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RickNasty Says, in 2-20-2012 at 09:52:26 from    

I just realized why he sucks at media. Cause he’s always f****** high. hahahahha

Thanewage403 Says, in 2-20-2012 at 10:20:20 from    

He is simply misunderstood, he is much more intelligent that the haters will ever give him credit for, I want to see him Coach a TUF season, I guarantee he would be successful.

goro Says, in 2-20-2012 at 10:22:32 from    

hahahahahhahah you are Right!!!!!

Genghis Khan Says, in 2-20-2012 at 11:50:47 from    

High as F***… Train of thoughts is all over the place.

WhamBamTY Says, in 2-20-2012 at 12:10:02 from    

One of the most coherent interviews I’ve seen Nick give (until he started meandering on that last question) and by far the most professional. Nick has a lot going on in his head and Thanewage is right – he’s no dummy. He has trouble finding words sometimes and expressing what he’s thinking, but he’s not high in this one.

cgbloke Says, in 2-20-2012 at 13:29:14 from    

Wow…Diaz on TUF, that would be interesting for sure! Not sure he could handle it though.

Albaniankoartist Says, in 2-20-2012 at 13:38:31 from    

I agree, te guy gets a bad press cause he just don’t like the hype/media stuff, he would be a great coach for tuf, I have watched a lot of his other vids outside mma and he is a very normal humble guy, just because the guy likes a bit o smoke he is tarnished with the “moron” badge, he is a better guy than all the so called “UFC pinup” guys, the type that does speak to normal joes etc etc, all the Diaz haters are just jealous that he says and acts how he feels and not conform to what the MAN expects.

MarkNguyen Says, in 2-20-2012 at 13:38:40 from    

he is so f***in ripped

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 2-20-2012 at 14:24:42 from    

this guy needs to quit smoking weed, its f****** up his mind and his life. trust me i use to blaze 24/7 and i know all about the weed

UFConetime Says, in 2-20-2012 at 15:34:41 from    

Nick Diaz and GSP for tuf coaches would be sweet lol

c Hill Says, in 2-20-2012 at 16:04:13 from    

I actually think reporters are the idiots.. and fans are the idiots.. not nick diaz.. this is why.

Nick is paid to fight, not to speak. reporters are paid to speak. Do people accuse reporters of not being able to fight…? This reporter is terrible because he can’t interpreter his fighter so he asks stupid questions repeatedly.

They say he can’t put sentences together. Well he’s just not full of bull s***. Everyone else is so full of bullshit that they can’t understand someone who’s real. its crazy

So I’ll translate…

Nicks first words: explains he knows he can achieve what he goes for. It’s math to him. He just does the work. He’s realistic. He doesn’t lie to himself and shoot for lofty goals that feel spacy. He only does what he knows he can do realistically and is even certain he can do it with work….

Nicks 2nd comment.

that’s nice of him to say… but it doesn’t describe me… Nicks bending over backwards here to deal with yet another dumb ass comment about him not being able to talk.. He knows the guy just doesn’t understand him.. so nick is nice

3rd comment: first off the question sucks cause nick hates flattery.. again, he’s real and knows flattery is just bull s***.. But people full of bull s*** just don’t get this! I’m not gonna break down this comment.. He does a great job of responding.. you get the point.

The problem is not Nick Diaz.. The problem is a country FULL of bullshit to the point where they can’t understand someone who doesn’t want to put on an act all day long …

We need to grow people..

c Hill Says, in 2-20-2012 at 16:12:03 from    

If reporters understood nick.. they would ask nick about the technical breakdown of the fight.

they would ask about his training camps.. cesaer gracie, his bro..etc

they would ask him about how simplifying his life benefits his career. And if he feels if more people simplified their life, put more work into their dreams, if it would benefit them. (coming from the stance that he’s not the problem..;)

Even then nick might keep it simple.. at that point it would be good to talk to him about other things for a while.. joke about woman, food , etc.. hell even rules today in MMA.. but if the talking gets stale.. end the f***** interview. at that point it’s become pointless to nick except for him to try and be respectful.

tonysnow Says, in 2-20-2012 at 16:23:38 from    

dam bruno two videos? the first one was hard enough to get throguh

Sunfish Hero Says, in 2-20-2012 at 21:28:38 from    

@c Hill – Apparently being a coherent speaker means you’re fake. The interviewer asked him how he prepares for a fight and proceeded to regale the guy with his life-story and the history of his martial arts training. I don’t worry about his ability to form sentences, I worry about his basic comprehension of things people are saying to him. I absolutely think he’s a competent thinker, but I also think he’s self-centered and self pitying.

Nick talked his way to a title fight, lost a hard fought decision and retired at the first sign of adversity. That’s real? A real fighter keeps on, shrugs off a loss and moves forward. His problem is he ALWAYS plays the victim. He whined about how fake the TUF competition was, then he got his ass kicked by Sanchez. Now he’s talking about how fake ALL of MMA is because he didn’t get his title shot after he lost. It’s like beating an aging BJ Penn is not beating the #1 contender in the welter weight division. Before BJ his last title fight was against Paul Daley, UFC reject who came damn near to KOing him. There’s a whole list of people who easily out rank (and can beat him) Diaz, but he got to leap frog over them because he’s good at running his mouth.

Diaz will ALWAYS think people are working against him and ALL of his fans will believe it too. You want to talk about growing up and being real? Look in the mirror, this isn’t f****** high-school. He’s adult, supposedly a professional and needs to take some responsibility.

c Hill Says, in 2-21-2012 at 02:48:24 from    

@ sunfish Hero.

First, I never said being a coherent speaker means one is fake. If that was the case I’d be inclined to “act” as if I couldn’t speak properly to enforce my own point wouldn’t I?;) you’re putting words in. I am saying that assuming someones comments like nicks aren’t coherent simply means you are in fact ignorant and it is not him that has the problem. It is you.. It’s just cause you don’t understand him.. You only relate to the typical reporter, etc..

It means you have a lack of ability to interrupt varying degrees of culture, background, hardship language and morality. It has to fit your box. this is unfortunate.. and you should grow.

sure He has weaknesses .. A s*** load. Without question! But not more than others. And he doesn’t cover them up with more Bullshit like most do. That’s all we’re arguing. In the Condit fight he was just saying what he was feeling.. No one is saying the kid doesn’t have weaknesses. Look where he comes from!! We all f***** make mistakes we all have problems.. Our motives matters though. And how fake are we? When we apologize publicly.. why do we do that?? so we can go home and think what a great person I am.. or wow people love me.. or I’m so professional and better than the other guy? Or god loves me?? is it because we really want to.. or is it because we fear what others think and the rejection..? I’d argue it’s often the latter. When nick says s*** he’s feeling in the moment, he doesn’t mask. he’s not doing it based on fear. He’s way more humble than you might realize. He’s always facing fear. Ya see it’s a different type of morality. One you’re not use to cause you can’t get past his exterior as you perceive it. and you can pick it apart all you want, but it’s real.

and in my book that’s f***** refreshing..

He comprehends just fine.. stop worrying about him..

And I really don’t think Nicks first “sign” of adversity was fighting Carlos and facing the decision. Really? Seriously..? Do you know anything about his family and upbringing.. or were you just speaking of the fight game? I’ll assume the latter cause again your speaking like you know him.. No one gets to where nick is without overcoming a shitload of adversity. Often when they come from a place like him they have a bit of a permanent chip on their shoulder.

But wouldn’t you.? It’s one thing to look at GSP and think wow what a professional. And I’d agree. But when you look at diaz and think.. wow what a stupid thug.. You have the problem.. not him.

whatever you think high school taught you I think you should go back and learn some more lessons..

Victoria, BC –Canada Says, in 2-21-2012 at 02:51:56 from    

marvelous mad madam mim Says,in 2-20-2012 at 14:24:42 from
this guy needs to quit smoking weed, its f****** up his mind and his life. trust me i use to blaze 24/7 and i know all about the weed


I know exactly what you’re saying man. At the end of the day it’s still a drug.

Neil Says, in 2-21-2012 at 06:56:39 from    

I was a drug addict too! But now i have a new life, thanks to some tips that me and my friend realised everyone can do to start a new life and let the weed and other stuff behind. Just follow http://quitmarijuana.nightwin.com and get a new life!

Fedor=God-4 Says, in 2-21-2012 at 13:04:35 from    

to Neil and Victoria:

I appreciate where your coming from, trying to relate to more people or trying to help should always be appreciated, but…. and Ill be succinct, lotta people expressing *a lot* of their point of view,
Do you drink coffee? Soda? take life saving medicine to manage a chronic issue? Its all the same thing(benefits and disadvantages to each)
Its the work you put into evolving your mind, no drug makes you stupid, it lowers inhibitions and motivation, I know a lot of people who smoke weed who are very good at expressing themselves, because they dont just watch mindless reality tv or cartoons ALL THE TIME( I love family guy, but you cant watch it all day!) viva self evolution

Sunfish Hero Says, in 2-21-2012 at 21:50:41 from    

@ C Hill – Of course I’m speaking of him as a fighter and a professional. I don’t know, and I don’t care to know him out side of that capacity. What I do have is a consistent track record of him speaking before he thinks. I live very close to Stockton and Lodi and contrary to popular belief, they are not hard towns. Also, if you can afford Ceasar Gracie, you’re not exactly struggling financially either.

People can only understand what is put out there, and he portrays a thug and heel. When was the last time Diaz lost gracefully? That guy always has an excuse. I’m not entirely sure I can respect that. I’m not denying that Diaz is “real”, I never said that. What I’m saying is that no one is misunderstanding him, he’s just not likable. He act entitled for no good reason, he talks his way into fights he doesn’t deserve and he displays himself as a thug. If he’s not a thug, well he ACTS like a typical thug. Starting pushing fight sat weigh-ins, barging into a cage to pick a fight with someone who just won their own fight, smoking weed before a fight; it’s thug like behavior if you ask me. With that in mind, if he’s NOT a thug, and you act like something you’re not I guess that makes you fake.

Now…everyone has hardship. And as you said, no one gets to the UFC or to the title picture without real adversity. What I was saying, was his “hardships” are no harder than that of another fighter’s. Like say…Jim Miller? If that guy quit, everyone would totally understand. He’s got it f****** hard…But he doesn’t quit because he’s a fighter and a professional. Diaz doesn’t get the title fight he doesn’t deserve and he retires. Shortly before being busted with drugs in his system. It’s really, REALLY hard to respect that sort of thing. Even if is a nice guy in reality.

c Hill Says, in 2-23-2012 at 01:09:01 from    


If you say “of course” you don’t give a s*** about his personal life, don’t make several judgements about it right after. Do you see the problem with this? dismissing the possible challenges he’s faced after you said that doesn’t matter? Really?? either you go there or you don’t man. And if your gonna go there you better have really walked in his shoes, not just passed through Stockton as a joy ride and thinking his life must have been easy. Stockton may be sweet sailing for you.. but remember, your passing judgement, and doing it on one or two aspects that make up his life. He uses that as motivation in his life and a source of strong confidence.. So what??! It must mean something to him when he often ranks among the first in Iron Man competitions but getting though his childhood in Stockton seems to mean more.. Why should you have a problem with it..?? Other people are drivin from not having money when they were young and having to fight through it… Rappers coming out of prison or being raised by a single mother.. Mike tyson had a rough time dealing with the loss of his trainer, and was never the same after along with many other champions. Why can’t nick pull strength from his childhood? and in all fairness regardless of your implication to Stockton, the area code which nick was raised in his ranked among the most crime concentrated regions in the united states.

And oh yes.. Nick was rich cause of Cezar gracie lessons right?? Ha ha. think again. You don’t know about their arrangement personally, do you? Not everyone who learned from Cezar had to be rich back then..

I think nick is very likeable unlike you, so I don’t get your statement. I like the fact that nick is not afraid to face others and call it a fight. He felt he had to pull through a tough time. This makes be want to hear his motives and insights more. I think his focus in the fight game shows integrity and priority and a lack of guile. He doesn’t have to act like it’s a p**** lickin contest due to fear of others…

I’ve seen nick show great respect to other fighters.. after beating frank shamrock. he helped him up, raised his arm and said stand up your a legend.. Sure nick had beat him but it still counts.

Now I personally didn’t agree with Nicks words after the Condit fight. I like others was dissapointed to hear him.. Condit won fair and square and I think nick just felt he’d won.. but that comment does not mean most of nicks comments are not intelligent.. i think they are..


This drove me nuts.. and no one would speak up about it.. Nick was the first I ever heard indicate this being a problem. But he’s stupid right?? He knows there has been a major imbalance with control vs damage and the judges interpretation of this in MMA. He said a fight should be about damage more than control.

Nick also loved the PRIDE fighting championships rules of fighting. When UFC bought pride, he was THE ONLY ONE I really heard say “this f***** sucks.. the Japanese understood the fight game better and this is a disappointed.

Nick does use Cannabis. He possibly had problems with depression and dyslexia. But he’s a smart son of a bitch. Cannabis is one of the safest drugs available and hardly a drug when compared with prescription drugs. Alchohol is far more detrimental and studies support this. Many who use it are highly educated and highly intelligent.. It’s absurd that MMA even outlaws it. It’s a f***** joke! It is not what many people think it is.. I’ve got resources for you on this if you’d like them. We have studies on it and it’s not sports enhancing. I can see why he would struggle being away from it. How would you like it if the UFC said you couldn’t have sex during training with all the preasure you face or you couldn’t sleep 8 hours or take any prescription drug..? I can see where nick is coming from…

Like I said, I didn’t like nicks comments after the Condit fight.. but nick had been screwed over in many other fights and simply thought he’d won this one.. but I knew condit won.

The point is, nick is smart. He understands well. But if you can’t get that don’t pass judgment.

Sunfish Hero Says, in 2-23-2012 at 22:32:00 from    

@ c Hill – I fee l like you’re intentionally misreading what I’m saying. I have yet to make personal judgments on the guy. Everything that I’ve said about him has been in observation of his behavior on a professional stage. All of my examples have referenced things he’s done professionally, and in public. I said I don’t care to know him personally simply because It doesn’t matter to me and doesn’t affect my argument, as I’m commenting on his behavior PROFESSIONALLY. And trying to explain to you why people view him the way they do.

As for my experience with his hometown, I said I live near the damn place. I live in Sacramento, which is about 30 minutes from Stockton, I regularly visit Stockton as a buddy of mine lives there and we hang out relatively often. If anyone is making judgments and assumptions its you, you don’t know anything about professionally OR personally. Honestly, it just has a low population town, but it’s not a bad town. As far as the Diaz brother’s arrangement with Ceasar, you’re right I have no idea about those. Either way, its not exactly hardship. Discounted/free AWESOME BJJ lessons? Sign me up man. Either that or his parents can afford it, which is like, what, for two, 350 a month + tournament fees and equipment?

His reaction to his loss to Condit isn’t that surprising honestly. Oh, and about him being nice to Shamrock. Great that he’s respectful in VICTORY, but never when he loses. I’m talking about when he barged into the cage after KJ Noon’s beat Yves Edwards. Or whenever he does one his little push fights at the weigh-ins like when he fought BJ Penn and Paul Daley. That’s the thug like behavior I’m talking about. It’s like…you’re a professional, grow up.

Now, on to his drug bust. I did NOT argue that it was performance enhancing, or that he doesn’t have legitimate medical reasons for using it. I honestly have no idea why he has a 315 card, and I don’t care. Bottom line is, it’s illegal to have in your system before a fight in ANY state. You compare it alcohol, but you can’t be drunk before fight either so it’s a bad comparison. No matter what though, it’s against the law in Nevada, which is where he fought. What he did was irresponsible, and shame on his camp for not staying on top of it if he IS so irresponsible. It’s not exactly the first time he’s busted like this. Comparing it to sex? Umm, sex has no real physical affects on your body, performance enhancing or otherwise. And prescription drugs? Some are not allowed in your system, anabolic steroids are often prescribed to some people for various reasons, so another bad example. Now if he cant go 2 weeks without weed, the kid has a problem and maybe needs to find a new line of work. It only takes 2 damn weeks to pass through your system, once again, it’s just purely irresponsible.

You give him too much credit, he wasn’t the first to complain about Lay & Pray tactics, not even CLOSE. Pretty sure Tank Abbot complained about it after his match with Dan Severn. Diaz was certainly not the first to complain about the rule change once Pride was lost. Especially considering he was a UFC fighter long before he fought in Pride. I mean…Diaz only fought Pride…what, once? Yeah once…and he got busted for weed that time too.

c Hill Says, in 2-24-2012 at 05:56:01 from    

Dude you need to read all my comments again. It’s getting ridiculous now.

Every response you’ve give in your first couple paragraphs shows you didn’t read my comments carefully.

I have an agenda to get you to view from different perspectives. Ones I believe are perfectly challenged when trying to get over someone you’ve been programed to think is stupid like Nick. I want to challenge your own prejudice, your own judgments.

It’s getting exhausting to even keep this going at this point. If I felt you really read my comments it would be different.

Should I even repeat myself?? Tell you again.. if you say you don’t care about his personal life, you shouldn’t judge him on it.. You negate that option when U say that.

You may not like his BEHAVIOR.. but i’ve already addressed this and given points why he does internalize comments and does show respect and is intelligent. You just ignore these and don’t address them?? Remember, I never said nick was perfect. I’ve only stated he is intelligent and communicates that intelligence frequently showing it’s the fans who have the judgment problem. (or lack of diverse interpretation.)

I’ve told you about graice lesson with diaz.. but what is your comeback? you don’t believe me ?lol Read my comments…??

I already mentioned shamrock fight was in victory but it still counts as respect.. but you just repeat yourself.. I told you it was in victory already.. (you see i’m trying to show you that nick sees it as a fight, a head game right off the bat.. after a battle he can show respect.. but you just don’t get that..) You are jaded.

I already addressed his struggle with the Condit loss and his other losses in which most were poorly judged.

Tank abbot brought alot of good points to the table.. But not giving nick any credit for speaking up when others wouldn’t is absurd!

By the way. He fought for japan more than once. Dream was under the same management of PRIDE, as were other organizations. they were like sister companies. Nick being in the UFC before has absolutely NO reason to Negate his view on pride. Very few voiced their opinion dominantly like Nick. I agree there were others, but nitpicking one or two is not going to negate his gumption. Most were terrified to be honest with Dana in the mix.

I never said you said it was performance enhancing to take marijuana. NEVER.! I simply said that’s why it shouldn’t be outlawed by the authorities.. Now alcohol is not a bad comparison.. If you are drunk when you show up that is not the same as alcohol being in your system. you see weed stays in your system for thirty days..sometimes 90 DAYS!!! NOT TWO WEEKS!! YOU ARE DEAD WRONG. It can be two weeks in exceptionally rare cases. You need to study weed. Admit. please just admit. you don’t know what your talking about here.

Sex is a great parallel because what the authorities are doing is legislating morals. And legislating morals should not be done!!! Weed has nothing to do w/ performance and yet they are legislating it. You are so certain weed used moderately is bad for you. I hate to tell you my friend, your gravely mistaken. If weed is illegal they should throw in caffeine. Crazy comparison. It is not! Do you know that weed was made illegal by accident and false rumors and marijuana was never the real name of weed? Look up the first document outlawing weed. It was a mistake in a newspaper.. Do your homework.

I never said prescription drugs meaning anabolic steroids. I just said prescription drugs. This is a completely fair comparison. You see if nick is using the most safe and least harmful and most easily absorbed depression remedy on the planet..WHO ARE YOU TO SAY HE IS A THUG FOR NEEDING IT.. ??

That’s a judgment.

I’m very aware you don’t like the pushing etc.. I’m aware of this dummy! I get it. You don’t like it.. But nick sees it as a battle, a head game, combat just like in the olden days. I’ve already explained why Nick often demonstrates a higher moral ground in many ways far beyond most, regardless of having a chip on his shoulder.

You prove my point. You see things through one paradigm based on your culture and interpretation of whats acceptable in your eyes. You do not have the ability to expand at this point unless it’s by guidance from people who follow your rule book.

I think if people communicate by your rules and use your culture, you can learn something. The problem is when it comes to you learning something from people like nick. You are limited in your expansion, and this is your loss. The truth is it’s not mine.

My whole life I’ve come from a prominent family and have studied the likes of Napoleon Hill, Maxwell Maltz, Joseph Murhpy, and others relentlessly from youth. In each i’ve found value. With that said I learn a great deal from nick, even in this very interview. I don’t have to stretch to do so. I can’t say that for everyone. I also learned a great deal from other fighters like fedor emelianenko, carlos condit, GSP and the list goes on.. But I’ve happen to learn from nick more than most.

If you can’t see that, is it possible because you just simply can’t understand him or don’t want to? I think it is and I think that’s the case. If you have a genuine desire to grow, read my comments again.

Sunfish Hero Says, in 2-25-2012 at 00:50:48 from    

@ c Hill- Holy s***, it’s like…you’re not even reading. My posts OR your own. You’re responding to arguments I’m not even making. All of my judgments have been based on his professional life (which is public knowledge) and not his personal life. You actually DID talk about marijuana as a PED. “We have studies on it and it’s not sports enhancing.” (You, 1 post ago), you went on to reference other prescription drugs “How would you like it if the UFC said you couldn’t have sex during training with all the preasure you face or you couldn’t sleep 8 hours or take any prescription drug..?” (you, 1 post ago)and I said.. They don’t let you use prescription drugs (i.e. Steroids & pain killers) If you use general terms like, “prescriptions drug”, be prepared to be “misunderstood”.

I wasn’t excluding Nick from complaining about Lay and pray tactics i said he wasn’t one of the first. YOU DID, “HE WAS ONE OF THE FIRST TO ACTUALLY SPEAK OUT ABOUT WRESTLERS HOLDING DOWN OPPONENTS WHILE DOING MINIMAL DAMAGE..” Nick complains about ANYTHING he’s lost to. So why would I exclude him from this? It only proves my point that he has an excuse for everything.

For the record, I said I DON’T KNOW what their arrangement is. But whatever it was, both Diaz brother’s got to do it. Martial arts is NOT cheap, EVER. Not 10 years ago and not now. But he got to do it, either his parents COULD afford it, or Ceasar gave them a break. Sounds awesome to me, and nothing like hardship.

Okay, you get that I, and by “I” I mean MANY of the people who don’t like Nick Diaz don’t like his thug like behavior in a professional setting. It sets the sport back and it’s childish. That’s not judgment, that’s opinion. There is a distinct difference. No one is stopping him from doing it, but I don’t have to like him for it. I’m not going to lobby to have it banned or whatever, if he wants to play the heel, he can go right ahead. But he’s going be treated like one. Also, if you’re confused about what a heel is, its someone who appeals to the audience’s distaste by doing unlikable things. I thought I should clarify because you seem generally confused about that things I’m saying.

I never said he was a thug for “needing” marijuana. I’m sorry, but it is SO f****** easy to get a 315 card in California. You don’t have to be even remotely ill to have one. I HIGHLY doubt he has legitimate reasons for one. He’s a thug for acting a thug, not smoking weed. I don’t know how to make any clearer for you. He starts push fights, he runs his mouth without thinking and barges into rings with his entourage like it’s a bar fight. THAT’S why he’s a thug. Because that is what thugs do. We can shortened that by calling it “thug like behavior”. Another helpful explanation for you as you seemed to have missed that point every time I’ve mentioned it.

You keep saying that I’m not looking at him from the right angle, that’s I’m being biased and closed minded; but understanding Diaz is not my responsibility. He is who he shows the world, if he wants to continue to be perceived the way most do, then all he has to do is keep acting like a thug. I personally think he prefers it, because no one would give a s*** about him if he wasn’t so unlikable. He’s not a beautiful flower that we’re all missing out on, he’s not some deep philosophical figure with incredible wisdom hidden behind that dumb ass lisp. He’s a thug, who’s mentally stuck in high school. He irresponsibly smokes weed and we’re supposed to feel sorry for him? He’s disrespectful to EVERYONE, he’s disgraceful in defeat and makes excuses for his PROFESSIONAL short comings. Note my assertions we based on his professional behavior. Figure the difference between professional and personal.

And with that, I’m totally finished with conversation. Your arrogance is astounding, “If you want to grow, read my posts again.” you sound like a cult leader. I think I understand WHY you’re a Diaz fan, you ego maniac. Enjoy idolizing a thug with all the other stoner, meat-heads. DONE.

c Hill Says, in 2-28-2012 at 01:33:23 from    

@ sunfish hero.

Thank you:)


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