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Tempted Says, in 12-6-2011 at 16:55:51 from    

Awesome. I chuckled when the commentator said he was going for a “single” …….

T.Rich84 Says, in 12-6-2011 at 17:06:33 from    

That was sick!!! But I cant get over those nub punches lol

KungFuLowKick Says, in 12-6-2011 at 17:10:12 from    

HAHA f*cking awesome.It’s a sahme that he will never be 100% the best he could be.Imagine how good that guy would become if he had 2 arms.

DaBigFish Says, in 12-6-2011 at 17:15:13 from    

Nice! Flipper arm strike! Sick submission! Woot woot!

sp3rmworm Says, in 12-6-2011 at 17:18:17 from    

one arm that guy has heart and he still pulled off a win thats amazing thanks Bruno for the update a one arm mma fighter thats rare

JoeDog Says, in 12-6-2011 at 17:22:38 from    

Dipshit comments about how not having an arm is an asset??? HUH??? Serious skill there.

Enscribe Says, in 12-6-2011 at 17:26:28 from    

Sick!. That is crazy. I didn’t expect him to swing with the stub arm. throwing bows and subbing dude quick. Nice work.

tonysnow Says, in 12-6-2011 at 18:22:06 from    

that was def impressive

erikt89 Says, in 12-6-2011 at 18:28:46 from    


Tempted Says, in 12-6-2011 at 18:44:20 from    


Yeah the commentator was a moron and made the man’s accomplishment seem less extraordinary. There really aren’t any good commentators out there right now. Mir and Shamrock are the best. Rogan got stupid over the last year.

capz1020 Says, in 12-6-2011 at 18:52:13 from    

Talk about impossible to train for. I’m impressed he finished with a submission. Gonna have to stay on your feet against him.

wow Says, in 12-6-2011 at 19:33:52 from    

Well I guess it’s an asset if you take in to account that he can’t get subbed on his left arm?

casemax25 Says, in 12-6-2011 at 21:07:46 from    

Pretty amazing, but they should put a 4 oz boot on the end of that jagged nub. I wouldn’t be able to take losing to that guy, on the other hand I’d feel bad if I won too. Cool fight.

Klopper Says, in 12-6-2011 at 21:41:02 from    


Pope Says, in 12-6-2011 at 22:18:54 from    

I am stubbed at how well he fights with one hand

ramrod Says, in 12-6-2011 at 23:11:32 from    

casemax25 Says
i gotta agree with you .. i mean what do you feel if you beat him up do you feel sad cause ya beat a guy with a disadvantage and on the other hand if he kicks your ass how do you live with yourself.. but i guess if you got a dream pursue this guy has pure heart and mad skills

Op_of_Faith Says, in 12-7-2011 at 01:14:40 from    

Wow. Amazing…I’ll risk being the one to say that I would be DAMNED uncomfortable seeing him lose or get seriously dominated in a fight…I’m a heel and feel bad for typing that…you don’t have to flame…

Bernardo Says, in 12-7-2011 at 01:43:54 from    

Hernandez is an idiot or has no BJJ training because a white belt BJJ fighter would’ve went for the Ki-lock(Kimura) on Newell’s right arm if he was in the guard. Eventually your two against his one would wear him out so you could submit him or reverse him and then submit him bc he would have a harder time baseing out with his left arm.

Awesome win for Newell he was smooth and lightening fast!!!

Freaklegion Says, in 12-7-2011 at 02:47:16 from    

He probably wouldn’t be the person he is without the missing arm, so who is to say he’d even have become a martial artist if he had both his arms, or worked as hard as he has to be as good as he is with just 1 arm.

That’s the interesting thing to me, probably never would be where he’s at without the “handicap”.

steamachine Says, in 12-7-2011 at 03:37:11 from    

the whole world’s going to s***. some time’s it seems like there nothing left to believe. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

CraigEvilEbel Says, in 12-7-2011 at 13:18:55 from    

Great for mankind

D Says, in 12-7-2011 at 16:36:22 from    

My game plan, practice high head kicks, overhand rights and even shoot the double leg on his left side.


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