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robj4y Says, in 1-25-2012 at 20:55:59 from    

i can hear rampages words….”COCKY” !

ramrod Says, in 1-25-2012 at 21:58:47 from    

i can just hear rashad talking crap “call me” “call me” “call me” when he was on bas rutten show lol 123 takers lol

rashadfan Says, in 1-25-2012 at 23:33:34 from    

He is cocky but so are most fighters. He actually looked less cocky in this show then usual except for the ending part. I think he’ll win easily.

Grape Soda Says, in 1-25-2012 at 23:39:49 from    

Not a big Rashad fan, I HATE Chicago but he takes this fight, Davis is still too green.

ThatDude Says, in 1-26-2012 at 00:26:44 from    

Rashads working hard. phills no push over, but I think Rashad can pull it off

JEFF Says, in 1-26-2012 at 00:40:19 from    

You Will See a New Legend Rise For those of you who are sleep on Phil Davis

FailSonnen Says, in 1-26-2012 at 00:58:21 from    

I think he’s a little delusional about the fan crowd mentality because I could easily see the crowd cheering for him if he fights Bones Jones

Dream Machine… Says, in 1-26-2012 at 05:04:27 from    

I will always root for Rashad.
He’s always the underdog. Just a regular brotha that can kick your ass. Like me.

Rio_Warrior Says, in 1-26-2012 at 06:21:46 from    

Cuba Gooding Jr.

baller Says, in 1-26-2012 at 09:40:16 from    

yes but good

kaution35 Says, in 1-26-2012 at 09:45:36 from    

Str8t up I want Evans to beat Phil simply because its him or Hendo to put Jones in normal man’s land. Dude just went to far and smelling his own hype funk. Rampage shouldve/couldve but didn’t beat this kid simply because he lost before he walked into the octagon. Rashad won’t do it. His mindset won’t allow it nor will Hendo’s. Other than that Phil’s time will come, just not now.

Lodovik Says, in 1-26-2012 at 11:56:42 from    

The ending was bad, but not as much as what he did before the Tito fight. other than that, I wonder how much is his stand up improving, as he is training with Tyrone Sponge.

. Says, in 1-26-2012 at 16:15:27 from    

is that marquardt at 6:30? if that him hes lookin massive.


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