Pedro Rizzo Vs Jeff Monson Art Of War Fight Video

Sun Sports Entertainment’s Art Of War fight card provided plenty of good fights and a great finally between Pedro Rizzo and Jeff Monson.

The larger than expected turnout of over 7,500 Texans saw steady action between Rizzo and Monson for most of the fight. Monson usually likes to take it to the ground early but instead decided to keep the fight standing.

Early into the first round Rizzo’s right eye began to swell from Monson’s punches getting through and eventually started bleeding steadily. Near the end of the round Monson finely went for a take down but Rizzo avoided it and rolled Monson to his back.

Monson looked to be in control the first half of the second round. As the round progressed things changed as Rizzo started getting in more leg kicks and was backing Monson up. A frustrated Monson went for a few take downs but each one was fended off by Rizzo.

In the beginning of the third round Rizzo started finding his range and was popping Monson with hard leg kicks and good head shot from strait away. The worn out Monson got caught with a hard one-two combo that knocked one of his teeth out and dropped him to the canvas. Rizzo pounced on Monson but the referee pushed him off and the fight was over.

Rizzo looked really good in the fight and showed that he still has that power that he possessed in his early days of fighting.


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