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IIIIIIII Says, in 8-30-2011 at 21:36:11 from    

it’s tough for both of them to talk about, since they’re both employed by the ufc.

but let’s get real: a fighter’s union is exactly what this sport needs. yes, the fighters do agree to fight based on the contact they sign. but they sign it, because they don’t have another option. no other mma organization is big enough to compete.

i think you need to look at the PERCENTAGE of the revenue that the ufc is taking for themselves in comparison to the amount that the fighters are making. and i think THERE is where you’ll find the amount of money that the fighters should be rightfully making.

If the UFC can make the pay comparable in percentage to the other major sports, then you’d see a lot more balanced payout for the fighters.

straightAhead Says, in 8-30-2011 at 21:59:25 from    

Interesting response about the comparison to boxing and other combat sports not having unions…. I am not sure about how I feel about this issue… If the fighters themselves are satisfied then good for them. Who are we as the fans to complain on their behalf if they themselves are not complaining. Although I have heard of other fighters having issues with not being able to make money on the side, and not having health insurance, etc.

BigdaddyMMA Says, in 8-30-2011 at 23:42:53 from    

Can anyone say, duck, duck, goose lol.

hond2dciv Says, in 8-31-2011 at 00:43:32 from    

Given the UFCs willingness to fire fighters they have personal beef with, it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see these two get let go immediately.

wookiepie Says, in 8-31-2011 at 07:43:55 from    

watch these guys get cut like a jewish boy’s foreskin.

oldassgrappler Says, in 8-31-2011 at 11:59:18 from    

Why would the mob start a business within itself?

k9aid Says, in 8-31-2011 at 12:01:21 from    

Sounds like they said all the right things

KungFuLowKick Says, in 8-31-2011 at 14:17:03 from    

Like i said in another post,Dana has a million $ private jet,the fertitas have jets too they live like rockastars but pay guys in the undercard 4k and guys in the untelevised get less then that…Fighters only liv beause of the sponsors UFC dont pay s***.They make millions with a PPV featuring GSP or Silva and they pay them 400k(they also get PPV cuts wich is what makes their money).Why can boxing promoters still be rich and pay a s*** load of money to their boxers??Maybe they arent total thieves like Dana White thats why he likes Chael they’re the same.Boxers in the top 50 who fight on HBO get paid more then top 10 guys in the UFC but Boxing isnt as popular as MMA…Definetly need a figher’s union

FEDOR=GOD-3 :(! Says, in 8-31-2011 at 14:43:44 from    

Agreed with kunFuLowKick

MMA Richmond Says, in 8-31-2011 at 17:03:20 from    

From what I hear, the fighters seem to be getting paid what they’re worth, currently.

How TV will change that… we’ll see.

ChokeFInger Says, in 8-31-2011 at 18:48:12 from    

Yep, unions have done wonders for every other profession… not.

fufc Says, in 8-31-2011 at 20:17:09 from    

well if nba and nfl players who are already getting paid millions can go on strike, why not fighters

snype6969 Says, in 8-31-2011 at 23:46:17 from    

not agreeing with the low pay cuz it should change, but. mma fighters fight much more often and there are constantly ppvs sometimes 3 times a month featuring a slew of fighters old and new. the majority of boxers especially the big names fight every couple years. where as mma fighters are about every 2 months. there is alot more opportunity for a fighter to get to the ufc and have a shot than it is for a mid tier boxer to even see tv time. the money is much more spread around in mma than boxing.

snype6969 Says, in 8-31-2011 at 23:54:31 from    

a big name boxer can make up to 50 mil in one fight. but ask ur self this. how many big names are in boxing nowadays selling out huge arenas and rakin it in on ppv??? and now ask ur self how many big name draws are in mma??? just let it marinate.

steamer Says, in 9-1-2011 at 02:37:40 from    

these guys are echoing what I said years ago when the whole Fedor feud was still going on. Just being under the UFC banner will provide so many opportunities. These guys aren’t poor. With recent developments with the UFC being picked up by FOX, it’s only going to get better. All you have to do is win, and not be a dick. Look at Nick Diaz. He was an awesome talent, but had such a negative attitude, he’s spent the last 6 or 7 yrs fighting for b level organizations. He’s now got a fight with GSP and is finally moving back up to the big leagues, but could you imagine where his career would be if he had just played ball? Fighters by nature play by their own rules, but there’s something to be said for having enough sense not to bite the hand that feeds you.

j25ack Says, in 9-1-2011 at 21:17:20 from    

Unions have screwed up everything everywhere it is tried. So why not try it here.

Fatty_Sam86 Says, in 9-2-2011 at 01:09:08 from    

@ChokeFinger … than the NFL, NBA, MLB, AAAANNND MMA can all have lock outs! Yes! Can’t Wait!

And if anyone ever googles/wikipedias each event, it will tell the gate revenue for each event. So how are Dana and the Fertitta’s raking in money if each event only makes a few million dollars? They have to pay (just to name a few) 1: The arena for the space. 2: The logistics crew. 3: Mech/Tech crews. 4: Every other employee in the UFC. 5: The fighters… ALL 30 or so on each card…

I never want to see MMA fighters getting boxing money, cuz than you’ll have cowards like Floyd Mayweather scared to fight and lose their $23453453454 million paycheck… cuz he knows he’ll lose to Pac-man.

Ditchpigii Says, in 9-2-2011 at 02:44:26 from    

No hard feelings, but your comment is woefully simplistic. Pre Union England:
6 day work week; 12 to 14 hour days ; sick- you’re f***** ; injured otj – you’re
f*****. Everything you expect as normal today, was fought for and negotiated thru a labour management struggle. The us constitution protects freedom of association, if the fighters wish to band together to negotiate terms of employment with their employer, they have the right to do this.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 9-2-2011 at 13:16:56 from    

Then if they only make a little money like you say with each PPV how come they can buy planes and still pay all that?They make WAY MORE money then what they write on google.And when the camera guy is better paid then a fighter on the untelevised card there’s a problem.And maybe only 30% of the UFC fighters make good money.The rest absolutly need sponsors or they wouldnt be able to just live.Because if you count that they can only make 4k each 2-3 months that means they are paid as well as a guy who works at walmart if we only take his UFC paycheck.Dont tell me 12k a year is well paid for a guy who puts his health on the line.

Tony Says, in 9-2-2011 at 17:02:40 from    

You asked how many mma fighters are big draws?? Are u kidding??
Anderson Silva, GSP, Brock lesner, dan henderson, overeem, Cain velasquez, dos Santos, just to mention a few are HUGE draws in mma. Boxing has who? Mayweather, when he’s not busy counting his millions, and A few others. The amount of under cards – quality under cards – is what makes mma so great. Thanks to Bruno…we can see it all here. Mma is big and it’s getting bigger.


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