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jessop Says, in 5-5-2012 at 20:58:58 from    


PitfighterZ Says, in 5-5-2012 at 21:36:52 from    


DavidJones Says, in 5-5-2012 at 21:39:39 from    

barry is a bitch . good job lavar!

Yommomamoto Norifumi Says, in 5-5-2012 at 21:39:51 from    

Don’t walk like that Lavar.

You got rolled like a baby on the ground/revealed your nonexistent ground game and Barry stood and took your best and still wasn’t completely KO-ed.

Arrogant prick.

kick4u Says, in 5-5-2012 at 21:43:44 from    


samsly Says, in 5-5-2012 at 21:51:11 from    

What a whoopin’ – Thought Pat him on the ground… good fight..

FailSonnen Says, in 5-5-2012 at 22:08:55 from    

Why the hell would you give up the mount??

43 unanswered strikes by Lavar Johnson!


ThatDude Says, in 5-5-2012 at 22:21:44 from    


axe pittbull Says, in 5-5-2012 at 22:34:33 from    

damn is rite.

lamdalu Says, in 5-5-2012 at 22:39:06 from    

love barry. hope he doesn’t get cut

fighter27 Says, in 5-5-2012 at 22:41:59 from    

that was a really bad fight by barry! toooo scarry!!!!

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 5-5-2012 at 22:51:53 from    

Hey guys mim here and this fight week BLOG week!

barry has no plan, it appears his mind is somewhere else. i like barry but he seems like he doesnt even know what hes doing in there.

he reminds me of a range rat. a range rat is a golfer who kicks fkin ass on the driving range. hes calm, cool, knows and has all the shots but only on the range. put his ass on the course in tournament conditions and the bastard will crumble like dry bread. all of a sudden they get confused and unsure of what to do next.

even the great tiger woods has fallen into this trap. trust me tiger has the shots, this is pure mind battle with himself and the ball. the little white bastard that never moves, he just stares at you repeating “what you got kid” lolol

this is why golf is the true test. all other sports are reactionary with outside influences. and how does this relate to barry u ask… well see there you go

lol Says, in 5-5-2012 at 22:57:56 from    


I’m pretty sure Barry would make you his bitch easily, you little s***.

BJJ7777 Says, in 5-5-2012 at 23:08:24 from    

This is another example that shows the power of jiu jitsu. When Pat took him to the ground, he was all over him and almost pulled out a kimura, although he was the smaller man. He couldn’t pull it though because his jiu jitsu is of veeeery low level… If Pat focused his training a little more on jiu jitsu, he would have submitted him 100%. When they stood… it was a nightmare because Lavar was simply too powerful and big for Pat. The ground neutralizes power and size when leverage is used correctly and properly. Maybe Pat will now start to appreciate the effectiveness of the ground game after this brutal defeat and start taking it more seriously. Bruno, you’re faster than the speed of light bro! Thanks for the uploads.

Common Sense! Says, in 5-5-2012 at 23:19:50 from    

I watched the fight live on FOX but just wanted to let you guys know how dissapointed I was in Pat Barry after this one. Gives up the mount to go into side control, then he was so close to pulling the submission! All he had to do was move Lavar’s elbow down towards his hips and it would’ve been over quickly, and with barely any strength involved. And get your knee off of his belly and put your chest (weight) on him so he doesn’t escape! Point is if you don’t know submissions, stay in the mount and throw flurries/ground and pound! So hard to watch because I was pulling for Barry. He might be gone from the UFC for sure…

london_Jones Says, in 5-5-2012 at 23:39:30 from    

nice KO!
respect to both fighters. Pat needs to work on that ground game, but thank for god no lay and pray in this match up.

Yommomamoto Norifumi….you talk s**t!..the man won by KO! let the man live. get a life!

Cashmoney Says, in 5-5-2012 at 23:51:20 from    

Dear Pat Barry,

Get your ass down to 205.

M1S3N3R Says, in 5-6-2012 at 00:01:16 from    

thanks for the hookup, most reliable site out there for mma videos.

bob Says, in 5-6-2012 at 00:05:14 from    

Barry has bad judgment in fights … has skills and power … but makes bad choices.

Not anonymous Says, in 5-6-2012 at 01:25:09 from    

Take it east fellas,DavidJones just switched over from WWE last week. Give him some time to adjust…

mmafan11 Says, in 5-6-2012 at 01:25:48 from    

Perhaps Barry should move down to 185lbs…

His short enough :)

Lavar is strong but real slow & wide open when he swings, what, all the time his wide open :)

Dos Santos would take him out in the first round.

dave Says, in 5-6-2012 at 03:30:06 from    

I’ve noticed in every fight video you insult fighters for no reason other than you are lame A$$ loser who has no self respect and yes I have no doubt you are a bitch and a coward!
I can’t stand jerks like you disrespecting fighters that work their ass off unlike you little poss couch potato who sits behind his stinky keyboard and has nothing to say except insulting people. idiot.

1on1 Says, in 5-6-2012 at 05:25:32 from    

love Pat Barry Hope thay keep him in UFC lose or win he brings a good fight

africa unity Says, in 5-6-2012 at 05:31:16 from    

common sense
Fighting seems so easy when I read you.The problem is that the reality of a fight is very different from your theory you learnt watching others fight.
The guy is a pro I am sure you never even trained anything
Have respect fot those guys even if they are not your favotites!

KungFuLowKick Says, in 5-6-2012 at 07:38:45 from    

1 round*

kbf Says, in 5-6-2012 at 08:23:41 from    

Barry won 4 of 9 UFC fights why is he still around? Dana must really love this guy because hes cut guys for loosing one fight in the past. Barry take a tip from Rashad Evans at 5′ 11″ you have no business at HW. Drop drop down to LHW or even MW. Barry has wicked leg kicks but thats all.

philo Says, in 5-6-2012 at 10:13:25 from    

David Jones people like you make this side of the sport a bad name.. u obvisouly do not fight because if u did u wouldn’t disrespect like tht.. so who the f$$$ are you.. what the h$$$ would yo do if tht bigmofo had u cornered straigh teeing off. If barry sucks I assume u think u can do better… fighter????

MMAnoobSPLITTER Says, in 5-6-2012 at 10:23:29 from    

KBF Man I’m tellin you this guy has ffffnn potential. He needs to revaliate him self dig down deep he needs to find who he is.. lhw I agree he has nothing to loose now it would be good for him. A new dedication. And a new will…. DEDICATION DETERMINATION is TRANSFORMATION.. PAT needs it….

PatBarrysGhost Says, in 5-6-2012 at 11:03:45 from    

For Barry to give up full mount like what Lyoto did against Rampage should equal automatic UFC walking papers (what a fukin IDIOT). Dana, make Barry drop down to LHW division or fire his dumb sorry ass!

PitfighterZ Says, in 5-6-2012 at 11:06:26 from    

@BJJ7777 – I have to admit I was a bit surprised when I read your comment and thought “Why the hell is this guy talking about the power of JJ in 2012? You are 20 years late, man!”
Then I stopped and thought about the very moment that Barry had “side control” on Lavar with his knee on Lavar’s belly and it hit me like a b*tch: How can two top fighters in the UFC (maybe they should not be there, but the fact is that they are) have zero BJJ or real ground training in 2012??? It’s very, very sad, but your JJ rant still holds water today…
It would seem obvious to anyone in the sport that you either know how to fight (wherever the fight goes) or you don’t. I also hope this loss will open Barry’s eyes to that.

haha Says, in 5-6-2012 at 11:59:08 from    

man why you guys still reply to davidjones…he is just a troll. everyone who replies him from now on is an idiot.

the reason why he don’t get cut is because he has exciting fights you morons

pat was too focused in that submission…should have stayed in that mount and rain down blows…that is also a reason why he don’t get get…if he loses than it is because he just makes wrong gameplan mistakes and not because of his ability

cigronne Says, in 5-6-2012 at 15:38:01 from    

Nothing but admiration and respect for Pat Barry, he does not hesitate to get locked up along with giants and pressing forward all the time, he has bigger balls than most other fighters who cut weight to abuse smaller opponents.. MMA weight divisions seem to be insane, Bones should be facing fighters like Lavar, as Pat should be fighting 205 pounders.

Pat Berry belongs to the UFC for f****** sure

dana whites mom Says, in 5-6-2012 at 17:02:46 from    

I love pat but he did the tito and parked against the fence and implemented the human punching bag defense. not good.

baller Says, in 5-6-2012 at 18:39:36 from    

holly f****** s***

rtorres7794 Says, in 5-6-2012 at 19:13:47 from    

I never knew Dana White’s mother was so funny.

axl782 Says, in 5-6-2012 at 19:41:31 from    

that was sad…
he is a nice guy

BamBam Says, in 5-6-2012 at 20:04:33 from    

@norifumi yammamoto:don’t cry because Barry got beat beyotch! he’s a mediocre fighter (7-5) surprise he’s still around,don’t hate chump!!!!

southiejimmy Says, in 5-6-2012 at 20:17:03 from    

I think barry could be getting his walking papers. It seems hes starting to enjoy the celebrity of being in the ufc more than he is concerned with winning fights. It seems like he thinks his comedic hijinks and cult fan following will be enough to keep him employed. It was pretty obvious that barry didnt take johnson seriously. Seems he had that “hey, im pat barry, who are you” mentality. Im really not sure if pat barry has looked at his record lately.

Common Sense! Says, in 5-6-2012 at 21:11:36 from    

@ Africa Unity….You obviously didn’t read what I said. I wanted Barry to win! And as a matter of fact, I’ve been training for over two years and I do know what I’m talking about. He would’ve easily won the fight by making minor changes to the submission. Put his weight on Lavar (chest not knee) and slide Lavar’s elbow to his waist. Anyone that trains knows exactly what I’m talking about. I said I was upset because he was so close and I wanted him to win! And just because he’s pro doesn’t mean he’s versed in every aspect of MMA…

mmaboxingfan2 Says, in 5-7-2012 at 03:47:58 from    

you guys are just haters none of you here would take one punch from lavar johnson.. if lavar hit you you would be crying. to say pat barry is a bitch or too move down to 205 is retarded keyboard warriors. live in mothers basement and talk behind a computer f***. pat barry did awesome.

bruce360buffer Says, in 5-7-2012 at 04:36:29 from    

Funny how all you guys take davidjones bait! lol

rza808 Says, in 5-7-2012 at 05:41:33 from    

Lavar is better than Kongo lol

nagafighterTX Says, in 5-7-2012 at 14:44:39 from    

I didn’t know the rock fought for the UFC

pillowhands Says, in 5-7-2012 at 17:27:54 from    

Why the hell did Pat give up full mount?
Should’ov g&p LJ

KungFuLowKick Says, in 5-8-2012 at 07:40:30 from    

@Common Sense!
No Africa Unity really doesn’t know how to read.He’s always replying to things people didn’t even say.If he did train he would totally agree with you.You don’t need to be a pro MMA fighter to know how to grapple and that was really poor grappling from both sides.The inverted Kimura is one of the first submissions you learn and if Africa did train in MMA he would know you have to push the elbow the closest possible to the hips and he wouldn’t give you s*** for saying what white belts know.


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