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Maynard Says, in 5-4-2012 at 15:24:04 from    

barry is a kewl dude

scottc Says, in 5-4-2012 at 15:27:52 from    

I like Pat but he looks pretty nervous talking about Johnson. IMO i think Pat is way too small for the heavyweight division. Johnson has height,power, and reach and that is a huge plus against Barry. I think it will come down to a miracle KO for Pat in this one or he might have a sub move up his sleeve? Good luck Pat.

Newfie Jitsu Says, in 5-4-2012 at 15:35:47 from    

lol this guy kicks ass! nailed it on the button though with the negativity!

KouNTa KuLCHa Says, in 5-4-2012 at 15:47:55 from    

Thought this fool wasn’t cutting his hair or shaving till he submitted someone…?
Gotta say, best interview I’ve seen him do.♠

Oswald Cobblepott Says, in 5-4-2012 at 15:53:51 from    

It’s just cause we all know you can be a top contender…especially at 205 in the words of Ric Flair whooooooo Barry would be sick at light heavy!

Stranger Says, in 5-4-2012 at 15:55:51 from    

I hope he has a good fight.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 5-4-2012 at 15:58:08 from    

Haters should listen to him.

woadito Says, in 5-4-2012 at 16:00:12 from    

Gotta love HD one my favourite fighters, in and out of the cage.

ThatDude Says, in 5-4-2012 at 16:01:50 from    

Pat Berry Just keeps it real !

Scorpius Says, in 5-4-2012 at 16:19:16 from    

Your only as good as you think you are. If you believe your better then you’ll be better.

ElMaestro Says, in 5-4-2012 at 16:21:41 from    

Pat Barry’s problem has always been his confidence. He tends to sike himself out before big fights to the point where he loses before he gets in the cage. His pre-fight interviews sound reminiscent of the ones before Cro-cop–he’s more concerned praising the abilities of his opponent then focusing on his own. I’m not saying he’ll lose for sure, but he’s made this fight twice as difficult for himself with all the negativity he’s drilled into his mind. I think he has potential to be the best as he’s prop the most agile and powerful heavyweight out there. Regardless, wish him the best of luck tomorrow and hope he gets that W.

DaBigFish Says, in 5-4-2012 at 16:36:28 from    

He’s a little worked up, but he’s right. Go Pat!

capz1020 Says, in 5-4-2012 at 16:37:16 from    

That was a great candid interview. Thanks for the post Bruno!

SpiderNoob7 Says, in 5-4-2012 at 16:38:06 from    

You know if you think about it he’s right.. I’m not saying we should all be overly nice and awkward but sometime it’s best to just say something encouraging and give positive reinforcement.. but then again I think people who don’t take constructive criticism well are just too proud or simply have low self worth/self esteem. At the end of the day there’s always going to be haters that want to see you fall and will cut you down every chance they get. That’s why in my book it’s important to surround yourself with people who have an optimistic outlook on life but realistic and who are will to keep you accountable for your actions.


cigronne Says, in 5-4-2012 at 17:05:13 from    

Pat is the man, both as a human -opinionated, myth&cliche breaker, funny and smart as hell- and as a fighter -always aggressive and spectacular. Good luck on tomorrow boy!

anakonda Says, in 5-4-2012 at 18:01:28 from    

I would like to see Pat go 205.

failsonnen Says, in 5-4-2012 at 19:24:57 from    

He’s got Rodney Dangerfield’s crazy eyes

Oh and to answer Pat Barry’s question on why people do that: haters.

MuffDiggler Says, in 5-4-2012 at 19:50:24 from    

Lavar is the next Houston Alexander.

fitedoc Says, in 5-4-2012 at 20:30:30 from    

I’ve known Pat for years, and he looked very very tired. I hope he gets some sleep before saturday. He is not afraid of Lavar I’ll assure you. Lavar can be hit, watch the first round of his fight against Shawn Jordan. If Pat hits Lavar like that someone will catch his head in the crowd.

lol Says, in 5-4-2012 at 21:10:42 from    

Great interview. Love the guy.

cheesetoochalk Says, in 5-4-2012 at 21:33:42 from    

How can u hate this guy? Lol! He’s hilarious and he speaks the truth! Good post Bruno! Keyboard warriors take notes!

Ima Douchebag Says, in 5-4-2012 at 21:44:27 from    

Fitedoc has known Pat MyNuts for years is what he meant to say. Quit the posing. Ass.

Oldassgrappler Says, in 5-4-2012 at 22:30:35 from    

That picture of Barry looks like he just smelled a fart!

bunbury Says, in 5-4-2012 at 22:47:21 from    

him and Sonnen, fastest and wittiest to the draw. great interviews

dave Says, in 5-5-2012 at 01:53:11 from    

so true especially with the Fedor comment. so many idiot starting bashing Fedor as soon as he had his first lose. some people of bunch disrespectful couch potato dumb asses who never actually trained or fought so they have no f****** clue what they are talking about. and some are noob mma fans who simply don’t know anything about the sport let alone knowing about legend of the sport!

tobes Says, in 5-5-2012 at 04:04:49 from    

real f****** dude. Hope he finds Lavar’s chin. It will be a dangerous fight for both men and undoubtedly exciting.

greengiant Says, in 5-7-2012 at 03:06:37 from    

a good guy there.people who always talk bad and have negative things to say are low on confidence period.that tells you most people don’t have the confidence to give someone nice words.


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