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PeterParker Says, in 3-4-2012 at 22:35:54 from    

no and if or buts about it Paul won …

zeusworks Says, in 3-5-2012 at 01:05:51 from    

Daley certainly did more damage, but he lost the points battle.

sammy Says, in 3-5-2012 at 02:31:45 from    

Paul won s***, Misaki clearly landed the better shots, not his fault Daley doesn’t cut

ThatDude Says, in 3-5-2012 at 02:33:38 from    

Paul Can still go to the club.. Kazuo on the other hand might need to stay home and nurse thoes wounds. If he would have Kept hitting him in his Right eye, He probly Would have Killed him in the Cage. That Guy is Tough as Nails, He was still comming Forward

Freaklegion Says, in 3-5-2012 at 03:40:26 from    

^^ I love comments like that.

libo Says, in 3-5-2012 at 04:08:51 from    

he did not, that fight wasn’t even that close, he was outclassed standing up.

Fluidity Says, in 3-5-2012 at 06:11:09 from    

Oh come on please Paul… I really like you as a fighter but for this fight, i thought you got outclassed, in all areas, and i was shocked to be honest that he was getting the much better of the exchanges on the feet…

bolojoe Says, in 3-5-2012 at 07:15:14 from    

A few delusional comments here. Misaki outstruck Daley in the first 2 rounds and Daley couldn’t do anything to him once the fight hit the floor. Daley might have stolen the 3rd, but personally i’d still give it to Misaki. Fine performance.

mma nut Says, in 3-5-2012 at 09:12:47 from    

now he knows how Masvidal felt when the judges gave him the win instead of Masvidal. Just take it like a man.

jointlocker Says, in 3-5-2012 at 11:15:08 from    

29/28 Misaki. It was pretty clear that Misaki was owning the stand-up battle for the first two rounds. Daley got the third based on damage from GnP.

Shaikan Says, in 3-5-2012 at 11:49:53 from    

I am a Daley fan but I believe its quite clear that he lost this fight. Just because he got a few takedowns (and wasnt able to do much from up top) and landed a nice elbow in the last round doesnt make it the winner. I knew nothing about Misaki before this bout but I was impressed how savvy he was on the stand up and how many nice combinations he was able to land against an expert striker like Daley. I think this was a fair decision.

kung fu k9 Says, in 3-5-2012 at 14:48:04 from    

daley’s stock is way down, he looked like crap. hype train got derailed a while ago, gate keeper is all he’ll be at best lol

orenthal Says, in 3-5-2012 at 16:29:00 from    

29/28 Misaki

i don’t think it will hurt daley’s career though. he’s kind of like chris lytle at this point.

BamBam Says, in 3-5-2012 at 17:01:50 from    

Daley=all talk,no walk!!!!!

murell Says, in 3-5-2012 at 17:33:35 from    

You Guys are High,daley got beat easy!


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