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d Says, in 12-10-2011 at 20:27:45 from    

How is that not illegal? How can he protect from that.

juniordoslightsout Says, in 12-10-2011 at 20:55:04 from    

d you are obviously a wrestler when a person shoots on you you have to be able to defend some how or else we end up watching finch and GSP rule the world. thats like saying you can’t knee a guy if he shoots on you or if a guy turns his back to you you can’t punch him in the back of the head. if you expose your self while shooting its your own damn vault.

alwaysright Says, in 12-10-2011 at 21:16:06 from    

I wonder how many more times tonight Joe Rogan says something stupid? “What a crazy stoppage”. Uh. It was a perfect stoppage! Nothing crazy about that!

Iconoclast Says, in 12-10-2011 at 21:25:55 from    

Looked legal to me assuming the state rule is the mohawk rule and not the hemispheric rule.

feynmanshomeboy Says, in 12-10-2011 at 21:29:20 from    

Elbow strikes of that type are fairly common. They seem to be right on the verge of two illegal moves: the ‘downward’ elbow and the blow to the back of the head. Hecht was able to generate tremendous power in just a few inches of diagonal movement right to the ear.

Wrestlers need to adapt by not leaving their heads so vulnerable. The safety of the fighters is paramount, but how many restrictions do strikers face compared to restrictions on wrestlers?

j172 Says, in 12-10-2011 at 21:31:29 from    

Hey d, I tought the same at first but then i saw the replay and they were to the side of the head not the back. Especially the second elbow, it hit right on the temple and caused rich to fold.

kaobeto Says, in 12-10-2011 at 21:40:18 from    

if this is legal…bring the knees to the head of grounded opponent and soccer kicks back,
Vale-tudo style

Iconoclast Says, in 12-10-2011 at 21:42:19 from    

I guess now that I see that it’s in Canada, I guess it’s up to whatever body sanctions fights in Canada as to how they interpret “the back of the head”.

CycloneX Says, in 12-10-2011 at 22:15:06 from    

What happened to the ref?? Thats behind the head with downward strikes.I never seen it anywhere in competition..TUF or the UFC.

Sleeping Ref.

PitfighterZ Says, in 12-10-2011 at 22:48:37 from    

Those were actually right behind the ear. It probably affected Attonito’s inner ear and that’s why he folded.
That’s a “sweet spot” to hit as it will always mess your opponent’s balance, but it can really cause total shut down if you hit it hard enough.
I don’t see anything wrong with it, but I also like vale-tudo rules…

Sweetlander Says, in 12-11-2011 at 13:43:40 from    

@juniordoslightsout I didn’t know Finch fought GSP, I just remember him from the American Pie movies…….


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