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marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 8-15-2013 at 18:23:51 from    

lmao bitch is so ugly

T’Challa Says, in 8-15-2013 at 19:03:37 from    

Lol.. even when she’s trying to look sexy, she still looks angry.

Stranger Says, in 8-15-2013 at 19:11:42 from    

^shes out of your league, sir.

Ozinator Says, in 8-15-2013 at 20:49:32 from    

I don’t want my little sister seeing this!

compcast Says, in 8-15-2013 at 20:54:16 from    

Miesha Tate knocking her off from head to toe

jose veyna Says, in 8-15-2013 at 21:58:16 from    

This has to be a joke!!are there not pretty girls outhere? to take pics of???… as we say in Spanish “ahunque el mono se vista de seda,,mono se queda”…”Even if you dress up a monkey,,Monkey still is”

luke Says, in 8-16-2013 at 00:37:53 from    

Damn, bunch of haters! Give the girl a break, let her make her way in the world, jeeze lighten up.

OG mma Says, in 8-16-2013 at 01:25:09 from    

Blake livley on steroids LOL!!!! STR8 UP

MR. Creepy Says, in 8-16-2013 at 01:42:52 from    

u guys are such idiots…she is a very good looking woman..u idiots..wouldnt even know what to do with that besides gwak n stutter…love to see what u monkeys look like….ur pathetic

YODA Says, in 8-16-2013 at 04:53:54 from    

LMAO Miesha is waaaay hotter

shocktime Says, in 8-16-2013 at 05:35:14 from    

I do her everyday and twice on Sunday. Not the best looking chick, but she’s far from the worse.

Twana Says, in 8-16-2013 at 08:02:42 from    

Even with a condom I wouldn’t fxxx her.

stu11 Says, in 8-16-2013 at 10:05:36 from    

You are all GAY. Her body is smokin’. Not the best face, but not “butter” either.

darby Says, in 8-16-2013 at 12:54:59 from    

if she would have smiled like she did at the end of the vid it would have been a better photoshoot and not angry face. but ya for anyone saying shes nasty and what not, i would do her for sure lol

CycloneX Says, in 8-16-2013 at 14:20:49 from    

One Olympian to another,,we do it 3 times in 2 hours :-)
So much for the common man ;-)

Meat Drapes Says, in 8-16-2013 at 16:45:58 from    

Pudding face is a 7 at best. Can’t wait until this hype is over.

failsonnen Says, in 8-16-2013 at 17:08:25 from    

The photoshoot would be better if she was rolling around nake in oil with Miesha


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