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buster818 Says, in 7-19-2009 at 04:43:58 from    

Black on Black Crime

replacement Says, in 7-19-2009 at 05:39:47 from    

I love Rampage’s sense of humour. UFC should make the most of him and set up a reality show just for him and all the crazy junk he talks.

Belair Says, in 7-19-2009 at 05:47:33 from    

What the Hell is that language?
Man, that was some jive turkey talkin Geto surprise!

flash_aha Says, in 7-19-2009 at 05:48:54 from    

lol, worth it for the last ten seconds.

whitey_rolls Says, in 7-19-2009 at 06:43:21 from    

lol ,,,,,, King Mo the best? worth a laugh anyways.

joey Says, in 7-19-2009 at 07:34:48 from    

that was pretty entertaining

…bumpin gums…

zero Says, in 7-19-2009 at 07:47:53 from    

lol “you been in the hood – kkk looking muthaf*&(^”

**awaits comments on racism double standard / i dont understand what they are saying**

Kokin Says, in 7-19-2009 at 08:22:59 from    

Interpreter over here please!!

keef Says, in 7-19-2009 at 08:40:06 from    

Hey Bruno, is it possible to repost this subtitles for all us caucasians?

paleface Says, in 7-19-2009 at 09:05:13 from    

“what everybody say . . . what happened” too funny

juice Says, in 7-19-2009 at 09:36:19 from    

Is that Bobby Lashley to the left? What are these three doing together for autograph signing?

Relik86 Says, in 7-19-2009 at 11:14:36 from    

Anyone wanna translate this…? lol

mr. x Says, in 7-19-2009 at 11:15:54 from    

Damn,for spending four years in college King Mo is still ghetto as s***.

n … tweaker! Says, in 7-19-2009 at 11:34:26 from    

3 of the coolest mma fighters in a car! NICE!

bumping gums
The act of talking too much. Especially about what one is going to do or has done, but never doing or being about whats talked so much about.

solidseifer Says, in 7-19-2009 at 11:45:39 from    

Right, same thing that I was thinking. When did these guys get together.

Also, Rampage would beat that ass.

DarkMetal Says, in 7-19-2009 at 11:55:26 from    

Wow, and I thought Rampage was hard to understand. King Mo makes Rampage sound like a Rhodes scholar.
Nice use of the “N word” every 5 seconds, Mo…sheesh.

tilegendit Says, in 7-19-2009 at 12:17:32 from    

I agree, King mo is way too cocky for having no experience. Rampage is right “my mouth don’t write cheques my ass can’t cash”. He’s proven himself against legends unlike Mo who just thinks he’s too good. If he really did fight Rampage he’d get KTFO like the clown that he is.

greysaku Says, in 7-19-2009 at 12:46:14 from    

holy s*** look at bobby just sitting there just laughing his ass off…lol

murrell Says, in 7-19-2009 at 13:11:24 from    

I wonder what would happen If a white person used the N-word that much and told a black guy to shut his black ass up? can we say Double standard!!!!

infamous_alc Says, in 7-19-2009 at 13:48:32 from    

They were all at the Cagefighter booth at the ufc 100 fan expo.Lashely was a DICK!

JeddRizzun Says, in 7-19-2009 at 13:56:34 from    

It goes to show how powerful Rampage’s presence is , King Moe could not handle it. I could see it in rampages eyes.. he was just waiting for Moe to swing at him.

BomberB Says, in 7-19-2009 at 14:05:40 from    

Rampage just exudes confidence he doesn’t loose his cool at all! king mo sounds like a bit of a gob shite.

Androly-San Says, in 7-19-2009 at 14:17:30 from    

I had to think really hard to make out half of what they were saying. That ain’t english, lol.

murrell Says, in 7-19-2009 at 15:30:40 from    

I wonder what would happen if a white guy told a black guy to shut his black ass up? and used the N word like they did, total Double standard in today’s world, and they wonder why theres still racism!

HaVoK Says, in 7-19-2009 at 16:05:27 from    

Got to resort to uneducated gheto talking rhetoric. So good for the sport…lets turn it into the NBA. Ramapage’s best friend is white but get him around some black folk and his true racist colors shine through. Typical.

R Says, in 7-19-2009 at 18:28:00 from    

Rampage called Lashley A Bubba Gump lookin’ mutha fucka, HAHA! that s*** was the best part.

djboogie Says, in 7-19-2009 at 19:01:00 from    

in the hood ment klansman hood !!!!!!!!!!!!!! get it boys in the hood!!!!!!!!!

Train Says, in 7-19-2009 at 19:07:18 from    

Is that Bobby Lashley by the window?

knockon Says, in 7-19-2009 at 19:14:01 from    

rampage is simply the best.

elbetoflaco Says, in 7-19-2009 at 20:50:37 from    

Damn, King mo knocks out a couple of Japanese dudes and he says he’s the best? This dude needs to chill out and get a few wins with top contenders until he can let it all out..

fedor Says, in 7-19-2009 at 21:36:34 from    

Rampage by unanimous decision

ksg Says, in 7-19-2009 at 22:31:54 from    

Basically Mumhammed thinks he is the s*** before fighting real competiton and rampage is setting him straight. Lol Lashley so quiet he should say something come on part 2 lol.

Whitey Says, in 7-19-2009 at 23:46:25 from    


danablows Says, in 7-20-2009 at 00:17:18 from    

whose the kumbaya bubblegums idiot at the end? way to spoil some quality chatter!

gummo-815 Says, in 7-20-2009 at 06:21:01 from    

i think rampage was callin’ lashley “bubba gump” lmao

Steamer Bean Says, in 7-20-2009 at 12:00:18 from    

lol, yeah, you could tell, Lashley is officially Bubba Gump when Rampage is around, that’s awesome

onewayticket Says, in 7-20-2009 at 13:19:21 from    

Page is the s***…that foo is funnier then most stand up comics on comedy central.

carsonbrian Says, in 7-20-2009 at 14:08:06 from    

“You said the biggest legend you fought was Travis View, view these nuts on yo chin motha fucka. View these nuts on yo chin.”


knockinniggazout Says, in 7-20-2009 at 14:31:41 from    

“You see my defense?”

junglerottjim Says, in 7-20-2009 at 16:29:26 from    

Are Lashley and King Mo competing on the show? wtf?

Slappy san Says, in 7-20-2009 at 18:52:35 from    

Beside the points where they talked over each other it was quite understandable. To say otherwise reveals your true feelings.

Slappy san Says, in 7-20-2009 at 18:54:23 from    

And Rampage spoke the truth. Mo is an up and comer but he needs to dial back his bravado. It’s good to have faith in yourself but you need to lay out some better competition in order to consider yourself the best.

What? Says, in 7-21-2009 at 01:23:25 from    

Omfg, I feel sorry for Lashley having to listen to these two J-Boo’s yip yap about who the F*** knows what.

Ahhhhhh… I need a break after listening to this crap.

Blandz Says, in 7-28-2009 at 14:27:18 from    


i f****** died when Rampage said that.


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