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wow Says, in 2-29-2012 at 08:58:46 from    


Tempted Says, in 2-29-2012 at 10:33:31 from    

Could have done without the music and constant momentum changes.

yk Says, in 2-29-2012 at 10:54:53 from    

what is this song? very good! I want it

dub506 Says, in 2-29-2012 at 11:15:27 from    

band – Rage against the machine
2Songs- Bulls on parade, killing in the name of

dub506 Says, in 2-29-2012 at 11:19:54 from    

I cant wait for Nick to get back in the ring and tear more S*** up. I understand why people love and hate this guy. But such a crazy style!

neovvl Says, in 2-29-2012 at 11:38:04 from    

rage is the perfect song… great editing as well… love how it shows him in interviews “now your under control”

Trent Says, in 2-29-2012 at 11:56:48 from    


Seriously, how do people not know that?

And Diaz is my favorite fighter behind Rampage (poor Rampage). He is everything a FIGHTER should be.

kryptonite Says, in 2-29-2012 at 11:58:02 from    

what a dick head hope he retires the little tramp couldnt beat condit has no chance against gsp if they ever fight, needs to fight the bums he was fighting in strikeforce the rejects

Roe Jogan Says, in 2-29-2012 at 14:04:33 from    

Nick is #2 in the world to me. GSP is #1 until someone knocks him off the top.

This was an awesome video with exactly the right music.

Nick is a warrior with all heart. It’s too bad Condit went to a “strategic” event and decided not to engage in a fight. I had Diaz clearly winning the fight. 1,2, and 5 were his rounds without question.

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 2-29-2012 at 17:05:50 from    

^^^^ You couldn’t be more wrong. Dont spout dumbass opinions without understanding the division or how to score a fight. Koshcheck is probably #2 BTW he has been for a very long time now but if you want to anoint Nick as #2 sure we should just buy it lol. And I am a Nick Diaz fan but TBH he is probably 4-th or 5-th best WW.

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 2-29-2012 at 17:06:53 from    

And Condit won that fight. It was not like Edgar vs Henderson where there should be debate and there is no clear winner. Condit won soundly and clearly.

c Hill Says, in 2-29-2012 at 19:12:52 from    

Love Nick Diaz.

I’ve engaged in several debates with people who can’t get over his rough exterior demeanor.. or his “lack of class”.. but he is what he is. Nick has a lot to teach if the recipient is willing to pay attention.

Nick is himself.. and has an insane work ethic. he brings it back to technical fighting and basics. He’s not gonna bring you a cake and pie and ask to play patty cake through the fight exchange.. But neither is eminem in the rap game. And Oh how very offensive that is.. Aren’t we all bothered by that.. Lol
We need a character like this. Love it…

asdf Says, in 2-29-2012 at 21:35:49 from    

Koschek vs Diaz plz.

Sunfish Hero Says, in 2-29-2012 at 22:13:20 from    

Awesome highlight and PERFECT song for Diaz.

I don’t particularly like you Nick, but please, please, PLEASE don’t retire!

Sunfish Hero Says, in 2-29-2012 at 22:13:49 from    

@asdf – What you said. Yes, please.

dantom Says, in 2-29-2012 at 23:05:32 from    

I love how the video length is 2:09

D.b.s.homie Says, in 2-29-2012 at 23:33:10 from    

Nick diaz has the most awsome fighting style that makes badass hl,did you guys see him bitch slap condit that had to hurt lol

mma made easy Says, in 2-29-2012 at 23:53:29 from    

Its stone cold steve austin!

…oh wait, no, sorry. Some other guy.

steamer Says, in 3-1-2012 at 04:23:14 from    

perfect. i get it now

yk Says, in 3-1-2012 at 04:34:05 from    

thnanks dub506 for information

D.B.S.HOMIE Says, in 3-1-2012 at 12:34:43 from    

i just watched this hl with liquid stranger on the background and it was baddass

The Funky FRO Says, in 3-1-2012 at 13:45:58 from    

The track is “killing in the Name” not Bulls on Parade. And yes it is by Rage.

Also Diaz….honestly, all those F U gestures? Who’s pays your bills?

I like the guys heart but it’s time to stop acting like a Fragile Teenage Princess that whines about having to follow rules

theunderfighter Says, in 3-1-2012 at 23:48:18 from    

Really good video. Very well made. I think Diaz portrays himself as an idiotic thug, but F*** that kid can fight. And absolutely beautiful ground game, I love it when his fights hit the ground.

willienugget Says, in 3-2-2012 at 13:36:37 from    

It’s actually part of both songs and that’s over five years worth of birds.

FedorFailsAgain Says, in 3-3-2012 at 10:37:59 from    

It is March. 3. 2012, are the Nick Diaz nut lickers still crying about his loss to Condit? LMAO, the great GSP crusher Nick Diaz indeed!


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