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Tankless Says, in 7-6-2012 at 10:56:06 from    

Be hilarious if Sonnen pulled it off.

Reallynow? Says, in 7-6-2012 at 11:10:17 from    

Ahhhhh hahahahahahahahahahaha

fightingfix Says, in 7-6-2012 at 11:17:29 from    

takase is the greatest fighter ever

ultimate fighter Says, in 7-6-2012 at 11:19:32 from    

takase vs jon jones
make it happen dana the fans have spoken

G.wizardry Says, in 7-6-2012 at 12:28:41 from    

Ey, why is it that all the d#ck-n-butt haters on this site celebrate when some lame pulls this video out their ass? Hey dummies, Sonnen was jacked up on PED’s in the last fight and Silva’s ribs was severely bruised! Where is the videos of Sonnen getting owned by Jeremy Horn, Damian Maia, or Terry Martin??? This bum has been losing to triangle chokes since ’03 (ref. Forrest Griffen). Jeremy schooled him 3 Times btw! This bum has 11 losses on his record. No PED’s tomorrow night ish-heads. No cracked ribs for “Mr. Anderson”. Do kill yourself when Sonnen gets his orbital crushed.

jakelo Says, in 7-6-2012 at 12:43:23 from    

fcukin beautiful

Jack Says, in 7-6-2012 at 13:34:55 from    

There is no man that’s unbeatable!!!

MIKE Says, in 7-6-2012 at 13:38:14 from    

@g wizardry

he wasnt on peds you retard he was on trt learn what your talking about before you talk

uncledana Says, in 7-6-2012 at 14:15:45 from    

mike…trt is a perfornence enhancing drug. i dont know what you are thinking.

Tankless Says, in 7-6-2012 at 14:56:03 from    

Wow wizardry , you should really read what you wrote …….cause it looks like your a dick n butt hater as well , just on the wrong side of the dick.

Pope Says, in 7-6-2012 at 14:57:39 from    

I feel like the comments on this site are getting dumber and dumber.

London jones Says, in 7-6-2012 at 15:28:36 from    

well sonnen fans be here on sunday! i’ll be waiting to LOL!!!

Jack Says, in 7-6-2012 at 15:53:00 from    

TRT=testosterone cypionate.

Which is a oil base anabolic steroids. fact is TRT is cheating bar-non. Dan Henderson is a known TRT user,and his performance increased with age. I guess the TRT have no effect on father time.

failsonnen Says, in 7-6-2012 at 16:16:37 from    

Plenty of videos of Chael losing as well within the past 10 years. Some fighters become champions within 3. Look at Jones. He wasn’t even thinking or training in MMA until circa 2008. This is nine years ago.

ironfist Says, in 7-6-2012 at 16:59:18 from    

Daiju Takase P4P #1 fighter on the planet

andersonsmama Says, in 7-6-2012 at 17:39:34 from    

You could tell that anderson was getting turned on when Takase’s crotch was in his face,that was Awesome baby anderson got his butt kicked L.O.L!!!!

andersonsmama Says, in 7-6-2012 at 17:40:10 from    

Awesome vid Bruno! thats a keeper!

andersonsmama Says, in 7-6-2012 at 17:40:38 from    

london jones,your kinda slow.

boonching Says, in 7-6-2012 at 17:47:38 from    

lol @ tankless

KouNTa KuLCHa Says, in 7-6-2012 at 19:02:24 from    

Just watched this the other day, along with Silva’s fight against Chonan.
Daiju came to fight, like that last minute against Manny Yarborough.
The Japanese were always game to fight the much bigger/better/freakish/debutant from another sport. Respect!☺

P.S. Hail Silva, and WAR Tito!♠

HatersGonnaHate Says, in 7-6-2012 at 19:09:36 from    

Jeremy Horn and Demian Maia are world class submission specialists … but Daiju Takase and Ryo Chonan were bums …

iphone siri Says, in 7-6-2012 at 20:34:35 from    

Hate to break it to you noobs but this fight in pride was fixed. any time you see rampage,newton, kevin randleman, or an early anderson silva lose to a japanese fighter, it was fixed.

FailSonnen Says, in 7-6-2012 at 20:39:48 from    

HatersGonnaHate – Trevor Prangley, Paulo Filho, Babalu, and Forest Griffen besides Maia and Horn. And Silva beat Maia, Griffen and Horn. Your point is moot. Its a fact that the triangle choke and armbar are Sonnen’s Achilles heel since the start of his career. Noted by even Randy Couture and Randy > you.

Jack Says, in 7-6-2012 at 22:08:16 from    

“iphone siri”

I know you are one of UFC trolls. Where do you have the proof fights were fixed. Just ask the Rampage fool if all those Silva’s knees to the head were fake. I’m tired of fools like you patrolling the internet with lies. I guess you could say most UFC fights are fixed since most or all the fighters are on the TRT program.

Lee Worrier Says, in 7-6-2012 at 23:04:30 from    


axl782 Says, in 7-7-2012 at 01:55:31 from    

tx bruno for the clasic

G.wizardry Says, in 7-7-2012 at 06:00:02 from    

There’s a saying that goes: “when you open your mouth you display your exact stock of knowledge OR LACK THEREOF! You just let everyone know that you didnt know TRT was a performance enhancing drug. What a loser.
and @tankless
What in the blue F*** are you talking about??? Hey donald dickhead, chael is nobody to hate on. Is he the champ??? Does he have the longest winning streak?? Hell no! I can tell you are a HOMOgenous, man- milk drinker by your faggidy comment. Now STFU before I ignite your trailer before the fight.

don’thate Says, in 7-7-2012 at 06:55:14 from    

Silva is so dominant that haters can only find videos from nearly 10 years ago that show a loss….i hear Jose Aldo may have lost many years ago, too, but old losses have nothing to do with the modern day dominance of these champions, and i can already feel the disappointment in the air that the fans of Chael will feel tonight when he gets finished and his dreams of giving his father a championship belt die…..

mmafan11 Says, in 7-7-2012 at 12:33:32 from    

Show the flying knee bar vs Silva in Japan…

thaddiuslustre Says, in 7-7-2012 at 16:06:11 from    

iphone siri you’re a stupid idiot perpetuating myths & nonsense to discredit arguably the Greatest MMA venue & format to date PrideFC; that is if you really believe all fights in Japan were fixed in relation to hometown favorites?? LOL!

Hassan Says, in 7-7-2012 at 16:23:16 from    

restoring your trt levels to normal (cos you’re not man enough from yourself) is one thing. Having 16 times the normal level of TRT is a whole different matter. anybody who tries to defend this is a moron. Sonnen is a cheater no matter how you try to spin it.

Hassan Says, in 7-7-2012 at 16:25:47 from    

by restoring trt i meant restoring your testosterone.

dankarelli Says, in 7-7-2012 at 16:52:48 from    

Hassan – you have NO idea what you are talking about and neither do 99.9% of people who talk about TRT and PED. Se before I send you to school – let me remind you that in the future talk about things you have a clue about.

Sonnen did NOT have 16 times the testosterone of a normal make you nimrod, his Testosterone to EpiTestosterone ration was 16:1. This refers to Exogenous VS endogenous testosterone. I realize you probably STILL have no clue what the means- so just understand this – you are wrong and should shut your trap.

and I’m not defending chael. Im not a fan. I am simply stating FACTS.

dankarelli Says, in 7-7-2012 at 16:57:04 from    

HEY JACK – TRT = Testosterone Replacement Therapy. This means that you use Testosterone injections. It can be Enanthate, Cypionate, or ANY OTHER type of esther in ANY type of solution (water or oil). many people use TRT to bring their testosterone levels within normal range. (using higher dosaes IS CHEATING) but just using it to keep your levels within NORMAL range IS NOT. Im not saying chael wasnt cheating Im just saying your attempt at sounding educated on the topic just blew up in your face like your man date last night. Put away your Guide to Anabolic Steroids away and stop quick referencing it in an attempt to sound educated. youor’e not.

Jack Says, in 7-7-2012 at 17:37:54 from    


FYI,TRT is cheating my man. This is a anobolic steroid many bodybuilders used back in the 80s. TRT is a nicer way of saying you are on the juice. Dumbass like you believe anything! When your testosterone level is low it’s what you call aging. Another thing your dumbass trying to educate who was in athletics all his life,so sit your weak ass down and listen.

Jack Says, in 7-7-2012 at 17:44:36 from    


Another thing when ever you have to inject a foreign stimulant to increase your testosterone it’s cheating. There is no other way to say it.so shut your inbred lips up!

dreameracer1 Says, in 7-9-2012 at 13:35:36 from    

cool and classic, but i think anderson is at his prime now. that was then this is now a ufc champ


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