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kung fu k9 Says, in 1-13-2013 at 16:36:54 from    

goodluck in the UFC roger, gonna get your @ss kicked…

Dharmaboy Says, in 1-13-2013 at 17:52:35 from    

no stand up as usual. the monsters in the UFC are going to get this ground game only bum.

tobes Says, in 1-13-2013 at 18:33:09 from    

@Dharmaboy… Roger Gracie is one of the greatest gi jiu-jitsu practitioners ever and you call him a ‘bum’? ridiculous

Powertele Says, in 1-13-2013 at 20:24:05 from    

Yeah, how is he a bum. I took the fight to where he is a specialist. The other guy should have used his boxing to keep it on the feet.

humboldtrep Says, in 1-13-2013 at 20:26:30 from    

Strikeforce and UFC are mma not gi jiujitsu.

bum Says, in 1-13-2013 at 20:27:16 from    

Don’t insult me like that.

Dharmaboy Says, in 1-13-2013 at 21:38:22 from    

One trick ponies usually get figured out in the UFC. he will get knocked out and that will be the end of that.

shitface Says, in 1-13-2013 at 23:11:29 from    

Terrible stand up and poor take downs will no get him far in the ufc.

jona Says, in 1-13-2013 at 23:11:36 from    

Gsp make alot of money just staying there like wet paper every time, at least gracie go for submisions .

Jadda Says, in 1-14-2013 at 02:55:22 from    

He’s already been knocked out in Strikeforce. It wasn’t the end of that.
As long as he can get it to the ground, he’ll be fine. His standup lacks alot.

Sammy Says, in 1-14-2013 at 03:35:21 from    

his wrestling still looks elementary and BJJ is pretty useless without take downs, don’t see him going far in the LHW division in the UFC.

rayroy Says, in 1-14-2013 at 14:23:29 from    

I have been practicing BJJ for about a year. I realized that I needed to start training in wrestling. After just learning a little bit of wresting, my game is majorly improved. You feel so much more confident in your ground game when you know that you can take people down.

c Hill Says, in 1-15-2013 at 02:41:28 from    

peopel may say what they want but no one in the world.!!! compares to this man on the ground who fights in the ufc. This guys stands a better chance of submitting guys (if it goes to the ground) then any wrestler out there.
so i have some respect for roger

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 1-15-2013 at 12:01:13 from    

Put GSP against lower level fighters like Roger is fighting and GSP will win all by finishes.

But unlike guys here I don’t hate him.Roger is a good grappler who needs more pratice in wrestling and striking.He already knows and it’s not guys on an MMA website who will make him realize that.At least he has the balls to compete in pro MMA with limited striking.And he has the chance to submit guys.It’s not like the UFC doesn’t have one dimensional guys…Jake Shields,Paul Sass,Pat Barry,Lavar Johnson etc.I could go on and on.These guys are not champions but they are far from bums and they can win fights.It’s not because you won’t be the 5 years in a row undisputed world champion that you don’t deserve to be in the UFC.

osama bin in vegas Says, in 1-16-2013 at 16:41:56 from    

yea you idiots shoudlnt talk about roger like that hes a magician in BJJ…..have some respect for giants like that


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