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mohammad Says, in 7-6-2008 at 09:49:06 from    

wow! first one. thanks alot for the video and great website.

twalker Says, in 7-6-2008 at 09:49:20 from    

Forrest was the aggressor in this fight, plain and simple. Really surprised about Quinton’s performance (or should i say non-performance) last night. Forrest just wanted it more last night.

throwback Says, in 7-6-2008 at 09:56:55 from    

Controversy? What controversy?

This was Griffin’s beyond question or doubt. Was winning the 1st easily, the best the KD does is even the round – clearly won rd 2, 3 close, 4 either way, 5 all Griffin.

No brainer.

kokin Says, in 7-6-2008 at 10:02:38 from    

Great fight.
Rampage should learn how to use his legs.
Hope Machida gets the next title shot!!!

GRIMTHUG Says, in 7-6-2008 at 10:09:49 from    

((RAMPAGE: people want to see an ass kicking. if you want to see an ass kicking just TUNE in to this fight then you see a real ass kicking)) hahahaha where the heck is that ass kicking now? LET THE EXCUSE BEGIN LOL

jarvis clayfield Says, in 7-6-2008 at 10:58:31 from    

what a great fight can’t wait for the rematch

giorgio92 Says, in 7-6-2008 at 11:12:18 from    

I’m madd…Rampage is liar…he promised his whole dam purse that the fight wouldn’t go to descison…he promised to spank forrest with the belt to…(not that I would like to see that)

kishoba Says, in 7-6-2008 at 11:36:22 from    

This was one of the most absurd decisions I have seen in the UFC, although I thought the Cote decision was rather poor last night also. Other than the leg kicks, Rampage clearly controlled the majority of the fight and dominated in grappling and effective striking. No damage was done by Forest at any point other than when he buckled Rampage’s leg, which he was unable to exploit for the remainder of the fight. Even if you do believe that Forest managed to win that fight, no true MMA fan can honestly say that 48-46 and 49-46 score cards is correct. Just plain absurd!

dr. whoop ass Says, in 7-6-2008 at 11:56:16 from    

hope to see machida fight for the belt wtf?? seriously dude he cant even finish Tito who was over the hill 2 years ago. Who nicknamed him the dragon anyway Bruce Lee must be turning on his grave everytime someone calls him that

dave Says, in 7-6-2008 at 12:03:19 from    

I believe this fight was close…but forrest did enough to take the win. Forrest had a great game plan not to overly commit and keep away from rampage’s power. Rampage also did go as well. I believe Forrest said that whenever he got hit, even if he parried a punch it would hurt alot.

Niv Says, in 7-6-2008 at 12:06:41 from    

kishoba I’m with you. I couldn’t see the fight live last night but my buddies called me and told me Forrest fought tough, but they thought Quinton won as well.

I watched the entire fight on the net and I gave Forrest the 2nd and 5th round at best. Quinton hit with more power shots throughout the fight.

No question a close fight but I didn’t think Forrest won that fight.

This is just another example in the pro fight business where the judges appear to be influenced by the crowd with the popular choice.

When Joe Rogan said he thought Griffin was winning in the 4th round I couldn’t believe it based on what I saw. At that point the only round he clearly won was the second round.

Well I like Forrest so good for him, I guess a rematch is probably in the works.

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 7-6-2008 at 12:13:02 from    

I love how this is the one web site were no one is tryieng to cry and wine that UFC is rigged.

IMO Forrest kicked Rampage to the curb and won the match decisivly. I mean look at both guys when the match ends and tell me who you think the winner is.

I went to watch this video at another site cuz it was down here and it was a terrible experience everyone seemed to think that Rampage was somehow robbed. I think that that are all newbs and are clueless to MMA.

I am excited about Forest Griffin as the new champ.

Jasonicus Says, in 7-6-2008 at 12:16:44 from    

I still think Jackson won this fight. Forrest fought well, but only really won the 2nd Rd. I hate to see a guy lose on the judges cards when he clearly landed more punches and did more damage. They need to do a rematch so Jackson can KO him next time, which he will. Probably one of the worst decision calls I have seen in the UFC in awhile. Pays to be Dana’s buddy.

Tapper Says, in 7-6-2008 at 12:27:51 from    

Absurd decicions ?? What fights were you wtching last nite ?? Not the fights i saw- The forrest decision was the correct one. Rampage dominated the grappling ?? If getting put in a triangle and spending 5 minutes getting mounted is dominating the grappling then i would have to say that you are not a true mma fan- you dont even understand the sport- were you one of the judges that scored the Bisping-Hammel fight for bisping ???

xx18codyxx81 Says, in 7-6-2008 at 12:29:08 from    

forest is in the best shape of his life he won by miles ..
whos next ?

rude boy Says, in 7-6-2008 at 12:33:12 from    

Total BULLSHIT!!! forrest was never effective with his connect and more so the ability to control the fight. Rampage clearly out number him with punches connect and the GROUND GAME.

Being the aggressor and not scoring effective should not allow you to WIN on points,for 65% the fight was a stand-up fight, RAMPAGE out score Forrest on all connect blows!! The GROUND FIGHT, given that forrest got round 2, Rampage took round 1 and 4, which puts him ahead on points.

A good fight deserve a fair scoring and the JUDGES must have being drinking RED RUM that night.

boyle Says, in 7-6-2008 at 12:42:16 from    

Are you kidding me? Who can actually say Rampage won that fight?

Round 2 Rampage was COMPLETELY dominated that was not a 10-9 round. 10-5 is more like it.

Every other round Forrest showed complete octagon control and kept rampage out of the center. He was pushed back every round.

Oh wait I forgot he tried to powerbomb him so fickle ignorant fans think he should of won from it.

mmafighter32 Says, in 7-6-2008 at 12:43:04 from    

forrest won the fight first round him second round him by 2 3rd and 4th rampage and last round forrest…forrest must have thrown about 50 leg kicks and missed with what 2? Rampage needs a cane to walk around today

Jasonicus Says, in 7-6-2008 at 12:46:13 from    

1st rd Forrest? What fight did you watch, mmafighter32? He almost got KO’d. Amazing the bias from some of you guys. Quit nuthugging on Forrest and watch the fight for what it was. I like Griffin and I am happy for him, but he didn’t win that fight.

Massive Says, in 7-6-2008 at 12:50:32 from    

If that’s all you have 2 do 2 beat the champion n the UFC then I’m not sure I’ll be watching any longer. The only major damage Griffin inflicted was from the leg kicks, & besides that he landed about 2 elbows n mount (2nd Round) & 1 combination (5th Round) that did minor damage. Most of his strikes were blocked by Rampage’s elbows & weren’t thrown with the intent 2 damage. The argument about the triangle choke was invalid because at no point did it seem like rampage was in trouble. I mean when you have time to adjust your grip for a powerbomb while in a fully locked triangle choke I’d say you weren’t close to tapping.
I’m a true fight fan and whether it’s boxing or MMA we all know (Or at least should know) that in a close fight that goes to decision the champion gets the benefit of the doubt and keeps his title. In the fifth round Forrest had to get a knockdown, takedown, or at dominate the round to get the title and he didn’t. This is just a ploy to get you guys shelling out money for the rematch lol.

VENOMOUS Says, in 7-6-2008 at 12:51:37 from    

i’ve always felt the if it comes down to decision for the Belt, you have to give it to the champ! cause Rampage didn’t get it by decision. Rampage proved that he deserved the belt by taking it without dispute and defending it. Griffen did awesome in holding his own against Rampage, but certainly not enough to take the Belt by a decision. i dont think he’ll be able to defend the Belt as well as Rampage has, so i feel Rampage got cheated. maybe they did it so they’ll have a good rematch waiting in the future

bigm Says, in 7-6-2008 at 12:54:56 from    

Way to go forrest. You can count on Jackson that he will be back on top again. Gonna to be interesting to see what future fights Dana puts together for these guys.

siliconweb Says, in 7-6-2008 at 12:58:40 from    

very disappointing both the match and the decision. On a side note, I feel that Forrest should give up MMA or change his style. He has taken too many hits to the head and this will definitely catch up with him later in life. People say that he can take a hit but reality is that everyone is human and taking a hit to the head over many years causes permanent damage. I remember Ali being someone who could take a punch and his common strategy late in his career was to wear out his opponent in the early rounds but in doing so he took a lot of hits to the head.

420_submity Says, in 7-6-2008 at 13:04:10 from    

wow!!! Forrest won that fight all the way! Forrest fought his fight rampage could do what he wanted therefore give griffin the win. I think griffin f***** rampages knee up,the way he was walking on it bet hes gonna need surgery.

paleface Says, in 7-6-2008 at 13:08:25 from    

yeah the fight was close with forrest using the old kick and run technique that proved to be his best option judging by second round but over all rampage i think won the fight barely or in truth it was closer to a tie and that coming from a rampage fan / i remeber when to be the champ u had to beat the champ and forrest did not beat! the champ the last three rounds i felt leaned toward rampage and maybe griffin got the fith but because fans like griffin the judges under a carefull eye from dana white made there choice i say rematch and soon although i doubt it will happen

bawsss Says, in 7-6-2008 at 13:11:57 from    

im a really big rampage fan but he lost for sure no doubt about it

GuessWho Says, in 7-6-2008 at 13:15:40 from    

I could be wrong.. but im willing to bet money that Forrest didnt go after Rampage’s leg in the first 2 minutes of the 3rd round because he didnt want to hurt him real bad… I know this sounds retarded but im telling you thats what he was doing! he did NOT want to break Jacksons leg.. (which for all those ppl who laugh is alot f***** easier than you might think) Forrest kicked a dude in the leg in an interview and broke buddies leg.. he knows where to target LOL

Massive Says, in 7-6-2008 at 13:17:36 from    

This of from the Bleacher report and better explains my feelings towards the fight.
The first round was a tough one to call. Griffin was clearly the better technical fighter, but Rampage hit the big hook that took Forest down. It was a toss up between precision and damage.

In my book I gave it to Griffin because he was the better fighter throughout the round. His defense after getting taken down was among the best I’ve ever seen.

The second round was the most clear-cut of the fight. Two kicks to the leg and Rampage became the wounded dog. Griffin got him on the ground and proceeded to physically dominate him while looking for the submission.

While trying to end it Forrest continued to smother Rampage and hit him in the head. Jackson looked wounded and finished. This is the round that made the judges give Forrest the title.

The third round, in my opinion, is why Griffin shouldn’t be champion. He had the chance to hurt the champ for good. He should’ve picked a moment to go for the leg and wrestle Rampage to the ground. Instead these five minutes were basically a light boxing match with Rampage landing the better shots.

The fourth round was the best round for Rampage in the fight. He got Griffin on the ground and was on top for the majority of the round. Griffin locked in a triangle at one point but Rampage lifted him up and if Griffin had held on to the triangle his head would’ve gone through the Octagon. Griffin’s defense was good but he didn’t hurt Rampage at all in the round.

In the final round it was anyone’s fight to take.

Griffin as the challenger has to beat the champ to be the champ. He didn’t do it. They fought an even round, and if you go by who was the better fighter in the round Rampage won the round.

Strategically, the last round was a Rampage round, and in a knotted fight any coin flip round should always go to the defending champion. Thus Rampage should’ve won the round.

mefninja Says, in 7-6-2008 at 13:25:51 from    

man.. that was a real close fight..i love both fighters but i thought forest couldn’t win unless it was a 5round war… which it was.. i also thought rampage wouldn’t let it last that long… props to both fighters.. forest is a new champ.. gunna be hard for a few peopel to swallow…

mpride1p Says, in 7-6-2008 at 13:26:34 from    

im glad that forrest griffin won this fight but as a true mma fan i have to agree w koshiba that rampage was the real winner of this fight. he had a few chances where he could have knocked out forrest griffin and he did drop forrest in the first round but i guess the judges saw that forrest was more active throughout the whole fight by throwing leg kicks and taking down rampage

GuessWho Says, in 7-6-2008 at 13:29:49 from    

KISHOBA is blind… BLIND AS A BAT omg.. you must be Mazagatti’s son hahaha

JEF Says, in 7-6-2008 at 13:33:08 from    

I’d say forrest won but I’d like to see that fight called as a draw because of the damage done to each fighters was pretty much equal, forrest even got a slightly more beat up

NoHomersAloud Says, in 7-6-2008 at 13:45:47 from    

First off i am a TRUE fight judge. I have no Bias, when i watch any fight thats the fun part about judging. You take anyfight for what it is. 1st Griffin was active tell he wanted to use kicks and keep distance. But Rampage delt by far the most damage that round and Hit him with knockout quality shots. “Rampage 10/9″ 2nd Round control wise dominated by griffin. You noticed possible injury to leg. Ground game several attempts at arm locks, Many very short elbows, More rubbing than damaging, But wiht such a dominating postion didnt do very much to any damage on the ground because of no threat to submission or any damaging blows i do not score that a 10/8 round. ” Griffin 10/9 “.

Rounds 3&4
I thought were clearly easy calls with rampage dominating the stand up game, was looking for griffin to attack the leg with no success, he was taken down an cut. Rampage cleary caught griffin with some very hard body shots and stunned him several times. i score both Rounds 10/9 Rampage.

Round 5 the most difficult round to score. No take downs only stand up. But i would say that Griffin won round on kicks and aggression that round but very close round but “Griffin 10/9″. I just re watched the fight and again conclude same results. At best i come up with a Draw if you wanna give griffin a 10/8 round in the second. I must say i was really shocked when i heard rogan also say griffin was clearly winning the fourth round. He is usually pretty accurate. But i disagree big time after a seconc viewing rampage clearly won round three and four on my card. Only change i could possibly see would be a 10/8 round in the second. but again there was not anything close to a tap on rampages end and no damaging blows by griffin while in a dominating postion. alot of elbow rubbing though.

If you dont think judges get pressure to score a fight more heavily one way or the other i got a bridge i wanna sell ya

Rematch= $$$ UFC=$$$ PPV every month=More$$$.
So to all the homers watch the fight and judge fair you will enjoy more

Joe Zero Says, in 7-6-2008 at 13:46:11 from    

Rampage and Forrest are my two fav. mix martial art fighters ! quinton is the reason i started watching pride and ufc. and forrest became my boy in uf1. I watch this fight live and on here, and i must say i didnt see rampage or forrest show up at all. This fight look more of a friendship fight then a title match. Rampage lost his UFC belt, but does he still have his pride? Yeah i understand respect and game plan, and i also can point out bulls***. Forrest did win that fight, and was going to along. I really didnt wanna see my boys beat up on eachother, and they made my wish come true! But sadly thats not what UFC is about.

mma fanatic Says, in 7-6-2008 at 13:46:30 from    

rampage fans watch the fights end win both fighters walk to their corners. Forrest is raising his arms like he won, while rampage looks extremely disapointed knowing he lost. If rampage is not argiung with the decision then why are yall.he even admited in the post fight interview that sometimes he gives the ass whoopin but tonight he got an ass whoopin. give forrest credit he won and is the new champ.

lightsout99999 Says, in 7-6-2008 at 13:46:46 from    

griffin seemed to be the more complete fighter..i wonder why rampage became a “counter puncher” here

ufcsuperfan Says, in 7-6-2008 at 13:48:26 from    

I sure can understand both arguments. I’m a fan of both fighters so it didn’t matter one way or the other, both fighters represent the sport well. I believe the problem lies within the judging. One judge may think leg kicks are more effective (towards the score card) than say takedowns, same with every fan watching. So fans and judges both end up having biased decisions at the end of the fight. I have no arguments with the decision, its exactly why I watch the sport….you never know what might happen. You know I’m a true fan of sports because Chuck is my favorite fighter (I still have hopes of him getting his belt back and dominating the sport at what…75 years old?) Raiders are my football team (what 5 wins in 15 years?) Maybe I should seek new favorites!!!! Sit back, enjoy the fights, and don’t get so worked up…..boxing could still be the number one combat sport.

quish Says, in 7-6-2008 at 13:50:34 from    

kishoba your just jalous griffin won tha figth for sure great figth

DanasGay Says, in 7-6-2008 at 13:52:55 from    

Anyone who really understands MMA and is not biased knows that Rampage won this fight. Yes it was close, but unless Dana White is whispering in the ears of the judges can anyone truly say Forrest Griffin won a unanimous decision? And by 3 points on one scorecard. Its pathetic. Dana White rigged it because Forest Griffin is his little golden boy from the first season of the ultimate fighter. Dana White is such a bitch. Just look at his move for July 19th where hes putting the “pound for pound king” (Anderson Silva is totally overrated by the way) out there at 205 because hes jealous of the stacked card affliction has on paperview that night.

j_satan_666 Says, in 7-6-2008 at 13:55:53 from    

over all it was a great fight even though there wasn’t a finish. I can see how some would think it’s a Controversy because it’s a title fight and you really have to show complete dominance. I say forrest won but didn’t completely dominate. after all this is what happens when you don’t finish someone. i’d like to see them go at it again. thanks again mmatko

9E6A7S4T4SIDAH Says, in 7-6-2008 at 14:08:27 from    

2nd round forrest, 5th round draw anything other than was all rampage. its obvious to see who dana whites favorite was as well as joe rogaine. im actually pretty tired of hearing joe rogans voice as a commentator because he is just plain irritating. put me in the ring with him and i guarantee that his mouth wont be running anymore he talks alot of crap about everyone but i never seen him fight b4. i tell u i would shmoke him really quick. people like me are very productive, and thats the bottom line.

Toxic_Society Says, in 7-6-2008 at 14:09:54 from    

Forrest pushed the fight while Jackson waited. Capitalizing on a mistake can end a fight, but it won’t win a decision.

If being the aggressor doesn’t matter to the judges, Kalib Starnes would still be in the UFC. Plain and simple. Forrest wanted to win the fight, whereas Jackson wanted Forrest to screw up.

Plus, Forrest gets cut easier than a block of cheese. In almost every fight, he’s bleeding. Just cuz he got a bad cut doesn’t mean he got hit more than Rampage. Some people get cut a lot easier than others.

Do you wanna know who won? Just watch the fight again and keep an eye out for who tried more to win the match.

Keene Says, in 7-6-2008 at 14:15:05 from    

Good Fight. I love the character of these two guys. As Good as they come with much respect for each other. I Definitely Believe it WILL be an awesome rematch. Forrest had a great gameplan for the fight though I believe that a fighter should be Decisively beaten without a doubt, dominated if you will. But Forrest was the better man that night. I’m a Huge Rampage fan. He’s obviously got everything it takes to be a great fighter. The one thing I think he should add to his arsenal is Muay Thai Kick Boxing. Add that to him and he will be a Complete Fighter. Maybe even the Hall of Fame worthy.

mma2day Says, in 7-6-2008 at 14:21:43 from    

Seems to me that Rampage was holding back.
I think they told him to in order to setup the rematch. Next time around Rampage wins hands down! Clearly Griffin is a better rounded fighter but Rampage could knock him out if he wanted to!

Fightfan76 Says, in 7-6-2008 at 14:23:26 from    

Yeah b/c just winning is not enough to win the belt, you have to win decisisively. That is a bunch of BS, if you barely win than you win the belt…..

IntelligentHoodlum Says, in 7-6-2008 at 14:28:49 from    

1st Round – I had it even. Jackson landed the big uppercut but other than that Griffin was dominating the round. He limited the damage by keeping him in guard and then scrambled back to his feet. Those leg kicks aren’t as flashy as the big punches but they hurt Jackson bad and they count.

2nd Round – Griffin dominated the round with leg kicks. Got the take down and stayed in a dominate position. You could even argue it being a 10-8 round for Forrest.

3rd Round – Close round could have gone either way. Jackson landing the crisper punches but Griffin again was more active and landed the low kicks and mixed in a few high kicks as well.

4th Round – I gave it to Jackson. He landed some big shots but he also got caught in a Triangle Choke and did almost nothing from the dominant position.

5th Round – All Griffin … he was in better shape and it showed.

Congratulations Forrest Griffin. He’s the new Light Heavyweight champion and he’s what the sport is about. He worked hard and took advantage of his opportunity.

hikari33 Says, in 7-6-2008 at 14:35:22 from    

any1 that can say Griffin won round 1 was obviously not watching the fight, if u think getting almost knocked out and taken to the floor is control then you should stop watching MMA

IntelligentHoodlum Says, in 7-6-2008 at 14:35:48 from    

By the way nobody is nut hugging Forrest Griffin. The few people who saw this fight going to Rampage don’t understand that this isn’t a street fight. Rampage hits harder than Griffin and he had Griffin hurt a few times but other than a few power punches here and there he didn’t do much. Joe Rogan said the same thing … yea he landed a few hard shots even dropped Griffin but he was inactive and Forrest executed his game plan to perfection. Griffin outworked him all night. I don’t wanna hear that Bernard Hopkins s*** like “He never had me hurt.”

I_kill_Eaze Says, in 7-6-2008 at 14:37:19 from    

to anyone that thinks rampage was robbed, or that griffin got the decision by some fluke, STOP BEING SORE LOSERS! Forest is “THE SHITT” and i was well prepared to accept his loss to rampage, dont get me wrong i had faith in my boy all along but the fact of the matter is, he won, he scored more with the judges, he was the agressor for the most part and if you can’t accept that then your just another casual dumb UFC mark who knows nothing of the mma world. a victory by decision is much more honorable than by knock out or stoppage for both competitors, the heart and strength it takes to go the distance,(and in a tittle bout 5-5minute rounds)for the entire length of the match is nothing to be taken lightly, if you consider yourselves true mma fans, dont just bitch because your side lost…

itim Says, in 7-6-2008 at 14:38:53 from    

Was a match that I wish both guys could have won. I had Rampage winning 1,3 and 4, due to landing the more solid blows. Round 2 was all Griffin but I would never have thought it would be a 10-8 round as Forrest did zero damage on the ground. Round 5 was close but I gave it to Forrest as he was more agressive.

I was expecting a closer result, I found that the fight wasn’t as onesided as the results show.

Drew Says, in 7-6-2008 at 14:39:31 from    

If it goes to a decision, you have to give it to the champ? That doesn’t make any sense. So if you get absolutely dominated for five rounds, you still deserve to be the champ?

Forrest won this fight in my opinion. Rampage had some moments, but not enough. The leg kicks to me were the difference in the fight, not to mention what I think was a 10-8 second round for Forrest.

heet Says, in 7-6-2008 at 14:55:24 from    

Great fight from both guys..job well done..Rampage lost this fight, cuase to me, he did not show up, forrest did his best to hold off rampage & did a dang good job on rampage on round 1 with those leg kicks & round 2 he dominated & round 3 was ramapge & round 4 was a draw to me & round 5 was anybody’s & the result was forrest taking the title..

Rampage could not figure out forrest..

sins4given Says, in 7-6-2008 at 15:03:11 from    

Good fight, but not decisive. have to have a rematch…cuz that’s not how you want to win a championship. Forrest keeps improving but without knockout power he is always going to be vunerable to big punchers.

mod1978 Says, in 7-6-2008 at 15:05:16 from    

how can people say rampage did more damage??? where did he damage forrest? yes forrest had some damage in his face but that wasn’t close to the damage rampage had on his leg, as he self said in the interview after the. “yes forrest whooped my ass” and he also said that he is a bad actor and couldn’t hide the pain he had when forrest kicked his leg. so how can people say rampage won when even rampage doesn’t do so?!

KJC Says, in 7-6-2008 at 15:20:49 from    

Forrest was clearly the aggressor in the majority of this fight. The only time I saw Rampage moving forward a lot was in the last couple minutes, when he finally realized he might lose lol. 2nd round 10-8 to Griffin. And I would say 8 at most..I don’t really understand how the scoring system works on the points system..Rampage did absolutely nothing in that round, so it should really be less than 5 lol. If it’s a 10 point must system, let’s use all the numbers, and not just the numbers 8 to 10..

Sure Rampage landed some powerful shots, but those were sporadic and nothing came from them. Forrest defended well and was never in any real danger. When Forrest was in mount in the 2nd round he coulda prolly finished the fight, but only chose not to so as to reserve energy.

Bottom line, Rampage didn’t really look like himself, didn’t move forward a lot at all, probably due to those early leg kicks. But yeah, he lost that fight. And I don’t really know about Forrest as champ, against good competition, it seems he has a hard time of finishing. We’ll see I guess.

Jojo Says, in 7-6-2008 at 15:21:11 from    

Are you guys retarded? are you kidding me? You all say your huge fight fans and still don’t understand how scoring works? Forrest Griffin (as mad as you all may be) won that fight, he won 3 of the 5 rounds, its obvious in the video’s.. he was the aggressor, he controlled the ring, his strikes were good, he mounted jackson, and controlled the ENTIRE 5th round… wake up kids

tapout Says, in 7-6-2008 at 15:24:28 from    

Fight is at most a draw which means Rampage should’ve kept his belt.
Griffin has to do more to justify taking a championship… he sure looked more messed up at the end of the fight.

Should be a mandatory Rematch.

uknowwhatitis Says, in 7-6-2008 at 15:32:21 from    

kind of a disappointing match. Forrest uses more of a calm calculating approach like Chuck Liddel or Randy Cotoure, but he doesn’t have the power to KO. His punches ain’t there yet. See every punch Rampage threw was crisp. I don’t know, Forrest was just better that night. Quinton is still a better fighter. I think a rematch is in order…

Dr. Says, in 7-6-2008 at 15:55:44 from    

Agree with Dr. Whoop Ass on Machida. Bruce Lee has been spinning a shitload because of the bastardizing of HIS nickname.

Machida isn’t a finisher. Look deeper than just his record. For being considered a killer, he is anything but. Since leaving K1 he has one submission and 5 decision wins. Only 3 TKOs prior, one by forfeit, one by cut, one by strikes. If we want to see a boring title holder, let Machida have a crack. He is successful, but successfully f****** boring – and it’s not the killer fighters fear in him. HYPE! Change the name to the “Sleepy Dragon” and it’ll fit more.

Good performance by Forrest. Surprised he let Rampage’s left knee get away from him. Would have really hindered the mobility, giving more chance to strike. Griffin likes his left high kick that doesn’t really do much, could have went high right kick after Rampage being concerned about the low kick.

mdawg Says, in 7-6-2008 at 15:59:30 from    

I would call that fight a draw, 47-47 as far as I’m concerned. But come on you have to give the nudge to Rampage for damage done. Remember on this season of TUF when Cale and Brandon fought; Dana said that Brandon did more damage … same thing here. Gotta give it up for Forrest for hanging in there good for him.

dave Says, in 7-6-2008 at 16:04:15 from    

I believe the UFC should change the judges scoring. For example, they should display how many punches or kicks were landed and thrown like in EliteXC. Also they should display who had superior positions, takedowns, more sub attempts, and control on the ground. That way the audience can see how the judges scored.

rng Says, in 7-6-2008 at 16:04:33 from    

rigged, never thought they would do this again after the Bisping-Hammel

baker206 Says, in 7-6-2008 at 16:07:12 from    

Well… i just won 100 bucks :D and liddell will F*** griffins whole year up

bob Says, in 7-6-2008 at 16:18:45 from    

this was not the rampage we have seen before. we all saw the same fight and I think it comes down to who you wanted to win and you go with that, but forrest didn’t really do enough to win the fight and he even knew it just watch the end when the ref is holding both hands. Rigged? maybe not but lets say that UFC and others could make more money on a rematch. something smells bad with this fight. I like ufc but something wasn’t right – rampage didn’t seem to fight like he has in the past and forrest didn’t do that much damage (quit talking about the knee) – but they give the fight to forrest anyway – because of his “story” and people like to see an underdog win and this bled over into those who scored the match. sad.

jwebber Says, in 7-6-2008 at 16:45:55 from    

I think that rampage should have won a split decision. No way that this could have been unanimous for either fighter. Forrest is just gonna be another Matt Serra. I honestly can’t see him defending the belt against the people that are in line for a title shot right now.

hoplite301 Says, in 7-6-2008 at 16:47:25 from    

Wah, Wah WAh!!! Rampage got beat. Fair and square. Jesus, stop making stupid excuses. Great Job Forrest. He is a smarter fighter. Their is a reason all his fighters clearly dominated all of Rampages even with Rampage having some of the better talent. Forrest is a training Mainiac who deserves the belt.

Crazywhitie Says, in 7-6-2008 at 16:49:54 from    

Forrest whooped om Rampage most of the fight, I think the only time he had Forrest close was the end of the 1st round.. Since Rampage was the Champ he Should of came out to defend has belt not protect it, Forrest Leg kick the s*** out of rampage and I think that’s the biggest difference in this fight.. Rampage wasn’t moving anywhere fast… Big up’s to Forrest he won this Fight out right.. By the Way Rampage owes Forrest his Purse, in the Ultimate Fighter show He said it.. He wasn’t going to Lose and that it wouldn’t go to decicion…

Eddy Garica Says, in 7-6-2008 at 16:52:07 from    

the fight did not live up to all the anticipation of what it could be.there was not nearly as much action as expected.obviously,Rampage is a tough striker and wrestler and Griffin has been known as a brawler.so noone really expected the fight to go to the score cards.but Mike Goldberg made a good point when he said that Griffin has changed up his style recently realizing that he isn’t a “knockout or get knocked out”type of fighter.he has become much more intelligent with the way he fights.his fight with Bonner was a classic,but it wasn’t as exciting as it could have been because neither fighter was doing significant damage to the point of stopping his opponent.it was a brawl,but not a brawl in the sense of a wanderlei silva or chuck liddell type brawl where you know that at any second someone can go down from the power of the shots being thrown.so he has altered his mentality to be more technical.Forrest began to show flashes of that in his fight with Rua.i’m sure Jackson just expected Forrest to try to brawl with him and was confident that he could drop Forrest.Griffin’s game plan really stifled Rampage.this was not the Rampage were used to seeing.even in the stare down he didnt look like a pit bull ready to kill like he normally does.those leg kicks are what defined the night.to anyone who has never taken a good stinging leg kick,it makes a huge difference in a fight,especially when landed as frequently as in this one.Quinton could definetly have dropped Griffin but was weary of getting in close after his leg was in so much pain.from the third round on,Rampage was moving backward.when is the last time that has happened?although Jackson’s punches might have been more powerful when they landed,he just didnt land nearly enough to win the rounds.Griffin probably out scored him two to one with punches.I also believe that you have to really beat the champion to take the belt,but at the same time,the champ has to really work to defend that belt.he can’t just survive.overall Forrest Griffin was the better fighter in this match up.

Cez Says, in 7-6-2008 at 16:52:17 from    

I am with VENOMOUS – The judge’s decision was BS — Forrest has been spoon fed since the beginning of his carrer at the UFC when Stephan Bonner was stolen the fight — This is what Dana wanted, to make his boyfriend the champ. I seriously believe tha the UFC is turning to be like the WWE or boxing, now they want to choose who the champion is gonna be. Forrest aint crap, he would not hold the belt for more than one fight – I hope the UFC goes down, f’n corrupts. They are killing the sport. BUY AFFLICTION’S BANNED on July 19th. -

rng Says, in 7-6-2008 at 17:07:37 from    

If anything they should of done a 6ths round and whoever won that round wins

heet Says, in 7-6-2008 at 17:13:34 from    

lmao WHAAA WHAA mobile on its way, poor rampage goo goo gaa gaaa cry babies..if it never goes ur way, u cry your way out of it..

lmao not last night…deal with the loss, move on.. Analyze all u want, he got a beat down, espeacially round 2.. nuff said..

Red Says, in 7-6-2008 at 17:15:53 from    

I’m in awe at the idiots that say “if it goes to decision the champ should take it.” Are you utterly retarded? Why should there be a double standard for champions? Rampage didn’t KO Forrest, so why would he deserve to keep the belt? Do you morons think that Tim Sylvia should have kept his belt as well when Randy Couture dominated his ass for 5 rounds and got the decision victory? GTFO.

Anyone that says Rampage won is an idiot. The first round was Forrest to take. Although Rampage did get that knock down, it was not sufficient enough to win it because Forrest was controlling the entire round except for a mere 30 seconds where he got caught. Rampage caught him and did nothing on the ground, and Forrest got up quickly.

If you know anything about mma and the ufc, then it is clear as day that Forrest is the victor. He was controlling the octagon.

elbetoflaco Says, in 7-6-2008 at 17:17:36 from    

Yeah, Rampage should have won that fight. He had Forrest hurt like 3 times in the fight. He had better stand up and punches harder, but he just wasn’t as aggressive. I guess it was Forrest’s night.

FORRESTtheTERRIBLEfighter Says, in 7-6-2008 at 17:21:58 from    

Wow, Forrest Griffin is terrible he couldn’t knock out a five year old girl let alone Rampage. The only round Rampage lost was the second, and if you think otherwise quit watching UFC. Griffin hardly did any damage aside from the knee, seriously was he throwing fists or pillows at Rampage? Anyway I’m sure he’ll lose his next fight, the only way he can win is by submission. Other than that he is garbage, I think he should try to get into the World Combat League or something, peace.

rp Says, in 7-6-2008 at 17:47:10 from    

I read a lot of the posts before I watched the video and I wasn’t sure what to expect… I’m not a definite fan of either of the fighters so as an unbiased watcher I really had to give the fight to Griffin. Yea, Jackson landed more, harder strikes throughout the fight, but that is not the only thing that determines a fighters score on the scorecard.

Griffin landed decent strikes, but more than once put Jackson in tough tough positions where the fight could have been over. That triangle was deep and he nearly grabbed the arm and inflicted heavy damage on the leg. Forrest just worked harder and more technical than Jackson did…. I think in most fights Jackson would prob take Griffin, but not this time….and as for those who said you have to really crack the champ to take his belt, thats bs, why skew the rules just because one of them is the champ??? Scores are scores.

Well done Forrest, you deserved it

rp Says, in 7-6-2008 at 17:56:24 from    

and then there are people that somehow say “forest griffin is terrible” what?


yep, he accidently beat jackson and rua….the bonnar fight was shitty…..i remember another “terrible fighter” that couldn’t knock people out, royce gracie….that guy was such a shitty fighter, i mean he seriously never knocked anyone out! and everyone knows to be the best you have to be able to knock everyone out!

zanga Says, in 7-6-2008 at 18:00:31 from    

wow i like the above guys comment hahaha stop watching the ufc are you kidding me “forrest couldnt knock out a five year old girl” he buckled rampage with those kicks and he had complete control on the ground for the rest of the round. sure he didnt knocked rampage out but come on he controlled the fight and showed his amazing endurance. every time rampage put him on the matt forrest was active and eluded any attepmt rampage had at control. if anyone should stop watching anything its you and you shouldnt make dumb comments. forrest one fair and square. period.

Rematch Says, in 7-6-2008 at 18:03:15 from    

Round 1 – Rampage. Round was close, Forrest probably winning, but the knockdown / damage swings it to Rampage

Round 2 – Forrest. Controled the whole round

Round 3 – Draw. Too close to call either way

Round 4 – Rampage. Cleaner shots, control.

Round 5 – Forrest. More active / aggressive.

It’s a draw in my book. No way is it more than 1 pt difference in this fight and that depends on how you score round 3. You could argue round 3 should go to Rampage because he is the champ and Forrest didn’t do enough to take it.

IntelligentHoodlum Says, in 7-6-2008 at 18:03:20 from    

If you watch the post fight interview Rampage himself gave Forrest round 2 and 5. So that he only won round 2 s*** is absurd. Jackson landed a big punch that knocked Griffin down in the first but what else did he do ? He didn’t dominate the stand up and although he did hurt Griffin in round 1 he didn’t finish him. He wasn’t so hurt that he was unable to immediately get himself in a guarded position and on top of that he was able to limit the ground and pound then scramble back to his feet. Then finished the round being the aggressor again. Nobody has to agree with me but Griffin is the Champ. He had a better gameplan and Rampage basically thought he was gonna come in and knock Griffin out.

I will not stop watching MMA or UFC either because you’re being a fanboy who’s not looking at the fight impartially. I like both fighters and think they’ll fight again if Griffin defends his belt once.

mmafighter32 Says, in 7-6-2008 at 18:04:24 from    

i like both of the guys Jasonicus, forrest won the first because of the number of kicks and punches thrown, jackson hit him but then it went immediaty to the ground where forrest had him in guard, defended himself well, and jackson did jack squat…one punch doesnt make the round asshole, esp in refs eyes..didnt even knock him out to the point where rampage could capatalize…watch the fight again douche bag

nerx Says, in 7-6-2008 at 18:06:23 from    

I LOVE IT!!! Nothing better than seeing Quentin “The Illiterate Dope” Jackson lose!!!

hikari33 Says, in 7-6-2008 at 18:16:46 from    

the decision should have went to the champ BECAUSE IT WAS A CLOSE MATCH,OBVIOUSLY IF FORREST DOMINATED ALL 5 ROUNDS THAT WOULD NOT BE THE CASE!!!!!!!!!USE YOUR BRAIN BEFORE SYAING STUFF LIKE “I’m in awe at the idiots that say “if it goes to decision the champ should take it.” Are you utterly retarded? Why should there be a double standard for champions? ” being the champion means your better than the previous guy not being even or a little better, cuz little better doesnt mean anything in the UFC

junglerottjim Says, in 7-6-2008 at 18:20:19 from    

i hate to see any fight go to decision but the 205 belt once again hanging on judges decision how disappointing. cmon rampgae cmon forrest wtf.

Jameson Says, in 7-6-2008 at 18:24:20 from    

Anybody who insults the quality of this fight is a f****** idiot and a poor excuse for an MMA fan. In my opinion, Forrest’s control of the pacing was less important than Rampage’s flurries and scoring with the hands. That’s just my opinion. Forrest is tough as nails and was hit hard several times during the fight, knocked down, rocked, et cetera.

Great fight, I believe Rampage won rounds 1, 3, 4

Griffin won 2 10-8 and 5

FU Says, in 7-6-2008 at 18:28:24 from    

Rampage is my FAVORITE fighter. my scorecard was a draw. Daym the worse performance i ever seen by my number 1..
1st Rampage 10/9
2nd Griffin 10/8
3rd Griffin 10/9
4th Rampage 10/9
5th Rampage 10/9

Robert Says, in 7-6-2008 at 18:55:09 from    

Rolf boyle, since when does controling the center gain a fighter points? Ridiculous.

murell Says, in 7-6-2008 at 19:09:44 from    

anyone that think’s rampage won that fight know’s nothing about fighting, he was saved by the bell with forrest in full mount,and almost got choked out by a triangle, he had to limp out of the octagon from the leg shot’s, Oh yeah didnt he guarantee the fight wouldnt go to the judges!! l.o.l, I think a lot of you are mad cause your boy lost! I love it!!

tom Says, in 7-6-2008 at 19:15:29 from    

If you think the champion should automatically get the decision you are retarded. I would much rather be griffin at the end of that fight. Rampage’s biggest hit phased griffin for like ten seconds, then he quickly got back up. Griffin controlled the octagon for like 70+% of the fight. He clearly deserved the win.

M0rph3v5 Says, in 7-6-2008 at 19:43:12 from    

Whoever thinks Rampage lost needs to think long and hard and really study MMA for what it really is. Griffin controlled rampage the whole round. He countered on Rampages punches, he battered the knee of Rampage, as well he had multiple attempts at submissions, and almost was successful on one of them. Rampage really needs to work on his ground game, if he was able to dominate ground he’d be close to unbeatable. Forrest Griffin won that straight legit.

M0rph3v5 Says, in 7-6-2008 at 19:48:47 from    

and robert, ring control is one thing judges look at when giving points. Best example is watching this fight, Forrest always walked in front of Rampage and strafed to left or right to keep center of the ring his, leaving Rampage outside the circle. He walks along the octagon painted on the mat, keeping him in control the whole time, putting him in a better position to strike. It’s easier to attack and the hits are harder when you’re in forward momentum, backward momentum balance is harder to maintain as well.

fukyaltalkncrap Says, in 7-6-2008 at 19:49:30 from    

yo rampage won it 2nd round rampage needed it get his ass on the ground no matter what hes dam knee was bucklen i got the s*** on HD live last night and i like forrest and rampage but rampge clearly did a lot more damage and the triangle, u don think rampage don kno about the triange pride days for rampage he got the best slam and he was in a triangle, rampage i could see it man the star down with forrest is where u can tell who is 90% mentally ready for the fight and rampage looked like he was thinkn im facen one crazy white boy so rampage was scared 1st round he really got his leg hit u saw it don gotta explain 2nd round fist leg kick messd rampage up he needed that round to rest so he took it to the ground and rampage got hart he can handle a ground n pound for a round for that leg to last the rest of the fight and when he did get that knock down from a nice ass uppercut rampage realized he gots what it takes mentaly and physicly to win the fight so he became rampage from 3rd to 5th round son and yall don beleave that s*** don kno the tru game of mma.

Junior Says, in 7-6-2008 at 20:33:29 from    

I am not going to say this fight was a set up, but during his post fight interview with Rogan, Forrest Griffin did not seem to be convinced of his victory nor did the fans. To be a champion you must clearly an definitively beat a champion. Forrest Griffin did not do that tonight. The first round belonged to Rampage. Second round 10-8 to Forrest, but throughout the last three rounds of the fight it was a stand up battle clearly controlled by Rampage and his superior hands. Forrest Griffing struggled the entire night with over- extending himself and Rampage punished him repeatedly for it. Forrest had superior leg kicks during the first to rounds but they were nullified by Rampage from Round 3 thru round 5. Now if we take a look at the UFCs own scoring system it is based on “effective” striking, I highlight effective because, other than the second round, Forrest Griffin never landed anything effective. Grappling, clearly Rampage. Aggression, Forrest was the aggressor during alot of the fight but he was eating punches for his trouble. Octagon control belonged to Rampage because of his superior hands. Watch the fight with those things in mind and you can’t go wrong when it comes to a decision. Listen to Forrest himself and the crowd. They knew he didn’t win and so did Joe Rogan.

lcao90 Says, in 7-6-2008 at 20:58:32 from    

The fight was super close but forest totally won. If rampage wanted it more, im pretty sure he could had Knock him out.

9E6A7S4T4SIDAH Says, in 7-6-2008 at 21:01:39 from    

i guess it doesnt matter how many punches you land, its all about how much you throw bcuz pretty much every punch that forrest threw was dodged by rampage. if you take their punches thrown/landed average you would see that the numbers are way different than you would even imagine. s*** i think if i was to let my 5 year old cuzzin into the ring, put him in the corner, face him towards the judges and have him shadow box as fast as he can the judges wouldve gave him the fight, just bcuz thats how dumb they are. they dont consider accuracy and damage that is inflicted. they see punches thrown and they light up like a fat kid in a candy shop. sure forrest hurt rampage’s knee but rampage did a terrific job of protecting his leg later and never backed down he came out with head to head action. the breakdown (Rampage…..productive, Forrest….f***** terrible)
joe rogan is gonna get it if i ever come into contact with that clown.

Farmma Says, in 7-6-2008 at 21:21:52 from    

Definite rematch. There was no clear cut winner. it’s true Forrest couldn’t bust a grape…no matter how many times he hits it, maybe if he kicked it in a weak spot a crack might appear. Overall, MMA judges are special people that should wear helmets in day to day activity. I doubt there is a judge out there (U.S.anyway) that has any experience in the cage or ring. They seem to judge purely based on numbers. Damage and intent to finish doesn’t seem to come into it.
Forrest didn’t once look to finish the fight, that is not a champion.

Also… it’s a DOMINANT Position not a dominate position, c’mon kiddies switch on.

Randy Cline Says, in 7-6-2008 at 21:35:51 from    

tyson griffen dominator rampage the hole 3 rounds

ditchdoc80 Says, in 7-6-2008 at 21:51:37 from    

Forrest won the fight but it was close. If Rampage won the last round he probably would have won the fight. Anyone that says rampage dominated the fight and scored more points didn’t see the same fight I saw

David Says, in 7-6-2008 at 22:37:20 from    

i thought forrest won, rampage seemed to pick up some steam later on. round 1 and 4 were very close. i thought round 1 was a draw and forrest definetly won a 10-8 in the second round

mma-fan0 Says, in 7-6-2008 at 22:37:21 from    

I thought Forrest won plain and simple. Those who thought Rampage did… I don’t think they understand the rules. Forrest connected more for more rounds, and that’s what counts. Stuff like “more power shots” and “did more damage” don’t factor as much.

9E6A7S4T4SIDAH Says, in 7-6-2008 at 23:03:06 from    

shut yo mouth b4 i bust yo grill. people like u belong between my legs doing extra special work bcuz u dont belong watching mma.

x2468 Says, in 7-6-2008 at 23:22:18 from    

IMO if a championship fight goes to the decision. they should keep the belt from both of them and make them rematch for it until someone is finished.

x2468 Says, in 7-6-2008 at 23:22:58 from    

thanks for fixing!

smack Says, in 7-6-2008 at 23:43:02 from    

rampage landed more punches got more take downs and did more damage, how the F*** did he loose via UNANIMOUS DECISION ! forest kicked him in the leg more wow how the F*** does that win you fights ?!

i was utterly disgusted by this decision, actually made me think about fight fixing even know i truely doubt it but this bull s*** made me think it for a second

Cooper Says, in 7-6-2008 at 23:49:23 from    

You are very wrong. Don’t claim everyone else is ignorant and make up some bullshit rules to prove that ur fighter won. I’m not saying Rampage won but it was much closer than the judges gave him.

“The heavier striker who lands with efficiency, deserves more credit from the Judges than total number landed.
1. If the striking power between the fighters was equal, only then the total number landed would be used as the criteria.”

ColChaotic Says, in 7-7-2008 at 00:06:40 from    

I am a fan of Rampage and i dont even believe he won this fight. Forrest clearly dominated the fight and he did seem to have more opportunities to finish the fight where Quinton only had the one good punch in the first. Even rampage believed he got his ass kicked and was dominated through the entire fight. It wouldnt make sense to say Rampage won simply because he landed more power punches. He would have eventually completely gassed and forrest would have picked him apart if he would have kept going for the power punches. Learn how to score a fight and actually watch the next one before you go saying UFC is fixed and s***. Quit your bitching cause your man crush Rampage lost

ColChaotic Says, in 7-7-2008 at 00:11:29 from    

And for the people bashing the judeges saying damage and intent to finish should play a part i ask you this. When your body is pumping adrenalin you can fight through a really badly hurt leg or arm or anything so how can a judge really use that as a factor, cause if they do you all will start bitching about that and so will he fighters saying they arent hurt and s***. And secondaly if you were watching the fight clearly Forrest had way more opportunities to finish the fight and the intent to over Rampage. The bottom line, using guidelines that are not concrete and have a number backing them up allows judges to use even more of their own opinion and that would make the decisions even worse.

Toxic_Society Says, in 7-7-2008 at 00:17:34 from    

I don’t get how people are saying Rampage won round 3? I read that so much. I re-watched that round to see and it looks to me like Forrest was pushing for the win a lot harder than Rampage. Forrest won that entire fight by using more heart than Rampage. Rampage sat around too long. Maybe if he fought more like he did in the last few seconds of the fight it’d be a completely different story.

x2468 Says, in 7-7-2008 at 00:26:57 from    

rampage must be kicking himself for not finishing forrest when he had the chance in round 1 after the partial knock out

realmmafan Says, in 7-7-2008 at 01:10:10 from    

It’ s great to see so many real fans of MMA.

Congrats to Forrest for standing in there with one of the heaviest punchers ever. You are a class act and a deserving champion!!!

The fight should have been a DRAW.

First Round: Jackson ( Jackson lands several bombs which stagger Griffin and dominates the ground )

Second Round: Griffin (Griffin should have let Rampage stand up after landing kicks–Can’t believe Jackson does not know how to check a leg kick, but he is still an excellent fighter and a class act )

Third: Triangle/A nearly brutal Reversal
Fourth: Nothing
Fifth: Nothing

UFCBLOWS Says, in 7-7-2008 at 01:25:57 from    

What a terrible display from both fighters. Too scared to commit. The UFC product is garbage. This fight was setup for a rematch. More money for everybody. More B.S. from the almighty UFC.

boshpek Says, in 7-7-2008 at 02:04:29 from    

Forest was the aggressor and came in prepared. Rampage cannot speak, fight or swing from a vine, which is highly unusual for an ape.

REDRUM Says, in 7-7-2008 at 02:13:44 from    

I think the judges got it right. How dare any of you Rampage fans try to compare it to the Hamill vs. Bisping decision.

My opinion:

Rd 1 = Rampage (uppercut and aggression)

Rd 2 = All Griffin! I wouldn’t have even gave Rampage 8 points for that one, he was on his back doing nothing for 4 minutes.

Rd 3 = Toss up, favoring Rampage.

Rd 4 = Forrest (aggressor, near submission)

Rd 5 = Forrest (aggressor)

Forrest takes 3 rounds, the 2nd round very decisively. I didn’t hear any argument from Rampage. He knew he was outfought. The problem I think that Rampage has is to assume that he can KO anybody and everybody. Forrest is more well rounded, has better defense and ground game. As far as octagon control goes, I saw Rampage backing up a lot more then Forrest. I think the leg kicks really hurt him and made him think twice about engaging/attacking.

I think it was the 2nd round that really lost it for Rampage. I’m surprised he made it past the round. If anything, it showed Griffins lack of “finishing” an opponent. But this is Rampage we’re talking about, not some “can”. Jackson wasn’t able to do what he wanted to do and didn’t do enough to keep the belt (win the fight).

ACOSTA Says, in 7-7-2008 at 02:16:05 from    

Unanimous decision my ***.And for ppl saying that a close call still is a victory i would say that u don’t watch many fighting sports, since the champ usually as the upper hand on that cases.

REDRUM Says, in 7-7-2008 at 02:27:46 from    

The guy that’s calling out Joe Rogan in previous comments is funny. I admit Joe doesn’t look like much, but he’s actually pretty bad ass! Being a small guy often makes one have to learn self defense and sometimes they can do a lot more then you would think.

Rogan was a four-time state Tae kwon do champion before pursuing a career in show business. Rogan earned a black belt at 15 after just two years of training. At 19 he won the US Open Tae Kwon Do Championship, and later as a lightweight champion went on to beat both the middle and heavyweight title-holders to obtain the Grand Championship.Rogan also trains regularly with submission specialist Eddie Bravo.

It’s real easy to “thug” on the internet. What have you done martial arts wise?

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 7-7-2008 at 03:15:33 from    

Wow i cant believe there are such Rampage nut huggers his face and balls must be hurting.

And seriously this conspiracy bullshit is just that bullshit. I mean give me a break u mean to tell me Rampage bowed down to Forrest no Forrest was the better man and took the belt from him. Maybe next time and for the judging it is very simple.
Fijrst round – Forrest 10-10
Second Round – Forrest 10-9
Third Round – Forrest 10-9
Fourth – Rampage 10-9
Fifth – Forrest
If anything Forrest might have won it 4-1 i dont score a round 10-8 unless it was an ass kicking with some sort of knockdown.

But the decision is unanimous so you dumb shits have no use for my score card that means all three judges sitting inchs away from the action agreed with me that not only did Griffin win but he decisivly systematically broke his ass down.

hichida Says, in 7-7-2008 at 03:22:02 from    

his manager said he would retire if forrest won. I hope that he is a man of his word and retires!

James Earl Says, in 7-7-2008 at 03:37:44 from    

Ah poor lowly Rampage, Forrest clearly won three out of the 5 rounds. He is the original ultimate fighter!!!

whisker biscuit Says, in 7-7-2008 at 04:31:30 from    

did not see that comin. rampage almost had him a couple times, but forest did a real good job of keeping his feet moving, and regaining his composure. no question in my mind who won the fight, but the question to me is how long will he hold that belt?

Bloodlinez Says, in 7-7-2008 at 05:31:56 from    

No bad I really figured that Forrest wouldn’t fight smart like that.

I have it scored as

1: Rampage
2: Forrest
3: Forrest
4: Rampage
5: Rampage

I would of called this fight a draw but thats just me

palito_lippi Says, in 7-7-2008 at 05:35:19 from    

mentor vs student (lidell vs griffin), can’t wait to see that….
but first of all chuck must defeat evans, or else it would be the end of his wonderful carrer, griffin vs evans is also interesting (TUF 1 vs TUF 2)

UFC champ Says, in 7-7-2008 at 06:05:58 from    

the decision was BS! rampage clearly WON that fight. freakin politics! tryna make money off of this fight, and they MADE lots :(

twalker Says, in 7-7-2008 at 08:31:35 from    

wow. i’m a huge rampage fan since pride and i can say he clearly lost. he admitted in the post fight interview that he under estimated forrest. you people that are saying rampage won that fight need to go back and watch it again with an open mind or head straight to the eye doctor ASAP.

A Says, in 7-7-2008 at 09:12:47 from    

This was without a doubt the most bullshit fight I’ve seen. In the past anytime somebody claimed a fight was fixed, I totally rejected the idea, but this one was seriously questionable. Either Jackson was injured and totally out of shape for this fight or there was something else going on behind the scenes. Normally Jackson stalks his opponents and puts them against the cage beating a crap out of them, but for this fight he was just chilling for himself giving forrest room to throw leg kicks. Now I understand Forrest is a UFC product and the UFC is behind him 100% and because of the Ultimate Fighter show he has gained a fan base, but seriously this fight didn’t seem too serious to me. He passed Rampage’s guard, but couldn’t do anything to him. He got a triangle on him, but couldn’t finish it. To me it seemed like a dad was playing with his kid and just let him win at the end.

whitey Says, in 7-7-2008 at 09:18:31 from    

The fight was fixed, people. Look at Forest after the fight. He looks like he got hit by a truck. Rampage looks like he just got out of the shower. Think of how much money those who have the money and the power (bookies, owners, judges, etc.) stand to make when an underdog wins… unanimously at that. Basically, those people bet on the fact that Forest could run 5-rounds with rampage… and they fixed the judges in the even that happened. I knew the fight was fixed halfway through the fight… because every time there was an exchange and both Forest and Rampage landed… one of the announcers said, “Forrest just landed a big shot!” Many, many times they ignored the fact that Rampage landed also, and ignored the fact that his shots were twice as hard and did twice as much damage as Forests.

whitey Says, in 7-7-2008 at 09:34:06 from    

It is funny that people say Forrest won round 3 because “Forrest was pushing for the win a lot harder than Rampage” and “had more heart”. WTF? Count the strikes that land (even including leg kicks) and you will find Rampage landed more shots then forest… mostly head shots, but some vicious body shots as well. Period. He outstruck Forrest. Not only that, but his strikes were twice as hard as Forests and turned Forrest’s head into one big bruise.

stove6 Says, in 7-7-2008 at 10:21:31 from    

Quinton is a powerhouse, no question..
BUT Forrest worked hard from the opening of the fight whacking away at Ramp’s legs. Forrest was the aggressor and I feel that he deserved the title. It was close, though.

Forrest outstruck Rampage, even though R had more power.

whitey Says, in 7-7-2008 at 10:44:18 from    

Oh… and the best is when the announcer says, at the end of the fourth round, “this round is tough to call also.” Gimmee a freaking break! Rampage was on top a lot, landed more shots, made Forrest’s head look like a pinata. Forrest won the 2nd round and maybe, (maybe) the 5th. But that is it my friends. Count the strikes in the 3rd and 4th rounds if you don’t believe me. You have to be a fool to think this fight was not fixed. And the only reason these promoters can pull this s*** off is because there are a *lot* of fools out there.

mmafighter32 Says, in 7-7-2008 at 11:41:57 from    

ok rampage has power…i got it people…and look at forrests face.. igot that…but who would win a fight if one guy throws 30 punches the whole fight (not saying rampage threw 30, so shut up) and one guy throws 300 punches AND kicks and connects with 70 percent of them, attempts at ground and pound and submissions, almost locking one in for the kill? Did anybody ever watch the old school fight of tank abbot (when he was actually a threat) vs Pedro the Rock rizzo? Same scenario except Pedro put him away in the end due to longer rounds (old ufc rules)

danada Says, in 7-7-2008 at 12:22:04 from    

This fight was really too close to call. I can’t believe some of you were saying this was a friendship bout. Both of these guys were looking to knock each other out. I think Rampage is better when they get up close in the pocket. Forrest likes to try with distance strikes. Also, when Forrest started with the knees whenever they were in the clinch you saw Jackson reeling back it was like shades of Silva and he was just trying to get the hell out of there. Rampage landed a really clean uppercut in the first round but it didn’t appear to do much damage to Forrest. Both of these guys have great chins. Forrest dominated Rampage on the ground in all of round 2 and was the more dangerous fighter from his back. He landed some clean blows on Rampage and was really using his feet. Those leg kicks were obviously causing Jackson some pain. Overall I think this fight was almost a draw. Neither fighter looked like he could clearly beat the other. Good fight. I almost would have let Rampage keep the belt on a draw and give them a rematch.

On Tape Says, in 7-7-2008 at 12:26:22 from    

Rampage had the better stand up.
He beat forrest to the punch and clearly hard the much harder punches.

I don’t think Forrest landed one significant punch.

5 rounds and there’s not a mark on Rampages face.

Forrest won round 2, but big deal, he hurt him with a leg kick and did nothing the rest of the round (he did no damage to Rampage on top).

terrible call.

On Tape Says, in 7-7-2008 at 12:27:17 from    

Rampage had the better stand up.
He beat forrest to the punch and clearly had the much harder punches.

I don’t think Forrest landed one significant punch the entire fight

5 rounds and there’s not a mark on Rampages face.

Forrest won round 2, but big deal, he hurt him with a leg kick and did nothing the rest of the round (he did no damage to Rampage on top).

terrible call.

UMMM..OK Says, in 7-7-2008 at 13:01:54 from    

Ground Game = forrest did more damage either thoguh neither really got hurt

Standing = forrest got alot of leg kicks and jabs in. Rampage got a few bombs in. Forrest’s leg kick was the most effective blow in the fight so i give him a slight edge.

gotta go with forrest. landed the hardest shot of the fight. boxed without getting caught bad and did more on the ground than rampage. i’d watch the rematch.

onebadmuthafer Says, in 7-7-2008 at 13:18:45 from    

who fing cares about this fight anyway. forrest is a fing joke. all it will take is the Dean of mean to kick his ass anyway. i mean Tito pummeled him too with a bad fing leg. unless forrest does a bunch of fairy kicks and then runs away for five rounds. if you want to see that continue to watch the UFC as for me its time i switch to Affliction where the real fighters are

onebadmuthafer Says, in 7-7-2008 at 13:21:55 from    

This was without a doubt the most bullshit fight I’ve seen. In the past anytime somebody claimed a fight was fixed, I totally rejected the idea, but this one was seriously questionable. Either Jackson was injured and totally out of shape for this fight or there was something else going on behind the scenes. Normally Jackson stalks his opponents and puts them against the cage beating a crap out of them, but for this fight he was just chilling for himself giving forrest room to throw leg kicks. Now I understand Forrest is a UFC product and the UFC is behind him 100% and because of the Ultimate Fighter show he has gained a fan base, but seriously this fight didn’t seem too serious to me. He passed Rampage’s guard, but couldn’t do anything to him. He got a triangle on him, but couldn’t finish it. To me it seemed like a dad was playing with his kid and just let him win at the end.


minato808 Says, in 7-7-2008 at 13:25:34 from    

Good fight with a clear cut winner but what’s with the lovefest after the fight? This is the reason why I like a bit of rivalry leading up to the fight.

DeAdMaN133 Says, in 7-7-2008 at 13:41:07 from    

wow…my favorite comment someone has mad so far is that forrest did no damage expect those leg kicks. what? were you smoking crack or something during the second round? he ate rampage up on the ground. This is fixed? go FIX yourself off a cliff. ok, yes forrest did look more beat up at the end, but he always looks like that at the end of his fights, win or lose. why didnt Rampage look as beat up? because all of Forrest’s shots didnt go to his face. this fight was amazing, both fights did great, especially with that upper cut from rampage in the first round, i thought he had forrest for a second. but by the end of the fight i could clearly see forrest was the winner. you all talk about how powerful Rampage is, yes he is powerful, one person to KO Chuck Liddell, but you make it sound like Forrest is a piece of paper and he was just going to rip through him. give forrest credit. he is a monster of a fighter and you guys need to open your eyes and see that. you say fixed like Forrest got the hell beat out of him for all 5 rounds and then was declared the winner. he did some amazing stuff. and i dont see how you guys think Rampage won by a land slide (thats what you make it sound like.)

Zeus Says, in 7-7-2008 at 13:48:40 from    

Some of you guys are f***** idiots. Forrest clearly won the fight. He had better stand up, grappling, aggression, and octagon control. And guess what, that’s how fights are scored. Literally all Rampage did was connect with some punches and a few nice combinations and one takedown. Forrest connected with more punches, a s*** load of awesome leg kicks, a take down, way better ground game, a couple submission attempts, and controlled the whole fight.

I’d love to hear somebody try to argue with that. Come on, give your best shot.

whitey Says, in 7-7-2008 at 14:03:29 from    

Please, for goodness sakes, before anyone talks about how Forrest “outstruck” Jackson, please just count the strikes for each fighter while watching rounds 3 and 4. Rampage won both of them. He landed more strikes in each of those rounds, and was even on top in one of them. This “decision” is complete bullshit. Rampages post-fight interview (in his locker room) is spot on. He says he lost the 2nd and the 5th rounds, but won the others. That is exactly right. Someone bought the judges.

Audiodrug Says, in 7-7-2008 at 14:12:01 from    

Watch rampage walk, then argue that forest didn’t do any damage.

Junior Says, in 7-7-2008 at 14:16:11 from    

Just because someone is aggressive that means nothing when there are three other factors that need considering. Forrest may have been the more aggressive fighter but you must consider effective striking, Rampage. Not one of Forrest’s head kicks connected, he was landing early with the leg kicks but that died out after round 2. Grappling, Rampage. Octagon control could be a toss up, but I give it to Rampage based on him killing Forrest everytime he came in. Most of you who believe Forrest won have bought the hype the UFC is selling.

Junior Says, in 7-7-2008 at 14:17:26 from    

Most of you can’t see that you are being sold more PPV

Massive Says, in 7-7-2008 at 14:20:21 from    

Everyone keeps stressing “Octagon Control” and though it’s a valid scoring method you guys are overstating it. Forrest was the aggressor only because he was successful in damaging Rampage’s left leg which he should indeed get points for, but if you actually watched the video he barely connected with any of his combos. Look at the fight again and you’ll see the majority of Forrest’s strikes were avoided, elbow checked, or hand slapped away. His most effective strike the whole night were leg kicks, besides that he landed a few jabs and punches here and there that slipped through at the end of combos. Forrest connected most frequently in the 1st and 5th rounds, but rampage was tagging him all night long. Aside from that he had a weak take down after the leg kicks (2nd round) & Two Americana attempts that were easily broken & the triangle that was locked, but totally ineffective. Rampage wasn’t even close to tapping because he immediately adjusted for the slam. Another reason I can’t give Forrest points for his striking is that he threw all his strikes with no intent to damage. There were so many times especially in the 3rd that he’s threw a lazy combo never committing to the combos; he also missed of had his leg kicks checked after the second and those knees in the clench were all soft and arm blocked. So I ask you all this. If Forrest was so effective & accurate with his combos how come Rampage didn’t looked Damaged at all? The answer is simple. Forrest only landed leg kicks and the few punches that slipped throw Rampage’s defenses were thrown at sparring speed and had not intent to damage behind them. Forrest executed his game plan more effectively and stayed more aggressive if you define MMA aggression by throwing weak combos to stay ahead on points. Rampage didn’t come in sharp, but scored a knockdown & dazed him numerous times in the 1st round. Got the better of of the majority of the exchanges throughout the rounds, did a ton more damage throughout the fight (aside from the only damage Griffin did via leg kicks), broke all Forrest’s submission attempts, and something no one anyone is getting the former champ credit for is after Forrest failed to finish Rampage in the second (because other than heavy leg damage he wasn’t in any danger of being Ko’d or submitted despite a full mount lol). After This Rampage started to make a come back. He turned it all around. Many of you are failing to recognize this. So if A few submission attempts and weak combos that rarely land, but make you look really active constitutes taking the belt from the champ so be it…Forrest did surprisingly well and through smart tactics managed not to get knocked out, but other than the leg kicks and that weak ass ground and pound aka rub your elbow & forearm in Rampages face he didn’t do much.

doodee nipple hair Says, in 7-7-2008 at 14:41:52 from    

first of all great fight … nail biter the whole time … rampage got the first round when he almost ko’d griffin .. the second round was clearly forrests .. then after that was pure kick boxing and grappling against the cage … very close decision but griffin was clearly the more aggresive fighter in the later rounds .. he answered all of rampages punches .. so to say rampage controlled the fight must mean ur a f****** retard … second even juanito told rampage in his corner that griffin was winning the fight.

pitbull Says, in 7-7-2008 at 15:23:27 from    

dont’ worry lyoyo machida is coming ,wanderlei is coming,thiago silva is coming and also shogun and now anderson silva
that is no way that forrest will keep this belt for long time .

Jaywed Says, in 7-7-2008 at 15:29:53 from    

To be the champ… u should have to decisively have to beat the champ and forrest did not beat the champ. I watched the entire fight and forrest couldnt even capitalize on a mount and did no damage to rampage. Look at Rampages face and forrest face after the fight… tell me who looks more like s*** and who looks like if wasnt even in the fight (rampage). And with the scores, Im assuming that they gave forrest 4 of 5 rounds, which didnt make any sense since rampage won the first round clearly and won another round with the take down. Forrest would jsut walk in and throw leg kicks and run off when ever rampage would A punch… which was smart of him which was a smart strategy but u cant win a fight by throwing f****** leg kicks where only one was effective. If the scores were closer i woudlnt be too pissed off but when it was a unanimous decision which scores of 49-46…. theres clearly something wrong and i personally think ufc is just trying to make the most money possible and influence the decisions to keep the majority happy…. for e.g when bisping won by decision in england… where he clearly got his ass kicked,

Jaywed Says, in 7-7-2008 at 15:31:34 from    

forgot to add at the end… that they gave him the win so that they can keep the fans in england since bisping is from there and probably huge fan favorite

9E6A7S4T4SIDAH Says, in 7-7-2008 at 16:54:19 from    

i think red rum needs to stop riding joe rogans dick so hard because just like joe, red rum is just another clown at the circus. tae kwon do fights are regulated which means that joe rogan only won by how judges see it. but i tell u what put joe rogan in the ring with me and i guarantee that you wont need any of these bogus judges to tell you who won. all youre gonna need is a paramedic and a stretcher to carry joe rogans buck fifty soaking wet, three shirt, two pants wearing dwarfs body out of the ring. i promise you that. believe what you may and praise him as much as you want but until i see him knock someone out then his name just wont register in my book. and i tell you what i wish i had the opportunity to tell him this to his face because fear is definitely not a factor for me. anything else anyone wants to say then bring it if not, shut your mouth and get back into your fathers balls where you belong u worthless wastes of air.


9E6A7S4T4SIDAH Says, in 7-7-2008 at 17:09:14 from    

whitey is the man i think he is the one of the few people out there who was watching the same fight as me and to the clown who said forrest landed 70 percent….my ass. people like you should gauge your own eyes out because u dont deserve to judge let alone watch any type of fighting sport. u should go join mr. redrum and polish joe rogans pole with the back of your throat because you really serve no other purpose on this earth.

u110101 Says, in 7-7-2008 at 17:42:30 from    

the reason jackson lost is the same sean sherk loss. they both were kinda afraid of been submited, despite they both have good wreslting skills….but not so good notion od submissions….in reach jacson loss…ive bee trainning for 9 years in judo, jiujitsu, muay thai an mma..and ive been following pride, k1, dream, ufc, wec, etc… the first round its tough…could go anyway…i give it to forrest…second is clearly 10/8…..third draw, fourth to rampage 10/9….5th very close, ill give it to forrest…it seems that jackson didnt want 2 win…what happens??…forrest needs 2 prove he is a tru champions, but right now he deserve that….if jackson really wants 2 he can fight and win…jackson has 2 be confident in his ground game and not dobt uo ground and pound forrest

Dogg Says, in 7-7-2008 at 18:00:19 from    

I wanted Rampage to win but Forrest was the busier of both fighters throughout the fight and deserved to win in the end.
Rampage should have done more, what was he waiting for. He should have taken the fight to forrest but just looked jaded.
I suppose this is the great thing about mma, anyone can beat anyone on their day.

Jackholmes Says, in 7-7-2008 at 18:36:16 from    

This was relatively easy to score.

Round 1 – Forrest was busier but Rampage landed the harder shots and the uppercut was decisive – Jackson’s round.

Round 2 – From the get Forrest hurt him and dominated him for 5 minutes – Griffin’s round

Round 3 – Forrest was busier and landed more – Rampage landed the harder shots – it’s the age old dilemna, do you like quality or quantity? The only tough round to score. I gave it to Forrest because he was the aggressor and landed more and didn’t seem to be hurt by Rampage’s shots – thus no decisive advantage for the harder puncher – Griffin’s round.

Round 4 – Griffin busier but Jackson gets a takedown. Griffin almost gets a choke, Jackson almost gets a slam. Jackson working hard and landing some thudding shots – Jackson’s round.

Round 5 – Griffin busier – he’s the aggressor – Jackson looks gassed. Neither guy does a lot but Griffin lands a lot more shots – Griffin’s round.

Decision Griffin – 48-47. And the new . . .

Andrew Says, in 7-7-2008 at 19:26:20 from    

F*** all you cocksuckers with the to be the champ you must beat the champ bullshit. Forrest is the champ because he beat the champ grow a f****** a brain.
And then you guys out there that say oh ya know forrest didnt do s*** didnt put him away like a champ should, mother f***** please quinton didnt do s*** either except the upper cut.And he didnt put Forrest away.
And dont come back to this and say well Quinton’s leg was hurt he couldnt throw please. That is all the more reason to get the fight over ASAP and be aggresive

Youhave2ppvinamerica Says, in 7-7-2008 at 20:13:57 from    

That was clearly a fight with a financial gain in mind. Rampage gets to have a rematch – where he’ll get an inflated purse. UFC get to sell it to PPV as the ultimate rematch, Dana makes more money, and the ignorant fans amongst us are happy because they think they are seeing an epic fight between two valiant combatants. Like Rampage said “I’m not a good actor.” Bullshit did he believe he got his ass “whooped” in that fight – he barely broke a sweat. That’s not how Rampage fights – so why now? Open your eyes people. Everyone in this stands to make more money if Forest wins. Money makes the world go round. It’s been happening in Boxing since time immemorial.. nice to see UFC is finally catching up.

split_vision Says, in 7-7-2008 at 20:19:01 from    

Hello everyone – I hope this article expands on how this fight called incorrectly. In total, I agree with the author b/c it seems that MMA is trying to deviate as much as it can from other full contact sports, but nonetheless MMA (esp. UFC as an organization) piggybacks its scoring system from boxing (it looks bad when Dana White knocks on boxing’s current affairs and uses boxing’s current scoring system – that looks bad); so MMA is still trapped from being one of the same rigged paradigm. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2008/writers/ben_fowlkes/07/07/judging.ufc.86/index.html

j_satan_666 Says, in 7-7-2008 at 20:22:11 from    

wow 150 comments and counting. this s*** is getting too heated. look at how many opinions there about this fight. we as people are all different and think differently. there just happened to be more judges that thought forrest won. no conspiracy and no fixed fights however. the fight happened and it’s over, let it go. i smell rematch as there should be. look rampage isn’t crying over the s***, he’s looking to the future because he’s a real pro. look i like the guys equally but i really think rampage took forrest lightly. even in the show he said he’d be lucky to see round 3. if the judges said rampage won i’d feel the same way, that you shouldn’t let the judges decide. i could of seen it called either way, and i’m not going to give three shits about it either way. everyone knows how popular forrest is, he’s a joker he’s modest and professional. if i was rampage i would of been looking to push the pace and ko forrest.

daxawyes Says, in 7-7-2008 at 21:38:01 from    

Thanks to this site I rewatched the fight and counted how many times forrest connected in the third and fourth round. It is so plain to see if you will just watch. Rampage clearly won the first, third and fourth round. You cannot leave this to the judges. Being the busier fighter doesn’t mean anything unless you connect. Stop with that crap. How many times will the UFC allow these stupid decisions before they fix it? Rampage Won.

REDRUM Says, in 7-7-2008 at 21:56:21 from    


I’m not on Joe Rogan’s dick bitch boy! Why do you have such an issue with him? Did he turn you down for a date or something? All I said was that he’s an accomplished martial artist. What are you, a street fighter from Hawaii? Hell, I’m a street fighter too. So what? Quit trying to act all bad ass on the internet. I could probably whoop you, let alone Rogan. I’m not the one talking s*** though. I’m just stating the facts. I bet you get wood for Kendall Grove’s sorry ass too. Leave that “Ice” alone bra, it’s f***** your head up enough already. And STOP CRYING about Jackson losing. His fans are whining more than him, because he knows he was beaten. Anybody that knows MMA and is not just a Rampage fan boy knows that Griffin earned the win. Deal with it…

OriontheKiwi Says, in 7-7-2008 at 23:22:28 from    

All I know is that I put money on Forrest and he won so HA!

Also I would like to add that Forrest was blocking a lot of Rampages flurries with a herky jerky blocking technique while Rampage neglected to check or move out of the way of many of Forrest’s kicks which may have led Forrest to score more points. In my opinion Forrest scored more points in the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th rounds.

Cez Says, in 7-7-2008 at 23:46:12 from    

GRIFFIN EARNED THE FIGHT??!! What the f*ck are you talking about? Did he even won the first fight against Stephan Bonnar?? Come on! How the hell do you figure that out? He is a freaking whimp who was too scared to trade punches with the real champ. Any bitch who goes in the cage to try and score points instead of winning the fight convincingly, DOES NOT deserved to be a champ. This is MMA, not f****** boxing, nor f****** WWE – If you like the little stupid shows and who is funnier and more popular, then you should be watching the WWE brother. And mark my words, that’s the road the UFC will be taking if they keep on fixing fights. MMA is all about how much balls and technique a fighter has. All the commentators kept on saying was how popular that f***** white monkey is & how much people love him. As a matter of fact, I truly believe that Dana White wanted a white person on top of the division since he knows that his other bitch Liddell would never take the crown as long as Rampage was in there. If you honestly believe (aside from all the scoring b.s.) that Forrest won this fight, you are as much as a bitch as Dana. Seriously, answer yourself, does Forrest have anything on Rampage? Is he bad enough to stay on top of the division? If you are happy that the white man is on top, good for you bitches. You know who are the real fighters that have the skills & guts to be called “Champions” – Not a made p**** like Forrest Griffin – F*** that pig.

nolander Says, in 7-7-2008 at 23:48:33 from    

griffin MURDERED!!!!
he had WAY more tactics than rampage

heet Says, in 7-7-2008 at 23:56:42 from    

well said Redrum..
Rampage’s cocky ass got taken for a ride, suprise suprise eh..nuff said..

simpleReally Says, in 7-8-2008 at 00:07:51 from    

Didn’t rampage say that forrest whooped his ass?

If so, then why all the “controversy” Rampage himself said Forrest whooped his ass.

What more do you need to know about who won?


hatrickhcky2 Says, in 7-8-2008 at 00:11:24 from    

That was possibly the best fight i have ever seen. Both of these dudes are hard ass mother f****** but its so cool how they are so respectful. Some of the other fighters need to learn from these guys. Just cause you can kick some ass doesn’t mean you have the right to be a douche bag, ya know.

But again, sick job Forrest and Rampage. Truly an amazing fight.

Can’t wait for UFC 88!!!! First time to come to the ATL baby!!! They best be ready for us!!

Lynx Says, in 7-8-2008 at 00:43:10 from    

Look forrest didnt connect go count it his hit and thrown average is just way off everyone knows. Its simple UFC judging rules are to open ended and have not been regulated so judges pick favorites and what their slow ass sees from ticking in whatever box they labled.

Rampage whoop him next time something fearce when all that pressure is off him.

PUO Says, in 7-8-2008 at 00:46:43 from    

gotta agree with j_satan_666. lots of opinions, most of them lacking intelligence and ovbiously come from a fan of a fighter not a fight fan.

Rampage ran his mouth, under estimated his opponent and lost.

If he really was the champ he would have put up a better fight than 1 or 2 good punches/combos a round then expect to win.

Black Rob Says, in 7-8-2008 at 02:55:19 from    

When did high work rate by throwing 100 meaningless, soft jabs > high damage rate with almost ko and chicken leg power punches?

Oh, and do you know why it is called a sub ATTEMPT? Cause it didnt finish the opponent, or it would be called sub finish. So why give so much credit for a failed sub….or sub attempt as folk call it. Kinda like saying he threw 5 haymakers that didn’t connect so he won the round.

So now all you have to do is throw 100 weak jabs per round and outpoint for the win eventhough you lose every exchange and get rocked and almost KTFO on numerous occations? So it’s not Ultimate Fighting Championship….more like Ultimate Point Champioinship. Why pay $50 for that when I can see karate matches and sparing at the local corner gym.

KHans Says, in 7-8-2008 at 03:51:14 from    

Hands down Griffin won the fight. He had a better game plan, he was the aggressor, and clearly the smarter fighter. First round can go either way, Griffin threw some good punches and was on the offense, but Rampage did connect and hurt him. Second round goes to griffin, no one can argue that. I would even go as far as to give Forrest a 10-8 in that round because he dominated! Jackson didn’t do s***; his ground game is atrocious and he got worked by Forrest. The third and fourth rounds are close, but i feel rampage takes them both. So fari have 29-27 in favor of Griffin. The first four minutes of the fifth round were all Forrest on the offense again. He was throwing punches, high kicks, and leg kicks. All we saw from rampage was him attempting to block the strikes from Forrest and occasionally throwing one or two counter punches. It wasn’t until the final minute of the fight that we saw Rampage realize, “Oh s***, I’m losing this fight. I need to go for the knockout!” But by then it was too late. Rampage lost the fifth round and lost the fight. Get off his nuts…he got worked.

Allen T. Says, in 7-8-2008 at 04:32:07 from    


1. I’ve read your rants…struggling through your tortured English is a chore. My question is, was it your father that r**** you as a child, or your uncle? You’ve got serious…”I’m a man with balls and everything!!!” syndrome. Lighten up Francis.

2. People like Joe Rogan because he’s marginally funny and has some knowledge of the sport. He’s fairly close with Eddie Bravo (an excellent and innovative BJJ specialist) having a brown belt in BJJ from him (last I heard). So, he’s enjoyable to listen to because he understands the sport. His TKD victories came under the same rules as every other TKD person fought under. He must have displayed a minimum level of talent to get through and win.

3. As for your, “I’ma kick everyone’s ass cause I’m that bad!!!” motto, you are fooling anyone. You are an internet tough guy. You might be able to fight, but heck…there are tons of guys on here that can fight some. I’m a Kenpo, BJJ and kick boxing guy, as well as, an ex-Ranger. What does that mean? Not much. It means I can beat some guys and I can get it handed to me too…just like you. So, if anyone here needs to “shut their mouth” it’s totally you dude.

Allen T. Says, in 7-8-2008 at 04:46:09 from    


1. Tito pummeled Forrest? Tito won one round decisively and won a split decision that could have gone either way. In that fight, Tito won because he had the most dominate round…keep that in mind, because that’s why Forrest won against Rampage. His dominate 2nd round left an impression in the minds of the judges that carried over to the remaining rounds.

2. You quoted to a Mr. Conspiracy? Sheesh. Shouldn’t you two be out hunting the Illuminati? I hear that they meet in a secret mountain resort called The Meadows. Sure. Rampage agreed to let Forrest kick the hell out of his knee until he could barely walk. You think those don’t hurt? Let me kick you with one and see how quickly you get back up.

Allen T. Says, in 7-8-2008 at 04:51:18 from    

Farmma Says:

“Forrest didn’t once look to finish the fight, that is not a champion.”

Yeah, those Americana attempts, the triangle attempt, and the Omoplata attempt were all just fake submission attempts to impress the judges. It’s not like people ever win fights with submissions.


Allen T. Says, in 7-8-2008 at 04:57:06 from    

smack Says

“forest kicked him in the leg more wow how the F*** does that win you fights ?!”

New to the sport huh? Haven’t seen many leg kick knock outs have you? Because if you had, you’d realize just how close Forrest was to winning the fight by KO due to leg kicks in the 2nd round.

Forrest should have let Rampage up and kicked his leg 10 more times. He didn’t (prolly) only because of Rampage’s one-punch power.

Allen T. Says, in 7-8-2008 at 05:02:34 from    


“I’ve always felt the if it comes down to decision for the Belt, you have to give it to the champ!”

That’s because you’re retarded.

Are you actually saying that a championship belt should never pass by decision? Seriously? Are you honestly saying that if Griffin had beat Rampage to a red pulp for 5 rounds, but Rampage managed to maintain consciousness…then the belt has to stay with Rampage (I’m not saying that’s what happened here…just creating the ridiculous scenario that your “theory” would allow)?

I’m glad your system is not in place.

Allen T. Says, in 7-8-2008 at 05:08:57 from    

Cez Says:

“I am with VENOMOUS”

That’s one strike.

“Forrest has been spoon fed since the beginning of his carrer at the UFC.”

Like his Jardine and Tito losses? Totally spoon fed. (Tard).

“I seriously believe tha the UFC is turning to be like the WWE or boxing, now they want to choose who the champion is gonna be. Forrest aint crap, he would not hold the belt for more than one fight.”

So, which is it? Is Forrest the selected champ or is he going to immediately lose the title. Heck, why am I asking you to see the internal contradiction of your rant. You haven’t the brains to accomplish the task.

Allen T. Says, in 7-8-2008 at 05:17:14 from    

Robert Says:

“Rolf boyle, since when does controling the center gain a fighter points? Ridiculous.”

1. Controlling…it has two l’s.
2. It’s called “Octagon control” and it is a specific scoring criteria of the UFC. Controlling the center of the ring suggests aggression and pushing the fight forward, rather than setting back, waiting for another to make a mistake. It’s not a decisive factor (for instance, Machida doesn’t usually do so well in this category…the Ortiz fight is an example of him pretty much giving up the aggression factor to focus on accuracy and to avoid the take down).

stevewalk89 Says, in 7-8-2008 at 05:20:55 from    

yah..great fight..

forrest all the way baby

dang it wont let me save the video

anybody got the code or anything?

Travis Says, in 7-8-2008 at 06:59:12 from    

I thought it was pretty decent decision. I thought Forrest won the 2,3,5 rounds. Also 2nd round was like a 10-8 for Forrest. I thought this right when the round ended, and then they talk about it later in the third round. Rampage won the 1st and 4th rounds. But a lot of the time he kept backing up and not doing much. I mean Forrest would throw a lot of jabs and leg kicks and Rampage would only get like 2 or 3 combinations in a round. Rampage may have done more damage that fight, but he wasn’t throwing many punches and was backing up a lot.

whitey Says, in 7-8-2008 at 09:01:29 from    

Redrum, please explain how Griffin won the fight yet lost the 3rd and the 4th rounds. And if you think Griffin won the 3rd and the 4th, please count the number of strikes that land for each fighter in those rounds and tell me who you count as landing more. In my count, Jackson not only lands harder shots, but he also lands more total shots in both those rounds. If “staying busy” is all it takes to become the UFC champion, then hell, the fighers should deep six the fight training and just run on the treadmill all day. LOL.

The fact is, if anyone is smoking poles it is the folks saying Griffin won. Some of the judges even gave round 1 to Griffin! LOL. Tell me that isn’t screwed up without Forrest’s pole in your mouth. Griffin won only if this fight was a contest to see who could act more like a pinata.

BigLou2203 Says, in 7-8-2008 at 09:48:56 from    

I’m old school when it comes to fighting. You have to BEAT the champ, to be the champ. Forrest MAY have won on points, but he didn’t dominate the fight. Control isn’t everything in an MMA fight. It was a very good fight, I like both fighters and I’m not dissapointed that Forrest won…but…I don’t think a close decision should go to the challenger. Tim Sylvia was DOMINATED by Couture for the HW title…Rampage was NOT dominated by Forrest to lose his.

Massive Says, in 7-8-2008 at 10:28:40 from    

So I ask you all this. If Forrest was so effective & accurate with his combos how come Rampage didn’t looked Damaged at all? There could only be 3 reasons. 1 Forrest actually connected with all his combos, but hit’s really soft. 2 Rampage avoided, elbow checked, and hand slapped the majority of Forrest strikes(which he did), Or Rampages face is made of steel; which I admit he has a solid chin. but indeed he’s just a man. Anyway Forrest is the champ & I’m done debating. I wonder if in the rematch Rampage puts on the same caliber performance Forrest put on in the first match would you guys be cool with him taking the belt back?…

obvious captain Says, in 7-8-2008 at 10:40:25 from    

Griffin will lose his belt in the next fight. Makes no difference who will be the challenger (probably liddell). He’s a good but not top fighter. You’ll see.

DanasGay Says, in 7-8-2008 at 12:29:21 from    

If Chuck Liddell does not TKO or KO Evans, as long as it is not a thorough domination and even then it might happen, Dana will have the judges give Evans the decision. If that happens I hope some of you wise up and start to see some of the strings on these judges and Dana the puppeteer at work. Dana clearly has an agenda for this sport. Where have I seen this before, hmmmmmm kinda reminiscent of how they ruined boxing eh?

JOn D Says, in 7-8-2008 at 12:46:59 from    

JACKSON will get beat up again by Griffin… and then leave scared just like in pride… Vandy may have to Whop his ass untill people really see what Page Jackson is about…….

JOn D Says, in 7-8-2008 at 12:50:54 from    

A Big winy bi#$%, as his conner already has shown with excuse after excuse, ALL I KNOW IS AFFLICTION BANNED with set the standard for my MMA PPV dollars. over 6million in prize purse. with live band. hmm

Zoee Says, in 7-8-2008 at 13:43:45 from    

Forrest Griffin is a BEAST.

REDDOG Says, in 7-8-2008 at 14:19:52 from    

Anyone who thinks that Rampage won that fight lacks a brian stem. Watch the fight agian and see who is in control of that fight. Rampage was constantly getting pushed back and being a p**** always moving backwards. As my coach says be the hammer not the nail and rampage was the f***** nail.
Forest won end of story.

fdanawhite Says, in 7-8-2008 at 14:30:17 from    

racist decision, clearly. Dana hates to see black owning the UFC. Since forest has a strong head, and didn:t get knocked out. The decision clearly went to forest.

fdanawhite Says, in 7-8-2008 at 14:32:18 from    

what’s why i say screw the UFC. That’s why Dana will not let Kimbo in, hahaha he knows
after Kimbo gets his training enough Kimbo would own the UFC. He just needs to improve his ground game and accuracy with his punches. Kimbo has a strong chin.

Starfire Says, in 7-8-2008 at 15:12:55 from    

This is why they should fight until someone wins. No more going the distance. Fight to the finish!

ignpyourmom Says, in 7-8-2008 at 16:06:45 from    

forrest f***** him up. power doesnt work from the outside. when hed come in hed get kicked and forrest would chase him. rampage was completely out of familiar water.

mmafanatic Says, in 7-8-2008 at 16:37:24 from    

Maybe Griffin won, but not by much. DEFINITELY not a 49 – 46 fight like that one judge scored it. I don’t see how any judge could watch that and give either fighter a 3-point edge. As I saw it Rampage won the 1st,3rd, and 4th rounds. Griffin won the second (most likely 10-8) and fifth rounds. Draw.
Maybe some would argue that because of that short lived triangle choke attempt, Griffin won the fourth. That was Griffins only offense in that round though. He ate a couple of big punches that round and was knocked down by one.
It was a close fight and in a close fight you gotta give the champ the benefit.

doodee nipple hair Says, in 7-8-2008 at 20:41:51 from    

people who think you have to knock out the champ or submit him to win the belt is rediculous … this was an amazing fight .. i mean its unfortunate it didnt finish in dramatic fashion like liddell vs rampage but not every fight is going to be KO or sub … if u think its only a good fight for those reasons ur clearly not a real fan .. rampage is sick, i like him hes a great fighter but where his strengths are is where forrest was being smart like instead of brawling in the pocket ( where he got knocked out by jardine) he circled out .. yah he ate some fists but he didnt go to sleep .. there were punches, submission attempts, leg kicks, knees … sweet fight n i believe forrest deserved that win … maybe u shouldnt leave title matches in the hands of the judges like rampage did with henderson! and please people stop thinking it a conspiracy for the UFC to make more money hahaha wtf is wrong with u people forrest almost got KO’d in the first round .. how do u fake eating a huge right hand then recovering???????? stupid f**** stop smoking crack ur paranoid

Bibaz Says, in 7-8-2008 at 21:06:08 from    

That fight was a whole lot of nothing it needed to go a 6th round to actually decide who won.

mma_mainia Says, in 7-8-2008 at 22:27:50 from    

Forrest wasn’t landing any power shots but he was more effective in the fight. He was more aggressive, out moved rampage, and even when forrest was rocked he recovered pretty fast. It was one of the closet fights i’ve seen but I did feel Forrest did take it.

NUGGRUGGABUSS Says, in 7-9-2008 at 00:44:33 from    

i disagree with the decision i would have scored it in rampage’s favor he won the first the 3rd and the fourth he lost the second by 2 points for sure but i wouldve scored it 47 46 for rampage good fight though congrats forrest

robert Says, in 7-9-2008 at 01:15:00 from    

That was a really close and a very good fight. Forrest was for sure the aggressor in this one, although I think Rampage landed a lot more accurate and damaging strikes. I like Forrest Griffin and I like Rampage all the same. I don’t agree with the scorecards it should have been a split decision at the worst which could have gone either way not a unanimous decision. In my opinion it should have been a draw because Rampage won the 1st Forrest won the 2nd, and rounds 3,4, and 5 were pretty even I must say. Either way we’ll see a rematch which will be a first fight again in my book and we’ll see who’s the better man. Congrats to Forrest Griffin but Rampage will be back there is no doubt in my mind a rematch will be happening this fall.

hendogriffin Says, in 7-9-2008 at 01:28:42 from    

kinda funny that during tuf while these two were coaching rampage said “i bet you our fight don’t go to no decision! in fact i bet my whole purse on it!”

Jaywed Says, in 7-9-2008 at 02:11:13 from    

I cant believe out of all the talented fighter in the LW class…. FORREST GRIFFIN IS THE CHAMP… u know theres something wrong when. Like im not saying forrest isnt a good fighter… Im just saying there are way better fighters and i like to see him defend his title against Wanderlei, just someone who wont back down from Forrest tactics of throwing a leg kick and running off. If he can beat Wanderlei… forrest will gain my respect and i think many fans that are pissed off about this last fight…. BUT by winning i dont mean kicking his leg and running off for 5 rounds, u gotta knock him out or submit his ass

cryallyou want Says, in 7-9-2008 at 02:47:29 from    

Forrest clearly won the fight he threw 10 times as many punches as Rampage! Rampage was backing up for most of the fight and you have all these n****** out here crying because Rampage didnt win well get over it you sorry pussies and go do something useful and pick some cotton or something

mma-fan0 Says, in 7-9-2008 at 06:47:18 from    

Forrest ain’t my fighter, kiddies. I just scored the fight like Hamilton. If you disagree… great. Too bad whatever MMA rules you were judging by didn’t show up that night.

whitey Says, in 7-9-2008 at 07:10:15 from    

If “staying busy” is all it takes to become UFC champion, then the fighters should just forget the fight training and train 8 hours of Tae Bo every day. Good Lord people… count the strikes that land (kicks and all) in the 3rd and the 4th rounds. Rampage landed more, and he landed harder shots also. Rampage won the 1st, 3rd, and 4th rounds… no question. He only said he got “whooped” after the fight because he is a respectful guy. Forest looks like he got hit by a truck. Later in the locker room Jackson admitted he believes he won the 1st, 3rd and 4th rounds. And he is right.

unoe c. yetecinko Says, in 7-9-2008 at 07:16:22 from    

good now maybe we’ll get to see silva vs rampage 3.

JOHNSON983 Says, in 7-9-2008 at 07:20:44 from    

Forest won no doubt, but Rampage was a real class act. I didn’t expect him to be such a good sportsman, but ended up being very impressed. These are two world class fighters, everyone knows that, but its good to see that they also have respect and sportsmanship.

blurabbit Says, in 7-9-2008 at 10:59:56 from    

forrist won the fight thats final he did great he had a good game plan made the fight go all five rounds and i think rampage had his confidence go down after every round

GMMA Says, in 7-9-2008 at 17:08:35 from    

Aggression and Octagon Control are two of the primary scoring criteria for the UFC. Forrest did win this one by decision so stop whining. I love it how whenever someone’s favorite fighter loses, they say the ref screwed up or the judges were stupid. They have the best view/vantage point out of everyone so I trust them more than I trust the trainers, the cornermen, and definitely the whiny bitches on this blog.

Randy Cline Says, in 7-9-2008 at 18:09:14 from    

Forest won the fight so stop bitching u dump f**** i like both fighters it could of went either way but forest took it im sure the Judges for the fight no a little more about mma then u dumb f****

Rampage Unlimited Says, in 7-9-2008 at 18:10:10 from    

Rampage even said he lost why is there even an argument? “FOREST WHOOPED MY ASS”

joeco0099 Says, in 7-9-2008 at 19:15:53 from    

jackson said “whooped my ass” because he ia a class act, and a company man. he knows whats best for ufc is best for him. he knows that huge rematch equalls huge money.

joeco0099 Says, in 7-9-2008 at 19:17:29 from    

oh yeah, who gives a s*** what joe rogan thinks.

Socal_mck Says, in 7-9-2008 at 21:37:10 from    

Bottom line in this whole thing is what every fighter in MMA is told from day 1……

Never Leave the fight in the hands of the judges.

You never know what might happen. They did, and this is what happend.

End of Story

ditchdoc80 Says, in 7-9-2008 at 22:45:19 from    

Oh my God someone actually said Kimbo would own the ufc. that really makes me laugh

bizzxc Says, in 7-9-2008 at 23:26:21 from    

Actually no one won yet.

REDRUM Says, in 7-10-2008 at 00:47:46 from    

whitey said:

Redrum, please explain how Griffin won the fight yet lost the 3rd and the 4th rounds. And if you think Griffin won the 3rd and the 4th, please count the number of strikes that land for each fighter in those rounds and tell me who you count as landing more… The fact is, if anyone is smoking poles it is the folks saying Griffin won. Some of the judges even gave round 1 to Griffin! LOL. Tell me that isn’t screwed up without Forrest’s pole in your mouth. Griffin won only if this fight was a contest to see who could act more like a pinata.

To answer you…

First off, I don’t have Forrest’s pole in my mouth, so don’t go there. I like both fighters, but I picked Forrest to win, because I believe that Rampage is a one dimensional fighter. I said that if he couldn’t KO Griffin, he would probably lose. Rampage puts all his eggs in one basket and thinks that his hard punches are going to beat everybody. It doesn’t work that way, as you have seen. Forrest can take a beating. He almost got KO’d in the 1st, but was able to recover. If you read my previous posts, you will notice that I gave the 1st round to Rampage. 2nd round to Forrest. 3rd round I felt was a stalemate, but I gave the edge to Rampage for the better striking. The reason I gave the 4th round to Forrest was for: 1.)pushing the pace (Rampage was backing up the whole time), 2.)almost submitting Rampage with the triangle, and 3.)slipping out of the slam attempt. The 5th round I felt that Forrest kept up the aggression and finished stronger, doing more in the last few minutes than Rampage did. Now I’m no judge and I don’t know exactly how they score things, but that’s my take on it.

So, I DON’T think that Forrest won the 3rd round and I also don’t know why any of the judges would have gave Forrest the 1st round other than that maybe he did more before and after the knockdown and maybe for the quick recovery making it look like Rampage never really had the dominant position. I’m just speculating though, I can’t read the judges minds.

For all the people talking about damage: Forrest cuts and bleeds easy, that can make it misleading sometimes. The judges might be aware of that (aren’t those 3 the same usual judges of UFC PPV’s) and took that into consideration. Or… as some of you whiny Rampage fans have suggested, maybe the judges or Dana White or the UFC as a whole are racist. I don’t f****** know, but I doubt it. I can only speak for myself and that’s what I’ve done. If Rampage would’ve won, I wouldn’t be crying about it. It’s actually what almost everybody expected to happen. I don’t know very many people that gave Griffin a chance. I just had a gut feeling that he was going to win (by submission, I thought) and I was right about him winning. I’m not taking anything away from Jackson and if he won a rematch, I wouldn’t be making any excuses for Griffin or be having a fit about it. The REAL pole smokers are the Rampage fans on here that don’t understand MMA and think that he “got robbed” because he’s black (playing the race card). They hate to see a white man beat a black man in a fight. There’s white people who feel that way, the other way around. The same goes for Hispanic, Asian, etc. I don’t look at the race of the fighters when picking a winner. I look at what each fighter brings to the table and make an educated guess about who will win. Does that answer your question?

fdanawhite Says, in 7-10-2008 at 12:05:59 from    

This is why they should fight until someone wins. No more going the distance. Fight to the finish! <<< exactly.. You should have to knockout the champ, or submit him.. Saying forest won due to him being the aggressive one, thats non sense.. dana wants rampage to fight silva again, and forest vs liddell? its more money for him. UFC fighters are paid garbage anyways.

Randy Cline Says, in 7-9-2008 at 18:09:14 from Forest won the fight so stop bitching u dump f**** i like both fighters it could of went either way but forest took it im sure the Judges for the fight no a little more about mma then u dumb f**** <<< take off your f****** glasses and stop hitting the pipe then you nerd.

Demoz Says, in 7-10-2008 at 23:21:17 from    

Forrst didnt win at all Rampage dominated the first 3rd and last rounds. Cmon I fight for a living and I judged b4 and this seemed to be a boxing match. Im moving onto Affliction i know there not money hungary faggets like the UFC. I hate both fighters cuz Rampage fights for just money and Griffin is a little bitch who is only here cuz of his homo relationship with Dana White

Shane 2 Dope Says, in 7-11-2008 at 01:20:45 from    

I’ll say what i think, this is the truth. I am a HUGE Griffin fan, i won’t lie. But i had thought rampage would destroy forest 1st-2nd round K.O. I was dead wrong, though i thought rampage would win i still bet on forest. My buds had to give me $50 a piece. I’m a richer man. Rampage did the most damage, I’ll say it. But the domination in round 2 was what helped forest win this fight. Most of the rounds were REAL close, but round 2 was a no brainier. He took this fight with good reason, yes rampage did great also, but forest had the upper hand, rampage was jumping away, backing up from the kicks. He did land some amazing punches though. But, forest is our new champ and I’m glad he is.

jairo Says, in 7-11-2008 at 01:57:55 from    

rampage got f****** robbed he won the 1st 3rd and 4th

the pill Says, in 7-11-2008 at 02:08:25 from    

Are you kidding me? forrest got worked. Did any one not see rampage drop forest with a shot and cut him open. Rampage had no marks, and his leg wasnt to bad cause he still manage to powebomb griffin. It was not with much force but it takes your legs to pick someone off the ground.

dan Says, in 7-11-2008 at 02:42:11 from    

going into the fight i wasn’t sure who to route for. they are both good fighters, sportsmen and are quite tough. when jackson said “forrest whooped my ass”, i was surprised because that’s really nothing farther from the truth. he stuck it out like the champ he is. if he had gotten his ass whooped, he would have lost by ko or tko, not decision, and that’s a fact. it was a hell of a good fight, griffin seemed to have better handle on strategy than jackson and i think that’s what won the fight for him. i’d like to see them go another 5 rounds, just because they seem like they’re such a good match up. i really love to see good sportsmanship like what was shown in these two fighters, they both deserve to be where they are, at the top.

static Says, in 7-11-2008 at 15:59:28 from    

Whoever says forrest won this fight is crazy the only round forrest won was the second round rampage won four rounds yeah forrest buckle rampage keens but i think getting drop is worster then kicking someome on the legs and i thought after the second round rampage was going to be a bloody mess he didn’t have anything on his face,forrest only hurt rampage in the first round and that’s it forrest got hurt almost in every other round except the 2 round and that tirangle come on rampage always lets his opponets get the tirangle so he could slam them,rampage destroy forrest in the stand up everytime forrest try to go in he got rocked,i think rampage stand up is way better than anderson silva and in the end of the fight forrest had cuts in his face while rampage had nothing.come on people

Johno Says, in 7-11-2008 at 16:25:27 from    

personally I scored the fight 3 rnds to 2 for jackson… my justification is 1st round jackson becuase every flurry hurt griff and the knockdown… 2nd is eaisly a 10-8 to griff though but the rest of the rounds goto jackson again as griff never really hurt jackson after the 2nd round, he messed up a takedown and failed several submission attempts. Jackson was hurting griffen with every flurry, you can tell due to griffen covering up and backing off whenever jackson came in. The best griff
offered on the feet was the kicks. I’ve watched the fight 3 times now and everytime i score it the same

phough23 Says, in 7-11-2008 at 21:30:10 from    

Jackson wins this fight 47 – 46

Round 1: 10 – 9 Griffin
Round 2: 10 – 8 Griffin
Round 3: 10-9 Jackson
Round 4: 10-8 Jackson
Round 5: 10-9 Jackson

Toxic_Society Says, in 7-11-2008 at 23:52:14 from    

I score round 2 10-0 in favor for Griffin. All Jackson did was get beat up. Jackson tried to shoot, got stuffed, almost got guillotined, almost was caught in several americanas, almost got stuck in an ezekiel, and then got elbowed, punched, mounted and lost his half guard… one of the worst displays of a ground performance by any fighter I’ve ever seen. Jackson isn’t champ material when it comes to bein on bottom.

I just wanna see Wanderlei beat the living daylights out of Rampage again. That way Jackson would be completely out of title contention for awhile.

JKrah Says, in 7-12-2008 at 00:54:59 from    

Forrest was much better prepared for this fight and Rampage proved that he is very one-dimensional. Although Forrest has very little punching power, he was able to use his kicks and they were the key to the fight. Further, Rampage would be better suited having a banana in one hand and a vine in the other, to swing through the jungle while making monkey noises. He speaks well too–like a chimpanzee gargling with golf balls.

BlindAmbition Says, in 7-12-2008 at 01:52:47 from    

I thought Rampage took rounds 1,3 and 4..Forrest fought well but, not well enough to win the title from Jackson. Even if Forrest did enough to win, it should’ve been nowhere near unanimous.

dwaynesmith Says, in 7-12-2008 at 02:45:54 from    

OMG! i wonder if everyone was watching the same fight. That was all jackson- JAckson was brutalized by those leg kicks initially but his defenses improved through each round, and griffin was hitting air and blocks, rnds 1, 3 ,4 goes to jackson, SERIOUSLY robbed

dwaynesmith Says, in 7-12-2008 at 03:32:53 from    

i had to watch this again… ive got to question the legitamy of that decision…seriously The fighters did not look surprised… WOW

PitFighter Says, in 7-12-2008 at 13:40:58 from    

I think Rampage didn’t deserve to win, but actually won the fight.
He started suspiciously very slow, like he didn’t train or something.
First round 10/9 Rampage just for the KD and staying on top.
Second round 10/8 Griffin – a massive ass wooping.
Third round 10/9 Rampage – just because he actually connected the lazy-ass punches, which Griffin didn’t
Fourth round 10/9 Rampage – Griffin should know better than trying a triangle on Rampage, almost got slammed silly.
Fifth round 10/9 Rampage – almost bored me to death, but same thing as the third.

This was, in fact, a terribly boring fight. Rampage wasn’t there at all. I hope they will have a rematch and see if they can psych Rampage this time. What a lazy ass.

hfsjeje Says, in 7-12-2008 at 20:16:11 from    

All these post are totally biased, no one won that fight.

cemtex1 Says, in 7-13-2008 at 05:21:20 from    

lets just see this as a street fight forests eye was busted he got knocked down but he buckled quintins leg and quitin he still fought on till it was stopped,
come on this was a close fight but a bad desision.

myopinion Says, in 7-13-2008 at 08:36:17 from    

At MOST that fight was a Draw. The fact that the judges scored the first round to Griffith the round where he got knocked on his ass and controlled on the ground says all I need to know. Even Forrest said the fight was too close and needs a rematch right after he got the belt. If the person who wins the fight doesn’t even feel he won decisively how can you argue that the judges scored the fight fairly?

alcapone Says, in 7-13-2008 at 10:56:35 from    


fighter80 Says, in 7-13-2008 at 13:34:59 from    

Fixed fight.

Proof: Who says “He whipped my ass” after losing a contestable decision?

Someone who just got paid.


md1376 Says, in 7-14-2008 at 00:57:30 from    

You know who says “he whipped my ass”?…

..Someone who thinks he got his ass whipped…

Anyone who calls any UFC fight a fix is a knob…

Get over it people, GRIFFIN won…and whether by a small margain or large, he WON…He deserves the belt as he outworked Rampage..
Granted, the scores might have been a bit off, but they got the winner right…In all the scored aspects of a fight, Griffin dominated at least 75% of the time IMO.

Congratz to Griffin on a hard-fought victory..can’t wait to see these two go at it again.

tko Says, in 7-14-2008 at 01:44:37 from    

Its all about the money people. Just use your brain for a little while, think of all the $$$ a rematch can bring into dana’s pocket? Do you really think rampage can’t kick forrest’s ass? Geez have some common sense and stop being nut suckers for forrest!!!

choke_hazard Says, in 7-14-2008 at 10:31:23 from    

i think forest def won that fight i’d score it r1,10/9 griffin r2,10/8 Griffin r3,9/9 r4, 10/9 Griffin r5 9/9.. but if they were to fight again i’d put my money on Rampage, How Sweet Was that uppercut in the 1st round, everytime rampage swung, it could have ended the fight but fact is he didn’t land the finishing shot. Definatley Griffin (don’t think he’ll beat machida tho)

mastersatwork Says, in 7-14-2008 at 19:58:38 from    

all about the money ? a fix ? ok so why did rampage try to end it in the first seems like a stupid thing to do in a fixed match. Forrest won the fight not by much but he won, who ever said rampage done more damage is stupid he done more visual damage but forrest hurt him bad and mentally hurt him. Good luck as champ forrest i say

mmafighter32 Says, in 7-14-2008 at 23:35:43 from    

just exactly what are the categories that judges base their round on? i bet 90 percent of you retards wouldnt have a clue how to judge a fight… someone end this stupid discussion by putting up a checklist link of judges cards

Plague Says, in 7-15-2008 at 05:45:31 from    

I wanted Jackson to win, but Griffin deserve this win. He is a legit CHAMPION.

The fight was great and a rematch should be next.


pheelixx Says, in 7-15-2008 at 12:08:23 from    

um pretty simple= if the champ says he got his ass kicked right after the fight instead of complaing well.. come on people if you can’t score a fight don’t pretend to

GuessWho Says, in 7-15-2008 at 19:57:29 from    

KISHOBA: yer an idiot.. look at the injury report.. hmmm who sustained more damage….

Rocksteady Says, in 7-16-2008 at 00:09:40 from    

Even Rampage said that Forrest Kick his A**. When your opponent says you won…YOU WON!!!

Forest out fought Rampage.

Rampage fought an honorable fight and acted very gracious with his loss as a true champion does.

Both of them are true champions.

naughtyjonah Says, in 7-16-2008 at 04:07:22 from    

Now how are people saying Rampage won this fight is beyond me. Land a couple of power punches and you win? Please. Griffin pushed the fight, countered nearly everything Rampage threw, won a 10-8 second round, what more do you want. I would be disappointed if the aggressor was punished. 46-49 fight easy. Stand and deliver Griffin, we love it.

bigrich Says, in 7-16-2008 at 10:53:06 from    


bobobaggins Says, in 7-16-2008 at 19:18:11 from    

Despite controlled, measured pace, this fight was a good showcase of Rampage’s strength and Forrest’s depth. Ultimately, the bout could have gone either way. In typical fights, or most that I’ve seen, the close one’s go to the champ. This was a pleasant surprise to see the challenger win as it will certainly fuel an exciting rematch. I have to partially agree with one of the comments regarding the direction of the UFC. I would hate for this sport to be tainted by the spector of “fixed matches”. I truly hope that UFC can be a beacon of integrity in for MMA, otherwise this most raw of sports will become as meaningless as boxing and pro wrestling.

bs Says, in 7-18-2008 at 11:55:35 from    

rampage won 4 rounds! stupid

carolinacuzin Says, in 7-20-2008 at 00:36:51 from    

I’m a Fan to both Rampage and Griffin,I felt it should’ve been a Tie And a rematch chosen. I seen Rampage leg Buckle but know true damage and Forrest kept eluding the Blows Rampage Offered.Hope there will be a Rematch Soon…I’ve watched Forrest Fight Many times Before and I was looking to see him do what he always( kick ass) do and I didnt see that tonight…

yyaahhsgs Says, in 7-20-2008 at 03:29:44 from    

for all those ppl that counted forrest out, quinton is only human not this black cyborg like all the hype, and his name is only so big because how huge liddell was, get it through your heads, he can and did loose the fight, sorry….sooks

capped master Says, in 7-20-2008 at 11:37:09 from    

this fight has ruined my faith in the ufc
46-49 – that judge was cleary on some form of hallucinogenic .
in any championship match the contender should prove they are winner beyond reasonable doubt
now i just doubt the authenticity of the ufc
but hey thats commercialism for ya

finerR Says, in 7-25-2008 at 01:18:40 from    

forrest man ive always liked that dude,and rampage hes cool but dam its just exciting to see a new champion…

blurtyblurt Says, in 7-25-2008 at 18:23:15 from    

I dont care what any of you giuys say!!! that fight was staged!! rampage did not fight to his capability in that fight, give him another shot and he will dominate griffin’s ass!!! they was in that fight for the money not for the pride! we will soon see who the real champ is if forrest gives him another shot.

Rubin Says, in 7-26-2008 at 04:54:13 from    

Great Fight,
I respect both these guys alot, and if I had to judge them as a FAN only, I would wish they Both could have Won.

Granted it was a strategic fight but all fights are different. Both Rampage and Forest have fought all types of MMA fights, all out Rumbles and Mental type bouts also.

Rampage settled any and all arguments by acknowledging his loss in UFC 86 and Forrest’s win.

davechico23 Says, in 7-30-2008 at 08:07:17 from    

i like one see one more fight. rematch baby:D

Unclepauly Says, in 7-30-2008 at 23:39:58 from    

If you’re black don’t let the championship go to decision. Lesson learned.

btw-I’m Italian

Unclepauly Says, in 7-30-2008 at 23:45:22 from    

I called it a draw. 1st Rampage, 2nd Griffin, 3rd draw, 4th Rampage, 5th Griffin.

Oliver Says, in 8-1-2008 at 07:43:25 from    

Rampage 10 – 9 Forrest
Rampage 8 – 10 Forrest
Rampage 10 – 10 Forrest
Rampage 10 – 9 Forrest
Rampage 9 – 10 Forrest
Rampage 47 – 48 Forrest

I’m A Spy Says, in 8-12-2008 at 21:48:50 from    

Why the hate for either of them. They were both humble and respectful. Especially Rampage he admitted that he was hurt after those leg kicks. This is what it is all about. Respecting each other, you can always fight another day.

300 Says, in 8-29-2008 at 08:07:19 from    

The few people who saw this fight going to Rampage don’t understand that this isn’t a street fight. Rampage hits harder than Griffin and he had Griffin hurt a few times but other than a few power punches here and there he didn’t do much. Joe Rogan said the same thing … yea he landed a few hard shots even dropped Griffin but he was inactive and Forrest executed his game plan….to perfection. Griffin outworked him all night.

F*** Joe Rogan! Says, in 9-10-2008 at 06:15:34 from    

Honestly,I think it should have went to Rampage man.I hope they have a rematch pretty damn soon!

hollywood Says, in 9-13-2008 at 20:48:06 from    

I like Jackson and Griffin the same,I’ve been watching the ufc since it’s first show. Now that said~ LOL,It was a good fight but all you anal retentive blow hard sore losers-It’s so damn funny when grown men can’t handle the truth so bad they deny what they just watched.

try these facts-
Three Judge’s…”Professional Judges” all independently rendered there decisions. All three came to the same conclusion INDEPENDENTLY!
Some of you wine bags would have us now not only disbelieve our own eye’s but join your conspiracy theory? Seriously what color is the sky in your world? LOL

hollywood Says, in 9-13-2008 at 21:01:32 from    

I look forward to a rematch. I met Forest in Vegas last year and Rampage in Santa Monica a few weeks ago, Both extremely great guys and wish them both only the best. Rampage you showing up was the high light of the charity fight in Santa Monica in (August). Seth and Aury(sorry if I spelled it wrong)From THROW DOWN
you guys were great, a pleasure to work with. we’ll be in Vegas middle of sept to pick up the cage & take you up on your offer :o)lol
hell YA!!!


djtopramin121 Says, in 9-14-2008 at 20:01:40 from    

Rampage Either Won That Fight Or It Was A Draw I Dont Care What You f***** Haters Think.

Shane2124 Says, in 10-25-2008 at 02:13:53 from    

This goes out to those kids that believe Rampage actually won the fight. Rewatch the fight, most of the “damage” done by Rampage was blocked, he did get some good hits in, but brute force isn’t everything in the UFC. Griffin obviously dominated in the second round. Easily a 10-8. Each round after that were close but no way did Rampage dominate Griffin.

griffinsux Says, in 8-31-2009 at 02:30:39 from    

i think the fight was judged based on the fact that forrest came from uf1 and dana wanted to see some1 from that show on top. how can leg kicks win a fight? sure they are excellent strategy wise but thats the only fight where the decision was justified by them. rampage looked like he just got out of the shower and forrest looked like he had been jumped by 5 guys. and forrest was the one with his head down when buffer was announcing the winner. he was totally surprised when they called his name. dont take this the wrong way im not hatin i like forrest but look what the spider did to him.PATHETIC

SammyGee Says, in 11-21-2009 at 20:16:34 from    

Who gives a rats ass? winning is winning, wheter you while by a mile, or by and inch.
Fast and Furious gave me that quote.


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