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no.1hansyboy Says, in 9-7-2011 at 21:12:39 from    

damn i hope thats real! XD

dmoney Says, in 9-7-2011 at 21:16:07 from    

FAKE, no spelling mistakes and slang

JRubin Says, in 9-7-2011 at 21:41:48 from    

like Cesar said, Jake’s father just died, if he was given an opportunity for a title shot, he would’ve flown to Japan tomorrow for a press conference if need be.

addiction Says, in 9-7-2011 at 21:59:06 from    

video of nick diaz explaining what happened

RearNakedSmoke Says, in 9-7-2011 at 22:11:41 from    

Diaz/Penn. You heard it here first. Dana knows it, Diaz knows it, and BJ knows it. THAT’S why Nicky boy is on his way to Vegas. To hammer out the details of the Penn fight.
You’ll see…

abc Says, in 9-7-2011 at 22:31:58 from    

1 phone call could of fixed everything homie.

jasonfn22 Says, in 9-7-2011 at 22:33:07 from    

He left out one thing if the comment is real and that is all he has to do was call his boss and tell him the problems so they could work it out.You don’t just not show or call and then expect smiles the next time you talk to your boss unless your a complete idiot.

60ndown Says, in 9-7-2011 at 23:06:47 from    

id guess part of being offered big money for a fight is showing up for that fights related meetings/show reels/ publicity.

id also guess it says that in the contract,

no show = termination of contract.

there is a lot id do to have a chance at $100,000+ in 15 minutes.

Turboobsessed Says, in 9-7-2011 at 23:36:17 from    

Haha on the “FAKE, no spelling mistakes and slang”. I want to see video footage with his response. Big loss in his part IMO.

The Funky FRO Says, in 9-8-2011 at 08:45:18 from    

As much of a HUGE GSP fan I am, I really enjoyed watchin Diaz fight and grew to be a huge fan of his too. I love people talking s*** to him and him kickin ass. I was really stoked for this.

Diaz you f*CKING SUCK! You’re a loser, go to Hell. You wanna go box, then go box. What a let down. No matter what the excuse is, all he had to do is call, the guy that’s gonna be changing his familys financial situation forever…. he just had to say, “no I can’t make the flights or the Press Conference where I sit down and answer questions to change my familys future.”

Brutal. Don’t b*tch and whine now…. GSP’s not a ducker, you’re a sellout.

jesus Says, in 9-8-2011 at 11:59:35 from    

this is just a publicity stunt so more of u tools will buy their PPV`s. cmon people stop being such d bags!

Bernardo Says, in 9-8-2011 at 13:31:59 from    

Maybe Nick knows what he is doing! He’s been around in the business for a long time and he isn’t as stupid as you make him out to be. He made it, even with all the media and the hating public pointing their finger. Watch his video and you can see he has his poker face on. He doesn’t give any kind of explanation, kind of like he is protecting himself. He definitely has something up his sleeve but we won’t know just yet. Maybe he was trying to psychologically destroy GSP but it didn’t work out as planned. But at the end of the day the show must go on and Dana should have a back up just in case he doesn’t show up for the fight. Not cancel the whole thing!!

RearNakedSmoke Says, in 9-8-2011 at 20:31:54 from    

Yeah, see? Right up there in the comments. Penn/Diaz. You heard it here first. God, it’s good to be right.

Bernardo Says, in 9-8-2011 at 23:03:03 from    

@RearNakedSmoke that was a great call! I think I’m going to be consulting you for my bets..LOL

Grim Says, in 9-8-2011 at 23:37:31 from    

hahaha I just searched every post looking for your comment that I read last night about “Diaz/Penn” after seeing the UFC posting on Facebook.
Good call man, good call.


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