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dirty mind Says, in 8-1-2013 at 16:47:34 from    

Ronda Rousey Explains Why She Fingered Miesha Tate

i’d love to see video of that!

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 8-1-2013 at 17:00:43 from    

yea the armenians were almost completely wiped out unlike other phony genocides that we’ve all heard of

jdogg Says, in 8-1-2013 at 17:04:29 from    

@ Marvelous – Not sure what you’re talking about. Please explain.

Krio Says, in 8-1-2013 at 17:15:13 from    


He’s talking about the “jews” everybody cries that a lot of jews died during the war the the fact is Europe had more death and the russian got the most death and nobody is talking about them…

Genghis Khan Says, in 8-1-2013 at 17:17:47 from    

So basically she acted like a fool during the filming and is now embarrassed how she’ll be perceived by her fans … Someone needs to ko this retard for good.

Genghis Khan Says, in 8-1-2013 at 17:23:55 from    

@Jdogg: he’s probably referring to the Rwanda genocide. Don’t mind him, he’s our racist buffoon in this site.

On Tape Says, in 8-1-2013 at 17:42:55 from    

lol – good one Dirty.

tkou Says, in 8-1-2013 at 17:44:54 from    

i don’t blame her, i would have fingered miesha myself too, and much much more!

T’Challa Says, in 8-1-2013 at 17:56:49 from    

LOL at the title.. Bruno is one funny mofo..

Ronda is become more and more hate-able each time she speaks. Only Cyborg can stop this foolishness.

Lord Faron Says, in 8-1-2013 at 18:58:54 from    

love it hate it you’ll still talk about it :}
female Chael Sonnen? lol! IDK its kind of ok until the female fighters look like sasquatch lol!

B-Real Says, in 8-1-2013 at 19:18:33 from    


KungFuLowKick Says, in 8-1-2013 at 19:50:22 from    

The title got me confused a bit. :)
I like how people try to downplay the jew genocide. Even if it was 1 million instead of 6, 1 million is still a shitload of people. But we all know Krio and Marvelous are the MMATKO racists/haters.

Stranger Says, in 8-1-2013 at 20:11:41 from    

I love the title you put up Bruno
video was boring though

Stan Says, in 8-1-2013 at 20:58:20 from    

I see what you did there.

Chicago Says, in 8-1-2013 at 21:59:39 from    

I have a few friends in Bulgaria and they said that the cast was running through young hot eastern European ass during the last film.

dipninja Says, in 8-1-2013 at 22:36:37 from    

Yep her fighters lost. She can be read like a book!

mrl3 Says, in 8-1-2013 at 22:41:41 from    

Ronda acts like she’s in middle school….. Completely Ugly!

mrl3 Says, in 8-1-2013 at 22:44:10 from    

You can just smell the arrogance……or is it ignorance? I really can’t tell….

mrl3 Says, in 8-1-2013 at 22:48:29 from    

I think I’d rather listen to Tank for 12 hours straight…..than to listen to another word out of Ronda’s mouth.

mrl3 Says, in 8-1-2013 at 22:48:49 from    

I feel more and more retarded each time I listen to her.

mrl3 Says, in 8-1-2013 at 22:52:28 from    

Ronda’s too retarded to pull off a “Chael Sonnen.”

Facefrack Says, in 8-2-2013 at 01:45:35 from    

Marvelous and Krio do have a history of spouting racist nonsense that we should basically just shun, but in this case we have a little bit of a “boy who cried wolf” phenomenon, at least with Marvelous. All of the racist garbage that you have posted on here, Marvelous, has made it impossible to communicate with people and get them to hear you when you have something real to say. In fact, the Armenian Genocide was among the worst exterminations of people to ever happen. Just look up “Armenian Genocide” on wikipedia for a little bit of a history lesson n don’t say anything more about this unless you have.

@Genghis Khan: Marvelous obviously doesn’t have the market cornered on being a buffoon. Go read something educational.

Ronda Rousey is not my favorite person, or my favorite fighter, but the hate-responses on this page mostly just reflect badly on the people who wrote them. I hope you all find some healthier n more constructive means of processing the frustration that you apparently accumulate throughout your lives, because it isn’t at all possible that this video was really what caused you all to become so vitriolic.

Barney Gumble Says, in 8-2-2013 at 02:15:23 from    

The reptile in me was praying this title was literal.

rot Says, in 8-2-2013 at 04:06:38 from    

to marvelous mad madam mim and Krio its sad that you think like that but your just two littel boys and racict ass holls ,dont talk on something that you dont now and understand .

DaMilkman Says, in 8-2-2013 at 06:19:18 from    

HaHa that title is GOLD Bruno!… It seems she’s goin’ 4 the Chael route by making us want 2 c her get’ beat up with the whole “love me or hate me as long as u debate me” BS. Some1 stick an apple in her mouth & put her on the spit-roast please!

Twana Says, in 8-2-2013 at 08:15:05 from    

Giving other people finger tells a lot about her….

frontlinemma Says, in 8-2-2013 at 10:16:40 from    

Ronda Rousey Explains Why She Fingered Miesha Tate… Great title. To bad the video sucked.


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