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TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 9-6-2012 at 12:15:34 from    

Nice to see Hamill back.He,s not my favorite fighter to watch but I thought he retired too quickly.

victor Says, in 9-6-2012 at 12:26:43 from    

great card got to love it when the midgets get some main event time vitor is one of my favorites but i thinks monkey arms wins also i like stann to revolutionary war bisping ass

Fightfankevin Says, in 9-6-2012 at 12:47:57 from    

Id like to see Vinny Magalhaes do well. That guy has the potential to be great.

ThatDude Says, in 9-6-2012 at 13:42:22 from    

Jones, Johnson, and Bisping. This is the Future

jakelo Says, in 9-6-2012 at 14:19:37 from    

this is gonna be sweeeeeeeet!!!

wow Says, in 9-6-2012 at 22:24:27 from    

This is such a f****** mismatch. I hate going into a fight and hoping for that puncher’s chance.

Tempted Says, in 9-6-2012 at 23:49:56 from    

I liked Jones but he is a bitch for taking the easy fight. He refused to fight Sonnen, a 185er, and instead chose to fight a guy who was irrelevant 5 years ago. If Jones wasn’t such a pansy UFC 151 would have taken place.

Powertele Says, in 9-7-2012 at 00:37:44 from    

Yeha, Jones is too big for this weight class. He won’t fight Sonnen because he is not as accomplished but he fights a fighter that got knocked out at 185 and is rapidly aging. Jones should have whooped Sonnen, we would all love that and love Sonnen for stepping up and taking that paycheck.

FedorFailsAgain Says, in 9-7-2012 at 08:05:29 from    

@ Tempted…Keep crying Chael Tard, Jon Jones is at a level where he doesn’t have to fight bums who can’t even win the MW belt and are unproven at LHW. Hell, Keith Jardine makes more sense to get a shot at Jones, at least Jardine has fought at LHW…Go back to WWE.

brucebanner Says, in 9-7-2012 at 10:07:50 from    

i hope jones gets knocked out.

blow Says, in 9-7-2012 at 12:00:54 from    

vitors chance to win is extreme slim.just like jonnys legs.

Oswald Cobblepot Says, in 9-7-2012 at 14:18:19 from    

Too bad we dont get to see the hype shows anymore since they are on Fuel.

Tempted Says, in 9-13-2012 at 04:28:59 from    

FedorFailsAgain Says, in 9-7-2012 at 08:05:29 from

Jon Jones is at a level where he doesn’t have to fight bums who can’t even win the MW belt and are unproven at LHW.

Jones should be able to win but he bitched out and took the easy fight. I think you Chael haters are forgetting that in the 7 rounds he was been in the ring with Silva, he completely dominated and obliterated him for 6. A loss is a loss, and Silva is the better fighter because even after getting the s*** kicked out of him for 4 and a half rounds he was able to catch Chael in sub, but Chael is the only man to ever dominate Silva. You can’t argue that. The second fight should have been declared an NC due to the amount of illegal activities that Anderson committed in the fight. The greasing, the short holding, the cage holding, the illegal knee. He did what he had to do to get the win, it was just dirty. And even still he got owned in the 1st round.


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