks the truth.

wcoastassassin Says, in 7-12-2012 at 16:57:20 from    

Let’s try and keep it classy Ronda. Beautiful girl with massive skills, no reason to act like white trash.

anderson cheats Says, in 7-12-2012 at 17:13:21 from    

Rhonda is here to stay,cyborg will be destroyed.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 7-12-2012 at 17:19:11 from    

Posing nude is not the same as doing a p*** but if you are so disgusted by a girl doing p*** then why in the hell are you posing nude.Just like ocho fett said,it’s like a stripper talking s*** about a hooker,it just sounds hypocritical to me.One is basicly doing the same as the other,just on a smaller scale.

lllibbbo Says, in 7-12-2012 at 17:26:48 from    

sounds like she wants to r*** kim~

plz do~~

Genghis Khan Says, in 7-12-2012 at 17:51:32 from    

fight more and talk less… and please no more nude pictures those pics were a disaster… at least Kim can suck a dick…

Uriah’s Chin Says, in 7-12-2012 at 18:17:25 from    

Woah now…. Rhonda is not famous for going half nude. She is famous for being a world class judo player and the top woman fighter in the world.

Kim is just another dick sucker and those are easy to come on…. I mean “come by”.

EM Says, in 7-12-2012 at 18:21:51 from    

I bet this chick has some good vag. Did she say she wants some nuts? I just ate some asparagus, I hope she likes vegetables too.

Razor Says, in 7-12-2012 at 18:36:32 from    

f*ck kim k, she’s a fat ditch pig.

can’t believe anyone finds her hot, guess all you obese americans crave fat greasy hogs.

Caots Says, in 7-12-2012 at 18:40:17 from    

The guy recording this video is a dick.

Doyle Brunson Says, in 7-12-2012 at 18:57:42 from    

Would somebody just put a dick in that chicks mouth already

jakelo Says, in 7-12-2012 at 19:04:59 from    

I watched this video vs Kim Kardashian sucking dick video… Kim Kardashian wins.

Moostachio Says, in 7-12-2012 at 19:15:36 from    

Whys everyone getting bent? They did ask her if she would fight a Kardashian? It was a loaded question intended to get that response and she delivered. There’s plenty of hot @$$ chicks in the world that do the exact same things Kim does that didn’t get famous the way she did. And don’t give Kim too much credit she comes off as dumb as they come. There’s just smarter people that make money off making dumbies like her popular. And now the whole families rich off the dumbies of the world that give a flying F about every waking moment of their lives. Pathetic. I wouldn’t mind seeing Ronda twist the chunky Kardashians arm off.

ml Says, in 7-12-2012 at 19:48:46 from    

Yes Ronda you would beat the crap out of Kim K. b/c you are a fighter … People need to leave Kim alone. What she did was parlay the attention & media coverage from the Ray J tape into building businesses, so she is actually a smart girl and any girl who says she wouldn’t do the same is lying through her teeth. If you want to blame anyone for fame of Kim K, Paris H and the like, blame the public. It’s the public that is infatuated with the reality TV garbage.

Op_of_faith Says, in 7-12-2012 at 20:35:00 from    

Ronda’s people need to talk to her…saying you’d beat the crap out of someone like Kim Kardashian does not make you look tough…

straightAhead Says, in 7-12-2012 at 21:14:29 from    


” has anyone ever seen a girl with an ass like kim lol??”

Was that a trick question? Have you never seen black or latina women?

What is unique about Kim K. is the fact that she is a WHITE woman with an ass like that! She is a genetic freak. I know there do exist some other white women with bodies like her but they are few and far between. Try have a look at any Brazilian TV show or go there in person and its like 80% of the women have bodies equal to or better than Kim K.

Barrek Says, in 7-12-2012 at 21:15:47 from    

I’ll bet anything that at least 80% of the people saying “Leave Kim alone” are the same douchebags walking around with your ever so cool faux hawk hair cut. Or on the days you don’t decide to rock the “Not man enough to have a real Mohawk” haircut you wear your hat like a drunk homeless man put it on you.

Oh well, I guess it is better than the damn Bieber clones you see everywhere now.

mmafan11 Says, in 7-12-2012 at 21:33:04 from    

I would pound both of them :)

AussieMMA Says, in 7-12-2012 at 22:47:13 from    

Man, Ronda is great! Shame she looks like a man in those body issue pictures.

ace Says, in 7-12-2012 at 23:02:00 from    

she is like a female sonnen, makes women mma more interesting even though she is annoying at times

gphilos Says, in 7-13-2012 at 02:01:50 from    

so she hates kim for sucking dixs for fame while she enjoys “salted nuts” hmm

Ozinator Says, in 7-13-2012 at 02:06:24 from    

straightAhead Says,
Kim Kardashian is still an extremely attractive woman both in the face and body. 99.999999% of men would gladly lick that a$$h013 – and if you say otherwise then you are gay!

Would they gladly where a dress while letting her fart in their mouths?

uncledana Says, in 7-13-2012 at 03:40:14 from    

@straitAhead…Bob Kardashian’s kids are half Armenian (like Cher). Bruce Jenner’s kids are white.

baller Says, in 7-13-2012 at 03:48:17 from    

shut up ronda u need to be professional, “sucking dick” will not get u any where. n yea we no will beat her man kanye also

AOR Says, in 7-13-2012 at 04:11:31 from    

Classless move. just trying to make a name for herself by trashing the big dog.

jdogg Says, in 7-13-2012 at 10:08:03 from    

Don’t understand why people are so enamored by the Kardashians. Grow a brain people! They offer NOTHING whatsoever besides promoting vanity and selfishness.

Karate4yuASS Says, in 7-13-2012 at 11:02:32 from    

Id still wanna bang Kim rather than this man-like biatch….and no not a fan of the Kardashian show I think its retarded, but this biatch is not far behind.

Reallynow? Says, in 7-13-2012 at 11:51:24 from    

Half 0f you gays watch Keeping up with the kardashians. The worst show ever. Kim and her other dumb-ass sister courtney have such a dry personality, it’s mind blowing. I hope they all die.

L_Chingon Says, in 7-13-2012 at 12:17:43 from    

Look, it’s very simple everyone. If you hold a world dick sucking competition Kim would not even win the Los Angeles regional. I’ve seen the evidence on video. If you hold a world MMA competition for women, Ronda would probably come in second (or first if you don’t allow the scary Brazilian gentleman to enter). It’s clear that respective to their chosen field of work, Ronda is better at what she does. Either way I’d be interested in playing two girls, one johnson with them. Maybe show em the foot fist way if you know what I mean.

stevenseagalsprodigy Says, in 7-13-2012 at 13:49:56 from    

L chingon your an idiot … Kim has more money then Ronda would make in 10 lifetimes.. her security would smash rondas face in .. so now who won ?

ryeboi Says, in 7-13-2012 at 14:12:03 from    

Anybody defending Kim should do us all a favor by looking at themselves in the mirror and headbutting as hard as they can. That way we’ll be able to distinguish between the feeble minded who are awestruck from fame vs the people who only give respect to people who earn it.

Ronda is olympic level judo player and a world class MMA fighter. Kim is famous for making a sex video with a Brandy’s brother, which puts Kim K. in the same category as Jenna Jameson, Tera Patrick, Sasha Grey and all other people who F*** for money…

While Ronda is in the same category as people like Dan Gable, Cael Sanderson, Cassius Clay, Evander Holyfield, Sugar Ray Leonard, Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Usain Bolt, Carl Lewis, Shannon Miller, Greg Louganis…and all the other people who have achieved greatness by becoming one of the top athletes in the world.

stevenseagalsprodigy Says, in 7-13-2012 at 15:40:47 from    

^^^ hahahaha You should kick you self in the ass , micheal phelps has what 9 medals ? And Michael Jordan ? Are you kidding me ? Maybe you can put kobe in the r**e category …

paddedummy Says, in 7-13-2012 at 16:26:59 from    

Kim is NOT white! It is still repulsive that she put’s black wang in her sewer of mouth because she is light skinned enough for her kids to pass for white if she could actually find a white man attracted to her misproportionate hindquarters

Op_of_Faith Says, in 7-13-2012 at 18:08:15 from    

@Paddedummy…wow…shouldn’t you be on the Nazi board or something?

Uriah’s Chin Says, in 7-13-2012 at 19:22:37 from    

^^^ Racist say what?

Buckethead Says, in 7-13-2012 at 23:12:22 from    

Can’t wait till Sarah knocks her the F*** out

mory Says, in 7-14-2012 at 00:16:39 from    

Both girls have a mouth men is all im saying

k1superstar Says, in 7-14-2012 at 01:45:37 from    

I hate this woman shes so ugly and her voice is so damn annoying.. she preaches like she think she actually is someone, she actually thinks shes good looking. Shes also a 1 trick pony (armbar)

er.. Says, in 7-14-2012 at 07:29:13 from    

yikes… n’ then she opens her mouth

KungFuLowKick Says, in 7-14-2012 at 20:38:43 from    

paddedummy the crazy racist just hit again.Go F*** your sister and give her a 7th chil;d you inbred.

Op_of_faith Says, in 7-15-2012 at 17:44:46 from    

@Uriah’s Chin…WTF?

As a Blackman who grew up in San Francisco with Asian, Gay and Latino Neighbors and STILL knows a whole cross section of people-THAT comment showed me how stupid you actually are…of ALL the dumb shxt I’ve read from some of the IDIOTS on this board-THAT takes the prize. Please kill yourself and make the world a better place.


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