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greengiant Says, in 5-25-2013 at 10:16:00 from    

Hardcore dude right there. Most people are scared to get in the cage period and he did it with one arm. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do anything. True words.

sooooopernate Says, in 5-25-2013 at 11:20:45 from    

Props to the one armed man doing work, but that two armed fighter should’ve thrown nothing but lefts. That’s gotta be embarrassing, good win for the handicapped dude.

philo Says, in 5-25-2013 at 11:29:58 from    

Thats good stuff right there.. That kid has spirit ..

ajmyers Says, in 5-25-2013 at 11:30:01 from    

losing to a guy with one arm!c`mon.

dankarelli Says, in 5-25-2013 at 11:52:25 from    

Right hand up at all times. Nothing but lefts.

anyways, props to the one arm dude – he was thoroughly aggressive and totally had the other dude out of his element. Balls right there.

High Stakes Says, in 5-25-2013 at 11:57:53 from    

alright lets not be mean! great for this guy! what i dont understand is why the other guy was circling to the right instead of left? everytime he circles into the left hand and did not shoot for takedowns? i would just pulled a gsp and take him down every chance i get

Twana Says, in 5-25-2013 at 12:08:25 from    

The one armed fighter should fight another one armed fighter not a 2 armed fighter.

Fighting is based on fairness and respect. This is not right. Not fair…

Tear Says, in 5-25-2013 at 12:46:19 from    

Left high kicks and combinations to his face maybe? Instead of letting the bigger stronger (one armed) fighter beat him down.

Chicago Says, in 5-25-2013 at 13:29:12 from    

why was he staying @ the end of his kicks in kick boxing range? get a little closer and box and clinch. what do you want to do kick box w/ some 1 who has 2 legs or box with some1 w/ 1 arm?

Axe Murderer Says, in 5-25-2013 at 14:07:16 from    

Imagine he had 2

PizzaPugilist Says, in 5-25-2013 at 16:48:28 from    

Props to this dude. Love the shoulder/nub strike to the head at 8:03. @ Twana; I couldnt disagree with you more. Fighting is based on who has the desire and skill to win no matter what.

MMAgiantsilva Says, in 5-25-2013 at 17:33:42 from    

that dude has a lot of heart. love how he threw the fake in the first round with his shoulder nub and norm bit on it. norm did a terrible job utilizing his advantage Eugene doesnt even have a nub like newell he just has a shoulder socket there. Norm threw like 1 punch with the left on Eugene’s right side. should have thrown a lot more lefts, kinda bad gameplan.

c hill Says, in 5-25-2013 at 18:01:48 from    

Props to the fighter. F*** em all I say. Spirit is spirit. Heart is heart. and without that we do nothing. F*** em all and fight man .. props impact the world!

wow Says, in 5-25-2013 at 18:05:40 from    

Why has no one mentioned that you could f****** annihilate this kid’s liver? Honestly, it’d be as easy as kicking a heavy bag.
Anyways, kid did a good job in there against another person that shouldn’t pursue this as a career. I’m perfectly fine with this kid sticking at an amateur level, but if you put him in the ring with someone that does this for a living, he’s going to get hurt very very badly.

freee Says, in 5-25-2013 at 21:10:44 from    

losing to a one arm guy. his friends will never let that one go. LOL props to the one arm dude.

Yelajackit Says, in 5-26-2013 at 22:07:27 from    

Sorry, but the dude in the red trunks was a terrible fighter…


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