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greengiant Says, in 4-10-2013 at 13:42:49 from    

No matter what she says she will not fight cyborg at 140 or above because cyborg would be too strong.She wants cyborg at a weakened state period.

Joe Dog Says, in 4-10-2013 at 15:31:51 from    

Not much of a “prediction”, other than the obvious in that she will fight (armbar) the winner. I’m guessin’ Dana and company are hoping Tate wins her fight with Zingano. In my opinion, Tate would be a better TUF coach than Zingano at least for the show ratings. It seems Tate is well spoken, knowledgeable, and enthused. Besides having a top drawer bottom to admire, she is sort of the Rousey arch rival character in this UFC story. Good television stuff.

memphismike Says, in 4-10-2013 at 16:27:11 from    

@greengiant stop spending all your money on chito and cyborgs hype,this wasnt even about her yet you still comment.u piss me off talkin bout that roid ass bitch,cmon this is about the #1&#4 contenders fighting for a title shot and i would like to see two undefeated women fight so go kat.(greengiant if u were just tryin to trash talk RR then be original about it say something like she wants Tate to win cause she already beat her and is afraid to fight undefeated kat)-not how i feel i think RR is a beast-thx for vid bruno

Your_Daddy Says, in 4-10-2013 at 17:47:55 from    

If I was a woman, I wouldn’t want to fight Cyborg either. It’s completely unfair to compete against someone who is a known cheater.

However, the point is moot – her steroid use automatically disqualifies her as a serious contender – as it should any fighter who is caught cheating.

And, to suggest that she can’t get down to 135 is a specious argument (look it up). She’s a 5’8″ woman, not a 6’4″ man.

If she really wants to take Ronda’s belt, have her tested once a week, every week, for 6 months (at her own expense). By then, she shouldn’t have any problem whatsoever making 135.

I’d be willing to bet that Ronda would have no problem snapping her arm a la Meisha Tate.

Blue_Zombie Says, in 4-10-2013 at 19:25:57 from    

No one should be blaming Ronda for not fighting Cristiane Santos. It’s not the fighters that choose their opponents or create the circumstances in which they do so…. It’s their promoters. If money talks it will happen and at the moment the UFC’s milking Ronda’s rise to fame… Who can blame them really?

B-Real Says, in 4-10-2013 at 20:06:34 from    

Lookin like Rhonda’s about 150 lbs. Cut weight and fight the true champ…Cyborg baby!!! You can make 140-145 girly. Rhonda’s an insane fighter, but Cyborg is the fighter from hell! They’re both special in their unique gifts, but I really feel Cyborg can nullify Rhonda’s Judo and grappling. Strength alone, Cris Santos will defend the armbar forsure. Rhonda should do whatever it takes to see if she is truely the best. That’s what really defines the true champ! Besides, how could you look back on your career and say, I could’ve, but I didn’t fight the one person (in both of your primes) “the majority of people” said was “really” the best. C’mon Rhonda!

MMAgiantsilva Says, in 4-10-2013 at 21:56:03 from    

I agree 100%. I also laughed when she said in the video I want to fight the best. That was a good chuckle.

ditchpigii Says, in 4-10-2013 at 22:14:12 from    

@ B-Real Says

“Strength alone, Cris Santos will defend the armbar forsure.”

Ah, Yeah!….Because she is a roider!!! What don’t you guys understand about that?

Judging by her mass, and facial bone structure she’s been at it a while, too.

I don’t care how talented she is — and she is, for sure — she is a cheat, and could seriously injure another fighter because of it.

Now, if all natural, 20% body fat, can-barely-make-145, chubby (but hot) Gina Carano can manage to get mount on Cristiane, you can bet your ass an Olympic bronze medal Judoka will be able to take her down, and probably do something with it.

Actually, I’m not even hung up on the weight thing.

Tito should offer Cristiane will do 6-12 months of weekly Olympic style testing for a one off super fight at 145. I would take Rousey in that fight. If Cris wants the belt though, she has to come down and get it.

I think they will fight eventually, but Ronda wants to make some money first and make sure Cyborg is clean by making her come in at 135.

Rant over. Sorry

ml Says, in 4-11-2013 at 00:00:03 from    

Folks need to get off the ‘roider’ thing. She got caught, was suspended, and cleared. s*** Stephan Bonner tested positive once, remained a fan fav. and got a shot at Anderson Silva (of course he cheated again…) But damn give the girl a break already …

Tear Says, in 4-11-2013 at 01:27:42 from    

No way Ronda is 150 pounds, she is at least 180 pounds in this interview. No wonder she stated that she only eats 5 meals a week to make weight before a fight.

B-Real Says, in 4-11-2013 at 12:28:23 from    

Everyone keeps talking about roids, but look at Overeem. After he got caught and got off of it, it destroyed his game. He wasn’t as ripped for the Big Foot fight and he got smashed. My point is, if Your complaint is that Cybord “use to” use rounds, then the same argument can be made that, get off of it would destroy her game. She being tested consistently now for two years. I still saw the same beast in her last fight and still believe she will exterminate Rhonda.

Anyone that relied on PED’s to perform should have a negative effect in their performance once getting off of it, so the whole “Roid” issue is reall, a “non-issue”.

Just my opinion of course.

808beans Says, in 4-11-2013 at 19:13:55 from    

I hope Miriam Nakamoto gets in the UFC… Homegirl is a beast…one of the best female strikers out there

KungFuLowKick Says, in 4-11-2013 at 20:04:32 from    

You are insane man.Every Rona video you say she weighs at least 180…What are you??Some kind of autistic guy who can guess people’s weight by seeing them on a TV??Stop being a hater.If she would go up to 180 she would never make 135.The biggest guys in 135 go up to 175 MAX.Urijah is 170 and he,s bigger then Ronda…


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