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KungFuLowKick Says, in 7-3-2012 at 08:48:11 from    

The good thing is that it matches weed with hemp shops.The bad thing is it can’t locate them.Fail Siri again.

YMCA Says, in 7-3-2012 at 09:31:36 from    

Man!!! I’m on fire!!! I found this one and the one with the picture from the back of A woman (not spoiling it).

facephucke Says, in 7-3-2012 at 09:36:00 from    

hahaha good one let the dude smoke!

EricJE Says, in 7-3-2012 at 10:26:38 from    


I think it said “head” shops, not ‘hemp’. I could be wrong tho.

Cool technology anyway

k1superstar Says, in 7-3-2012 at 10:45:09 from    

@YMCA.. Its so obvious its Cyborg.. dude how could you miss that enormous tattoo she has on her back? mixed with the unmistacable shoulders, and color of hair.. also guesses this one to rofl. War nick

MMA_KING Says, in 7-3-2012 at 11:42:48 from    

Nick Diaz is such a ghetto punk. He breaks the rules, then cries about it, pretends to retire after that. If you want out Nick, just leave. Take you brother with you and Cesar while you’re at it. Ya know what, just take that whole camp out. Glad Carlos Condit beat you.

Cletus Says, in 7-3-2012 at 11:53:54 from    

Don’t care what goes on, Nick is a cool guy and one helluva fighter. Can’t wait to see him back in action

scottc Says, in 7-3-2012 at 12:50:51 from    

ND-”Siri do you smoke any weed?”
Siri-”Not before a fight you stoner.”

ll cool j Says, in 7-3-2012 at 15:05:44 from    

just like you americans to love and idolize people who are pro illegal drugs. what a fine ambassador to the sport. he s a punk

Karate4yuASS Says, in 7-3-2012 at 16:14:36 from    

Smoke weed and all and still has pro fighters running for their life….LMAO

Reallynow? Says, in 7-3-2012 at 16:42:09 from    

MMA_King, your name makes no sense at all considering how much of a cry baby bitch you’re being. MMA_Princess must have been your original handle, go back to that. Stop crying already. Get off the teet BRUH.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 7-3-2012 at 17:02:13 from    

I’m 99.9% sure it’s hemp.They probably can’t call them weed store so they call them “hemp” stores.Just like we didn’t knew it wasn’t hep they sell.

KouNTa KuLCHa Says, in 7-3-2012 at 17:15:57 from    

@KungFuLowKick – It’s HEAD shops, bruh. I know cause I go to them. ;)

FedorFailsAgain Says, in 7-3-2012 at 17:42:50 from    

Nick Diaz ask SIRI how to board a plane to stare GSP face to face and not blow another shot at the title you scared biatch.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 7-3-2012 at 19:51:54 from    

@KouNTa KuLCHa
So they call them head shops because it sounds like hemp?

basrutenlives Says, in 7-4-2012 at 06:43:30 from    

@ll cool j
You sound like a bitch. Glad you don’t live here.

ll cool j Says, in 7-4-2012 at 11:37:30 from    

typical american comment: profanity and no real substance to your opinion

You know sayin’ ? Says, in 7-4-2012 at 18:23:51 from    

well, you got got by the .1% then. The term is “head shop” (place to buy pieces like pipes, bongs etc)

bigtigger Says, in 7-5-2012 at 13:40:03 from    

Nick on his way to failing drug test number three.


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