Painfull MMA Fight Injury Photos And Video

Over the years there have been some memorable MMA fight injuries. These are just a few that have stuck out in my mind.

Windy Tomomi foot
Windy Tomomi’s Broken Ankle

The break and dislocation of MMA fighter Windy Tomomi’s ankle bone during Bodog Fight’s third series. If you ever get a chance to watch the fight you will never let anyone role over your ankle again. She started flopping around and crying as soon as it happened. It was so bad that people at ringside started throwing up.

UFC Star Rich Franklin’s Broken Nose

Franklin’s Broken NoseFranklin’s Broken Nose 2

Back in October of 2006 Rich Franklin fought Anderson Silva at UFC 64. Unable to defend Silva’s powerful Muay Thai Clinch Franklin ended up with this new look.

Kickboxer Breaks Leg

Kickboxer broken leg!

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I have yet to find out who these two fighters are but it was a very shocking fight.

A Very Short Cage Fight
weak stomach? Don’t watch

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Another fight that I just can’t find out who these guys are but gruesome none the less.

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