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PowerTele Says, in 9-23-2011 at 19:59:40 from    

He was showing mercy when he was punching during the GnP. Very nice of him. I hope that is not his strategy Saturday night.

Sephy Says, in 9-23-2011 at 20:01:55 from    

Now that’s some insane strength

icolater Says, in 9-23-2011 at 20:03:01 from    

Wonder if he can still produce a good old fasioned WWE style body slam, they might not be as effective as they are fun to watch but Rampage made his name with these cool slams and I for one want to see more, maybe a running power slam like the British Bulldog used to do or a undertaker thoomestone pilldriver would be nice or what about an elbow drop to a down oppenent that would be fu**ing sweet. yaeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

metallica fan Says, in 9-23-2011 at 20:18:45 from    

Dayum u think that guy woulda learned

xformat Says, in 9-23-2011 at 20:27:01 from    

Yes, I liked it. It was the finest slap fight I’ve ever seen. And those were four very ill advised body slams. I wouldn’t recommend using such an exhausting and enervating type of move so many times in a round. That’s a great way to burn your tank to low if not empty during the later stages of a fight. That’s my opinion, anyway.

PitfighterZ Says, in 9-23-2011 at 20:42:03 from    

How long has it been since Rampage last picked someone up and slammed the fool against the floor?
I liked Rampage better when he was this powerhouse of a wrestler than the bread and butter boxer he became mostly out of laziness. I want to see Rampage slam Bones in his head. Of course that might disqualify him nowadays, but it would be freaking funny. Although, there is a good chance that it will be the opposite.

murell Says, in 9-23-2011 at 20:46:04 from    

Jon Jones is right, Quinton is just like a turtle on his back,if the ref. wouldnt have stood them up Page would have taken a beating.

manycockwagon Says, in 9-23-2011 at 22:25:48 from    

thats the best bitch tossin yet!! I agree that body slams can be a waste of energy but it does take people out of their game, its a sevear (even google doesnt know what im talking about,)
mind F***!

bigsexy Says, in 9-23-2011 at 23:07:49 from    

the real story in this fight is marco bermudaz seems to be the innovator of lay and pray lol

SEAN_VANCE Says, in 9-23-2011 at 23:16:01 from    

Man gotta give props that that dude Marco, hes got heart…he got slammed hard, got mounted and escaped, tough guy went in there to win for sure

Dr steel Says, in 9-23-2011 at 23:37:28 from    


Shinka MMA Says, in 9-24-2011 at 00:34:42 from    

meh. The dude’s come a looooong way since then.

Those slams are fun to watch, but probably the dumbest options he could have utilized, given the various strikes and submissions he had available to him, and the clearly heavily padded floor.

Superman Says, in 9-24-2011 at 02:59:06 from    

Bruno who are you picking for Judas Jones vs Rampage?

Bruno: I have money on Rampage but I thing Jones will win.

gosuu Says, in 9-24-2011 at 05:39:18 from    

This is the s*** right here.

Nateismness Says, in 9-24-2011 at 08:06:43 from    


Jus want to say, love the site, check it daily, and i appreciate what you do for us!


Agreed Says, in 9-24-2011 at 15:56:00 from    

Agreed!! Bruno you contribute to our lives immensely. I check out this site bout 4/5 times daily and i’m never disappointed, Thanks Bro!


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